13 thoughts on “Hawks Sign Kyle Baun To 2-Year Extension

  1. Wow. Extremely cap-friendly and 1-way. Already planning for the departure of the rental players.

  2. Baun had a nice camp and played his way into the lineup to start the year. Will certainly be in the mix next season.

  3. Ernie- agree 100%… Baun has done nothing besides try hard… Hoping this is a “safety net” signing… Mashinter- actually is starting to look better…

    Baun- can’t score

  4. Interesting. Cameron Schilling also has a one-way deal for next year.

    Maybe that’s the carrot the Hawks are willing to dangle to get the guys they want to sign as depth, signed.

  5. This is a head-scratcher. Were we worried that he might sign somewhere else after this year? Maybe he replaces the Mashinter role next year.

  6. I’d rather give the same contract to Sekac,
    Don’t see what Baun did to earn one-way deal…

  7. Hawks have the money. Sekac is old news. A low one way contract is a great incentive for a bubble player to sign. Creative imo. Wonder if Hayes would have signed if his contract was one way?

  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the only thing that a one way contract do is keep the player’s salary the same whether he is with the Hawks, or with Rockford? A one way contract does not guarantee the player a roster spot with the Hawks, right?

  9. That’s right. But 575k is a lot more than 75k. Huge difference in NHL salary to AHL salary

  10. There is absolutely zero – repeating, ZERO – reason to send Darling down. And even asking the question is laughable.

    If you’re frustrated by Darling. Do you wanna go to the dance with Mike Leighton as your #2?

    If you do, check your fan card at the door. Darling is not only affordable, but he saved the Hawks’ collective ass last spring.

    The team was flat and he let in a couple bad goals. On to the next…

  11. Does signing Baun and others on these low contracts make them more attractive as a trade chip?

  12. Less attractive for sure – why to pay NHL salary to the player not able to score in the AHL?

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