Jets Fly Past Blackhawks In Winnipeg

After making history with consecutive overtime shutout victories in their previous two games, the Blackhawks successfully scored a regulation goal.

And then allowed three.

Patrick Kane sniped home a power play goal only 86 seconds into the game, but that was the extent of the Blackhawks offense on Thursday night. Winnipeg goaltender Michael Hutchinson stole the show with a strong performance against a lot of action to earn the victory.

Blake Wheeler tied the game at 8:15 into the first, the first even strength goal allowed by the Blackhawks in eight regulation periods; the last regulation goal allowed by the Hawks was in the first period against Florida.

Andrew Ladd added a power play goal in the second period and Mark Scheifele scored in the third, and the Hawks weren’t able to solve Hutchinson the rest of the way. Chicago put 32 shots on net in the opening 40 minutes, but came away with only the one tally.

Tanner Kero made his 2015-16 debut and won four of ten faceoffs in just over ten minutes of ice time. He was credited with three shots on goal, one hit and one takeaway while spending much of the night on a line with Bickell and Ryan Garbutt.

Marian Hossa had eight shots on net but failed to register a point for the fourth consecutive game. Viktor Tikhonov started the game with Hossa and Jonathan Toews again, but was limited to only 9:50 on the ice as the Quenneville line blender went into high gear in the second and third periods.

Bryan Bickell returned to the lineup in place of Teuvo Teravainen and effectively made zero impact on the game. And the Hawks blue line tandem of David Rundblad and Trevor Daley was awful the entire night, and was exposed on a number of occasions.

Trevor vanRiemsdyk had another strong game, skating 21:14 with two blocked shots, one hit and two shots on net. Viktor Svedberg skated only 16:42 and also blocked two shots; Daley was on the ice for 19:10 and put three shots on net. Brent Seabrook led the way with three blocked shots and 22:28 on the ice.

With the Hawks back on the ice on Friday night in Minnesota, hopefully we’ll see Erik Gustafsson and Teravainen in the lineup.

55 thoughts on “Jets Fly Past Blackhawks In Winnipeg

  1. What did I say about Tikhonov right before the season started? He can skate fast, great. And he has nice hair, lovely. He has zero offensive touch. Zilch. None. I don’t care who may post cheap shots re what I’m going to repeat again — Morin has proven that when he plays with high end (NHL) players, he produces. The ONLY time this happened was the last 10-12 games of the ’14 season when Kane was hurt (knee) and Morin played regular high end minutes and was productive. His skill set is similar to Toffoli of Kings. He cannot do any worse than Tikhonov playing w Toews & Hossa.

  2. Hopefully this wakes up TT…

    I am a big Fan off TT’s… but he has been playing poorly…
    Rufus- is right about that… Should the Hawks trade him??? I don’t know… I guess it would depend on what SB could get… If they could move Handcuffs and ALL $4M…
    maybe- And Once again… I really like TT

    Except for the 2nd Line and PP… Hawks will continue to struggle to score- Unless a BIG move is made… the Obvious 2 moves… 29 +??? or You know who…

    Both moves are pretty unlikely…

    Wish SB would have taken Fabbri instead of Schmaltz

  3. I agree Iceman, Tikhonov is not a good fit on the first line. We may see Dano sooner than later. I thought Kero played a very good first NHL game. He seems to have a nose for the puck and had a few good shots on net. I can just imagine him calling his mom about his first game and saying-” Good news mom, I am playing tonight. Bad news mom, I am centering Bickell and Garbutt, two guys that couldn’t score on a breakaway into an open net.” Daley and Runblad were brutal but the offense has to score more than one goal a game. Much to my amazement 43 is improving. TVR is fast becoming our #4 dman.

  4. Despite the loss that was a fun game to watch for any hockey fan, maybe not so much for the coaches, but for the fans for sure. The Blackhawks played pretty darn good and we ran into a hot goalie who has it out for us and has our number. Panarin was really good, Shaw played his heart out, Hossa was deadly but the puck wouldn’t work for him tonite and Crawford was top notch. I have no idea why TT was scratched on a night he could have played with Kero and why Bickell was out there spinning around and around and flying to no where. I tried hard to focus on Kero but just could not get a good read at all. Winnipeg is good and Central Division rivals are going to be great to watch and a real test.

  5. Hawks are fine . . . Coach Q still trying to figure out who will give him what and when! Jets no easy match, tuff, strong and physical and after about 10 minutes they decided to play hockey. Hawks still need bodies at the net and still over pass at times. Still a little weak on “standard” dump in’s and getting in the tuff corners to own the zone, they’ll be much better in December.

    TVR continues to play very very well . . . Run-bad still not the answer even on the third line D, really having trouble on the d-end but his offense instincts are good.

    Garbutt can play, he has great speed and stick skill he just seems lost in the “line shuffle” but in the end he’ll payoff but his effort is there. Really has speed I did not see coming. I know he’s tuff but his speed is impressive like to see him and shaw on the ice.

    Tikhonov has beed a solid player for a long time does everything well. Very technically sound, always around the puck, he is just out of place like even Sadd was with Toews and Hossa. Not easy to play on that line as “Easy” as it would seem from the sofa. Tikhonov is by “default” they crasher, the corner man the “go get the puck guy.” Toews subtly played a very physical game against the Jets!

    go hawks
    Wild will be tuffer yet!

  6. I like that quenville gave Kero a shot tonight, but why would you line him up with Bickell?? The guy is clearly done, he has no spark and he can’t even hit like he used too. Garbutt doesn’t have much talent but at least he skates hard!!!

    Rozy can’t come back soon enough. Rundblad was absolutely terrible tonight in both ends. This guy has had a shot to prove himself and is blowing it!!!

    Bring back TT to play with Kero! And let Gusto play for rundblad!

  7. “Marian Hossa had eight shots on net but failed to register a point for the fourth consecutive game.”

    Starting to get a little concerned about the 1st line and Hossa’s inability to bury any of his opportunities. The 1st line looks out of sorts. Maybe Iceman is right….

  8. Anyone find it bizarre that the Ducks lose again and manage one whole goal. …and Tampa Bay loses yet again and scores one whole goal. Montreal has major meltdown against the Oilers …wait until we play the Oilers, with Draisaitl and Nurse now up on the team along with the rest of their super firepower all 1st pick draft pick dream team that is finally getting it together lead by McDavid. Now that will be a hockey game.

  9. Iceman – just my opinion, but, Morin is not the answer. Some guys can score at every level *until* they reach the NHL. Perhaps, (like Hawks1961 said) we may see Dano sooner than later.

    Trade Teravainen (Rufus- is right about that) – REALLY??? Only ten games into this season? Yes, he has not played very well, but that negates the progress he’s made including/especially during the Cup run last season? Or, ignores that he’s 22, and that he’s probably best suited to played RW (and Hossa is 37 and not going to play forever)? By the way, I still don’t understand Rufus’s claim that TT doesn’t “fit” in the Hawks lineup.

    I don’t completely agree with Mike The Mook’s comment, “Hawks are fine” – obviously they’re not scoring, and Dailey is still having difficulty adjusting to the system, and Rundblad still needs to improve a LOT defensively, but, the sky is NOT falling.

  10. Hawks had the same problem scoring to begin last season. There’s too much talent for it to continue this way. I think over a playoff series, the 2nd line is going to wear teams out as the series goes on. But I digress.

  11. The good news on defense is TVR looks like he is legitimate #4 defenseman. That’s a fantastic find.

    As we saw in last years run to the Cup, Q refuses to lose critical games because of the 3rd defense pairing.

  12. Not a bad game by the Hawks. The difference was made by them burying their chances while the Hawks didn’t, especially Hossa. He has to start scoring when he has such huge chances because those moments are turning points in the games.

    It starts to seem like when they play Bickell they lose. I understand you have to play him (until when?), but I don’t know about exposing the rookies to him. It puts then in a losing situation.

  13. Remember…van Riemsdyk has only 32 NHL games under his belt. You knew he was the real deal from the beginning of last year, but he still had to prove it (especially to Coach Q) and he did.
    He has responded perfectly at everything they threw at him this month and I find it hard to believe it’s a fluke because he isn’t doing anything out of character and playing style.

  14. DickieD… Did not say trade TT… you might want to re-read that.

    Said- Rufus, is Right that TT has been playing poorly… TO’s all over the ice,,, lazy drop passes to no one (but other team)… TT- has looked a little Versteeg like…

    That is what Rufus is right about…

    Trade him??? I said – I don’t know… and explained the ONLY reason to trade him.

  15. I was one of those guys that thought TvR was a solid 5/6 dman. I didnt think his ceiling was all that high. I was wrong and I’ll admit it. Good move on the Hawks to extend him this summer. He is getting less the next 2 years than he got the previous 2. Thats a bargain. Think Stan can resign Panarin next summer for less than what hes getting this year? Didnt think so.

  16. Last night was vivid example of the dilemma that Bowman and Q need to solve…the collection of 12 forwards we have DO NOT all fit together. We have a massive problem at LW. Tik is not the answer…my goodness he is a guy who should split time between the press box and the ice. Des Jardins is a 4th line grinder. Bickell is an albatross and we all know that. Ideally, Panarin is a RW but will have to make LW work and I’m sure he will make LW work…lots of talent there.

    There is no practical place for Teuvo given the collective group of forwards we have right now. In no way, shape or form is he a LW. And again, he’s not going to usurp Kane or Hossa at RW on those top two lines. So that means he is a RW on the 3rd line. But then what do you do with Garbutt?!? And can Teuvo do okay on a lunch bucket line?!? To date he has not played well or identified a way to fit. Further reinforcement to my argument that Teuvo does not fit in Chicago and needs to be traded. Leverage Teuvo in a deal to go get us a desperately needed friggin LW.

  17. One goal in three games of regulation hockey. ONE. Don’t ANYBODY tell me our crisis at LW is not a real problem. A massive problem. A problem that has the full attention of Bowman and Quenneville right now.

  18. RTF,


    Bickell, TT, Schmaltz to Toronto for JVR would work for me. And, not simply to reunite hockey brothers. This team is missing a legit power forward.

  19. Why are so many people fretting about a missing left winger on the first line? How does that stop the other three lines from scoring? The problem right now is offensive output across the board. As “bad” as some of the defensemen have been, the team’s goals against is near the top of the league. That’s not a big issue. Just have to wait for the top end talent to start scoring more often.

  20. Actually, Thought I heard on Broadcast…
    Zero 5 on 5 goals in last 12 periods (4 games -really?) … somebody want to confirm that!!!


  21. Marko Dano is playing LW in the AHL and at some point he’ll be called up. That will help solve the conundrum at LW in Chicago. Panarin played a ton of LW in Russia and his one ice vision plays better on his off side, that’s why he’s there.

    The other issue is Garbutt. Quenneville said he (Garbutt) prefers playing the right side but Quenneville of all coaches doesn’t always slot players where they want to play, he slots players where he wants them to play. I see Garbutt at some point going back over to LW.

    I do think the front office would consider moving Schmaltz. Terevainen, not so much. He may yet spend some time in Rockford though.

  22. Dagger- If it were only that easy!!! 29 would be gone!!!

    Don’t even think the bag needs to have Pucks in it either!!!

  23. Here we go again with the Teuvo doesn’t fit, doesn’t play well mantra. I didn’t hear much bashing of his play when he was scoring goals,setting up team mates, and creating turnovers during playoffs, but then again these threads bring people out of the woodwork. In my book Teuvo Teravainen can flat out play. He is extremely talented, but still has very little experience. The guy is already an excellent 2 way player, has incredible vision on the ice, makes sick passes, and has gained confidence in getting off shots at the right time. He has a very quick release. Never mind his potential on the power play. The Hawks are not going to fire sale move this kid.

    The lineup last night had some holes. Kero looked fine for a first shot in the show. Bicks is still lost in space. Q has some lineup issues that should get sorted out with time. We are still in the waking moments of a long season. Q is good at this stuff, so lets give this team some time. As long as goal scorers are getting quality scoring chances is what counts. Eventually the pucks start going in. These periods of goal scoring drought happen every year. Ask the Ducks about this. For some reason the Hawks kept shooting low last night, and Hutchinson was on his game. Quicker shot releases needed and crash the damn net. At least Shaw did and paid the price often last night. Shaw is fearlesss, and Garbutt is right behind him. There is plenty of talent up front. The D corp is another story. The Rundblad/Daley pair is scary bad. Rundblad struggles defensively, and has done so since we first saw him put on a Hawks sweater. If he never played another game for the Hawks it would be fine with me. Daley is on my clock, but I have to believe he will either get better soon or Q will sit his ass as a wake-up call. Q does not accept slack defenders. At least Svedberg is learning.

    Wild game tonight should be a good barometer. The goals will come soon. If they keep playing strong team defense the counters will yield goals. Last night they just got beat by a hungrier team.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  24. The Hawks are looking very good taking into account the roster turnover, lack of summer rest and Keith’s injury.
    Last year they had 13 points (6-3-1 with 3 OT wins) after 10 games. They lost the next 2 games going 6-5-1 after 12.

  25. Observations:

    1) I can understand sitting Teuvo to get his head straight but playing Bickell in his place when the team is not scoring is head-scratching. I guess Q thought the team needed more physicality against a team like the Jets. (Yes, even Warren
    Buffet makes mistakes.)

    2) I am much more open to RTF’s comments than most people on this board but that TT “doesn’t fit” trope is nonsense. IMO, TT is a center ice man plain and simple. All of his natural hockey instincts are to handle the puck, scan the ice for where the defense is positioned, and deliver the puck to a winger at the most opportune moment. He just needs to mature and have the right players to play with. (Contrarily, Brandon Pirri was a natural winger, not center. His instincts were to put the puck on the net.)

    3) I am concerned about Hossa’s scoring touch as well. I thought this was also a problem with him last year even though his numbers were ok. From watching hockey since Al Rollins was in goal for the Hawks, my theory is that older hockey players are like aging pitchers in baseball. That extra split second difference in delivering the puck at the right target is the difference between success and failure. (I can hear Tab talking to himself right now saying “thank you, Captain Obvious.”)

    4) Yes, the second line has been the most successful scoring line so far. But the goal is to improve overall scoring. Put Panarin with Taser and Hoss and jumpstart them. Kane will still score goals with me at left wing on that line.

  26. Phil, I can’t/won’t speak for RTF… But, TT has been playing poorly… he no longer has the benefit of Playing w/ 2 accomplished Vets/all-stars in Sharp/Vermette…
    so Of course- that has a lot to do with it… but- TT looked bad/out of Sync playing with 19/81 too…

    I am not saying TT- doesn’t fit… BUT- he is not playing well right now…
    Is it LW??? Trying to do too much (when paired w/ HOF, 19/81???)… or Just slumming w/ 29 anchor??? or Combo of all the above???

    Dano- is still a Key here… he needs to play RW -imo

    and still love to see splitting up of 72/88… because- to me they are the most dynamic- and can create for others….


    Dano played great on RW w/ Dano for BJ’s
    everyone know 19/88 are always good

    Hell- 19/88 might even make 29 appear/look average

  27. With rosy and Cumiskey on the mend, I would think Rundblad might be headed for the waiver wire.

    Cheesy joke but I have to post it : how appropriate would it be if Gustufsson played his first NHL game in St. Paul tonight where the movie Grumpy Old Men took place, starring of course the character, Gustufsson.

  28. November 1 2014…the Hawks lose against the Maple Leafs 3-2 going 6-4-1 after 11 games.

    Rufus T. Firefly
    November 2, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    The defense and goal tending have been very strong, but the offense remains a mess. There are several factors at work…

    1. Richards has screwed up the line chemistry. Hugely so. Sure, he’s been solid on the PP. But where do you put the guy otherwise? He can’t skate, doesn’t even pretend to get back defensively and is really, really, really, really messing up any sort of line flow that Q is trying to go with. I’m a big Bowman fan of course, but bottom line Bowman screwed up massively in adding Richards. Who do you pair with him? And how do you combat the domino affect with the other lines??

    2. Saad is a mess. He has been since the start of the season. He is skating like an uncontrolled maniac anytime the puck in on his stick. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t know what is the right thing to do in attempts of getting him settled and going.

    3. Bickell is dog crap. He just is. We can all thank him profusely for his 2013 playoff play, but since then his play has been bitterly disappointing. We have to call it like it is folks.

    4. Everybody likes Smith. I like Smith, especially on the PK. But you know what, Kruger can be the only forward who get a pass for the lack of an offensive game. Bottom line is Smith needs to start contributing.

    5. Morin can’t really skate and is prone to incredibly stupid and ill advised play. Fact is he should never see the ice for more than 10 minutes. Surely we have something better than this at Rockford who can take his place and perhaps provide a spark. To include in the skating department.

    6. Hossa can’t get it going. I blame the domino impact of Richards in part for his struggles. Hossa will get it going, but what should be the reasonable expectation at this stage of his Hall of Fame career?

    7. Hawks are struggling to unshackle Kane. Maybe its the Richards domino impact,or maybe opponents are very seriously committing to shutting down the Kane line.

    8. Hate to say this, but Toews really is off to a slow start. His game isn’t there yet. I’m not worried.

    Rufus T. Firefly
    November 2, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Oduya? Terrible game. But he’s been a godsend wince his arrival. The Oduya – Hjalmarsson pairing is one of the best and most underrated in the NHL. And Oduya has a nice contract that goes away after this season. What he can do with the puck on his stick and in terms of back checking? Well, things that Nick Leddy can only dream of doing. And that’s not a knock on Leddy.

    TvR? I like him. Obviously he has a high hockey IQ and is a quick learner. But I think his potential is as a 3rd pairing type at max. His skating ability is what will limit his upside. And it’s not as if he will ever be a credible physical blue line presence. But he can have a nice several year future as a 3rd pairing type.

    PS: This shit is fun. Looks like the Stud LW was pure manure at the start of last year.

    PS2: ahhahahahahh RyanDale responds like a boss. ahahah

    November 2, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    Other than that though, you gotta be pretty pleased right Rufus? ha!

    I thought i was a slight pessimist about Hawks hockey until I stumbled in this joint, no longer! I’m sky high here thanks to all the doom and gloom. Not knockin anybody I just dont know how you guys do it. It’s comical.

  29. Wall, ” Should the Hawks trade him??? I don’t know… I guess it would depend on what SB could get…” – I stand corrected, apologies. Consider my comment a response (- things to consider) to your rhetorical suggestion of the possibility. I don’t believe moving Bickell’s cap hit is reason enough to trade him – all things considered.

  30. Yoda, “Bickell, TT, Schmaltz to Toronto for JVR would work for me” – Bickell (incl. total cap hit) and TT to Toronto for JVR and their first round pick (TT has much more upside than TVR…) works for me.

  31. November 2 2014…. the Hawks lose 0-1 against the Jets going 6-5-1 after 12 games:

    November 3, 2014 at 7:57 am
    Guys, it has taken 12 games…but you are starting to see what I have been seeing since last 1/3 of 2013-14 season…NHL is getting younger/faster and Hawks are slowing. In addition, other teams have just adjusted to the Hawk’s “Cycle/Possession” game= let them do it…maintain your defensive angles/box them to perimeter!!!
    And we keep on begging for the Hawks to “go to net” get some “Greasy” goals…but let’s face it… Hawks weren’t built/designed for that…this is looking like 2010-11 all over again- when I was begging for Kane to be traded for bigger/”grittier” forwards who would pay the price…that year Kane was shooting around 6% for most of year…
    Kane proved me wrong by coming back and playing great Hockey the next few seasons…He also made me understand IT was more about SKATING then being big/strong…Regardless- the Hawk’s transition game has completely vanished!!!

    It goes back to inability to get it out of own zone ( or the other team has figured out how to slow down that break-out… incredibly well)… AND/OR the Hawks are not as fast as everyone has made them out to be (or others have just gotten younger faster)…
    I don’t see Q trying to change the “cycle/possession” philosophy any time soon…AND I don’t see the Hawks suddenly getting quicker without several call-ups…
    I hope SB doesn’t feel attached to guys like 29 (don’t know who would want him),7, 10, Crow… One or more of these guys should go- if Hawks want to be elite again!!! —imo
    I hope it leads to top 3 draft!!!

    November 3, 2014 at 8:52 am
    I and many others, Wall, etc., believe that the club needs to use its youth more than is currently being used. Take Rundblad for example. Is he or will he ever be a top 2 Dman? Does he have top 4 skills or potential? Probably not and it doesn’t matter for what the Hawks use him for…..a 6th Dman. And although I would like to see a Dahlbeck or Johns in the line up, I will Take Rundblad over Rosy any day. This is the reason I advocated trading Oduya over Leddy. Not that Leddy is better but that Leddy’s best days are in front of him and Oduya’s best days are behind him.
    Wall, I don’t see Q changing either unless the club falls 3 or 4 games below .500.

    Rufus T. Firefly
    November 3, 2014 at 9:13 am
    Here is what I would do…
    1. Move Shaw to RW permanently. Have NEVER liked him at C.
    2. Demote Morin, promote Danault and put him a C.
    3. Sit Bickell for several games. Seriously, he has been a sh!t show on ice for the better part of a year. His role MUST be the guy who sits in front of the crease, goes gets the puck on the boards and works his ass off behind the net on BOTH sides of the ice. He’s not doing that at any level.
    4. Sit down with Saad and get his friggin game under control. He has played piss poor for two plus weeks. Don’t ever confuse manical skating with good hockey.
    5. Don’t confuse getting pucks on net with quality scoring chances. With all due respect to the pretzel logic of Edzo. I blind monkey can get a puck on net…doesn’t mean necessarily a high quality shot or a shot at least that can translate into hyper activity in front of the net that can improve the chances for a goal.
    6. DO SOMETHING about Richards. He doesn’t fit. He needs to go. Either bury him on the Injury Reserve with a phantom injury, dump him on another team for a box of donuts or give him his unconditional release.
    Ever since last season teams that can skate and who also have speed KILL the Hawks. This has to be addressed as part of the 6 point strategy outlined above.

    November 3, 2014 at 9:55 am
    For editing purposes: ice “time” — not team. Further, you can’t question Q’s body of work — he is Hall of Fame caliber coach. The undersigned is a Q advocate. He has hit a major coaching slump — as much as his players — akin to what he went thru when they lost 9 in a row year before Cup #2. It happens. Like anyone else, he has to put the work in, resting on laurels not going to cut it.

    THIS WAS FUN. WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T LAUGH LIKE A MANIAC BY YOURSELF ? Great stuff guys. Thank you. Much appreciated.

  32. Hartman – recalled to Hawks…

    assume 29 sits and maybe Tiko too…

    Hartman on 3rd line or 4th???

    seems Q is really trying to send message… GET TO THE FRONT of NET!!!
    that is exactly where Kero and Hartman have scored most of their AHL Goals from!!!

    could see:

  33. Q’s history speaks for itself. He’s forgotten more than I know and he’s proven time and again he knows what he’s doing. However, heres what I’d like to see. Teuvo started the year at left wing next to 19 and 81…and scored in the opener. Since then he’s played everywhere except goalie and defense. He’s played with Bickell, Garbutt, Hinostroza, and Shaw. With the exception of maybe Hinostroza, which of those plays a skill game that compliments Teuvo?

    Top line needs a left wing, and Teuvo needs to play with skill guys. For those that think he’s either a RW or Center…where was he playing when he had the most success? Give him 5 games at LW with 19 and 81. See what happens.

  34. 1. Is this the Hawks trying to get something to work, or is this perhaps them trying to showcase?
    2. Hof or anyone, who were Kero’s linemates in Rockford? And do they have Dano on wing or center.

  35. Ernie – They don’t play Tuevo on the 3rd line because he can’t play on the first or he isn’t better that Tikhonov or Garbutt at LW, but because he’s needed on the 3rd line.
    Without him the 3rd line has been awful. You have to have a play maker there, at least one.
    You can’t put him on the first because it would mean basically playing 3 lines.

    I’m pretty excited seeing this new Teravainen-Kero-Garbutt combination. They might do some damage.

  36. Trevor Daley is a trainwreck. There were those of us that pointed this out when the Sharp to Dallas trade went down. Make NO mistake, the Hawks did not want Daley. Rather he was the shit sandwich Dallas demanded we take on for their willingness to absorb the Sharp contract. Daley can’t play defense. He has never been able to play defense. And you can see the pain on Quenneville’s face every time Daley’s skates into the defensive zone. We are saddled with the guy. Bowman would dump his salary in a nanosecond if he find a taker.

    The Teuvo sentiment on this board is off the mark. Not once have I heard compelling argument on how the Hawks make him fit IN THE CONTEXT OF THE OTHER GUYS WE HAVE AT FORWARD. It’s all the same old blah blah blah that he has exceptional skill, vision, etc. Which on the margin I do not disagree with. But there is nowhere logical to play him. We have umpteen right wings and an utter crisis at left wing. And Teuvo solves NONE of the dilemma, but rather compounds the issue at RW. So therefore he draws the short straw and should be the guy on the trading block.

    And guess what, Marko Dano is a RW too.

  37. Ernie- I went to 2 Hogs games so far this year…

    Kero played w/ Hartman and Dano- line was really good… imo- Dano was best Hog…followed by Hartman … Kero – meh

    2nd game Dano/Hino/Hartman (kero called up)… Hino best/fastest Hog followed by Dano/Hartman… But Dano still TO puck a lot…

    Kero/Hartman are both net crashers- don’t know if they are strong enough to make it work in NHL… but that’s how they get there chances.

  38. Ernie,

    Kero centered a line with Dano on the left and Jeremy Morin on the right. Then Morin was scratched for a game and Hartman was put on RW of his line.

  39. 1. Dano needs to come up. If he can play RW as a lefthander, he can most certainly play LW as a lefthander. He probably spent his childhood learning the game as a LW, as do most lefthanded wingers. It’s not a big deal.

    2. Someone above is looking forward to Rozy’s return? Yikes. That guy’s career has been over since 2013. When he returns and Keith is healthy, guess who’s going to Rockford? That’s right, Svedberg — a kid who can play NHL hockey.

  40. Wow apparently the sky is falling. Yikes. 45 SOG. Some iffy defensive plays and Crawford couldn’t save them.

    Took a lot of factors to keep the hawks from winning that game.

    Anyway, TT is 20 and finding his way as a player. He has a high skill level, great vision and needs time to figure the NHL out. He is NOT Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane. Expecting an immediate impact is setting yourself up for a headache.

    Anyone who didn’t think the start to the season would be up and down is delusional. They are looking for chemistry and it will set in eventually.

    This isn’t a team like the Ducks or San Jose last year that looks listless and disinterested. This isn’t a team like Phoenix or Carolina that flat out doesn’t have the skill level to win consistently. Everyone chillax, have a beer or smoke or whatever and panic after the all star break if they are chasing.

  41. DickieD… Trading TT just to dump 29…is tough to swallow… but – question really is???

    Where do Hawks see TT??? Center – well 1st and 2nd are spoken for.

    RW- not while 81/88 are there… UNLESS- they plan on moving 81 down to 3rd RW in year or less…

    So- it is TT on 3rd line – skating w/ 29!!! Yikes!!! Not gonna do much w/ wingers there now

    which is why I see Dano as such a key… Re-unite w/ AA as 3rd RW -where he had success.

    TT w/ Kane- has looked ok in past.

  42. Maybe at some point we admit that, like Kruger, Tikhonov has a tremendous hockey IQ and no ability to finish and make the change at LW1. Throw Teravainen up there w/ 19 & 81 for a while and see what happens, even if Rufus swears the kid can’t play the left wing. I would also be in favor of newly recalled Hartman skating w/ Kero & Garbutt for a while to make life miserable for opponents.

    Also, with a handful of different forwards contributing on special teams, have we lost a role for Desjardins?

  43. Dum Dum, Id say you have a point that Teuvo could have been playing the 3rd line because he was needed there and not because he couldnt play LW1.

    However, if thats the case, why was he the one scratched? Toews has 2 goals, both in overtime. Hossa has 4 points. Top line needs just as much help as the 3rd. With Hartman and Kero up, I think it’s only a matter of time before Bickell is sent down and Dano called up.

    I think Tab and I are on the same page wanting Teuvo on the top line. Tikhonov is over his head there. I think if Kero shows something, he could be the linchpin of a lot of things. If he doesnt, Shaw is 3c. say Kero stays and Bickell and Dano are swapped. You could have that Rockford line of Dano, Kero, and Hartman. Then have Garbutt, Kruger, Shaw. Left with Tikhonov and Desjardins. Until Dano is recalled, Garbutt and Hartman would be interesting.

    Gotta ask, does Shaw become tradeable if and when Dano and Hartman show they belong? I’d trade Shaw if it meant getting rid of Bickell.

    Also, regarding Wall and the glut of RW and Hossa moving down to 3rd line in the future. Expansion won’t happen next year. But the following Summer most likely. At which point there will be an expansion draft. Hossa’s salary is minimal compared to his cap hit, So he could be left unprotected and a team could scoop him up like Arizona did with Pronger and Florida with Savard. Hawks wouldnt have a recapture penalty.

  44. Rocky Wirtz is extremely pissed the Michael Hutchinson is the active owner of the Hawks! 4-0-1 career mark.

    No one should be surprised by any of these outcomes. Its fair to saw anyone that has watched the team should see that Saad loss was going to be significant, and LW will likely be a blackhole, just as it was prior to Saad arrival.

    That Tever Daley and Runblad would likely be a defensive liabilities and the Bickell is F-ing worthless as an NHL player at this point.

    What we didn’t know is Tikhonov a 1st line wing? Can Tuevo be an everyday contributor, is Svedberg an NHL player and can TVR stay health. Those are the bigger questions IMO

    On a side note Conner F’ing McDavid is a player in the league! Holy cow that’s going be a real issue in the not to distant future, watch out!

  45. This team has a lot of holes and isn’t close to the level of team that won the cup in June. Look at things realistically and based on importance.

    Lack of a well rounded 4th defenseman
    Lack of a starting LW
    Lack of a “proven” 3rd line center

  46. I found it interesting that when Q was asked in the post game presser if he was sending a message to TT with the healthy scratch, Q bristled and said, no. I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said that guys want to be in the lineup and it BB’s turn, etc. Either he thought Bickell’s size would help us against WPG (it didn’t), or the organization is hoping Bickell will do something so another team might want him. It’s a loss-loss.

    The other thing that caught my eye last night was how well we started at the dot. We were up 15 to 5 at one point, which is always a good sign, and then we faded. It ended up 38-33 in favor of WPG. Kero was at 40% for the night, which is not great but respectable for your first game in the NHL. Anisimov was also at 40% (not good for him), Toews was at his usual 55%, and Kruger got smoked at 29%. Really got spoiled in the playoffs with Richards and Vermette, especially the Cup Final. If Kero can step up and be fundamentally sound at the dot, that in itself will be a huge boost for this team.

  47. Wall,


    I have no problem with that, but really Teravainen may be better at wing? Even LW, maybe – if given the chance? Tikhonov isn’t a “finisher” (at least so far), and maybe that’s what 19 and 81 need (if 81 and 88 do not switch)?

    Moving Bickell’s cap hit is a separate issue – he doesn’t figure into any line combinations? I can understand “paying” to move the $hit, but not an asset as valuable as TT.

    Again (Still), at this point, the sky is NOT falling.

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