Happy 21st Birthday, Patrick Kane!

kane cake

On November 19, 1988, Patrick T. Kane, Jr. was born in Buffalo, New York. Today, the young Blackhawks’ superstar celebrates his 21st birthday.


smurfette6On the schedule for today, other than obviously playing tonight, is a fairly busy schedule. Late this morning, after the team skate around, he’s taking his girlfriend out for a big birthday lunch. My guess, because it’s a game day, is that there will be pasta involved. Also, because he hasn’t signed his new contract yet, report are that they’re going Dutch.

60029Later this afternoon, Kane will try something new and exciting. Some of his teammates have told him about it; it’s rough if you’ve got the wrong hardware, but as long as you’re smooth and consistent it’ll work out. Hopefully the Blackhawks’ didn’t recall Brian Bickell because they’re anticipating an injury to Kaner from this new venture.

After the game tonight, there won’t be a party of any sort for the kid. Indeed, he won’t be forgetting his 21st birthday on this important Circus Trip. Instead, Kaner’s buying for a crazy hotel party, where he and Jonathan Toews will talk about how sweet it was to be a teenager in the 2000’s, and how many packs of Smarties they’ll be able to buy with $6 million.

On behalf of Blackhawks fans everywere, Happy Birthday, Kaner!


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