Happy Anniversary, Denis Savard

It was five years ago – Jan. 24, 2008 – that Hall of Famer Denis Savard offered this epic post-game rant. He provided a catch-phrase for fans that has stuck with many of us, and presented an old school rallying cry for his young team.


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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary, Denis Savard

  1. SouthSideHawkMan117 says:

    “get them upstairs and get them outa here”,….it was funny! At the end they show Kaner, he looks like a child wow! Sometimes I forget how young he is.

  2. Greg says:

    One from the archives…OK Savvy!!!
    Yes, I agree Kane looks like, what we know he clearly is not, the proverbial altar boy. I like his look so far 3 games in…he looks hungry and like he’s found some maturity.
    Go Hawks tonight in Dallas!

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