Happy 5th Anniversary, Jonathan Toews

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Five years ago today (July 18, 2008), the Chicago Blackhawks named Jonathan Toews the 34th captain in franchise history. Click here to read the full statement from the team from that day.

How has he done as the captain?

  • 2 Stanley Cup rings
  • 1 Olympic gold medal
  • 1 Conn Smythe
  • 1 Selke Award

Dale Tallon and Denis Savard showed a lot of faith in the young Toews, and the franchise-defining decision to put the C on his sweater has propelled the organization to the top of the NHL.

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11 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary, Jonathan Toews

  1. Congratulations JT, … you’ve worked hard through adversity and questions about your ability and your character. You’re one helluva captain! All I can say is CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!

  2. I prefer him to just be the face of Chicago.So he ties Gottselig and 2 more years he ll pass Pilote.

  3. @ Kubs59 – what character issues are you referring to? From day one, Toews has been known as a high character guy and as far as I know has maintained his sterling reputation.

    Some might argue other Captains are as good but none can say they’re better than Toews.

    Chicago Blackhawk fans are very fortunate to have Jonathan Toews leading our team.

  4. Its petty but I think he means his drinking incident with TJ Oshie in College maybe? Met him with my kid once in 08 and once in 11 and he was a class act as he hes for sure known for

  5. I love our Captain :)

    Quick stat:
    13-14 will be Tazer’s 6th season as captain, the longest tenure for a Blackhawk captain? 7 years, twice (Pilote, 61-68; Dirk Graham, 88-95). I think that is is pretty safe to say that he is the best captain in franchise history.

    It showed a lot of confidence to name Toews the captain, but lets not act like this was some huge leap here. Their choices going into 08-09 were Toews, a 19yo Kane (Ahahahahaha), Havlat, Sopel, Sharpie, Keith, Seabrook, or Campbell.

    Havlat is a pretty clear no and Campbell was entering his first year with the team. Sopel probably got at least some consideration, considering he wore the A more than half of 07-08, but in the end get didn’t even get that distinction (and wasn’t even the 4th [Seabrook], 5th [Hossa], or 6th [Kane] choice for the A that year).

    Seabrook and (especially) Keith probably received close consideration, but Seabrook was pretty young himself at that point (22, going on 23). Sharp also receive a long look. So it probably came down to Sharp, Keith, or Toews; and since the then 19 year old had showed enough in the dressing room to get the A the year before, I’m sure it was pretty clear the young roster was following his lead and would be the leader of the squad whether he had the letter on his chest or not.

  6. IMO he’s not only the best Hawk’s captain, he’s the best captain in pro sports…and to that end, Toews is my favourite athlete. If I were to build a franchise from the ground up, the first stop would be Toews, and off to the 2nd round…

    I was shocked by Toews playoff run this year…he fought through a lot to will our team to win game 7 versus DET, then games 5 and 6 versus Boston…it was Toews brilliant pass to Bickell that tied game 6 up with a minute to go.

    Eventually, it will come out that Tazer had a pretty nasty injury that compromised his game, including faceoffs…to his everlasting credit, he won’t be the one to disclose it…that’s not his way…he doesn’t make excuses or blame others, he just focuses on getting even better and finding a way to win…the quintessential pro!

  7. Congrats to Tazer! Let’s not forget that he is also a member of the TRIPLE GOLD CLUB (and that since 2010!)

  8. Toews is a magnificent face and ambassador for the NHL. If people want to fixate on Crosby, then let them. I don’t think Toews cares. And Toews can concentrate on playing hockey instead of being a media darling.

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