Hellebuyck, Jets Dominate Blackhawks Again

Coming into Tuesday night’s game at the United Center, the Winnipeg Jets had outscored the Hawks 6-1 in two games this season. Connor Hellebuyck had a .981 save percentage in those two games, a 4-0 win in Winnipeg and a 2-1 at the United Center earlier this month.

After 20 minutes of their third meeting of the season, those trends continued. The Jets held a 2-0 lead, and Hellebuyck had made 13 saves to keep the Blackhawks off the board.

Blake Wheeler opened the scoring at 8:27 with his 11th of the season, and Mark Scheifele was officially credited with his 15th of the season 6:21 later for the visitors. The second goal was initially credited to Jacob Trouba, but Scheifele got a piece and was later credited.

Corey Crawford also made 13 saves in the first period, and made 13 more in the second as his teammates attempted to come back against a division rival.

Returning from IR earlier in the day, Artem Anisimov scored his 15th of the year at 7:37 into the second.

Hellebuyck and Crawford had a strong second period, with only Anisimov’s goal. Winnipeg held a 26-25 shot advantage through 40 minutes.

Unfortunately for the fans at the UC, Drew Stafford extended the lead to 3-1 with his second of the season 2:27 into the third period. A turnover was compounded by a bad change and the Hawks were once again staring up at a two-goal deficit.

One of the biggest reasons the Jets came in 14 points behind the Hawks in the standings is their willingness to take dumb penalties. Winnipeg came in with 375 penalty minutes as a team, the eighth-highest total in the NHL.

And, at 7:29 into the third, Winnipeg’s captain Wheeler obliged with a delay of game penalty.

Sadly, the Hawks came into Tuesday night ranked 16th in the league on the power play. And, for the third time in the game, the Chicago failed to get anything done with an advantage.

Crawford went to the bench for an extra attacker with three minutes left in regulation. With 69 seconds left, the Hawks set up Artemi Panarin for his lethal one-timer, but the result summed up the night perfectly.

The final horn sounded with the Blackhawks still looking up at a 3-1 score. Crawford finished the night with 31 saves against 34 shots, while Hellebuyck made 34 saves in another solid victory against the division-leading Blackhawks.

And that title – “division-leading” – is down to one point with the streaking Minnesota Wild now on the Hawks heels. Chicago has lost three in a row after their five-game winning streak, and finish the calendar year with road games at Nashville and Carolina.

16 thoughts on “Hellebuyck, Jets Dominate Blackhawks Again

  1. Forsling was brutal. He will be a steady d-man …. one day; today was not the day, neither is tomorrow. Yet, Q continues to trot him out there regular shifts and then some. My best estimate is that Forsling has a hold of a portion of Bollig’s Q photo album.

    There were a lot of forwards worse than Desjardins tonight, yet he gets benched most of the 3rd period. I dont see the enfatuation w Kero, but Q does. Q had a rough one tonight, maybe Mr. Ed on the brain.

  2. The first game or two before a break and after a break are meaningless. We have always not done good in these games, regardless of who were playing. Cant go by anything good or bad in these games (as well as the first 5 or so games of the 82).

    Give them credit for playing good as good as they did so far, in the games against us. If CAL and EDM keep have higher record then them, they wont make the playoffs (as well as DAL and maybe NAS). Those teams have an easier sch (like the top east conference teams do).

    Still at this many games theres only SAJ, MIN and CHI playing for the 1 or 2 seed.

    I think we play good again once we get past these first few games after break. (2-3-1, 9-0-2, 2-3, 3-0-1, 2 hits, 6-0-1, hit/tie/hit, its coming)

  3. Well, I guess if there is ever a good time to get sick during the season this is it. I have missed the last 2 games at the UC due to a nasty cough and got my tickets sold. Not as bad sitting at home watching the TV these past 2 stinkers. The Hawks just have not played with the determination that had earned them their present place in the standings. Sloppy passing, and passing instead of shooting has happened to often.

    Winnipeg absolutely earned the 2 points and were it not for Crawford standing tall and help from the posts it could have been a lot worse. Yes, Iceman is correct to say Forsling had a rough night, but he is learning on the job and painful giveaways like the one last night that results in a Jets goal are part of the process. While a glaring mistake, the kid does many things really well on the ice, and it is clear the staff like his game. A team bringing a heavy game like Winnipeg might have been better suited for Kempny or Rozy, but Forsling alone was not the reason the Hawks lost. Teams don’t win very often when they only score just 1 goal.

    Nashville will be hungry for some points tomorrow on the front of back to back road games. It will be interesting to see how the Hawks respond to this recent mini slide. At least Anisimov is back in the lineup. Still not sure how Hossa got hurt, but man his strong 2 way game is missed.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  4. Agree with Iceman Young Forsling was terrible as was Seabrook who looked like he was coming off a bit too much eggnog. The jets owned us last night. I can’t believe how flat we came back after the break.

  5. The Hawks will wake up, it is just a matter of when.

    You can not blame any loss on Forsling or Desi or even Seabrook. The fact is, if you only score one goal you are bound to lose. Hossa out cause the loss? No. Did Kane, Panarin, Toews or Kieth score? No, that is why we lost.

    Jets looked fast and tough. Hawks could not respond last night. It is what it is. These are the hard lessons of a long season. Q is equipped as well as anybody to get the team back on track. Look for a better effort Thursday.

  6. These are the kind of games that will come back and haunt you at playoff time when your struggling to stay atop the division to win home ice. There are a lot of spectators lately on the ice and not enough players. No excuses here the mighty Blackhawks need to step it up if they are to compete with some of these other teams that are younger and faster, we’re young but we aren’t even close to being as fast or as accurate as some of the new look teams riding high right now. I understand that there are injuries and so forth and some guys play with minor injuries. With that being said, They need to “Comit to the Indian”. Let’s go Hawks!

  7. IAN- you are kidding, right? Huge steal at 6 per year, makes you think they made a Kruger deal, so much now, much more later. Great news as far as I am concerned.

  8. Our Hawks are the most predictable team on offense in the league. Ring it around the boards, get it to the point and ring it around the boards again. Give the puck to Kane and when he gets to the blueline there are 3 guys standing still, no flow at all. might as well play Rosival because right now he is faster than Seabrook and not afraid to shoot the puck. Toews can’t score, Kruger is doing nothing if not for Panarin and Anisimov there is not much right. Thank god for the goalies because they show up every night. Yes I know what their record is but they are not the same team anymore.

  9. Did you ever think that they are showcasing Forsling? Some of you are talking Cap.
    Kero was the Hogs leading scorer at the start of the last tow years. I like the guy but is this not his last year on ELC, it could be produce or so long? This is a rough business.

  10. All of Panarin’s comments have been that he wants to be in Chicago long term. This is a move by both sides to make Panarin feel valued by the organization but also to take a dollar amount that’s honestly below his open market value on a term that opens up the opportunity for both the player and organization to reward each other sooner than later. This is a very good value for both sides, much like the bridge deal Leddy took.

    It’s not lost on me that this bridge deal has the same AAV that Saad wanted, however….

  11. I hope your right tab but still he got his 6mil per year he wanted till he is an unrestricted free agent find it hard to believe thats a coincidence

  12. Ian – if he wanted fair market value, he’s be a lot closer to Tarasenko money at the end of this season. Panarin traded a slight hit on the AAV for a two-year deal so he can renegotiate a higher price tag at a time when a) the Hawks (hopefully) have more money available and b) the cap (hopefully) goes up.

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