Edmonton Trades Taylor Hall To New Jersey For Adam Larsson

No, this isn’t April 1.

The Edmonton Oilers, seeking a right-handed defenseman for some time, traded one of the best 5-on-5 players in the NHL on Wednesday afternoon.

Edmonton sent Taylor Hall to New Jersey for defenseman Adam Larsson.

Hall, 24, was the number one overall pick in the 2010 NHL Draft. He has scored 132 goals with 196 assists in 381 career regular season games – all with the Oilers. He has a $6M cap hit and is signed through the 2019-20 season.

Larsson, 23, was the fourth overall pick in the 2011 NHL Draft. He has scored nine goals with 60 assists in 274 career regular season games – all with New Jersey. He has a $4,166,666 cap hit and is signed through the 2020-21 season.

That’s it. No picks, no prospects. A rare one-for-one trade.

And Edmonton got destroyed.

16 thoughts on “Edmonton Trades Taylor Hall To New Jersey For Adam Larsson

  1. Wow! Larsson is a good young defenseman but not worth Hall. Edmonton fans can’t be happy. Real shocker to me. Wow!

  2. This trade is hysterical. Huge win for NJ, especially with Adam Henrique having been a linemate of Hall in Junior. Hoping there still is chemistry.

  3. Ray Shero is one of the best GM’s in league hands down what an excellent trade on his end! 2 players have scored more 5 on 5 goals than Hall last season, Crosbsy and Seguin. Larsson may be a something in a few yrs. Hall is a legit top 5 LW now! WOW!

  4. Talent-wise this is a no brainer. In a weird way this could make the Oil a better team. Losing has been too much of the culture in Edmonton and this sends a serious message. That said, could have done a lot better on the return.

  5. You think they are on the phone right now trying to explain that it was Yakupov, not Hall…a slip of the tongue, an honest error,

  6. LOL..so dumb. 2nd time today!

    It’s the stress of the world right now…everyone going bonkers making crazy judgements and trades.

  7. Edmonton is going nowhere without major upgrades on defense. Today, they made a major upgrade on defense. They weren’t winning with Taylor Hall, And have Nugent-Hopkins and mega star in the marking in McDavid. I kind of get this for Edmonton

  8. Yoda – It’s very possible. After the Seattle Mariners let Griffey Jr, and Rodriguez go, they set the modern day record for wins in a season in baseball.

  9. That’s exactly the kind of trade Rufus would make. Maybe the Edmonton GM has been reading the Gospel according to Rufus !

  10. Edmonton just got robbed.

    Only explanation I can think of is if there are some unknown / intangibles / reasons why Edmonton wanted to run Hall out of their locker room… But I’ve never heard anything like that about Hall.

    Sure seems like a big win for New Jersey.

  11. Dickie D… agree… Oil did nothing with Hall… Larsson + 15 on a pretty average team… also Devils- didn’t give Hawks much (kind of like Canes)…

    imo- both the Devils and Canes had pretty solid “D- systems”… boring to watch…
    but way more effective than other teams…

    so for my money (Oil saves about $2M)- and considering Oilers have been losers- despite Tons of 1st pick forwards… it is/was a needed “Oil-change” for them…

    Both are good players

    Now the other trade- Subban- younger/faster more aggressive (On O end)…
    he will fit Preds/Coach system well…

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