This Is The Blackhawks Final Circus Trip

In his pre-Circus Trip media availability, Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said something that was potentially newsworthy for Blackhawks fans.

So could this be the final extended November road-trip for the Blackhawks? It should be, based on Chris Kuc’s reporting last year.

UPDATE: the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Kuc followed-up on Monday afternoon with the official news: the Circus Trip is dead.

From the Kuc story:

“The reason we’re doing this is two-fold,” Terry Savarise, Senior Vice President of Operations for the United Center, said Monday. “One is that in future years the Bulls and the Blackhawks no longer have to endure two two-week road trips and a subset of that is that those two two-week road trips had resulted in a compression of our home-game schedules which usually ended up having too many home games for fans in a short period of time. There were times when you’d have four home games in a one-week period, which fans didn’t like.”

“So the elimination of the two-week circus run and the reduction of the Disney Ice Show run from two weeks down to one allows us to resolve those two issues on behalf of the teams,” Savarise added. “I think the teams are pleased to have the additional flexibility in the scheduling process.”

6 thoughts on “This Is The Blackhawks Final Circus Trip

  1. I hope it’s not for selfish reasons, Black Friday in Anaheim followed by the game the next day against LA has become a yearly tradition for a lot of Southern California hawks fans.

  2. No Thanksgiving Weekend has become a tradition for us transplants in Southern CA with Anaheim Black Friday afternoon and LA Sat. And we usually try to go up to San Jose the Wed before to catch the Hawks there as well!

    Plus it gives the team a few days off after for their Vegas trip. Which I will assume starting next year if the “Circus Trip” schedule resumes they’ll play Vegas after LA as they’re usually there anyways :)

  3. I don’t think people really go to the circus anymore, do they? I can see the end of that at the UC, especially since the circus goes to the Allstate Arena right before or after the annual UC visit anyway. A bit surprised by the ice show. That is a big draw and money maker from what I understand. My daughter is close friends with an elite ice skater and potential Olympian who skates in the show. From what she tells us the show is a big draw for city’s that host it.

  4. Off topic but Graham Knott left game after first shift in OHL/Russia game in Hamilton, and didn’t return during the first period?
    tripped into the net, went in quite hard and hit the post and it looked like a possible leg injury.

  5. You should not ever change, unless. This is stupid and if such a big deal to do this then do it ten yrs ago not now.

    And you do not ever announce a thing like this before (or right before) you are going to be on the road trip. WTF is wrong with people saying things before it might happen, like during a game announcer, he is so many min from a shutout. Stuff like this should not be allowed to be announced or made public/only during off season summer is the time and place for this. Man does that piss me off. Its the principality of the whole thing.

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