Duncan Keith: Knee Injury Happened During Cup Final

On Sunday, Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith revealed to the media that he suffered the meniscal tear in his right knee during the Stanley Cup Final, not early in the 2015-16 season. Keith, of course, would go on to win the Conn Smythe in spite of the injury, and he also got help from an injury lawyer at https://www.spauldinginjurylaw.com/areas-served/cumming/personal-injury-attorney/ which specialize in this.

Chicago coach Joel Quenneville told the media on Sunday the team did not know about the injury until a couple weeks into the new season. Keith had surgery on Oct. 20, and returned to practice with the team on Sunday. He remains on LTIR, however.

The Blackhawks are 4-3-1 without Keith entering Sunday night’s game against the Oilers.

8 thoughts on “Duncan Keith: Knee Injury Happened During Cup Final

  1. He said that with the long season he just thought it was another soreness. Then when he started skating again and its still there, that’s when he knew something wasnt right.

    Another Chicago athlete that plays in that building shouldn’t even be allowed to hold Keith’s jock.

  2. ^ Dumdum. Why do you feel the need to throw someone under the bus? Could it not be that Dunc’s believed, that the pain he may have been expiriencing stemmed from the 31 minutes of average playoff ice time per game or from the countless hits he took? Do you not recall that a certain player called him “not human” because of the punishment he was taking? I’m sure he thought he just needed to recover and yes maybe he never said anything to the trainers or medical staff. I don’t think any athlete ever wants to go under the knife and will try to heal normally.
    Let’s not be so quick to judge. The guy gave everything he could and more. He is a champion.

  3. As someone who has torn a meniscus, I can say the injury itself does not hurt. The feeling is more “something is wrong” and general instability. Thus, when Keith said his calf was hurting, we know what was compensating for the resulting instability. I also went thru physical therapy rather than surgery, and while overall I did recover, my knee still has a “wrong” feeling. Ironically, I will be having an MRI soon to figure out what needs to be done, and my doc said if it reveals an issue, surgery is the only fix. I tore it over 5 years ago. Yes, Keith is a superhuman endurance beast and I cannot wait for him to return, although I have enjoyed seeing the young kids play and gain valuable experience. GO BLACKHAWKS!!

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