Former Blackhawks Not Tendered Qualifying Offers

Qualifying offers were due around the NHL on Monday. Now that the lists have been made public, a number of former Blackhawks players are headed to free agency.

Brandon Pirri, Anaheim
2015-16: 61 games, 14 goals, 15 assists, 29 points

Klas Dahlbeck, Arizona
2015-16: 71 games, 2 goals, 6 assists, 8 points

Mike Paliotta, Columbus
2015-16: 68 games, 8 goals, 15 assists, 23 points – AHL

Adam Clendening, Edmonton
2015-16: 29 games, 1 goal, 6 assists, 7 points

Dylan Olsen, Florida
2015-16: 8 games, 0 goals, 1 assist, 1 point

Jeremy Morin, San Jose
2015-16: 59 games, 16 goals, 26 assists, 42 points – AHL

Pirri, Clendening and Morin were traded during the 2015-16 season. Morin did not appear in an NHL game during the 2015-16 season; Paliotta appeared in one NHL contest.

52 thoughts on “Former Blackhawks Not Tendered Qualifying Offers

  1. So looking back all those trades Stan made getting rid of these guys doesn’t look so bad. A case for not over valuing your prospects.

    Paliotta interests me. Maybe Dahlbeck, but they have enough 5/6 dmen hed probably be Rockford depth. Pirri maybe as a winger. But even then I’d probably defer. All these guys would be cheap, which the Hawks need.

  2. This shows two things…

    1. Stan Bowman has rarely traded away young talent that has come back to bite us in those instances where it wasn’t salary cap management forced (e.g., Leddy, Saad, Shaw).

    2. Joel Quenneville has been right way, way, way, way, way more times than he has been stubborn or wrong when it comes to trusting young talent to contribute to the Blackhawks. Every name on the above list was once upon a time a name that anti-Quenneville clowns on this site used to defend and where the argument was made that Big Bad Joel was ruining them. And last time I checked the following young talent started their NHL career with Quenneville as the head coach….Niemi, Crawford, Hjalmarsson, van Riemsdyk, Leddy, Saad, Shaw, Kruger.

  3. Filip Forsberg signed a 6×6 contract recently. Similar numbers to Panarin. Age is different but if the breadman would sign at 6AAV I would be thrilled

  4. Hawks1961 Why sign Morin? Morin cannot play at NHL level. 16 goals, 26 assists, 42 points in AHL , not in NHL.

    The only one on list with any NHL talent is Brandon Pirri, who scored
    2015-16: 61 games, 14 goals, 15 assists, 29 points in NHL. 2014-15 In 2014-201 5 with Florida Pirri had 22 goals in 49 games. Pirri has arguably the hardest and most accurate shot,but is also considered a defensive liability. Pirri lacks bulk and muscle and the physical strength to win board battles with regularity. If Pirri could work out and gain strength and work on improving his defense, he could be a top 6 forward. Right now his defense is too bad for bottom 6 and he lacks board strength to play top 6.

  5. Pirri is a trainwreck defensively and the furthest thing from a fit within the Quenneville style of play.

  6. Dahlbeek ….how come he is available …according to some people here …he was a big lost and it was a big part of the future for the Hawks
    Maybe its the only player to have a chance with the Hawks …but not sure

  7. Big E, totally agree with you on Q’s ability to nurture young talent. And don’t forget to add #88 and #19 to that list. They were only in their second season and 20 and 21 years old when he took the bench.

  8. Something strange is going on with Paliotta. The Hawks signed him, played him in one game at the end of 2015, then sent him home during the 2015 Cup run. He then was added to the Saad deal. By all accounts he had a very good year as a 1st year pro in the AHL and now Columbus cut him loose. Their appears to be a disconnect.

  9. Goes to show that our prospect pool was no where as good as advertised. That was just a short 2-3 years ago when we listened to how we had so much talent in the pipeline. So much for that.

  10. Craig, here’s my thoughts on Paliotta. He was a senior and could have waited and signed as a UFA for the same contract with any team. The Hawks wanting to get the player signed promised him he would play 1 game and burn the first year of his ELC. In turn the Hawks said we’ll see what we can do about moving you for assets in the summer because at the time the Hawks had organizational depth. Now they actually may have a roster spot for a big right shot D-man so perhaps they could bring him back.

    He could have soured with Columbus. With Torts on the bench who wouldn’t?

  11. I’m a little surprised by Paliotta although Werenski quickly became the top D prospect when he left Michigan. Their AHL team won the Calder Cup but some nights Paliotta wasn’t playing and I didn’t know if he was hurt or odd man out. Even more surprised that they qualified Alex Broadhurst who seemed to be a throw-in on the Saad deal. I can’t see any of these players coming back – my guess is many will be heading to Europe.

  12. CC- Re: besides being weak… Pirri is a slow skater with little endurance…

    Pirri – could never keep up with the Hawks in their “run-n-gun” open practices!!!

    Great shot/release though

  13. It’s impressive how Q can determine which of these picks can play in this league and which ones are not worth the time.

    Hopefully some of the Q bashers will now realize he has a method that works.

  14. Booman. You’re an idiot. The hawks have drafted, traded and obtained undrafted players brilliantly over Stan’s term. Not too many teams can put up a list like this: Panarin, Saad, Shaw, van Riemsdyk, Leddy. No-one hits on every pick or every decision but I’d put his record up against any other GM and I’d put Coach Q’s evaluation skills up against any other coach. Stop being an idiot and appreciate what the hawks management has given us. 3 Stanley Cups.

  15. Ah Chris-if you have been on this site for a while you would know Hawks 61 was making a joke.
    Only Rufus keeps wants to keep pumping Jeremy’s tires

  16. You mean all the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over losing our cupboard full of future NHL’ers wasn’t warranted? Oh … I guess all us amateur talent evaluators may not know as much as we think we do.

  17. Take a look at Morin’s Wikipedia page. Holy Cow! It’s got more text than War and Peace. There’s at least one really big JM fan out there.

  18. I once had a very short conversation with Pirri and thought that is a limited sample I felt that he was, shall we say, “not the sharpest tool in the shed.” That may be part of his problem defending…just not able to figure it out.

  19. Dahlbeck isn’t pretty but he is reliable. I would take him over Gus any time as 6 or 7 guy.

  20. Pirri will never come back here, Q knows the type of players he can wrk with and clearly Pirri was not that. As for everyone else on this list no love lost. The Hawks know their hockey talent. I heard today the Hawks are looking at Soupy for 2 yrs and about 2 mil a season. Havent the Hawks paid this guy enough money? Geeze!

  21. I would like Soupy around for 2 years but…….$2mm is a bit much IMO. Maybe they can structure a deal that has a Cap hit of about $1.5mm……$2mm this season followed by $1mm next year.

    Funny how only in the world of the NHL would $500k be so damned important.

  22. @ Mike

    I completely agree about the 500k. I also find it amazing the Soupy is just now coming off that deal he signed w the Hawks. The deal feels like forever ago. The Hawks made him a very rich man, honestly over paid too. Time for him to pay it forward and sign for a reasonable price.

  23. Dahlback is an odd decision. Coyotes only have 3 d-men signed and 7+ millions to get to the floor. I thought he looked servicable in his rookie season. He certainly fits in with the Hawks love of Swedes on the back end.

  24. I’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again………the Hawks used to over evaluate their 2nd and 3rd tier talent but not any more. In this day and age, you have to change your roster and evaluate your talent EVERY year.

    If you look at other teams in the NHL they are doing the same things as the Hawks have been doing for the last 6 years. They are getting faster, quicker, more skillful AND changing their 2nd and 3rd tier talent more consistently.

    I love Shaw, but he has 2 Cups and is due for a big contract. God bless him. He worked his ass off and deserves every dollar in Montreal, but he did his job here and it’s time to move on. Let’s see if the youngsters in the minors can fill the void.

    New year, new blood, new goals!!

    Vive’ la Bowman!!

  25. 0 Stan Bowman draft picks currently reside on the Blsckhawka after the Teuvo and Shaw trades. He can maneuver the salary cap really well but hia draft picks have left something to be desired.

  26. Tolly, do you like Hammer? Panarin? Kruger? Anisimov?

    There is more to being a good GM than drafting which at best is a roll of the dice.

  27. The Hawk farm system is very weak right now. That’s what happens when you win Cups and also trade picks to acquire talent for a Cup push. Hino, Kero, Hartman, Gustafsson are all dubious at best NHL prospects. I like Motte, but truth is he isn’t a world beater. And I like Schmaltz but even he isn’t a real top prospect.

    2016-17 is going to be interesting. Playoffs are far from a certainty. Bowman has a lot of work ahead of himself the next two years. Can we get back to Cup contention? Remains to be seen in a few years. Need to strike it rich with a draft pick or two, and need the cap to take a serious bounce upwards.

  28. Well 10 more draft picks and a 10 percent chance any of them will pan out.
    What a crap shoot,.,.trade away 65 for untested kids,.,.not right,.,.guess Montreal signed him for close to 3.8 mil a year for over 5 -6 years,.,.,They do not make many like Shaw. Any word on Ladd,Weiss ????Weiss could be a wild card ,,,.are we in the hunt for Stammer,.,.,fuel the bong,.,.,Take a breath,.,.,o.k. Just thinking back ,Toews had a shitty all round year in so many ways ,that 10.5 mil a year worth?
    Sure he won us a triple of cups but ,.,.i live in the NOW. 55 pts a year ain,t 10.5 mil a year. Thoughts?

  29. How about Lee Stempniak @ 850,000…seems like a bargoon…big guy, been everywhere, needs a home.

  30. 6 years at 4 million for Shaw? American? Holy crap, Stan did him a solid. 6 years! To put that is perspective, he’s going to make 4 million Bucks next year, and then again for 5 years after that. I love the guy, he’s worth the money per year. but I dunno if he’s going to make it that long, at his current level of play that is. Good for him, go get paid. And the comment about Campbell owing the Hawks for his previous contract, that’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on an iPhone screen. I’m sure that’s exactly how bowman’ calls with Campbell’s agent have gone.

  31. Interesting comments.

    “Goes to show that our prospect pool was no where as good as advertised.” — yet, NHL teams traded for them…

    “,.,.trade away 65 for untested kids,.,.not right,.,.” — NHL cap era…it’s just “the cost of doing business”…priority calls. Panarin Long-term or Shaw…?, for example.

    “The Hawk farm system is very weak right now…” — that remains to be seen, but we will probably find out soon. Maybe Motte and Schmaltz are ready to bring their college games to the NHL…? Maybe a player or two from Rockford can jump into an NHL role…we’ll see.

    In my opinion, “Lee Stempniak” and all of these other non-tendered players should seek positions elsewhere. Campbell, IF he wants to accept a (Richards-like) $1 million/1 year deal may satisfy those harping about “the NUMBER FOUR” defenseman. (– I like van Reimsdyk) Beyong that, spend wisely, Mr. Bowman…

  32. 6 years 3.9

    OK. Say that is an offer sheet. 2 2016 2nds?

    Or a 2017 1st and 2017 3rd?

    Personally, I probably take the offer sheet. But, a bird in hand is 2 in the bush. Have assets now vs a summer from now.

  33. Nick- Good point, I think he makes it to the end of his contract, however to your point he will not be the same player, playing the same game.

    He will physically be forced to slow down. So my point is that he will be worth the $$ & more the first half of his contract, not so much the last half…

    Just as we are seeing with 81, nature has a funny way of catching up with you… (at 56 I can attest to that!)

    Sadly we will see the same effects to 19, 88, & on & on…

    As I said before, the only “constant” in life is that there is no “constant”… Time marches on without regard to who you are or what you do…

    So I guess my true point after all this bloviating is that in most cases long term contracts are not a wise investment for the teams, but are for the players.

  34. Good points Nick and Joey. The Shaw falloff may be quicker than 81, 88 and 19 because Shaw is not nearly as skilled. When his ability to play the physical game wanes he won’t be left with anything. Stan made the right decision by letting him walk.

  35. Umm Hawks1961… SB didn’t “let him walk”, he traded him for 2 second round picks.

  36. Hawks1961… Re: Shaw… I don’t know what his future Holds… but I can see 65 being effective like a John Madden type – for much longer than you think…

    Shaw is smart (when he wants to be, over-achieving, and has a ton of heart…
    Probably – the most effective/skilled Hawk at deflecting shots into the net…
    and when MOST of the playoff teams are evenly matched- those deflection type goals are HUGE!!!! Think about Kruger/Shaw OT goals in last couple of cup runs!!!

    Besides Shaw’s PP net goals… those deflection goals… will be missed!!!

  37. I don’t want Campbell back. I would rather bottom pairing minutes go to guys we can develop and maybe keep for awhile. Kempny and Pokka sounds good to me. Resign Dahlbeck as our seventh and get rid of Gus/Svedberg/Runblad all of whom have obvious holes.

  38. I agree Wall that those deflection goals are a big part of Shaw’s game. Those greasy goals require a great deal of physical effort. Shaw is a little guy so I wonder as he gets older if he will have the physicality left in the tank to get those goals. Time will tell.

  39. 6 years for Shaw seems like a long time. However, 3.9mm is not a bad number. So in this case I see a win-win for the Habs and Shaw. 2-3 years from now with Shaw in his prime, 3.9 will seem like a reasonable and fair value. In years 5-6, even if Shaw declines, his 3.9 Cap hit will be no where near as detrimental as Bickell’s 4.0.

    For Shaw, he gets to “go all out” over the next 3 years and has security in the event he loses some of his abilities or even his career to injury. I am impressed with what Shaw did here.

  40. I was looking at a Montreal board a couple of days ago and it was interesting. Half of them loved the Shaw deal, and the others thought their GM was crazy and picked up a guy for too much money that didn’t fit their needs short or long term.
    Sounds like what we discuss about on this board regarding 65, 86 and others, departed from the organization or not.

    Stan says it will be pretty clear in a short time frame who they are looking to sign. It’s not clear to me yet. But, I’m kind of dense.

  41. I like Shaw and value what he brought to the table. As a fan I will certainly be cheering him on for future sucess. That being said im sooo glad he wasnt retained at that price. I am hopefully SB will take advantage of the extra space and build a strong bottom 6 and will fill the 3 or 4 missing holes on this team. I am hopefully Kempny, Schmaltz Motte, and Hartman can fill these holes this season.

  42. What about the two Montreal imports, Fleishman and Weise, put Kruger between then and see how they work. that way the kids can for the ice hog line with Rassmusen and grow together.

  43. Just want to be clear, I’m nothing but happy for Shaw that he got that contract, he sure wasn’t going to get that in Chicago. Stan has a track record of Winnipegging and Columbusing players he can’t keep, sending Shaw to the beautiful city of Montreal shows how much respect he has for the kid. Not that Columbus isn’t beautiful…

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