Hossa Hurt, Hawks Fall To Ducks In OT

The Blackhawks, thanks primarily to another stellar effort from Corey Crawford, were able get at least one point in the standings on Saturday night. But a second period injury suffered by Marian Hossa made the outcome of the game a secondary concern.

Chicago took a 1-0 lead on a Brent Seabrook power play goal moments after Hossa was helped off the ice. Anaheim defenseman Hampus Lindholm employed a solid hipcheck that sent Hossa into the boards awkwardly. Chicago’s veteran forward didn’t put any weight on his left leg as he was helped off the ice and directly to the room.

Hossa inj

Hossa wasn’t the only player who didn’t return for the third period. Ducks starting netminder John Gibson was hit hard by Richard Panik late in the second period; Anaheim’s Nate Thompson was called for hooking Panik on the play. Gibson was replaced by Fredrik Andersen for the final 20 minutes (and overtime) after stopping 16 of 17 in the opening two periods.

Anaheim dominated the third period, out-shooting the Hawks 18-5 with Hossa officially done for the night. Jakob Silfverberg and David Perron scored less than four minutes apart to give Anaheim a 2-1 lead, but another Seabrook goal tied the game with eight minutes left in regulation.

The goal was the tenth of the year for Seabrook, setting a new career high. He also led the Hawks with five blocked shots and four hits in the game, but couldn’t quite lead the team to victory.

Ryan Getzlaf scored the game-winner in overtime while the Hawks were short-handed after getting caught with too many men on the ice. Crawford stopped 41 of 44 in the loss while the skaters in front of him managed only 23 shots on net.

Artemi Panarin “returned” after missing a couple games due to an illness, but failed to put a shot on net in 15:48 of ice time.

Coach Joel Quenneville mixed up his lines trying to find some offense, but couldn’t find a spark. Teuvo Teravainen started as the center on the fourth line but took only three faceoffs (winning one) in the game. He eventually moved back to a wing on the third line and Dennis Rasmussen moved back down; Rasmussen win one of four at the dot.

Rookie Phillip Danault won only four of 17 faceoffs in the game but picked up three hits and one blocked shot. Jiri Sekac returned to the lineup in place of Brandon Mashinter but skated only 7:18, the lowest ice time on the roster. Rasmussen was limited to 7:24 in the loss as well.

It was Chicago’s third straight loss and came on a night that saw Minnesota fire Mike Yeo, naming former Blackhawks assistant John Torchetti the Wild’s interim head coach. The Hawks are now a little more than seven days away from playing the Wild in the Stadium Series game outdoors, but will host the Leafs and visit the Rangers in the week between now and then.

26 thoughts on “Hossa Hurt, Hawks Fall To Ducks In OT

  1. Didnt Kane get hurt around a year ago at this time? If this is a regular season ending injury to Hossa, that provides enough cap room for two solid players, be it two forwards or a d man and a forward. Speaking of d men, roszival and svedberg looked lost out there tonight. Van Riemsdyk was no great shakes either.

  2. Darn near a hat trick for Seabrook with that cannonading shot in OT. Kane had a good chance as well to end it. The team looked deflated and tired as the dirty Ducks were all over us many times, especially in the 3rd. Not worried about them at all when the playoffs start. Some serious great stops by Crawford kept us in the game throughout. This is a banner year for Corey and he shows no signs of letting up and is able to bounce back quickly. Yeo is gone…oh well, too bad.

  3. Good tie. Should have had a chance to play for the 1-0 win in regulation. Thought they let them get away with interference on the play they scored on earlier in the play that gave them an advantage coming in the zone. Other teams getting the breaks from the refs/replay more then us in this 10 game segment. This 10 game segment cant end soon enough.

    Hoss hurt for anything less then 2 wks is big relief for us. His leg got caught/skate on ice when hit. No rules on hits below waist, like above shoulders.

    Big picture wise we got win or tie in one of these two games. Win this game and were 1 under for these 4. We will do better in 7 and 8 10 game segments then the 6. It just goes with the territory of having that good of 3, 4 and 5 10 game segments. Refs/replays stuff goes along with it as well.

    Keep playing smart/safe. We need everybody for games 60-80/playoffs.

  4. PS. Ladd and Versteeg are not only very close friends, but both pending unrestricted free agents. For twenty plus games and the playoffs, part of the band can be put back together. Dont think Bowman hasnt started the telephonic inquiries, and for certain the thought process.

    In addition, if Florida were to swallow all but one million of Bolland’s outrageous salary, he would complete the trifecta/reunion. His contract could be buried thereafter at no cost.

    Lastly, Kruger will return for playoffs as well. I like Danault, but he hasnt registered a point in sixteen games. How would you like Toews Anisimov Bolland & Kruger down the middle for the playoffs? The bottom two lines would be fully reinforced — Kruger Shaw Desjardins Bolland Teavo Versteeg, w Danault and Panik on call.

    Ok, back to the martini bar, but this isnt as far fetched as it may read. At worst, portions herein make sense. We ll see if Bowman is partaking of the same cocktails as me.

  5. On the too many men on the ice call in overtime is somebody at fault on that for the Hawks or is it just a timing play they just missed. My initial thought was Seabrook was slow getting off the ice and that is where the problem was. Thoughts?

  6. Pete; I think the problem was a combination of Seabrook being gassed and coasting to the bench, as opposed to taking 3 more strides, as well as Kane jumping the gun in getting over the boards to take advantage of the game ending break away in front of him. Just what it looked like to me. All my families best thoughts as well as prayers go out to the great #81, hoping that his injury is not as bad as it looked. For a team that just ran board drills last practice, it looked as if they lost all most all of them last night. Seamed as if they got beat to most of the loose pucks as well. Panik looks like he can skate, anybody know if he can play both wings? Maybe gets a shot on first line? Looking forward to a better offensive game against the Leafs. Go Hawks.

  7. From my perspective this was the 3rd straight game where teams came into the UC and just focused on shutting down the Hawks offensively. When the Hawks did get possession into the offensive zone everything gets pushed to the outside when possible. All three teams employed heavy puck pressure all over the ice, and passing lanes were often blocked. Hawks seldom were able to carry the puck with speed into the neutral zone, and there were almost always defensemen back standing up at the blue line forcing dump ins.

    There was also a concerted effort to lay bodies on Kane, and Toews the entire game. Often it was right at the border of what would be called interference by many referees. Lindholm in particular should have been called 2-3 times last night for finishing checks on players well off the play. There was a flagrant instance with Kane that was laughable in not being whistled.

    Hey, Sharks, Stars and Ducks came to town town and all walked away with 2 hard earned points. And so it goes. Despite Anaheim’s efforts the Hawks almost got it done last night. I was really rooting for Seabs to notch a hatty. Would have been sweet as he played a whale of a game. He and Crow were the best Hawks out there last night imo. Ducks remain a loathsome group in my book.

    Hossa injury didn’t look good. Hopfully a just Charlie horse.Of course UC offered NO REPLAY at all for paying fans to watch. Baffling. Sekac penalty at tail end of 2nd was just stupid BTW.

    Nice to see Panarin back, but he was clearly not at full strength. So teams will indeed focus on shutting down certain players when the lineup has been thinned. It is up to other guys to stand up and get the job done scoring some goals. Teuvo in a big slump, and it could well be that this being his first full season he and other younger players are hitting the famous NHL mid season physical exhaustion wall.

    Hawks can’t cruise through Leafs tomorrow and Rangers will be tough Wednesday at MSG.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  8. s is the type of game we are going to see for every round of the playoffs. One tip in, one shot off a stick, shin, ass, or elbow and we all go home! Thinking that the Hawks just need to add another AHL lifer (not a LADD type of player) to the line-up will ensure an early exit. This 1 – 4 zone is what the Hawks will see all post season. As we we all know by now, Hawks get out shot, last night 44 to 23. Puck possession teams like the Hawks as we known win the puck possession game . . . well…. Only because they hold the puck, have patience with the puck. ( a very good thing) but don’t take forced shots or quick shots. As we know Hawks will get out hit almost every single game, Ducks got, 52 hits. Hawks had 26 hits, ouch, my back hurts

    My boy Garbutt since the trade has 4 goals.

    Artem 9 wins at the dot.
    Danaily 4 wins at the dot.
    Towes 11 wins at the dot.
    The Moose had 1 win at the dot.

    Still Ducks won at the dot also . . . with 36 wins to Hawks 26.

    The game was close because of Crow. Crow kept the Hawks in this, again another level to him game this year, still, calm, square and his calmness does have effect on this team. Seldom argues, speaks out, slashes guy in the crease etc.

    Back to the 4to 1 zone. Two ways to beat it, one have a winger or two with size and speed who can actually carry the puck in, zone buster. Toews is close but that’s it, you need some skill to crash like that it ain’t easy. A few nhl players can chip and chase to themselves along the boards and have enough speed and size to do so, Dezi does once in awhile but does not have the skil set even as Panik can surprise ya once in awhile. Option 2, DUMP IT IN AND We ALL GO IT! Simple. Sadly the Hawks do not have anyone who fits the first “weapon” as any fan can see how hard it is for Hawks to get the PUCK IN the attack zoen even with a POWERPLAY! So when our power play ices the puck or turns it over at the blue line its Trouble and a sign of other issues. Not just execution.

    The 4 – 1 takes away the lame but loved “break out pass” that gives the Hawks the illusion of speed, but it’s the puck moving not the players really. That is the easiest way to beat the Hawks stop the long stretch pass. Plus the Ducks have size and speed, so they can execute very well a la the Stars also. The Ducks seem to be dropping down even lower last night inside their zone because they know the Hawks can even skate the puck in cleanly, (back to power play lamenees) So then the Ducks are even quicker to the Dump In, and the puck, they are closer to the puck less distance and can Fetch it before the Hawks, they do not have to turn, they just drift back.

    Hawks also when they do “dump and chase” sadly have to send 2 or 3 guys, and they are just going for the puck . They have to work very very very hard to get the puck. When they get it, it is often not by a skilled player that can get possession and make a brilliant centering pass a la the Ducks last night. We win it, move it 6 inches, win it, move it 6 inches and reset. Hawks scramble a lot, but that effort is why they stay in all games.


    They will make a significant trade soon.

    Hoss hurt is okay so he rest, .Crow needs rest.

    I still like THOR, Svedberg , he is playing well, steady and pretty smart. Not great but young with some potential. Did not like Gusty not playing but DUCKS and others will beat the living crap out of defense men on the dump, and wipe out our d-men. Smart teams dump it in on the Hawks but just go for the D-man, unlike Hawks who dump and reach with sticks to the Puck. When you know a player is just going to poke check you, you can easily get the puck out, your head stays up, you have time, when a player is coming to wipe you out, we’ll you sort of rush. Hawks need to finish checks on the forecheck.

    Go hawks

    No worries . . . They are due for a lull!

  9. Too many men on the ice is an epidemic for the Hawks. Seabrook was tired, Seabrook carried the offense as our defense is covering up for serious holes in Hawks productivity. Seabrook is naturally slow unless he is racing towards a nacho platter. All Hawks are slow on line changes and often key players stay on the ice because they still have possession or see an offensive opportunity and for most Hawks they don’t want to leave a defensive gap or hole on the ice or odd man rush! So they WANDER back, look around , double check, then slowly get off the ice, plus they are just slow. period. I have never seen anything like it, when I see game slive when i visit my dad, Hawks have too many men on the ice like 12 times a game, just not called.

  10. Hawks will slaughter the LEAFS. Look for the obvious Panik to have a goal and paly as well if not even better than he has already.

    go hawks

  11. Panarin stood up for himself again against the knob Perry-you can’t but dislike him but any fan/player would take him on their team.

  12. Tab – how about a quick update on Tyler Motte – the dude is having quite a stretch and I believe he is leading the NCAA in scoring.

    I didn’t see either the SJ or Dallas games but Hawks looked very lethargic last night. Other than Seabs and Crow I thought Sekac was one of the only guys bringing energy. Don’t see TT as a center until he gets stronger. I am rooting hard for Svedberg but he struggled last night which is not unexpected but it is tough to develop any consistency when you are playing once a week. The trade deadline will be very entertaining with so many potential big names in the mix (Stamkos, Ladd, Staal, etc.). O to be a fly on the wall in SB’s office!

  13. Just to bash on the refs a bit. How exactly did Panarin interfere with Perry that caused the 4 on 4….and then Anaheim proceeded to score

  14. Motte is 3rd on his team in points, 4th in NCAA. He leads in goalscoring. Undrafted kid at New Hampshire named Andrew Poturalski is a sophomore (22 yrs old) is second behind Mottes teammate Kyle Connor. JT Compher is 1 point ahead of Motte for third.

    Motte leads goal scoring by 5! So maybe that Honey Baker award isn’t as far fetched as I once stated. As we know, Honey Baker doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the NHL….cough…Drew Leblanc.

  15. Didn’t see replay close up but looked like when the chicken shit was about to take a cheap shot slash/little cross check, Panarin saw him just before/when he started to do it and smacked/punched him in the nose about the same time/a hair latter. The bullshit in that was the player who did/attempted to do cheapshot his team get rewarded. This is one of a few reason why I always want the 4 on 4 only when theres two separate penatlys at diff times. Everytime theres two penatlys at same time, still should be 5 on 5.

    Kaner sort of did same thing in his first couple yrs and high sticked/slash people who hit him cheaply and that made a diff for future yrs. Bread Man showed the chicken shit that you take cheap shots on me, youll shoot your eye out kid.

  16. But the problem was they called it interference. If they called it high stick I have less of a problem. Calling it interference makes me question what exactly they saw.

  17. I am not really sure couldn’t see it close. I liked that he hit him back (if he did/guy might have been faking/cant tell no close up) but I have always felt that way about 4 on 4 when penatlys called at same time.

    The other team knows it can do shit/cheap shots have matching penaltys and it can disrupt the flow of the game so they benefit. Like trying to get someone into to fighting for energize team kind of thing. Its another way of doing it.

  18. Should put Hossa on IR, not LTIR. And call up someone. I know they were trying to groom Dano as a left winger so I don’t know if he’s the one you want to play right wing…

  19. It is the player’s responsibility coming onto the ice to wait for the player coming off of the ice, in this case Kaner screwed it up!

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