Hawks Can’t Solve Lindgren, Canadiens

Charlie Lindgren made his fourth career regular season NHL appearance on Sunday night at the United Center and was magnificent against red-hot Montreal native Corey Crawford and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Lindgren, 23, joined Montreal as an undrafted college free agent out of St. Cloud State in the spring of 2016 and clearly played the best game of his career in Chicago. He stopped 28 shots in the first two periods.

The Hawks put plenty of shots on net but the power play looked like crap again. Chicago had two advantages in the first period and failed to capitalize.

All streaks end at some point, and Sunday night ended an impressive one for Chicago’s netminder.

Crawford’s shutout streak lasted 173 minutes, 9 seconds but ended 1:54 into the third period on Sunday when Jonathan Drouin gave Montreal a 1-0 lead.

A little less than six minutes later, Connor Murphy committed a brutal turnover and Joe Morrow scored a second goal for Montreal.

After the second goal, coach Joel Quenneville started the line blender. Artem Anisimov moved up to skate between Patrick Kane and Brandon Saad and Nick Schmaltz spent a few shifts between Patrick Sharp and Ryan Hartman.

Crawford went to the bench with a little more than two minutes left in regulation. The Hawks had a few good looks but Lindgren was able to keep everything out of the net. Montreal’s goaltender stopped all 38 shots he faced to earn a big road victory for Montreal.

The Habs out-shot the Hawks 17-9 in the third period and got the goal(s) they needed to escape Chicago with a win.

Cody Franson led Chicago with six shots on net and finished tied with Duncan Keith and Jan Rutta for the team lead with four blocked shots. Tommy Wingles led the Hawks with five hits.

Jonathan Toews won nine of 13 faceoffs and Anisimov won nine of 16.

The Hawks are off until playing in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

51 thoughts on “Hawks Can’t Solve Lindgren, Canadiens

  1. Every time the Hawks play a no name goalie, they make him look like Patrick Roy. There will be posters running down Conor Murphy after this one. Murphy is unquestionably a stiff, but this team as a whole is not getting it done. I guess the days of the Blackhawks playing a good back to back are over.

  2. Murphy Out
    PP Coach OUT….
    Hjalmarsson for Murphy and Dauphin is the worst move Stan never made!

  3. Tough one to watch-at least the 2nd half.
    We need the real Saad back-where did he go? Lines seem to lack chemistry, with the forth probably having the most. Toews worked his ass off. D-Cat had a tough game and Murphy had more than one brain fart.
    Sharp looked good for the first half, then disappeared like most of the team (until the last few minutes)

    Man, I have to listen to the Hab fans for the next week.

  4. As Posted after Wild game, despite a couple of goalie wins, overall play is disconcerting. Kane not playing inspiring hockey. Looks disengaged. Frustrated.

  5. We played good NAS, PHI, MIN, MTL for the most part after not playing that good. Deserved better then 0/2/2/0 pts in these 4, getting better and playing good again/outplaying the other team in these 4 games, even if its not for the whole game.

    This was a good stretch. Now, you guessed it, another 4 days off between games.

    Only LOS and STL teams with really good records. Why? Makes sense those teams play like that, to start, since they were bad during the 82 games last yr. and in 15 as well. Everybody else is around .500, which doesn’t mean that every team is a .500 team, its just their current record. At 40 games well see who played a harder sch in the earlier part and who didn’t.

  6. There’s a lot not to like about this team. I keep waiting/hoping they will bust out of this funk. The level they have been playing at will not get them into the playoffs, let alone win a round. There are so many little things they aren’t doing well enough that it’s hard to put a finger on just one or two things. If I had to name one thing that needs to improve considerably before the Hawks would be considered a playoff contender – it would be the Hawks big players need to play much much better than they have – mainly Toews and Kane. Neither of those guys are playing up to their ability, especially Toews, and that needs to change soon before the season slips away from them.

  7. With another 4 days off, let me suggest some really complicated drills to practice:
    1. Skating- both ways- HARD
    2. Passing- how to “send” a pass and how to “take” a pass on your stick (btw- not standing still but full speed with traffic!)
    3. Breakout- from your own end ( at what level have ANY of us ever coached that the breakout play should have a pass up the middle, in front of the net??)
    4. PP?? It’s not rocket science, it’s discipline! and SHOOT the puck! You NEVER score while stick-handling, only when you shoot ( AT the net!)
    Lastly, if we have all those BIG bodies, can some of them park themselves in FRONT of the goalie?? God I miss Andrew Shaw!!

  8. A more diversified PP thats doesn’t depend on Panarins one timer. Panarins one timer look pretty good right now, plus uniting him with 15 and 88 would look pretty good right now too with Toews line only one showing up. For all the complaining about 57 and 17 that line never allowed a 5 on 5 shot in Minnesota and went into the 3rd period last night without allowing one. Q says there will be some changes for next game. Probably 42 for 5 be one.

  9. ER- how dare you suggest 19 is NOT playing like a $10M star… how dare you…
    you are not a true fan!!!

    Seabrook- down to 4th Most TOI -D… @ $ 7M/yr… and 44/11 – making $1M- skating/playing more …

    Hawks lighting up the scoreboard- NOT…

    Gonna be a lot of empty seats- IF Hawks keep this up… And we will here the same
    Company BS- “This is Unacceptable”…. Signing an Sopel-brook for $7M- for that long w/ NMC— THAT is unacceptable!!!

  10. News Flash—Seabrook makes 7 million a year and Toews 10.5
    News Flash—no time machine available at this point, so it’s a done deal.

    Weather coming up in 5 and you might want to get those snow tires on.

  11. I’m sure Murphy will be the sacrificial lamb and find the press box for the next few days, which is a shame because for the most part the last couple games he’s played really well. God forbid Q sit Seabrook, not that it’d matter cuz #7 has looked like he could give two shits for the last couple seasons now. Worst contract in the NHL, and it’s not even close. Don’t tell me it’s early November and give it time and everything will start clicking any day now. Does anyone see any difference in this team and the one the Preds steamrolled in the playoffs a few months ago? Those first two games against the Pens and Jackets meant nothing. They played two tired teams against their back up goalies on the second of a back to back.

    Hard to pin the blame on just one or even 5 people. Toews can’t finish, Kane looks lost, the young players that showed promise last year have really seemed to regress, and whoever is paired with Seabrook has to carry him every shift. Ultimately, Bowman and Q have to shoulder the majority of the blame for what looks like to be the championship window closing in a hurry. Bad contracts handed out by Stan have pretty much handcuffed him as far as deal making goes, and Q is either unwillingly to adapt to today’s brand of hockey, or his players just aren’t responding to him anymore. It happens. Work/play for a guy for so long and you tend to get a little too comfortable, bored or whatever it is.

    BTW, love the Sopel-brook comment, Wall! Needed a chuckle this morning.

  12. Ups and downs. We need to be better overall. When we are better/playing good, what do we need to do then to keep getting better. Those are the questions looking ahead.

  13. We’re 15 games in which is enough for a fair assessment. Certainly the current assessment could and probably will change over the next 5 months, but as of right now it looks like the Hawks will not be one of the top-8 teams in the Western Conference. Let that sink in. The last time the Hawks didn’t make the playoffs was 2007/08 – ten years ago.

    One of the team-wide metrics that is a good indicator of playoff versus non-playoff teams is goal differential. The Hawks were a +13 after the first 2 games of the season. Since then they’re -6 over the last 13 games and would be worse if Crawford wasn’t having such an outstanding start to the season.

    Other than Crawford, there isn’t one player who is exceeding expectations. Some are not even meeting expectations, let alone exceeding them. This will probably change as the season goes along, but as of right now, after 15 games, the Hawks are not a playoff team and not even close to be a Stanley Cup contender.

  14. Can’t win games when you don’t score, and the Hawks had plenty of chances again last night that they somehow managed to not put in the back of the net. While watching at the UC last night I kept thinking “how did that not go in?” multiple times. This of course has been a disturbing trend for the past few weeks that seems likely to end soon. It must. Hawks have too many proven scorers to have this last much longer. The odds say the goals will come, but this has been a very, very rough stretch to watch. The players are clearly frustrated and you can see it via their body language.

    Defense can improve, but lack of goal scoring recently is the real problem. Crawford was just fantastic again last night and has been one of the few bright spots of the team early on this season. Meanwhile it is still early November and there are lots of games still to be played.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  15. Tab- here is another one of my “unoriginal thoughts” from a few days ago…

    Franson- needs to play more — and Is the Hawks Best option on PP…

    Ever since- that post… Q- been skating Franson – tons of PP minutes…

    Yes- I guess I am clueless… and No original ideas…. But — guess what-That is one more original thought than you have had on this blog over all the years

    Your most original thought– “every team has bad contracts”– lol
    NOT- Sopel-Brook bad!!! SB- is GUILTY of falling in Love with Guys- who won us the cup… sorry- this is a Business… NOT a nursing home!!!

    Tab- might I suggest you get original- and admit that SB/Seabrook deal is The straw that broke the Hawk’s Back!!!

  16. All I can say is that Murphy turnover was embarassing, because he had time to do something with the puck but was indecisive and waited too long. If he can’t think/process the game fast enough, that is something you simply cannot fix through coaching or training.

    I still say with two years left on his deal, there was no reason to trade Hammer this past offseason. Even if you settled on making him the scapegoat for the D getting torched by the Preds in the playoffs, the return we got is embarrassingly bad. Would have been better off getting picks and signing a few more KHL guys from the looks of it.

  17. Original Wall really go back and read posts from 4 months ago when it was 1st reported he could sign a pto. I said then your getting a slow skating guy who doesn’t help with pk minutes who doesn’t log big minutes and is a 3rd pair guy who will help on pp. I still stand by that even tho the last couple of games he logged big mins on no. 1 line but don’t be surprised if that ends next game.

  18. Ebony — “finger-on-the-pulse”!!

    I believe Q should reunite Saad/Toews/Panic. Possibly Sharp/Anisimov/DeBrincat? No complaints about Bouma/Wingels/Hartman or Hayden — they have been doing what “4th line” players are supposed to do. Maybe it’s what Okie said, “players just aren’t responding to Q anymore”?

  19. Murphy got to the puck and his brain froze and he did nothing. Yikes.

    Missed opportunity to win 3 in a row and culminate a great week. Instead the narrative is the Hawks have a miserable time scoring.

  20. Hereismike, “there was no reason to trade Hammer” — disagree. The cap and the NMC contracts severely limited Stan Bowman’s flexibility – someone had to move, and it had to be someone another GM saw value in. A case could be made to support Wall’s suggestion that “SB- is GUILTY of falling in Love with Guys – who won us the cup…”.

  21. Hammer has struggled so far this year Dickie and maybe for that reason too he was moved for younger guy who has yet to show his upside much. Q after always stating he never worried about offence with this team last night stated he was starting to think it was a concern. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 15 get a look on 2nd line and 8 on 3rd for a couple of games and maybe 20 and 12 switch lines. Kero doesn’t give any offence so would take a roster move to add any new blood from Rockford.

  22. Wall – why does anyone else need to talk about how bad the Seabrook deal is when you are here every hour on the hour to tell us all about how it’s crippling the organization? If I did it you wouldn’t have a niche to fill and then we would miss your self-back-patting quips like Sopel-Brook. So no, I won’t spend time telling people the Seabrook contract is bad or that water is wet because reasonable adults (hell, junior high kids) know both are true. Only true one-trick ponies like you, Wall, need to keep shouting the obvious from mountain tops hoping someone will validate your comments.

  23. I agree DD Saad has to move back up with 19 and 14 and leave the fourth line alone as they played well. The second line needs Anisimov back with Kane and try Sharp at LW. The third line should be 8 (less pressure on him) with 40 and Hino and Dcat goes to AHL. Not sure about the D but I like those lines better.

  24. ER-that is a fair assessment-
    Crow has been great and AA has been better when most are going in the wrong direction-I like most of what Kempny has been showing.
    Wingels and Bouma are what they are and have been playing as well as could be expected. Gut check time for sure. And eventually the coaching staff needs to take some responsibility-
    7 points out of a possible 18 will land them out of the playoffs if they can’t get better.

  25. How important is chemistry between line mates or defensive pairings? It’s probably not something that can be quantified. So how then can a coach know when or when not to change lines and d-pairings? Or to be more exact – how does a coach know when to give more time for chemistry to develop versus make changes to essentially hit the reset button? Isn’t there a danger either way – staying with something too long versus not staying with it long enough?

    Q’s go-to tactic when things aren’t going well is to employ the line blender, for both in-game adjustments and from game to game. While it’s hard to argue against Q’s line blender tactic after all the success Q has had as our Head Coach, it seems to me that he is too impulsive with between game adjustments. I’ve never played professional hockey so I am in no way suggesting I know more about coaching than Q does, but, I wish he would be a little more short-term patient for a potential long-term success.


    I disagree with you about Hammer I said it then and I’ll keep saying it, you would rather move a guy a year too early then a yr too late. The problem with the trade was Connor Murphy while cost-effective isn’t all that great so the deal looks bad. But be honest how much value did Hammer have anyways? He likely never was going to fetch a top prospect. Murphy turnover sucked but geez score some goals maybe?

    This offense has turned ice cold, I thought the Toews line played really good include ADC. However, this wasn’t a bad game overall. This is a team in decline, the more I watch the more obvious it becomes with every game. No longer a contender. The core can’t do the things they used to do night in and night out. On some nights they look great on other they look poor. The mark of a team with the arrow pointing down.

  27. This headline should not be “can’t solve Lindgren” it should be Hawks not willing to pay the price to win. The heat chart seems interesting to me. If I am interrupting correctly, the darker shade indicates high shot activates for the Habs and red areas are high shot Hawk zones.

    Hawks have a white spot in front of Habs goal and an orange spot on the goal line, off to the side. It should not surprise anyone that they cannot score from there. The Habs blue spot is right in front of Crow.

    Q always speaks of net presence. First week or so we had guys scoring greasy goals in front of the net (see Saad) . Could it be that Q is losing his ability to manage this team? Has he become background noise that the team leaders do not necessarily follow? The chart would certainly lead you to believe that our boys want nothing to do with the front. Lately only Arty has been in front on the PP and was rewarded with goals.

    Sure this team has personnel issues, the slow d-man with fat contract, Dkat not ready for NHL, Sharpy not as sharp but the most concerning is that they are not playing as Q would like or as he proclaims at the pressers. If this team cannot be motivated and coached to play correctly, it will be another one and done season. Changes will be needed.

  28. @ GLENNHALL61

    My son is a squirt and his coach has them doing cross-ice/ up the middle breakout passes and they never work lol

  29. We all know that the regular season record means nothing. Just get into the playoffs. This team just needs to improve as the year goes on. Whether it’s playing better D or scoring more goals, we all know that the line needs to continue to move upward.

    We’re inconsistent, right now.

  30. patric kane is frustrated and out of sync. how would you feel after the bread man trade. is it true the hawks could have had saad and breadman but bowman blew the money on 7

  31. OK if you guys think trading Hammer was a good idea due to his career arc starting to go down (a valid point), if all you could get was Connor Murphy, why not wait until the trade deadline when people give a king’s ransom for a defenseman with a heartbeat? If the argument here is all we would get is prospects and picks, I would argue that would have been a better return, and plus you would have had Murphy’s nearly $4 million cap hit to play with in the offseason.

    If the argument is we needed cap relief, I don’t buy it. The difference in their cap hits is minimal. We are carrying the max of 23 players. Send anyone down to Rockford and you would have had room for the difference in their Cap hits.

    I am not against trading a guy a year too early in principle, it’s just that when you do it, you can’t get just an overpaid, marginally useful part back for a top 4 dman. Those things are too hard to find. Good thing we got lucky and found Ruutta this year.

  32. And I agree the lack of scoring is the biggest concern. I see where some say the Hawks had tons of chances that game, but like the poster who referenced the shot chart, I never felt like ‘here comes a goal’ for the Hawks like I did just before Montreal scored their first goal.

  33. Mike the only cap relief is 4 yrs. until contract is up vs a decision in Hammer in 2 yrs. Bowman was limited to who he could move and wanted to shake it up and got younger and saw upside we haven’t saw yet.

  34. re: the Hjalmarsson-Murphy trade – when you’re obviously trying to dump salary, you lose leverage at the negotiating table. When you have options, you can deal from a position of strength. Stan Bowman clearly wanted to bring back a younger, cost-controlled defenseman in any deal for Hjalmarsson and saw Murphy has a potential Seabrook-type addition to the blue line. It’s been 15 games in a completely different style from what he was used to in Arizona, so I’m not going to toss Murphy out quite yet. But he needs to get better, and needs to show improvement from game to game. That’s been lacking, and is a concern – esp w/ his cap hit and the Hawks carrying 8 defensemen. Right now he’s the Hawks’ 6th or 7th best defenseman – and he makes too much money for that to be the case.

    However, if we’re going to bitch about trade value, let’s all take a step back and evaluate what the Oilers got for Taylor Hall against what the Avs were able to get for Matt Duchene….

  35. The Oilers had McDavid and were thin on defense and looking to compete, so the Larson – Hall deal made all kinds of sense for them. The Avs are not looking to compete, but to go the other way, so they were only interested in futures. I don’t think we can grade that one for a few years yet. But if the young guys they got in that deal all miss……ouch.

    And it surely does the Blackhawks no favors to move Kyle Turris to Nashville. Poile is on a roll over there.

  36. Nashville getting Turris without having to lose anything off their NHL roster is a great move by Poile. They just got a whole lot better.

  37. May we can start a fan club and raise money by sponsoring a keep the yellow out by not selling tickets to the dynasty team of this decade.

    Cannot compare 2008, 07, 06, 05 and so on to 2018 or 17, 19, 20 and so on because there were only 9 or 10 good teams each yr then, now there is 12 or 13 of 15 every yr, for now. 14th in conference this yr is prob better team then 9th in 2007.

  38. If we played like we did from games 3-10, yea we could be 14th. Like Phil said, Good thing we arnt going to do that.

  39. I think were a top 10 team that’s going to get each yr going forward with young and fast with out top guys.

    I also think there are no top 5 teams anymore, maybe TAM. There are only top 10 teams that are 6-10s and a lot/a lot of mid teir teams, like 15-20, because of cap and where rosters are at. The yrs of stacked teams like LA 12-14, BOS 13, CHI 09-10, 13-15 just arnt going to happen anymore. You could try like TAM and TOR but there not keeping those rosters.

    We havnt ever seen this many teams around .500 or even this many all around 5 over or 10 over, point being all around the same execpt record 13of15 essentially as it has setteled. It would be crazy and I can imagine it could happen a team in 4th place in conference game 81 could end up 12th place after game 82.

    Still think it will settle, the strength of sch. that is.

    If there really is this much parity 13 of 15 with similar records throughout the 82 then having a lot of younger guys that are upside we are going to deep again. Just have to be patient as hard as it can be.

    We can go longer before we do lines like that. Let this awkward feeling really set in. So much you cant take it anymore and then Coach will dish out the pizza line.


  40. with our top guys.

    like 15-20 teams.

    same similar record, where 13 of 15 teams.

    would be crazy and I cant imagine.

  41. Mo-
    Can you translate this for us who don’t speak MO?

    I think your saying our mediocrity will save us in the end, or at least going forward and then really fast-and then Q will dish out lots of pizza?

    Honestly, it’s nice to hear some optimism.

  42. Listen to you guys: The End is Near!! Oh, stoopid, stoopid Stan!! Oh, slow & slower Seabrook!! Oh my, oh my, oh my!! The End is Here!!

  43. speak Q
    speak MO
    speak Spy
    Its earned.

    The pizza line was assembled for those guys doing bad/having a shitty game. They were put on a line and all of sudden that line went crazy and our other lines were then more balanced as well.

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