Duncan Keith To Miss World Cup of Hockey

On Wednesday afternoon, Jay Bouwmeester was announced as a replacement for Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith on Team Canada for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

Keith, 33, pulled out officially because of an undisclosed injury. Keith is still rehabbing his right knee; he had surgery last Oct. 20 to repair a meniscal tear suffered during the 2015 Stanley Cup Final, which led to him missing time early during the 2015-16 regular season.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “[Keith] didn’t want to risk re-injury during the World Cup in Toronto next month.”

Dallas captain Jamie Benn has also been replaced on Team Canada this week; San Jose’s Logan Couture will play in place of Benn.

15 thoughts on “Duncan Keith To Miss World Cup of Hockey

  1. No problem with not wanting to do it. For the time he puts in on the ice regularly,
    it probably adds up to more than the guys playing in the world cup AND the regular season. Sounds more like making this season a commitment for another Cup.

  2. One Goal means Stanley Cup not World Cup. Great call Duncan wish the rest of the team would do the same.

  3. Smart move… kinda like NBA guys – not going to play in Olympics… been there… done that… I get PAID by Chicago!!!

    wish some others would stay home

  4. Glad he ain’t going there. Rest up the knee, or just don’t go, whatever. Need a fresh #2 come the start of the season.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  5. Now we need the human pin cushion ( or puck cushion ) Nik H. to bow out.

    Let Pokka and Kempny keep gaining valuable experience against NHLers.

  6. He must really need the time to get better-he loves playing in this type of situation, and it’s not all because he wants to save it for the Blackhawks.
    He’s got the one of a kind motor that can go all year plus+

  7. Very good news for the Hawks… Just rest and be ready for another run to the Cup
    …..Go Hawks Go ,,,,,,

  8. I would never question the “give a damn” attitude of #2. As Mo said, Keith is a warrior and an extremely competitive guy. I hope he is 100% fit once the puck drops to start the NHL season. If Hammer or anyone else on the Hawks sat this tournament out it would be fine with me as well.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  9. Let’s hope this is more because he didn’t want to attend a made up tournament that he doesn’t need, instead of his knee bothering him from a surgery he had months ago.

  10. I wish Marian Hossa would also opt out , as he needs his rest also. Everybody thought it was good the Hawks got to rest because of their early out in the playoffs and now they have what is basically an all star game to get tired from , Nick Halmarstrom also should opt out

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