36 thoughts on “Hawks Place Murphy on LTIR, Recall Gilbert

  1. 24 days from today is Nov. 17th and 10th game would be against Leafs on 10th. Should eligible to return Nov. 19th against Hurricanes home game at earliest.

  2. As I posted last night on this topic. A groin pull/injury is NOT a two week injury. The LTIR status now confirms that.

    As for Slater K. When he was acquired from Tampa last year, he talked about how he had waited a long time for an opportunity to show that he’s an NHL player and that he often relied on his parents to keep his spirits, up, as he sat for long periods.

    Well this might be his last best chance to grab an NHL roster spot and hold onto it. Let’s hope he seizes it.

  3. Craig – Any insight from your contacts regarding the Saarela/McCoshen trade? Seems like an odd move given that we have less organizational depth at forward and a lot of left handed d-men. Could this mean that either Gus or Koekkok might be moving on sooner than later?

  4. Craig capfriendly just released a statement saying they are addressing performance bonuses with ltir, wondered when that would happen. Saying this would allow them potentially keep Dach all year. Only $44,500 in cap space remained before the ltir move.

  5. MS. I’ll be glad to text either or both of my two guys and try to get the skinny on McCoshen.

    By the look of it, it appears Stan and company believe Murphy will be out for months.
    Calling up Gilbert leaves a big hole in the top 4 in Rockford. With no Carl Dahlstrom either, that leaves Krys, Boqvist, Beaudin in the Rockford lineup as rookies with Holm, Carlsson and Tuulola as your veterans. Very very thin and likely a recipe for many goals against.
    With McCoshin they now have a top pairing AHL defenseman.

    Having said all that, i will let you know exactly what I’m told about him.

  6. Btw, Murphy is in year three with the Hawks and has not been a $3.8 Million player.
    Not even close. The good news is we can stash him on LTIR as Ian pointed out, above.

  7. The bad news is Murphy has been a really good defenseman thus far this season and the Hawks need him. And I would submit given what other defensemen make he is worth his $3.85M

  8. Why do we care if it leaves a hole in Rockford? Isn’t the goal to win games at the NHL level? Why isn’t Boqvist being mentioned as a call up if he is supposed to be the reason we move Joki?

  9. Boqvist actual caphit with bonuses that can’t be buried now is 1.775m, doable on ltir but not on normal cap, must feel he needs mord time in Rfd or Gus is enough of defensive liability even om ltir.

  10. I think Gilbert is the right call to replace Murphy

    Boquist will get the call soon enough and is Gus’s eventual replacement

  11. Agree Wrap, that ‘s when Boqvist’s time comes.
    Also if Murphy is out until December sometime it would give a chance to assess the pros and cons for Dach staying rest of year, ahead of 40 game mark in earning an ufa year, which most Gms consider more important than the 10 game elc window.

  12. Could see if Kane line gets on a roll, they look close to hitting next level too and 4th line still playing well, moving Saad up with Toews to try, to get all lines more up to par. Right now need 20 64 8 playing like they are until then.

  13. It’ll be very interesting to see if the Hawks fall into the classic habit of mediocre teams and play to the level of their competition

    It’s one thing to play well and lose to WSH and LVK but if they play down to the Flyers and don’t bring the same compete level they did to their previous two games that IMO will a bad sign of where this season is headed

    They need to play well and win – the moral victories are already getting old

    Glad to see Lehner starting – he’s been the better of the two goalies

    Not sure if Gilbert plays – I saw KK and Gus were the 3rd pair at practice – that’s asking for trouble IMO – rather see Gilbert than KK but maybe he’s late arriving from RKF

  14. I admit I dont know a lot of the downside of KK but I am not a huge fan of Gilbert. And Boqvist is nowhere near ready for the NHL. He needs to improve a lot on the D side of the puck to be ready next year.

  15. MS- I spoke to my contact this morning. He told me McCoshen will get a shot with the Hawks at some point. They sent him to Rockford and are going to teach him the Hawks system down there first.

  16. Thanks Craig. McCoshen was a solid prospect coming out of Boston College and has good size and speed. He didn’t have a great year last year when Florida was pretty poor defensively and apparently didn’t impress Q. Let’s hope he can be another Kempny. It’s still a bit surprising to trade Saarela so quickly but perhaps there is an attitude issue as he seems to have expected to be in the NHL after a solid year in the AHL last year.

  17. What system are you referring to ? Discombobulated disinterested lines that don`t work together …what a crap show this Philly game is .

  18. # 7 can’t keep up to today’s NHL. But due to circumstances he has to play. Too bad.
    (A big fan but it’s hard to watch)

  19. Beginning to think JC can’t keep up either – he seems a step behind

    I like that he finally changed the lines (although too late) and got Saad with Dach but Kampf with Kane? – the bromance with 64 has to end

    And Strome needs to play C – what is so difficult about playing 19 – 77 – 17 down the middle

    The countdown is on for when Marc Crawford takes over as HC – that was an embarrassing performance revealing that the previous two games were nothing but illusion – playing against tired teams teams either on back end of a back to back or on end of road trip

  20. Two games 2 goals. Agree with most of the comments. Is it possible this roster is not what everyone was hoping for. Isn’t the schedule going to get worse. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of cleaning house with upper mgt as well. Watching the games I am starting to see a few more empty seats. Maybe that will get Rocky’s attention.

  21. If only the hawks had played the board favorite Dennis Gilbert, over whipping boy Slater Koekoe, they would have beat Philly

  22. SO? Anyone still think this Div.2 Swedish league Bowman puppet knows what he is doing? Same with Bowman? Did we need to trade for another AHL dman? Tarde Panarin? Trade for Murphy? Trade Schmaltz, Danault, draft undersized dmen, trade for a lazy Nylander??? Fire Mike Kitchen? Fire Q?
    And JC puts Perlini in the doghouse? Placed Strome on the wing? Kampf is his little pet MVP with KANE and then he arrogantly says the team does not play the right way? Which way is that? Dump and chase, man on man defence? LOSER COACH & LOSER GM! Time to clean house with GM & Coach.
    20 19 88
    12 17 11
    65 77 92
    15 22 8

  23. Terrible effort, didn’t show up for most of first or 2nd periods. Carry the play when they wanted to but didn’t seem to really care if they won or not. PP doesn’t seem to play like they care or not, move the puck a bit, no real drive to try and score. Need new units and bodies out there.
    Wrap actually thought from what i saw from Strome, healthy scratch to send a message. Worst game i thought since he was acquired.

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