26 thoughts on “Duncan Keith Suspended 6 Games

  1. Silver Lining- Game 2 of the playoffs will be the game that reignites the team and we never look back from that point on. Bring it on.

  2. I’m not understanding why Coyle got nothing for the cross-check to Dunc’s face or the slew-sticking him down to concussionland. Reviewing the play to suspend Keith clearly revealed both dangerous plays by Coyle.

  3. There is no getting around it. The stick to the face is a dangerous, intent to injure play and worthy of a suspension. I don’t care how accidental the player tried to make it look.

    What Keith did back was bad too.

  4. I agree that Kieth should be suspended but could should be also no excuse for nhl brass on this one

  5. WIHAWKFAN Coyle told reporters his nose was not broken.

    And again Coyle slashed Keiths Face, slewsticked/ Can openered him all before Duncs retaliated

  6. Think its fair Dunks got 6 games. As long as elbow to Tazer head is 10-12 games (not 2). We learn you do not fuck with a Scotsman.

  7. Seems about right. A repeat offender but not a goon and not an instigator. Some writer is whining that the one game off in the playoffs is not enough. Is it his fault there were only 5 games left? 6 games is not a slap on the wrist, dummy, it’s a step up from past suspensions and commensurate with his overall reputation. Something tells me other hockey writers might not like the Blackhawks a lot… anyway, some rest time for a guy who’s gonna have to step up to his usual playoff form to get it done again.

  8. Silver lining: he rests for a while, then comes back pissed off in Game 2 of first series.

    Anger works wonders for tired athletes who’ve already reached the summit three times. Like Kane, Keith will perhaps be motivated to go a bit harder because of this. Good for us.

    We’re stuck in third, versus the Blues. Fine. The remaining games mean nothing, really. Rest some guys, etc, and we’ll reload in Game 1.

    This is not at all bad.

    19 needs a rest, too.

    Morrison, I’ll say it for you: Lion in the savannah.

  9. Feathers & Stripes, “I’m not understanding why Coyle got nothing for the cross-check to Dunc’s face or the slew-sticking him down to concussionland. Reviewing the play to suspend Keith clearly revealed both dangerous plays by Coyle.” — “Oh, indeed.”

    Maybe the officiating crew should be suspended (without pay) for the same amount of time as Keith for ignoring or missing the two infractions? Geezzz, how many times does a stick (actually) unintentionally come up to hit a player’s face and it’s a minor penalty? Here, Coyle high sticks (or crosschecks) Keith deliberately and it’s overlooked. How many times are “slewfoots” (in this case “slewstick”) ruled a penalty? I guess the shock and awe of Keith’s response traumatized the officials into blocking-out Coyle’s actions…

  10. @Dickie Dunn
    Need a hand climbing up on that high horse? I forgot only your opinion fired down from your tower mattered.

  11. Nobody has answered this, but what is Duncan Keith (or any other Blackhawk) supposed to do the next time he is whacked across the side of the head, slewsticked to the ice, and whatever else constitutes a mugging? Both refs had their hands in their pockets. We have no tough guy or enforcer to police the Coyles of the game. One must assume that Coyle’s play will be the accepted standard for the remainder of the game.

    So, how SHOULD Keith have responded? Whine to the refs who obviously thought Coyle was playing within the rules? Drop the gloves? Really? Do you really want Duncan Keith to drop the gloves with Coyle, Reaves, or similar goon?

  12. ….I agree withDropThePuck….it’s almost impossible to avoid having enforcers during regular season because most teams have one or two….the playoffs is where the goons become a liability….but unless NHL rules change or officiating is changed enforcers are necessary for all teams including Blackhawks to provide some security for their highly skilled players…..we shall see how this plays out in the first round against St.Louis…..

  13. Yep, no doubt the Hawks need to toughen up to guard against the likes of Coyle. His 16 penalty minutes in 78 games clearly demonstrates a clear and present danger to the skill guys on the Hawks roster. Wow! Do some research before you compare Reaves and Coyle.

  14. Tom

    Cute response. YES! The Blackhawks do need to be able to toughen up against opponents who played like Coyle did!

    It doesn’t matter if the mugger is Coyle, Reaves, or Charley Brown. If the referees are not going to enforce the rules, it’s up to the victim’s team. The next time said mugger lines up, he needs to see the likes of Bob Probert, John Scott, Clark Gillies, John Ferguson, Marty McSorley, … lined up across from him. Then, Duncan Keith knows his team has his back and he does not need to retaliate.

    Again, what should Duncan Keith do the next time this situation occurs : the refs are letting everything go and your team has no policeman to protect the skilled players?

  15. So in that split second that he chose to pole axe a guy in the head you feel if Buff had been on the bench he wouldn’t have done it? Coyle is guilty of getting his stick up but that situation happens multiple times a game. My point is Coyle has no history of dirty or over aggressive play as evidenced by the low penalty minute totals. Now Reaves is completely different story and is employed to basically test the limits of what is or is not a penalty every game.

  16. The NHL is so inconsistent on officiating games it’s ridiculous. The proper call here was two 2 minute minors to Coyle 2 for crosscheck / interference, and 2 for tripping, Keith get 5 for the slash that drew blood, … no game misconduct, no suspension. Bettmann better get a thorough explanation of goalie interference as well, if you think he’s not driving these b/s calls and no calls everyone needs to get a dose of reality.

  17. Agree on the Coyle assessment, I could live with that but to not give more than a 5 minute major for slashing an opponent in the head isn’t the answer either.

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