Hawks Get No Sympathy From Devils, Fall in Jersey

After an ugly loss in Dallas, the Blackhawks looked to get back on track in New Jersey against a Devils team that hung a stunning seven goals on the Hawks in Chicago. And coach Joel Quenneville mixed up his lineup in an effort to get things moving in the right direction.

Patrick Sharp returned to the lineup and found himself slotted with Jonathan Toews and Brandon Saad on the top line. Alex DeBrincat was bumped to the third line where Ryan Hartman was back at center; Vinnie Hinostroza was scratched to make room for Sharp.

On the blue line, Jan Rutta returned from injury; Michal Kempny was scratched.

In the first period, the Hawks looked like the same team from the final 40 minutes in Dallas.

Three Devils goals in 17:18 ended the night for Corey Crawford, who was saddled with the earlier loss at the United Center. Crawford allowed three goals against seven shots before getting the hook.

The first period ended with both teams being credited with nine shots on net but the scoreboard heavily favoring the home Devils.

Chicago must have heard Quenneville loud and clear during the first intermission because they came out firing in the second.

Despite the huge shot advantage, the Hawks only beat Corey Schneider once – Patrick Kane’s 300th career goal. And the second period ended with the score favoring the Devils 3-1.

Unfortunately, the Devils pushed the lead back to three when Taylor Hall took a bad turnover for a breakaway and undressed poor Anton Forsberg for his 12th of the season.

Chicago got a power play later in the third but the best scoring opportunity came from the Devils. Jesper Bratt got a breakaway and Jordan Oesterle was called for an incredibly soft/generous trip. Forsberg made the save on the penalty shot Bratt was awarded. The power play ended the same way the Hawks’ previous 15 had – without a goal for Chicago.

The Hawks got one final power play with 60 seconds left in regulation. Nothing happened. The game ended 4-1 in favor of the Devils.

Forsberg stopped 21 of 22 in relief of Crawford.

Every Blackhawks skater was on the wrong side of the plus-minus ledger except Kane and Nick Schmaltz. Gustav Forsling and Rutta were credited with the only Chicago assists. Both Ryan Hartman and John Hayden were involved in fights in the game, but the spark they were trying to create was nowhere to be found. Kane led the Hawks with six shots on net.

Certainly not the way the Hawks wanted to go into the Christmas break after a nice win streak. They’ll look to regroup with a few days off before playing their next four on the road. Chicago is 5-4-1 in December.

71 thoughts on “Hawks Get No Sympathy From Devils, Fall in Jersey

  1. The pass to Kaner on that goal was a thing of beauty, Like me!!
    Otherwise, the game was a real stinker. Merry XMas eyerybody.

  2. Wow. Awful.

    Jonathan Toews = Eli Manning. A champion for sure but the present is painful.
    Richard Panik = Needs a conditioning assignment in the AHLer. Worthless.
    Jan Rutta = Rhymes with Bruutal. Kempny sat for this guy ?
    Ryan Hartman = there are dozens upon dozens of guys in the AHL that can play exactly the same way.
    Patrick Sharp = drop pass to the wrong jersey in the 3rd, Game. Set. Match. Just like his final year of his career.

    What an absolute waste of a Saturday night. Pathetic.

  3. Loved the effort in one period but otherwise another consistently inconsistent effort-why

    Kempy best d-man last game so he sits?
    Sharp one goal in 27 so he gets to go to top line?
    (# grasping at straws)
    Did watch Toews closely and agree about his skills-he is working very hard and he does take on the tough jobs but what has happened to his ability to move with the puck?
    Someone said on one of the last posts to not worry about Saad-we’ll I’m worrying.
    7 points in his first 4 games—10 in his last 31

    Forsling getting knocked off puck a lot and D-Cat 2 games where he really struggled.

    Question–Could you imagine watching this team without 88?
    When Crow not the best player on the ice, it’s hard for the Hawks to win. That makes it tough.

  4. Craig – Don’t sugarcoat it tell us how you really feel! The effort by Panik to clear the zone on the first goal was absolutely pathetic. When we are bad we are really bad.

  5. So the word “inconsistency” is starting to come more and more to the forefront. The Opposing teams are starting to put a body on Debrinkat and his production is dropping until he figures it out…….I hope.

    Until our young D-men get some strength they will get pushed around. Remember, these are young men playing at the highest level of the sport so it will take time to develop their game, which includes strength and agility. It will take some time but they will get to where they need to be.

    The guy that is puzzling me is Toews. He is getting pushed around like he’s a rag doll. I don’t understand it. He used to be a “threat” all over the ice. Not only is he not a threat, he almost seems “average”. I am stumped!!

    Panik and Hartmann are too good for the AHL and not good enough for the NHL. In baseball we call them 4A players. Sharpie is NOT the Sharpie of old but you need a guy like this on the team to teach the young guys how to make it in the NHL.

    Okay, so let’s take a few days off, reset the boys and hit the ice in Vancouver on Thursday.


  6. If DeBrincat can figure how to grow 5 more inches otherwise, he is what he is, a bantam sized skilled player who was drafted ahead of 6′;2″ Taylor Raddysh and is too tame for NHL.

    We are witnessing a new era, LACK OF TALENT. Whether we as Hawk fans want to deny the evidence or not, our GM and amateur / pro scouting team is weak. And our coach, as displayed tonight, has lost touch with his personnel. It is very dysfunctional to watch everyone play out of position. In fact, very embarassing. Hartman at centre? Schmaultz left wing? Saad right wing? Panik right wing? Debrincat left wing? And, we are forced to watch Osterle, Rutta, Franson, Kempny, Murphy and Forlsing (or Porcelain)? And then Bouma and Wingels???? I feel for Keith and Seabrooke!!!

    Our best players the last 2 years were Kane, Panarin, and Crawford. Panarin and Kane the best duo in the entire NHL, broken up to satisfy our captain. I can tell you the real leader the last 10 years is Patrick Kane.

  7. Until the Hawks play like they want to win for 60 minutes every game, they will remaIn inconsistent and mediocre. If Q can’t motivate this team to play like an NHL contender, they need to consider his replacement. This season has been painful. Not likely to see playoff beards this season. Sad.

  8. It would be a needed change to miss the playoffs because we are not a CUP contender. Therefore, time to think of trading Anisimov and Murphy for some prospects, young talent. They are painful to watch skate. Give Schmaltz the centre position with Kane and Saad on the wings. If Coach Q wants to stay, then he needs to accept a year of development or be replaced. Bowman, Pierre Gauthier and Mark Kelley need to go as well. New blood!!!

  9. I really hope the Hawks go on another run and sneak into the playoffs, because the real pain will be to see the same negative message delivered hundreds of times by the same person-(see above)
    God help us
    Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

  10. The Devils pre-game had a fantastic segment on how the Hawks have drafted their core and built a 3 time champion. It was very very well done. And the point driven home was you cannot sign UFAs or try to trade for the Stanley Cup. Also that “core” players must be drafted because teams do not give them away. I wholeheartedly agree.

    This is a year where the Hawks have a chance to sell at the deadline. Guys like Franson, Kempny, as well as Wingels can all be moved for draft picks with similar type players coming up from Rockford with ultimately the same results.

    It will never happen as long as McD is breathing down Stans neck but ask Theo Epstein if the draft is important.

  11. Sooner or later u all need to realize it’s time to move premier players do to bowman idiot contracts. This team is slow & sub par !!! Oilers & islanders in there great years did it ! Are D is afraid to pinch for fear of being caught flat footed . If u didn’t see it during Buffalo Florida Arizona ur still living in the past ! If Edmonton can trade the great one. U can surly move Keith seabs Towes the 3 major players with such declining level of play. I’d rather watch young fast players then this team! They caught lightning in a bottle there last cup because of Kane & darling vs Nash. Great ten years run and now done ! Kane isn’t having fun cause of trade. And Q ready to call it because the teams future was traded away and I’m sure he’s not pleased with Bowman. This teams will take 3 years to be respected again and I have my doubts with Bowman . Thank u for a great run

  12. Best not confuse reality with negativity. Read the lineup and accept the future. And that future is building through the draft which is why we had a wonderful 3 cup run. The Killer B’s…Buff, Ladd for Ruutu, Keith, Toews, Kane, Bolland, Brouwer, Seabrooke, Sharp for Ellison, Versteeg for Bochenski, Bickell, Crawford, the Hammer, Leddy for Barker, Burrish, Fraser, Teuvo, Kruger, Shaw, Danault,..
    Embrace a rebuild but without Bowman and his men.

  13. Had that feeling that we would need to get by until we got back up to speed. We didnt get by in the first and that was it. Once we got up to speed we didnt get bounces breaks to score as many goals they got when the shots were even. Took until the 5th period for us to get back up to speed after 4, 5 or 6 days inbetween games.

    Might be similar for the next game and need to get by until we get going again. Just have to get a bounce or break. Then we can have another good stretch like we did when we went 4-0-1 and 5-0 in the last 15 games. We still have 22 of the 29 games we can go on runs.

  14. Yes, well said Slammer!!! Bowman is the fool who has dismantled the team for a lack of vision and responsability. Panik contract? All those Roszival renewels??? Anisimov contract when he could have signed Saad after 2015 Cup especially when Panarin was already signed at $800,000.00 out of the KHL before that bad Columbus trade. Then destroying the best NHL duo the last year, DUMB!
    And the excuse of picking low in the draft is bull. Brock Boeser drafted 23rd in 1st round, 2015 by Canucks.

  15. Keep in mind that Bowman traded first round picks in ’15 and ’16 for rentals. It worked in ’15 with Vermette. But it’s not easy to restock without first rounders for two straight years. Also, in ’15, they gave Philly two second round picks for Timonen – the worst trade in Hawks history. How about Danault and a second round pick for Weise and Fleischmann. How did that work out? In 2010, after the first cup, Hawks moved up to 24th pick to nab Kevin Hayes, who was eventually released. Sure, there have been some good trades as well, but they do not make up for the many bad ones, which have left the cupboard a bit bare.

  16. A more pathetic display I have yet to remember.
    Panik done. He sat Vinnie for this piece…
    Hartman…trade. He sat Vinnie for this…
    Rutta..look at old games, not defensively solid…
    ps. Thats important for a defenseman, and he’s no Paul Coffey or it would be…mmm..ok at least. He sat Kempny for this…hmmm…
    maybe we should get bolig, or scott, or carcillo to work with Johnny up top. This coach is a fn genius.

  17. Pretty ugly 2 games.
    In tonight’s game Our D was out of place the entire night in our own zone.
    14 & 10 make brutal turnovers that should have gotten them benched the remiainder of the night tonight. 19 has continued to underwhelm the competition, no longer even wins board battles where he used to dominate. 20 has lost his power which is pretty serious for a “power forward!!”
    8 was our best player tonight. Could really be something if he didn’t pass up every shot to make an effort to pass instead but still IMO he was our best Performer tonight.
    50 gets a pass cuz he has been the entire reason for most of our W’s this year.

    Merry Christmas Hawks fans!! I am asking for an extended Hawks win streak under my tree this year. It may really take a Christmas miracle for that..

  18. That Timonen trade was brutall. Set the farm system back 2-3 years. He had not played for almost a year , 40 years old and he could not play a full game. Why? That Danualt trade was not needed. Trading for two 4th line players at the March deadline? Teuvo for who and why? It goes on and on…..Ladd for 1st rounder….And Raddysh is not at TAMPA BAY this year because they are loaded up front. Again, 6’2″ 209 pounds…. 5 goals in 7` games last year at World Championship…DeBrincat was cut…. just saying..smart little player but he goes unnoticed during a game 90% of the time. No impact.

  19. I get the reality part Mikita-I too realize they aren’t a team that has much hope of competing for a Cup as they are now–
    but I’m a fan who appreciates what has been and will be there for what will unfold—
    what’s hard to take is repetition of the same old two or three things over and over and over and over and over and over-get it? When it’s harped about like no one can read or understand– it becomes tedious negativity.

    6’2? 209 pounds…. 5 goals in 7` games last year at World Championship…DeBrincat was cut… (just and example)
    We’ve heard this quite a bit lately and get it already! And we heard it in the past as well.

  20. For all the line changing that Q does, isn’t it time to move Toews over to center Kane and Schmaltz and slide Anisimov over to center Saad and Debrincat? Maybe this would wake up Toews AND Saad. I love Johnny Toews but he’s been a ghost except at the face off dot. Q always reluctant to pair Toews /Kane but I think it’s time for the
    “Nuclear Option”, it sure wouldn’t hurt. Doesn’t Sid center for Malkin?

  21. Post game Q yapping about inconsistency ,.,.,.how bout leave the lines alone ,play the group involved in the recent 5 game win streak , play players in their natural position .

    The team looking like crap lays on Q inconstant handling of the players .

    Gonna be a long season .

  22. A lot of blame goes around for this “Average” Hawks team. Bowman deserves blame as he has traded too many draft choices for short term leases. Father Time deserves blame because he has certainly caught up with Keith, Seabrook, and saddest of all, Toews. But some of the blame has to go to the over-loved Rocky Wirtz. Wirtz and the other owners fought hard for the “Hard” cap that has, at times, completely handcuffed Bowman. The last two games have been complete duds, but they have shown the ability to compete. This team can make the Cup playoffs… where they will then be a first round exit to a better team. Or they can be sellers at the deadline, and collect some draft choices and build the team up again. Mc Donut is likely choking on his 8 dollar Latte at the thought of that. As Hawks fans, we have lived through a great ten years, but that time is coming to an end. Those great Islanders and Oilers teams of the eighties? Well, those two Organizations have been much more bad than good since those times. I don’t envy Bowman. He must know that a three year (at least) rebuild is the likely way of getting this team back to something that is Cup competitive. But how will McDonough sell that to the casual hockey fan? Well anyways, Happy Holidays everybody!

  23. Wow – Some great postings from guys with perfect 20-20 hindsight. Funny there seems to be no mention of 3 cups or the risks you need to take to achieve them. Despite my disappointment with our results to date I am very grateful for the executive team that brought such success after 50 years of frustration. Maybe Santa will bring us Taylor Raddysh in a trade and we will go on to win 10 more cups in a row! Sounds pretty simple.
    Happy Holidays!

  24. New Jersey is a skilled, fast-skating team, Q knew this from the last game when they whizzed past the Hawks. So what does Q do? He takes out two of the Hawks’ fastest players that can keep up with them (Kempny & Hinostroza) and inserts Rutta and Sharp back in. Both of them cost the Hawks by my count 3/4 NJ goals. That leaves us with a 1-1 tie heading into overtime.

    Case closed.

  25. Curious to get the groups thoughts here as I didn’t play hockey but feel like I’ve watched enough to have some insight. Puzzled by the Hawks lack of direct plays in the o zone. Seems to me to be a lack of willingness to skate through the middle of the ice to make these plays. If I see one more peel off inside the blue line looking for the late trailer or cross ice pass that too often gets picked off, I’m going to vomit. Just overall seems like regardless of the shot total, the other team is getting the majority of quality chances between the dots.

  26. Who are the Hawks? Are they the team that played very well against the Jets and Wild or are they the team that played very badly against the Stars and Devils?

    It used to be the Hawks WOULD beat everyone when they played their best and would many times win games when they didn’t play their best. They were just better than everyone else.

    Now, the Hawks are a middle of the pack team that is capable of winning when they play their best but they don’t play their best very often, and when they don’t play their best they aren’t very good.

  27. Ok Noonan, then do not get your hopes to high with this roster and GM, because that is also repetitive.
    Nothing wrong with adding new blood. Kane, Keith and the rest deserve it after a great 10 year run.
    Maybe management is still dreaming of a white christmas especially John Mac, but the team can use an upgrade in talent and keep the identity that was built be Savard and Tallon.
    Wishing everyone a Happy holiday break!!!

    Go Hawks
    20 8 88
    14 19 10
    13 47 38
    40 15 12

  28. Last year, we all paid money to see Kane and Panarin play. This year, Kane is by himself. Why fix it if it was not broken? The problem was not Hammer and Panarin.
    Happy New Year!

  29. To me there are only 2 top 5 teams this yr and a lot more top 10 teams then usual salary cap a every younger player is fast which makes teams that havnt been good for yrs better now.

    NAS and TB
    about 15 or more top 10 teams
    and the bottom 10

    For us I think once our good younger and faster players are in their 2nd and 3rd full yrs their all around game is going to be better and then well be deep again. Right now as constructed basically every younger guy other then 8 and 38 are in their first 40 games or 1st full yr. It reminds me of 2008 and 2009 as well as 2012. It took a little bit for guys like 65 and 16 to get good. Once they did we had a deep roster again.

    One thing that could really help us is the salary cap going way up. We like to make our team better whenever we can.

  30. Mikita Matada what ever your name is the only way we could get better to skate with the fast teams was for us to get stronger playoff style younger and faster. That why we made those moves. I think that it was smart to do it that way if it makes us better going forward. In 2010 Bowman took the hit all at once so we could reload and were deep again after 2 yrs.

  31. Mo-the difference between now and 08/09 is that we don’t have young and very hungry stars/difference makers in the making.

    The young core might be good, and a couple show potential but not like Keith, Toews and Kane.

    This team will have to win another way if it is to be in the next few years. And as Ebony said -Who are the Hawks? We’re just not sure.

  32. This board has bipolar disorder. 5 game win streak and we’re a cup contender. 2 eggs in a row and our window is closed because Bowman and Q. This team frustrates me too but haven’t we learned that hockey is too chaotic to accurately predict?

    This team needs a mediocre PP and a big time centre and it can compete with anybody in the West. Anybody. 2.5M in cap space is enough.

    Merry Christmas all.

  33. Noonan yea theres only so may 19 88 2 in the whole league. We got Hoss and Soupy a big time ufa. We might be able to do that again get one. I am thinking about surrounding 19 88 2 and 50 with deep roster. We have Saader back and he can be very good. One thing that should help us to be there roster wise is salary cap keeps other teams from stacking up as well. So we shouldnt have to have as deep or stacked a roster as we did in 10 and 13/14/15 to win. As there wont be any teams in league that are that good because of cap stuff.

    Thats the important thing is no team is that deep anymore. Look at STL then WAS then PIT next TB then TOR. So if we can get deep enough with our 4 top players still being really good 19 88 2 50 then were there. I think a bigtime ufa add can get us that Soupy or Hoss. Bigtime difference maker. Saader should be one of these kind of players. Common Saader lets go now.

    I meant 2008 and 2009 and 2012 in terms of younger guys that made roster deep like 32 33 4 22 and whoever I am forgetting that were only in their 1st 40 or 1st full yr. Good adds like 11 and 26 worked well with who we already had. We need that to or develop someone we already have into those roles.

    I mean what is the best way to reload with 19 88 2 and 50. 20 should be a good start. I havnt looked who are the most intriguing ufa the next 2 yrs with the cap space well have and make if we want need. You know were going to keep basically all of the younger guys to whos the best of the best and emerges as really good players. We can always add guys like 17 57 and such for decent cap hits so thats not the thing. What do you think would be best way to win another Cup with 19 88 2 and 50.

  34. Travis/anyone who are the centers that would be good at faceoffs and is a good center that we could get. Even if their a rfa or have a contract. Who looks good that we could trade for.

  35. I moved to Vegas 15 years ago and I’ll tell you all that the knights remind me of the hawks in the glory years and it was put together by a brilliant GM that made every pik and trade count. They are fast and deep 4 lines solid goalies and a coach that is as fierce as Q ! What a great job by a team and the atmosphere is unreal inside & outside. I’m a season tik holder and I’m in awe how they play & block shots and the hits & speed with outstanding goalies! Sound familiar guys!!!! Now u take that and say u have to beat them 4 times . They are right now bearing injury going to be are conf champions ! I literally talked to Foley 2 years ago and he told me they were going to model a team like Chicago. And I’m able to watch m first hand and they blew by the hawks like they were statues! Are hawks with a cap now going up again next year needs to move high priced contacts and stop putting it on Kane & Crawford and Q. To perform miracles with a team that’s chicken shit and not chicken soup ! I luv my hawks and never fun watching this but the Kings sucked for 3 years and there back so it can be done but it takes great scouting and time and cap space ! I wish all of you great Hawk fans and your families a Merry Xmas. And 2018 will be a defining moment for this team ?

  36. Travis is correct re a solid center who can take faceoffs, etc. I’ve been harping on this for well over a year. Vermette was available two years ago — on the cheap — after Arizona cut him; Q holds grudges so that was a no go.

    Fast forward to last summer, Nate Thompson and Boyle (see last night) were both available for reasonable monies and terms, the Hawks passed.

    These are merely three examples of signing players to fulfill needs — in this instance a major need — instead of players who either don’t (bouma) or aren’t good at (Wingels) taking faceoffs. Not that bouma & Wingels have been bad, they have done their jobs, but if you are the GM and you have known for over two years your team is abysmal at taking faceoffs, then simply stated “wth/wtf”?

    This was, is and remains a serious matter, and the Hawks have failed to treat it as such.

  37. What are the faceoff percentages for the Rockford centers? This is a nice easy project for someone to research and advise us. Merry Xmas

  38. Thing is every big center thats faceoffs good isint fast Boyle Staal Dubinsky and Hanzal. I like Dubinsky.

    Bozak is fast and ufa. Which doesnt help now. I hear that 91 guy is ok.

    Where is a guy like Handz. Someone like him for a 4th.

  39. Hasn’t Vegas been given a very favourable schedule by the NHL? There is a reason they have the best home record in the NHL as most teams come there and treat it like a vacation with a day or two before the game. I doubt Vegas will get hungover teams in the playoffs

  40. Wow, you guys, too much wine? Boyle, Hanzal, Bosek??? We need speed , skill and size wrapped up into one. Anyone can be a 4th line centre. The problem remains talent. You need to score goals…thus we need wingers and centres. Anisimov can be traed at the deadline and Murphy as well. LA has rebuilt because they fired both the GM and Coach and got younger. Problem is whether some of you want to hgeqr or not is drafting and the poorus trades we have made!!!! A 5 game winning strewk where we barely beat bottom feeders is not the real truth, the reality is the last two games which resembled laswt years 4 game Preds sweep! And, yes, our coach is dysfunctional with his lines and dmen all playing out of position,
    2018 will be much of the same unless the GM is fired!

  41. Not getting Ryan Kessler for terraveinen shouldda been clue Stanley is lost. ( Terraveinen is our future). Then trading bread man for Saad…Pffffffffff…. The trade shouldda been– Toews for Saad ( plus few more).Riding Tallons built team into the ground… Let trade Stanley to Florida for Tallon!
    More koolaid….. ??

  42. You can keep shuffling the lines around but you’ll have the same results because there is a lack of talent. I think it’s time to admit that Sharp cannot really help this team on the ice. If he helps the players because of his experience make him a coach. It looks like the Panick signing was a mistake maybe we can convince another team of his talent potential. To trades that really hurt and provided nothing were the Timonen deal with Philly and the Danult deal with Montreal. I like the idea posted of putting Saad, Schmaltz and Kane together. Maybe give Hayden a shot with Toews. Well maybe Santa can bring us some consistency. Merry Christmas to all!

  43. Morrison, good question on who to get.

    In terms of cap space, we can acquire Tavares as we’ve documented. I’d imagine that the price will be well too steep, but since it’s Christmas we can dream.

    If Tavares is out of reach, then the next solution is to get Toews back to producing like an elite #1. His possession stats indicate he’s actually doing alright and his lack of production is mostly due to bad luck. But we might find a center who could take his tough defensive assignments and PK time and free him to attack more.

    I’d look for centers who win 55% of draws, have a Corsi of 55%, start most shifts on defense, play against tough competition, play PK, are affordable, and play for a non-contending team. Markus Kruger.

    I don’t buy the “but he doesn’t produce” argument. I don’t care because he doesn’t have to. He helps others produce by flipping the ice and driving possession against tough assignments. Markus Kruger lets everyone else bumslay a little bit more.

    Phillip Danault also has very encouraging possession numbers on a bad Montreal team.

  44. A big pass on Kruger, averaging under 6 faceoffs a game and questionable how many important ones against top centers he takes. Less tha 9 1/2 minutes of 5 on 5 time per game and only 80 secs. a game pk, not top unit. Barely on plus side of corsi this year and still carries 3m+ cap hit next year.
    If going to try for a center from canes Derek Ryan be best option, 6 th in league on FOs 57.7% and over 12 and half FOs per game. Could help on pp and a much better corsi than Kruger with more than 4 minutes per game 5 on 5 ice time with a under 1.5m cap hit and a free agent at end if season.
    Danault or Bressard would be good options as well.

  45. Erm… Kruger’s CF is 54.7 at even strength. That’s not “barely on the plus side,” it’s very good. Perhaps in the 75th percentile in the league. When you factor in his zone starts and quality of competition, 55% CF is downright amazing. Markus Kruger is Jonathan Toews who doesn’t score, at 1/3 the price. He is an elite shutdown NHL center. To me, that’s worth 3M.

    Derek Ryan is a decent choice, but some of those arguments for him are out of context. For example, he has a higher Corsi than Kruger, but he starts two-thirds of his shifts in the offensive zone. He’s also 31, so I doubt we’d be interested in him long-term. The PP argument is a good one, but we’re already so stacked with skilled forwards that I doubt our problems there will be addressed with his acquisition (or anybody else for that matter).

    Let’s meet in the middle and say Danault.

  46. Yes Kruger is 54.7 to Ryans 57.3 and Ryan is 3.9 corsi rel to Krugers 0.2 what I referred to. Also Kruger is taking winger number of Faceoffs not top center numbers who are all taking twice the amount of faceoffs. It is easy to look up.

  47. 81 4 and 16 mean alot to team game. With cap going way up Krugs 3.3 isint all that bad. Danault would be worth what needed to trade back

    I found a couple centers last night that had that kind of description. Let me look them up again.

  48. About being grateful (or lack of ) for 3 Stanley Cups. The last decade of Blackhawks hockey has been euphoric for all Hawk fans.

    McDonough himself stated it’s time to put the 3 Stanley Cups on the mantle and look ahead. He’s says he’s not into constant nostalgia. That’s not me or some other poster spouting opinion, that’s the President of the Hawks.

    So let’s play the ball as it lies and agree/disagree about today !

  49. Craig you’re right-but the sobering truth (for ANY of the 30# teams that will be in the NHL in the coming years) is that in the next ten years with the parity that exists that any team can expect no Cups (highly probable) or maybe one if extremely fortunate.

    We have had it good and now were just one of many and the Hawks will go through years of lean to average results. So hopefully we can enjoy what will unfold this year and next….

    But you’re right there will be lots of healthy debate and analysis.

  50. Looking forward to the WJC today! How many players do the Hawks have representing Canada or the USA?

    (Btw, not sure who used my email to quote me on December 25th: Thanks, Iceman but I already have a man. ? That is not a great idea and frankly not cool)

  51. What are GMs like Stan Bowman responsible for on an NHL team?

    1. Listening and meeting the head scout(s) for the annual NHL draft
    2. Travelling to the best junior leagues to attend games and watch tournaments to keep an eye on the best upcoming talent.
    3. Investing in the best coaching staff at all levels of development
    4. Creating the best pro scouting staff to keep up with NHL players
    5. Offering and signing the best contracts
    6. Managing a budget the best way possibile to keep a team productive
    7. Making the best trades that are good for the team, both long term and short term

    Has Stan Bowman performed well in his tenure?
    Answer: ?

  52. I also disagree, and I spelled it correctly too!! Tee. What do you call a midget psychic that just escaped from prison?? A Small Medium at Large.

  53. Animull. Dead on. They ate the cookie 3 times and were full. Going thru motions and I think there’s a trade coming with Ottawa or Montreal And as for the knights have n a fav schedule. Was only at start. And they Won with 3rd string goalie and 2nd backup! That’s how good they are as for teams enjoying time here not buy n it. They all had time to rest if u want to go that route. Knights are great cause of GM and play hard in every facet of the ice. Now they got Fleury! Cups are won with goaltending & 4 lines ! Hawks need to go scout European leagues and until then start dumping cap space . Why bother trying to make playoffs to only get swept

  54. Why trade the best-all around player in the world for a puck moving defense. When we have Jokiharju waiting to debut in these 5 up and coming yrs.

  55. We can debate how good Bowman and the coaches are, how good the talent is or isn’t all year and everybody has their opinions and are entitled to them. Personally I believe there is most of the talent needed in place. What I don’t like to see and think it could make a huge difference in what else this team accomplishes is their complacency. Like a 5 game winning streak and letting off the gas and 2 subpar losses follow, clinching the division last season and losing 7-0 to Florida and then lose last 4 games of season and fall flat in the playoffs. Hungry teams that want to win don’t allow that complacency and let downs to dictate their seasons and what they can or cannot achieve. To me the enigma we have been watching lately, especially some of the core players is explained by this. Hopefully they can get their game in order and what if needed is added and the dynasty is rebooted.

  56. Speaking of Carolina, for those on here who have been beating the Scott Darling drum. He is probably a poor start away from being removed from his starting gig. He has already been giving away starts to Cam Ward. As for Kruger 3million for guy with his skill set is a big fat NO for me.

  57. Scott Darling was the best trade our GM made the last 10 years!!!

    It is Anisimov and Murphy that need to be traded.

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