Goodbye, David Rundblad

Rundblad, 25, signed a two-year contract with the Blackhawks last summer. He had two assists in nine games before the Hawks shipped him to Europe for a few months. Now, it appears Year Two of his contract won’t happen.

13 thoughts on “Goodbye, David Rundblad

  1. This makes zero sense. You can bury 950k. And youre stuck with his 100k hit.

    You buy him out you save real dollars, but you have a 133k cap hit this year and 183 cap hit next. So they save real dollars and do the player a solid…I guess.

  2. Biggest disappointment in recent memory. Everything going for him except the guts. Thats a tough league.

  3. Lucic put up some crazy Corsi numbers last year. And that’s the only nice thing I’m ever going to say about him.

  4. Jordy- Hawks have 39 players signed. Some will be added, some will take AHL deals that dont count against the limit. They usually run with 45-47 players. Rundblad wasnt hurting them that way.

  5. Never quite saw what Stan & company seen in this kid. Wish him good luck but not a fan, they gave it a shot now time to move on.

  6. Class move by Stan Bowman. He says Rundblad asked for a fresh opportunity elsewhere. No reason to bring him to camp, waive him and send him to Europe or Rockford. Let him go somewhere where he has a fresh slate.

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