Duncan Keith Hearing Set For Friday

Duncan Keith will speak with the Department of Player Safety on Friday afternoon, but it will be by phone.

Keith has waived his right to have an in-person hearing in the wake his his high-sticking attack of Charlie Coyle earlier this week.

30 thoughts on “Duncan Keith Hearing Set For Friday

  1. Enjoy your vacation DK. Who cares. If it extends into the postseason I guess that’s a problem but if it’s more than 5 or 6 games it’s ridiculous, the guy’s not a goon, even though he lost it and deserves some games. The Big problem is Crow. Nothing about that situation seems good. Hope that guy can get it together, but I’m not optimistic.

  2. Tab do you have any insight about Crow?
    Coach Q said he he’s had a couple of good days, won’t travel but will be on the ice this weekend-that at least sounds more optimistic, than a longer term problem.

    Prediction is 4 or 5 for DK–but his next indescretion will be much longer. I believe this will be the last time they have patience for a great player and that will be conveyed strongly.

  3. Once again Duncan Keith has let his temper get the better of him after he thought he taken a cheap shot from Coyle. His head slammed back pretty hard on the ice. When Duncs gets that screw loose in his mind he just sees red and gets launched. This has gone on throughout his career. I thought 2-3 games might do it but 5+ could happen. One never knows with these decisions. If he were to get 10 I would be surprised, but stranger stuff has happened.

    While it is my opinion, I don’t think Duncs tried to hit Coyle in the face on purpose, but he did appear to try to whack him with his stick in anger. Regardless, DK knew he had screwed up and he is going to get some time off.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  4. Nick, I agree about Corey. If it’s true that he’s suffering from “concussion like symptoms” then he’s in a bad spot.

    If he’s able to come back & play, the opposition knows of this issue & will “inadvertently” hit him high with either the puck or a body. This will most likely cause the symptoms to re-occur.

    I’m afraid this is a long term recovery for Corey & both he & the Hawks need to be very careful here & look long term.

    It’s looking like Darling & Leighton the rest of the way…

  5. I don’t know where the opinions have come from that Keith didn’t try to intentionally hit Coyle in the face with his stick.

    Keith got a standing ovation from the lumberjacks union. Even with our homer goggles on way too tigjt, there’s no way to sugar coat this one folks. Keith did something reckless, dangerous and stupid.

  6. While I completely agree that “Keith did something reckless, dangerous and stupid.”, I hope Keith’s hearing with the Department of Player Safety includes an in-depth investigation/discussion of the dangerous/reckless play executed by Coyle which instigated the retaliation.

  7. A day late, but happy 88th birthday to Gordie Howe. Not to add politics to the discussions, but Mexico’s stem cell therapy certainly helped Gordie come back from his devastating stroke a couple years back.

    I’ve also often wondered how many goals our Golden Jet would have scored if he had played with Gordie’s edge.

  8. I agree DD as I just watched again in slow mo and there is definitely a “Can Opener” move done by Coyle on Keith and luckily Keith got his left arm down to break his fall otherwise his head hits flat on the ice and Keith isn’t getting up from that.

  9. Keith deserves 5 games, no doubt, but Coyle is a baby. Every player on the ice during that Caps/Flyers game took a beating that made Keith’s hack look like a popsicle stick malfunction.

  10. Again, I don’t understand the meatballs who want to obsess on what Coyle did. IT DOESN’T MATTER !!! What Keith did was premediated retaliation of the kind that you can never, never, never, never do. What Coyle did has NO BEARING on the matter of how Keith is to be punished on this issue. Good grief this is not rocket science people.

  11. Hockey Yack – thank you for representing the Moral High Ground and providing the “Official View”. (Of course it’s bullshit.) An argument can be made that Coyle’s reckless and dangerous actions were also premeditated, and the possible result of sending Keith violently backwards to the ice risking hitting his head an attempt to injure. Maybe the referees should provide an explanation why Coyle was not penalized?

  12. If Keith hadn’t retaliated at all…….would the Coyle trip be reviewed with a possible 1 or 2 game suspension. If so, it matters in the sense that Keith will maybe get a shorter suspension. If the Coyle trip on its own, did not justify a review (suspension or not) Keith’s suspension could well be 10 games, maybe more.

    So do I think Coyle matters? Yes, but marginally at best.

    BTW Coyle got whacked in the face last night

  13. Don’t know what Keith’s intention was but I would guess, after watching the video umpteen times, that he hit Coyle deliberately. Was he aiming at his head? That I don’t know. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter to the powers that be because Coyle was not penalized, however disturbing that fact may be to some of us. If you watch the video closely, you can see that Coyle slashed Keith in the head/shoulder area first before he upends him. If I were Keith, after taking a slash and a violent trip, I would have been aiming at the motherfucker’s head. (I was a bit of an asshole when I played, admittedly.) Looks like Keith chose to have the hearing over the phone and not in person. Hope we don’t lose him for more than 5.

  14. Hockey Yack – further, a solid argument can be made that it was not “premeditated” at all — it was “reaction”. Time to form an intent to carry out retaliation is the less than two seconds from Keith’s contact with the ice and Coyle’s nose getting in the way of Keith’s stick swing? Not likely.

  15. Anything beyond 5 or 6 game will be excessive, in my opinion. Again, I completely agree that “Keith did something reckless, dangerous and stupid.”.

  16. Sorry I love Keith but this was a stupid move. He knew Seabrook was already out of the game and by his action screwed his teammates. I hope it isn’t 10 games because that could kill us in the playoffs.

  17. Hockey Yack – (perhaps lost somewhere among the never, never, never, nevers…) it looks like Coyle initiated this mess with a cross check to Keith’s face/head *before*
    he slewsticked Keith to the ice.

  18. DD and everyone else who tries to rationalize this, It doesnt matter what Coyle did. It doesn’t matter it wasnt called a penalty.

    The refs could have called Coyle for both infractions and Keith would have reacted the same way. Is it a temper? I wouldnt even go that far. He got cracked in the face and dropped on his ass and smacked his head. What would you do?

    Again though, he’ll sit because of it. What if we had a Bryan Berard situation? Granted that was an accident. But this wasn’t.

  19. Side note, Bob Mckenzie had an interesting quote regarding Jimmy Vesey. One of the Hobey Baker Finalists. Motte was eliminated, Down to Vesey, Kyle Connor, and Thatcher Demko.

    Its all speculation but said LA or Chicago would be pretty tempting. His dad works for the Leafs, but he stays in the Boston area. Theyre big Bruins fans so it’s been reported he’ll sign there. But not being able to sign until 8/15 thats all pretty speculative. It’d be nice to have a good sized, skilled, cost controlled left wing.

  20. Keith is a repeat offender. Rule number one you learn playing hockey, keep your stick down, never use it as a weapon. The NHL needs to stop showing bias with its suspensions. Getting 5+ is VERY Deserving. He should pay a few games in the playoffs for what he has done.

  21. I have a think Coyle’s slash to Keith’s head should be completely overlooked in this situation…. as well as him taking his stick to the back of Keith’s knees…. I mean, the ref’s didn’t think it was a big deal… why should anyone else….. and no, I never played in the NHL… but I’ve watched alot of it on TV…. ;)

  22. How neither of those penalties were called is freaking unbelievable, I played and you hit me in the face with your stick then drop me with that same stick, I’m retaliating, fuck the consequences… in each case in dk’s “history” he’s the one that’s been whacked first, blatantly, and no whistle. Retaliation yes, completely unjustified I don’t think so…

  23. DD/Golden, that’s what I think. The player who retaliates should get penalty and suspension depending on what he did. I also think they need to penalty to player who started it and suspension depending on what that player did. They both should get it. For as something as dangerous as you guys described it, that other guys should be as well not just retaliateor. Same thing with instigator, get rid of that and I think and it doesn’t happen as often. I just think both player should get it, not only retaliator. That just lets people go ahead and elbow Tazer in head because it will only be two games bs. We usually are way more classy and just fight the guy next reg. season game and not cheap shot back. Certain teams play cheap/dirty regularly if someone hits/does a cheap and dangerous play like that.

  24. or…. how about if retaliation is made legal… instigation gets penalized…. and the “instigatee” gets a “put the instigator in a world if hurt free” card…. hmmmm….

  25. Thanks for the video. I wasn’t clear on all that happened prior to Keith’s actions. I didn’t see that Keith initially skated away after the high stick to the head from Coyle. But apparently Coyle didn’t get what he wanted so he went even further and upended Keith behind the knees to slam him down to the ice hard highly risking head injury. But he gets away with ALL of that!!!

  26. If you replay the action you will see Keith was turning from his back to his belly. AND WAS ON HIS LEFT SIDE BEFORE CONTACT WAS MADE!! Yes he did not have control of his stick, But it was not an intentional hit. (if it had been he would be looking still on his back)

  27. Two games short of what I thought he’d get. NHL was decent nailing the Hawks for only one playoff game.

    He’s got a little bit of psycho in him and that’s ok with me. “Wakey wakey Backes” is still a classic.

  28. Well, I hope Duncs learns his lesson…. I mean if he had skated away faster after coyle slashed him upside the head, coyle wouldn’t have had to take his stick to the back of his knees….. Next time he gets slashed upside the head he better just drop his stick and just run…. and run fast…. no place in the league for those who won’t drop their stick and run when they get slashed upside the head….

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