Jeremy Piven: ‘The Goods’ Gone Bad

piven cubsHas anyone else ever seen the old Blackhawks commercial, where actor Jeremy Piven made himself a personal favorite to anyone who wears the Indian Head sweater? The link to the 31 second spot it here, courtesy of YouTube, if you’ve never seen it.

Wow. Truly a Chicagoan. A man’s man. A Blackhawks’ fan.

And then came Thursday night in Calgary, where Piven was apparently the guest of honor at the Flames-Blackhawks game. The emcee (I didn’t know they had those at hockey games) at one point presented Piven with a personalized Flames jersey.

I totally understand pandering to your public, but you can’t watch the commercial he made and then watch him, without a single item identifying him as a Chicagoan, accepting a Flames jersey.

I’m not going to hate the man (“The Goods” is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while), but there are times in life when you need to keep it real. On Thursday night, Piven had an opportunity to keep it real and show that “everything he learned in life he learned from his dad, at a Blackhawks game.”

Traitor or publicity whore? Piven might have "The Goods," but it didn't help the Flames.
Traitor or publicity whore? Piven might have "The Goods," but it didn't help the Flames.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Piven: ‘The Goods’ Gone Bad

  1. He got to see a free hawks game, got some free pub, and got a jersey. Who cares, it’s not like it was the Red Wings or Blues.

  2. I live in Calgary, don’t like the Flames, but they said he threw it to the ground after they gave it to him… So he did still represent for his home team..

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