Happy 10th Anniversary, Blackhawks Fans

On Oct. 10, 2007, two baby-faced kids named Jonathan and Patrick stepped on the ice together for the first time as members of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The older, Jonathan Toews, had been the third overall pick the previous summer.

The younger, Patrick Kane, was the first ever first overall pick by the Chicago franchise in 2007.

Together, they have helped redefine an Original Six organization.

9 thoughts on “Happy 10th Anniversary, Blackhawks Fans

  1. Jeez – has it been a decade already? We Hawk fans have been very fortunate the hockey gods smiled on us 10 years ago. I’m very appreciative.

  2. 10 years! Holy Cow! As a father of a young son now playing hockey its crazy to think he has only known the Toews & Kane era and Hawks largely as Champions! Good times! 10 yrs of playoffs, 4 western finals and 3 cups! that will work!

    Shoulda been 4 urgh Kings!

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