Duncan Keith Out 4-6 Weeks

In surprising news, the Blackhawks announced on Tuesday that defensman Duncan Keith underwent successful surgery to repair a right knee meniscal tear.

“Duncan underwent successful surgery today to repair his right knee meniscal tear,” Terry said. “The surgery was successful and we expect him to return to full hockey activities in approximately 4-6 weeks.”

Chicago was already struggling to get new faces integrated on the blue line. Removing one of the best in the game for the next month is a stunning blow that could make the Hawks desire to add a defenseman more intense in the coming days.

49 thoughts on “Duncan Keith Out 4-6 Weeks

  1. For those thinking Pokka or Cumiskey, I’d say not likely for either. Pokka is a right hand shot and that doesn’t work. I don’t think Cumiskey is ready to play yet, I believe he’s still nursing the lower body problem.

    Maybe Cam Schilling on a stop gap basis. He’s about the only Rockford guy with experience, the rest are really green. Gustafsson is another possibility if they want a look see at him.

    None of the defensemen in Rockford have played well except for the 1st game according to Dent. They sent Dillon Fournier down again to Indy and recalled Sam Jardine because they wanted someone who would keep things simple and straightforward, plus they want Fournier to get lots of ice time to see if he’s worth salvaging … last year of his deal.

  2. Working to see the bright side of this…

    After a huge workload last year, getting him some rest before the playoffs will be a good thing.

    Like when Kane went down last year, it allowed for them to pick up Vermette & Desjardins, who became huge contributors to the cup run. We may find that additional D-man we need from this. Hopefully.

    If we can keep our head above water in a hugely tough division.

  3. They can’t “bank” cap space and the reason why it worked last year is because there’s no salary cap in the playoffs.

    When Keith comes back let’s say December 1st which is right at six weeks, his cap hit comes back on. They are pretty tight up against it now and at some point you’ll have both Rozsival and Keith coming back. Assuming no other injuries any outside players would put them over the cap, they’d have to purge someone somehow.

  4. Hof, so you think a trade is coming then?

    They already needed something on defense. But any trade they do is likely to be dollar for dollar. I’d still like to see the Schenn’s for a package of Bickell Shaw and a D prospect not named Ville.

  5. When Kane went down it allowed them to get Timonen and Vermette. They traded Ben Smith to San Jose, and San Jose retained some to make it work.

    Like Hof said you cant bank space on LTIR. LTIR only temporarily elevates the teams cap ceiling. And its not always dollar for dollar. Although it will be damn close in the Hawks case. But as soon as Keith or whoever comes back, the Hawks cap is lowered to its normal level.

  6. Stan is going to have to pull another one out of his hat. This is tough, and I agree with Ernie that Pokka is untouchable. Hopefully the brass agrees. I can’t imagine Philly sending the Schenns our way for Bicks and Shaw unless a really hi end prospect is involved.

  7. HOF regarding the right left issue, wondering if moving Hjalmarsson to left side would be a good option. Don’t know if it has ever been addressed here if he prefers the right side or he just plays it out of necessity. Personally I would rather have him on left side, I hate seeing him trying to back hand pucks up the boards in our zone. Should you and I make that move or should we should see what Q has to say, I like to keep things lite. Also MORGZIE just for facts, I believe trading for Desjardin giving up Smith really had nothing to do with Kane LTR, since Desjardin cost us less than Smith with S.J. picking up 1/2 of salary. And I don’t know if LTR for 6 weeks this early in the season helps us with trade possibilities for D help, would be over cap when Keith comes back, but I will admit I don’t know all those salary cap issues like a lot of the bloggers here do.

  8. Ernie,

    Regarding a trade, I don’t know that Keith getting hurt necessarily changes things. It might from Bowman’s perspective, but maybe not from other GM’s. I think if there was a trade out there it would’ve happened during training camp (I thought it would). Bowman is at a weak bargaining position now with his best defenseman out.

    If they signed a free agent, they’d still have to move money at some point as you state. Yes, shedding some salary via trade could work and yes, they needed another defenseman even with Keith healthy. But this whole thing will be a salary cap deal.

    Even if they signed a free agent, say Visnovsky, i doubt he’d be ready to jump right in. It might take a week or even two, who knows. All factors to consider.

    The safest route for now is putting Keith on LTIR which they assuredly will and calling someone up. The problem is no one down there has really shown anything. The two guys I mentioned have the most experience and are both left hand shots. Maybe Gustafsson rises to the occasion? It could work because they wouldn’t need to waive him to send him back down. Schilling, who has more experience, they’d have to put through waivers. He cleared once, but if he’s recalled and plays well …

  9. This is a devastating loss even if it is “only” for 6 weeks or so. The Western Conference is even more fierce than it was last season. Given all of our roster turnover, trying to find answers at LW and already having issues on defense to begin with? Well, lets just hope we can find a way to stay close to the pack and are able to grab one of the last playoff spots in the spring. Over dramatic? No. The Hawks have some real holes right now.

    Heal quickly 2.

  10. Bill,

    Yes Hjarlmarsson prefers the right side and plays it better. But I agree everything may well be on the table, including him switching to the left Quenneville loves versatility with his guys, this might be a way to test it out

    The other option is to get Rundblad in there, put either him or TvR on the left side, and see how it goes. I think this is a bad option but it’s plausible.

    They’ll probably do “something” today or tomorrow and we’ll see how the dominoes fall.

  11. Assuming 26 is not available due to injury I would not be surprised if they move 4 to his natural side and bring up 5. The boys better turn up the offensive machine because the D is going to be ugly for 6 weeks.

  12. We will absolutely see a trade for a defenseman in the coming days. And be prepared for that trade to involve a player / prospect (or two) that will hurt to lose. But I really see no other choice. We already were playing a game of roulette with Daly and Svedberg back there. You can’t realistically go to war with Seabrook and Hjalmarsson as your only two true reliables back there. With all due respect to van Riemsdyk, who yes is playing well but yes also is “just a guy.”

    If I’m Stan, I’m listening on Teuvo. Package Teuvo and Bickell (as the shit sandwich the other team needs to eat) to get a legitimate veteran blueliner. Teuvo doesn’t fit with the other offensive pieces here. That’s not an indictment of his skills and potential, but rather a reality of his role/fit within the confines of our current forward mix. Then bring up Dano and hope you have a more legitimate option in him at LW.

    And say a prayer.

  13. This injury (as disconcerting to as it is) coming in Oct is not such a bad thing if the team can play .500 hockey or better and Keith gets his his knee strengthened and healed. Yes the D corp was already thinned following the Oduya trade, but at least Keith should be back well before the mid season mark. If this had occurred late in the year it would be a massive loss. No replacing Duncs back there so just having a serviceable defensively capable guy will fill this short term gap. TVR has shown improvement, and yes why not move Hammer back over to his natural side. A big trade is not necessary imo to fill this temporary loss to a core guy, unless its a really good deal. Likely though the Hawks would have to give more than they would get. Gonna have to circle the wagons and focus extra hard on playing strong 2 way hockey with forwards back to help out even more.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. Well now we have something significant to ponder beside lame salary cap, excel spreadsheets, and who’s who in the AHL. Duncan is the only player that we can’t miss, hopefully he returns on time and with no “side effects” this is such a big blow!
    No one can replace him so if ya wanna see SLOW EXITS from our zone wait . .. maybe TVR continues to shine in Dunks absence and maybe Dailey finally gets on track but damn Dunk is the only guy who is literally un-replaceable.

    Prayers to him
    Go hawks

  15. The HAMMER playing on his OFF SIDE is old news . . . yes he has to use his back hand that is weak to exit the zone, Hammer has been playing weak side for a long time and it also takes him too much time to turn up ice, BUT he is still a rock star defender! Even though near the top in turnovers for years.

    We ain’t got no Trade Bait that can replace Dunk! Bick and Tevo would not bring much, Maybe Shaw would bring some interest but i would say hold tight it’s early in the season take your lose and move on!

  16. Phil, Oduya wasn’t traded.

    Bill, its been talked about before quite often on moving Hjalmarsson to the left. I’ve never heard anyone say he plays left on preference. Always thought it was necessity. He’s the 3 DMan and plays his off hand competently despite being near the top in giveaways.

    I think the Hawks can attack this in a couple ways. Pair 4 and 7 together, or spread the talent. You have Seabrook, Hjalmarsson TvR and Daley as givens. Do you call up someone. Or just skate Rundblad and Svedberg?

    At least for a few games I think they skate Rundblad and Svedberg and call up Gustafson just in case as he is waiver exempt. I think they prefer Pokka to get his minutes

  17. Thanks Ernie. I stand corrected. He was let go, allowed to move on, and yes he is missed..

    Lets Go Hawks!

  18. There is a silver lining here. It is early in the season, and it will cause us to focus extra hard, as stated above by Phil, having the forwards play two way hockey. I’m optimistic that we will survive! Get well 2!!

  19. Listening to Quenneville’s comments …

    – He and Bowman had not talked at any length about options as of Tues. afternoon

    – Expects Hjarlmarsson to switch over to the left side

    – Rundblad will play

    – Cumiskey is not ready to play

    – Rozsival should be ready “around or close” to the time he comes off LTIR

    Draw your conclusions …

  20. Let’s just say that Duncan Keith is going to be out about 4 weeks. He is in great condition, he has been playing with this pain in his knee for a short time and can play with “discomfort” and he is NOT Derrick Rose. He’ll be back by Thanksgiving.

  21. They’re not locked into left hand/right hand ‘solution’ requirement.

    Hjalmarsson can do it, but they shouldn’t move him. If you lose Keith you need your other elite Dman in their most natural position. So the ideal solution is moving TVR.
    Van Riemsdyk can play either side. He can go left and that’s it. Hjalmarsson-X, Seabrook-X, X-TVR.
    I’d go Hjalmarsson-Daley, Seabrook-Svedberg, Rundbland-TVR.

    The whole team needs to step up. Without Keith and with the team playing as they have been playing they’re a .500 team. If they put him on IR that does open up the solutions of calling up guys like Dano and Paille from a cap space pov, right ?

  22. The trade Teuvo and trade Kane banter all comes from the comments section at hockey buzz.

    Should I continue or can I stop there?

  23. Barring any outside moves, I’m guessing Seabrook – Svedberg, Daley – TvR, Hjarlmarsson – Rundblad. Maybe someone called up as an extra.

  24. Think you’re right Hof. And look, every pair has a right/left shot! Unless you want Rundblad playing his off hand too…

    I don’t think enough can be said for guys playing their off hand. Sure guys like Hjalmarsson can do it. But a puck possession team like the hawks must hate seeing those giveaways when the clearing attempts are walled off from a backhand.

  25. Blue Jackets fired Richards. And hired Tortorella. Hahahahhaah. I don’t think Richards was the problem here. The whole lost confidence. Big time. They were a beaten team. Unfortunately when you start 0-7 things happen. Torts will make that team play better defensively, but it will be a short term gain before his act wears everyone out.

  26. On another sour note…

    SB’s 2015 1st pick (2nd round)– Graham Knott,,, Knott doing anything!!! 10 games – 0 g’s, 2 a’s

    wtf???? hard to be that bad in the CHL- where everyone scores 50 points!!!

  27. Hofmeister – Hjarlmarsson–Rundblad ? You need Hjarlmarsson against other top lines. Rundbland can’t play against top lines. I see Daley as his potential pairing. Daley needs to step up.

  28. The loss of Keith will mean the offense will have to carry more of the load. They will not be in a position to waste a spot on Bickell. Send him down now and bring up somebody that can actually make a scoring contribution.

  29. Yes dumdum we need to see Daley pick up his defensive play. I felt given his lack of defensive responsibilities in Dallas that it would take him a month or so to fully acclimate to Q’s system and expectations. I like the wheels this guy has. It will be an important asset for the Hawks. With so many new pieces to the puzzle via roster changes this year, this thing just needs to evolve. There are growing pains that need to take place and with it some wtf moments that will leave us shaking our heads. I just can’t wring my hands about this stuff in the early weeks of a new season. Let us not forget the Brad Richards experiment through the first few months of last year. The guy looked lost and left behind. Many said he was done. Same with Vermette when he was picked up by the Hawks. So with Daley, I am cutting him some slack learning to fit into a new system and playing with new guys.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  30. ERNIE

    Right on about Torts, I am not a fan of his. About all the line and D combos, might be fun for some, but all Q’s changes leave me dizzy, so I stop worrying it and just enjoy, most of the time. Also I don’t know if this has come up but to me it looks like Crawford is handling the puck better behind the net, I think he has been practicing, about the only thing he needed in his game, love everything else about him.

  31. Hate to say, I told you so but Hawks fans should have seen this coming. Keith is 32, has logged a ton of extra minutes playing long playoffs runs and Olympics against the best players across the globe. Although Keith seems super human he is not.

    As these core players age this is going to happen. Now its on Stan to have developed players to step in.

    Stan its your move,…

  32. Tortorella will wear out his welcome in Columbus by the end of the year and the Blue Jackets will hire Hitchcock after the Blues let him go.

    Torts is a major……MAJOR douche!!

  33. I’ll be watching the Hawks minor leagues very closely over the next few weeks. RFD in a very very small sample size has looked awful on the blueline, perhaps some of the Hawks Euro blueliners will come across the pond. I am speaking of the 2 Robins, Norell, Press and Andreas Soderberg. All three are projects, but their assistance might be needed.

    The Hawks are going to have to stand pat and work with what they have, which isn’t much on the blueline. Their depth has taken a few hits due to bad contracts on the professional level. This is what happens.

    On a side note I had a friend tell me prior to the season starting that “this was the best Hawks roster to start a season.” Which my reply was, have you been smoking Dumdums bong???

  34. SSHM- right on Re: Rockford D…. cupboards empty… Johns, Svedberg – moved up or out… Fournier- good skater- but Fragile/injured a lot

    I agree- Euro’s might be better options… BUT- I assume they all have Euro contracts- and can’t easily jump???? Anyone know how that works?

    And the more I watch 81/19 and no LW…. the LESS I think they will score…
    That 1st LW spot isn’t going to resolve itself… ONLY- option I see is Q will have to do the un-thinkable… which is split up 72/15/88… AND maybe all 3 of them…

    28/48/88 (the 8’s line)
    29 or 14/15/86

    if/when Dano shows again

    28 or 14/15/56

    Cuz right now Hawks have one line that can score and a PP!!!

  35. Not sure about the D pairings, I’ll leave that to Q., but I am sure that Daley will indeed have to step up. Losing Keith means the time to acclimate to the system is over prematurely, unfortunately. Daley will have to move the puck and join the rush, just like Keith always does. He has to use that skating ability and speed and jump in without hesitation. I think he can. Reality is, now he must.

  36. Daley playing with Rundblad, Hjarlmarssson on the left side with TvR on his right.

    Wall … the Euro defensemen will stay there until their season ends in spring, then they will likely be brought over to Rockford, just like last season.

    Forget about Fournier, at lease for now. He got sent down to Indy, Sam Jardine up.

    WAY too soon to say the cupboard’s bare on defense in Rockford, although I fully realize you have the tendency to jump the gun. Lots of new faces down there on the back line – let it play out for a few weeks so they can see what they have and what they don’t have.

  37. Ha! Hiring Tortorella? And Columbus thought they had problems before. I remember he didn’t get along very well with Dubinski when they were both in NY, so this should be interesting to watch. And I’m sure that Anisimov is happy he’s out, too, as he spent ample time in Tort’s NY doghouse despite putting up some really good numbers in 2010 & 11. Bad move by Columbus IMHO.

    Hey Saader, this is what you get when you surrender control of your career to your money hungry agent. You could still be a Hawk, but instead you’re in a hot mess in small market Ohio.

  38. Tony, I’ll say this again. Brandon Saad had to sign the deal. Not his agent on his behalf. Saad’s agent works for Brandon Saad. If his agent wanted to maximize Saad’s paycheck, it was because Saad wanted that. If Saad wanted to take less to stay here and his agent asked for a crazy number anyway, his agent is fired.

    Take a look at the Matt Harvey situation. He’s represented by Boras. There was some debate on how to manage Harvey’s innings. Boras kind of threw a fit with the Mets. Then Harvey finally steps in and says he wants to pitch more innings and help his team. Has anyone heard from Scott Boras since? No.

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