Jets Ground Teravainen, Blackhawks

In the Blackhawks’ most physical game of the season, Teuvo Teravainen scored his first NHL goal but it was in vain as the visiting Winnipeg Jets won their fourth straight at the United Center.

Coach Joel Quenneville opened the game with his fourth line of Ben Smith, Marcus Kruger and Daniel Carcillo on the ice.

The Hawks got on the board first when Brandon Saad deposited a ridiculous backhand past Michael Hutchinson for his 13th of the season only 53 seconds into the game. Saad had a strong offensive night skating with Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews, tying Teravainen and Patrick Sharp for the team lead with five shots on goal and adding one takeaway.

After Saad’s goal, the game started to get incredibly chippy. Bryan Bickell played one of the more physical games of his career; he came out leveling anyone he could reach, and had a couple big hits in the game’s opening minutes. After one big hit, Anthony Peluso took exception and dropped the mitts with Bickell; Chicago’s forward got it handed to him pretty well by the younger Peluso. Because he instigated the fight, Peluso picked up an extra minor and 10-minute misconduct while Bickell was hit for only the fighting major.

Chicago’s lead would last less than ten minutes, however, as Zach Bogosian unloaded and beat Corey Crawford for his third of the season. The goal came moments after the Jets were able to kill off a Blake Wheeler penalty.

The physical play continued to ramp up, and less than three minutes after Bogosian’s goal another fight broke out. Jim Slater put Patrick Kane into the boards hard, and Brent Seabrook didn’t like it. After a couple whacks, the two dropped their gloves with Seabrook giving Slater a rough go just as Peluso handled Bickell earlier.

A wild opening 20 minutes of hockey ended with the Jets out-shooting the Hawks 16-12 and 36 penalty minutes already logged.

The parade to the penalty box continued in the second period, with the Hawks killing an early Brad Richards penalty and then Bickell and Dustin Byfuglien going off for off-setting minors.

Carcillo had spent a great deal of the night exchanging pleasantries with Evander Kane between the benches, and Carcillo escalated the physical play late in the second; the period would have ended without much fanfare except Carcillo slammed Mathieu Perreault into the boards with ten seconds left in the middle stanza. Perreault left the ice in a great deal of pain and did not return to the game. Somehow, Carcillo was only called for a minor cross-checking penalty.

The Hawks were undone by 28 seconds in the middle of the third period.

Bryan Little scored a power play goal to give the Jets the lead at 9:31, and Chris Thorburn added the game-winner only 28 seconds later. The Little goal was an really nice passing sequence Wheeler to Bogosian to Little; Thorburn found a tipped puck all alone on the doorstep and made the deposit.

At 12 minutes into the third, Quenneville threw Teravainen on the ice with Kane and Bickell and it paid off on their first shift together. The United Center erupted when Teravainen scored, the culmination of his best night in the NHL lineup. He finished with the team-high five shots on goal and one takeaway, but had a lot of jump from his first shift. He was one of few Hawks forward consistently getting the puck towards the net the entire night, and fans in attendance finally felt like we were starting to see the kid we’ve heard so much about over the last couple years.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the Hawks offense. Andrew Ladd added an empty net goal to extend the score to 4-2, where the game ultimately ended.

Crawford made 31 saves in the loss, while Hutchinson continued his mastery of the Hawks with 31 saves of his own.

The Hawks are back at it when Dallas visits the UC for an early 5 pm CT start on Sunday evening.

TT 1st goal

61 thoughts on “Jets Ground Teravainen, Blackhawks

  1. Winnipeg played their 5th games in seven nights and outplayed us or matched us and frustrated a rested ( or rusty? ) Blackhawk team. I made a comment just a while ago that many teams seem to be moving to a much more physical type of game without losing any of the skill, speed and pace ,,,tonites game was an example of that. Jets are only 2 points back of us for crying out loud! The goal from TT was near identical to the one I saw him score in Saskatoon when we beat the OIlers 5-0 with Darling in net during the preseason. So question is now are we as good as we think we are because we played pretty good tonite and lost our third to these guys and were outplayed by a club that was likely very tired and worn. Hopefully we have good answers going forward. Ladd made Runblad look bad and ran circles around him to set up their first goal. Not going to hit the panic button by any means and TT gives us new weaponary and freshness. We definitely need to improve on the power play.

  2. I thought it was a very entertaining game – great play by Saad and great playing by Bickell (- I believe this is “earning” what the Hawks are paying him for). Obviously, Rundblad need to pay attention all of the time…but in my opinion, the Jets’ third goal was inexcusable = a pair of ALL*STAR defensemen pulling on appendages nowhere near Thorburn while he scored. Winnipeg’s second goal was just two great plays by Zach Bogosian (- “tip-of-the hat”, or whatever…).

    Congratz, Teuvo…MANY more to come.

  3. ABSOLUTELY agree with Mining Man – “…definitely need to improve on the power play.” that’s been a longstanding problem.

  4. The Hawks played except for a few defensive miscues. Unfortunately the Jets capitalized on those miscues. But, even though they lost, I like the jump and physicality the Hawks had all night. If they can clean up those defensive lapses and get back to the team defense they were playing earlier in the year they will still be the team to beat, in my opinion.

    CC had a very strong game, pretty much matching Hutchinson save for save. None of the 3 goals would have been scored if the Hawks defensive coverage was what it should be.

    There aren’t many times after a loss where I can say I’m not really feeling too bad about it but this is one of those times. Yeah it sucks to lose against the Jets again but I like the way the Hawks played.

    Congrats to TT. Hopefully the first of many more.

  5. Bad lack of urgency on Rundblad’s part, no doubt. He could have made a 5 foot pass and the goal never would have happened.

    The Ladd trade, to me, has always hurt the most. a western Canadian kid with tons of heart who stood up to the physical Sharks in the Conference final and played through a separated shoulder, traded for Ivan vishnevskiy and a 2nd rounder(Clendening).

    What’s even more maddening is 3 years later, Kevin cheveldayoff pulled the same thing, nabbing our best penalty killer and playoff energizer bunny -frolik- for a 3rd rounder and 5th.

    These guys are truly just killing the Hawks. Add in byfuglien and Kevin C. Has ultimately feasted on the Stan and the salary cap.

    Somebody start a petition, no more trades with Winnipeg.

  6. Runbad… being Runbad!!! much improved, flashes of great things to come, You can see why he was a high draft pick… then the Brain Cramp play- that always hurts!!!

    Oduya was terrible most of the nite…

    88 and 91 were scared most of the nite…

    Am I the Only one here who would trade 19 for Ladd and Buff or ladd and 67???

    Hogs… Johns comes back… and Hogs instantly throw a shutout… Me thinks/hopes – this is much more than a coincidence…

    TT could/should have 2/3 goals last nite

  7. Rundblad is not an NHL caliber player after watching Ladd make him look like a pee wee player. TVR, we miss you terribly. Put Rundblad on waivers and bring up Johns. Also, stupid penalty by Shaw with the game on the line. Shaw has been below average all season. The Tribune gave him a C minus. I would grade him a D for his first half. Jets third goal was pure laziness on defense allowing a 4th line scrub player to score. Jets played a very good game. Shaw will improve, but please get rid of Rundblad. Rundblad is the Bollig of this season. We cannot win consistently with him om the ice. Third line defense is going to cost us this season unless changes are made.

  8. wall, i would think so. but i’ve seen crazies agree with you before, ha

    That was a great game in which we came up short. nothing more, simple regular season entertainment. i liked it.

  9. Ladd was the player I hated losing most in the 2010 dismemberment. That said, he is where he needs to be. Sorry, Ladd and Buff do not equal 19.

    I thought the Hawks played well. They were 3 inches off all nite, I hate 4 day layoffs. But gotta hand it to the Jets. They have built a great team.

  10. It is increasingly clear that Bowman needs to acquire a physical blue line stay at home defenseman before the trade deadline. Johns is not healthy or NHL ready to contribute. Clendening isn’t rhe answer to anything and Dahlbeck is a wild card as of now. Don’t underestimate the critical need on defense.

    Also have to acknowledge that Father Time has caught up with Hossa and is rapidly encroaching upon Sharp. Richards started out the season terrible, got it together, but of late is showing that his game in general and slowness of skate is a liability. Saad and perhaps Tuevo are going to have to come thru and develop in big ways to address the gap that will only get bigger.

    Finally, the role players in the forward mix are in a collective slump. Particularly Shaw, Kruger and Smith. And if Bickell and Carcillo are the sole “crunchers” up front then this team has a profound and troubling problem.

    Never thought I would think this, but team needs Versteeg back.

  11. So now all of a sudden the Jets are big, skilled and fast with good goaltending. When did that happen? My comments are it was a bad penalty by Shaw and very lame grabbing the jersey. Games like last night make me question his value on the team. I thought Carcillo(even with the dirty hit) and Bicks stepped up. Patrick Kane didn’t seem like Patrick Kane last night and maybe the Jets got to him mentally with their physical play. I would like to see another big defenseman in the lineup,who can skate and handle the puck. If the Jets can play like that every night I think they will win the division, but I don’t think they can. I think they will wear down and injuries etc with their style.

  12. And congrats to T2 for his goal and Q for sticking with him. We will need his skill come playoff time and I think games like last night will get him ready for the playoffs.

  13. This was a highly entertaining to game to watch at the UC as both teams went after it hard. The Jets deserve accolades for pulling the 2 points after so many games in this recent stretch. I figured they might grow a bit weary in the 3rd, but they did not relent. Hawks could just have easily taken the 2 points as well. One can’t fault the effort, and were it not for a few bad bounces around the net the Hawks could have scored 3-4 more. Right now the Jets are getting the bounces against us.

    Can’t say as I have ever seen Bickell play the body that hard in a game. I counted 4 thunderous checks by the man Q calls the pickle head. While you never like to see guys on your team pummeled, Peloso sure schooled Bickell. Did Bicks think Peloso was coming over to for directions to the airport or what? Bicks has to be ready to rumble after blowing up Jets all over the place in the 1st. Nice to see Bickell finally “involved” , after he sleepwalked through the first few months of the season.

    Rundblad had a rough night. That giveaway that resulted in a Jets goal was inexcusable. Rozy had a pretty good game and also gave out some nice licks to some Jets players.

    Seabs going after Slater was entertaining. Seabrook had this look of “oh well here we go” on his face that cracked me just after he dropped the gloves. Good to see 7 had Kane’s back on that play.

    TT had some jump for sure last night. He could have had at least 2 more goals with some luck. His release though was quick and I liked the fact that 86 looked comfortable in whatever situations arose. Paired with better players his creativity was noticeable. It’s a work in progress that appears to have quite a bit of upside. I think the key with TT is that he gets alot of ice time. Either here in the show or in Rockford. I still say give him some PP time paired in with Kane.

    Sorry Wall, Toews stays in Chicago. Wait till we see what Buff and Ladd fetch with their new contracts. Of course I miss those guys, especially Ladd. He was the big one that got away, but Dale paid for a Stanley Cup, and wouldn’t we take some more of that if the possibility was there?? Nice to see Fro playing with lots of energy. Always liked that guy too.

    Can’t fault the effort the Hawks last night. That game was as good as a regular season match-up can get.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  14. This was a truly physical match, but the Hawks made some glaring mistakes. You can fault Runblad all you want on the first goal, but the truth is that Shaw misread his coverage on Ladd and took the wrong route, knocked the stick out of Crows hand and then the puck was in the net. Period.

    Shaws lazy penalty on Kane was inexcusable. When Versteeg comes back, Shaw will take a seat and TT will move to center and work back and forth with Versteeg on the wing. Shaw’s game has fallen off in a HUGE way!!

    If you look at the game as a whole……..around the middle of the 2nd period Winnipeg stopped hitting and pulled back. That’s when the HAwks should have gone for the jugular, but couldn’t get it past Hutchinson. They had plenty of prime scoring chances, too. Hossa, Kaner, Saad, and Sharp all had great chances but couldn’t finish.

    To me, this game showed that the Hawks can play the physical game when pushed, they will not back down. However, this game showed that Winnipeg is good enough to capitalize on mistakes by their opponents. The Hawks made plenty of mistakes in this game!!

    It truth, this team needs more out of Toews, Hossa and Shaw. The Hawks didn’t lose this game because of lack of skill or speed, they lost it because of glaring mistakes and lack of special teams production.

  15. Reg- completely agree on Both- 5 making obvious gaffe w TO on Ladd…
    Had exact thought on 65’s route to Ladd… Runbad was on that side… Crow had the Post… Shaw- should have taken the front of nett… waited for ladd to decide… and then take -weak side away!!! 65 put himself in a place to fail and open up half the ice!!!

    TT has been a top 3 forward in last two games…
    So when 23 comes back… I leave
    29/91/88– only way 29 seems motivated

    29 had a very good game hitting people… but his hands were shit, I saw him off the Puck go to the net- and completely get “tied” up /neutered w D man… for a big body… kind of weak… his fight kind of proves that point… he got hammered.

  16. For those who understand playing fast /speed the Jets where a good example last night. It is a style of play not always a reflecting on the players! Jets get control of the puck in the D end and the forwards take off literally, head down and skate forward if you slow down or look back Hawks will kill ya . . . that is speed, it is a style of play. Hawks I thought played a very very good game! While the HAWKS don’t PLAY Physical “stlye” they do have the “boys” to not get rolled over in fact I think for the first time in a long time they won the “physical battle” and this game is only one reason Carcillo needs to stay with Ben and Marcus that line is brilliant in keeping possession they skate and work hard! JETS are big and pretty quick a la fast, HAWKS had a lot of net presence but what KILLED THE HAWKS was the size and physical play of the JETS D, while the Hawks poked, and shot and tipped and slammed the JET’s D is big enough to get on YOU FAST, so we had no real clean looks even TT goal he just barley got the shot off. Congrats to TT and as I have said he might just need to get a GOAL to show his value to the NHL played a solid game last night. Playing with Sharp is a must, TT needs a certain combination around him and if the Hawks can find it GREAT, all i can say is GET HIM ON THAT SECOND LINE POWER PLAY and YOU might, just might see him SHINE. Jet’s reflect the NHL a lot of talent Hawks can get knocked out in the first round easy, how about those Islanders! Go Hawks . . . oh . . . David Rundblad is actually playing better and better he has some outstanding puck handling skills in our own end and behind the net and never panics and seldom turns the puck over, just saying the KID is playing and on offense he get his shot off and on the net, not wide and high! TVR is coming back when?

  17. funny how we want to “condense” a lose with speed, lack of speed, size errors puck luck blah blah, Hawks played well, they had to play more physical than they like but dominated the physical game in the end. Jets are fast, again hockey guru’s know it is in reference to a “Style of Play” not a clock speed on skaters, i think many here are confused just as the Bruins and Kings play physical, finish your check style does not mean the team is stacked with “Fist.” Hawks should have beaten a TIRED Jets team, but they did not don’t blame Rundblad and bash Bickel . . . long season and no matter what the second half brings the HAWKS can be out in the very first round. But this JETS team is for REAL, tuff, strong across the board and fast ( stlye) not looking around for the perfect pass but skate north to south, Hawks like to chase from behind but these guys skated hard and everyone LOVES to beat the Hawks. All good, Hawks are a top tier team and will occasionally run into a wall of Lucky Goaltending, very more loose pucks last night in front of the Jet Net than all year. Shaw is drifting a little but again to ask him at his size to bring that physical game every night takes a lot out of ya, he’ll recover.

  18. The Jets sure had an easy time getting to the crease on a couple of those goals. 2/7 had an off night. 5 got roughed up on the first goal but still showed flashes of great patience and the ability to stick handle out of danger. TT is starting to show his incredible skill set. I for one will be very disappointed if he is sent down when 23 comes back. TT should be here to stay. 29 had a big night slamming bodies around but he sure got whipped in the fight.

  19. Here are the lines when Versteeg returns:

    1. Hossa-Toews-Saad: Solid, productive, leave it alone.
    2. Kane-Teuvo-Versteeg: A dangerous, fast, nifty-passing line that could wreak havoc.
    3. Bickel-Richards-Sharp: Some size and physicality with Bicks, and some speed and scoring ability
    4. Smith-Shaw-Kruger: Shaw is a natural agitator, other two excellent in their role.

  20. Wall, “Am I the Only one here who would trade 19 for Ladd and Buff or ladd and 67???” — YES. (…at least I would hope so)

    Abe, “Saad and perhaps Tuevo are going to have to come thru and develop in big ways” — it would seem that is The Plan. “…the critical need on defense…this team has a profound and troubling problem” — ALL of these needs and problems, yet the Hawks are 6 pts behind first place Nashville and Anaheim, + 37 goal diff – tied with the Ducks (with 38 games remaining). Agree that Versteeg and van Riemsdyk were contributing much – hope they return 100% soon.

    I would be surprised if Teravainen is returned to Rockford…my guess is Nordstrom.

  21. TCB- NHL is a team sport… Ladd is one of the most under-rated/productive players in NHL… Besides that he can play in ALL situations -like Toews… Ladd IS a winner and the Hawks would get two Productive/needed players for one… For same cap hit or less next year!!!

    Buff would make PP better instantly (in front of net or Point)… or take Frolik for even bigger Cap savings- giving you three quality players (potentially for 19)… Frolik rarely does anything wrong… is a winner/worker!!! Another under appreciated Player in NHL.

    I know it is NEVER going to happen… but just like to start some thought…

    In Pro sports it is easy to find/target guys who are over paid… Usually harder to find “studs” that are under paid (exluding their 1st contract or ELC deals)… I put Ladd and Frolik in the Under paid category!!!

  22. Toews for Buff and Ladd?…include Frolik and I’ll have a cup of coffee and think about that. If you were Winnpeg would you do it? Not from a hockey point of view…from promotion, sales, fan base excitement with hometown hero playing its a winner. Reality is we should never have given up Buff in the first place at all, kept Ladd as part of the core and Frolik as well as a specialist. Who do we lose going back a few years in order to do that? The possibilities are many but it could have been done. I stand resolute in favour of getting rid of the cap. Arizona, Florida, Carolina are not the equivalent of Chicago, New York or Toronto and an artificial man made barrier against this is nonsense. Twenty years from now do we give everyone a “participation award” and don’t bother keeping score? Those three were our guys and now they are their guys and all because of a bunch of nonsense.

  23. Trading Toews is blasphemy. He is the heart and the leader of this team. I wouldn’t trade Toews for anyone.

    Moving past that nonsense …

    Recalling what Ranger fans were saying when the Hawks signed Richards – basically we won’t like his disappearing act. Well I think we “saw” it last night, if it’s possible to “see” a disapprearing act. I don’t know whether it’s because the Jets are fast (and Richards could not keep up) or he shied away from the physical play – but I don’t recall seeing much of #91 last night. With the potentiality of playoffs series against the Blues, Jets, Kings, I’m hoping Richards just had an off game last night and what I witnessed last night is not a harbinger of games to come.

    There are still a lot of TT naysayers out there … well maybe naysayers is not the right word. I’ll rephrase – there are still a lot of Hawks fans insisting TT is not yet ready for the NHL and needs more time in Rockford. They opine he is not ready for the tough games like the playoffs. Don’t count me in that croud. The game against the Jets was playoff level physucal and TT was one of the most noticeable and effective Hawks last night. Does he still have lots of “growing” to do – yes, both physically and experientially, but in my opinion TT should stay up with the Hawks because he can play in the NHL now and should.

  24. Losing Buff, Ladd and Frolik was very unfortunate for the Hawks. But it was a huge salary cap problem. All three are now on the Jets and they could pose a big problem for the Hawks in the playoffs. By the way, the Jets are going to have their own salary cap issues next year up there in that little town. Maybe I’m wrong, but when you boil it all down I think those players could have been kept if the Hawks had elected to move Sharp and gone cheap on a goalie. I am sure somebody could fact check me on that and its probably still debatable on the right move, but I don’t see the point in going over it again now. I am hopeful that T2 stays with the team and the Hawks look to add some size with skill for the 3rd defensive pairing either through a trade or promoting someone from Rockford. The Jets look great right now, but can they keep it up and succeed in the playoffs. I’m guessing they are going to wear down with their physical style as they play other physical teams and injuries continue to pile up. Of course, I could be wrong. With Saad going strong, some development from T2 and some tweaking on the blue line I think the Hawks will make it to the finals. Go Hawks

  25. TT is not going to grow his game in Rockford. The kid has to stay at the NHL level so he can DEVELOPE at the NHL level. Let him play a regular shift every game and we can all see him grow into a superstar………..I hope.

    The move he made on his goal was nothing short of remarkable. He had 3 guys around him and still toe-pulled the puck out of a defenders feet and got off a great shot. 20 year old players in the AHL don’t do that. That’s all NHL talent.

  26. All i heard last night post game was Steve Konroyd repeateadly saying the jets are big and fast the jets are big and fast , Buff is 260 and other players are almost as big so what is Bowman doing babysitting his old man or is he paying attention to what the Hawks need B

  27. Enough of this silly “trade 19” talk. Let’s discuss my lines:

    1. Hossa-Toews-Saad: Solid, productive, leave it alone.
    2. Kane-Teuvo-Versteeg: A dangerous, fast, nifty-passing line that could wreak havoc.
    3. Bickel-Richards-Sharp: Some size and physicality with Bicks, and some speed and scoring ability
    4. Smith-Shaw-Kruger: Shaw is a natural agitator, other two excellent in their role.

  28. Jonathan Toews is the ONLY player in any sport in Chicago in the last 15 years who is untouchable. Not Rose, not Urlacher… post-Jordan, Toews is the only untouchable in this city. If you’re entertaining the idea that moving him is rational, you need to change the stuff you’re smoking back to tobacco.

  29. Towes ain’t going anywhere . . . Ladd and Buff where two strong skilled players. After the first cup the hawks lost some “girth” and “grit” it’s a radically different team now. Even losing TROY BROUWER at 6″ 3″ was not good I like him, but “budget is budget a la cap.” Andrew Ladd at 6″ 3″ and Buff at 6″ 5′ you see the pattern, big guys, strong and dependable . . . but the cap was the cap and Kruger, Smith and TT all under 6′ sort of doesn’t make up for that lose of size and more important skill but that is the NHL. go hawks

  30. If the 29-91-88 line can be effective offensively and not a negative on defense, then I’d still go with what I posted a week ago for the lineup when Versteeg comes back:


  31. Wall: I understand the value of those three guys. I hated losing each and every one of them. And Ladd probably more so than the others. But that was purely cap related, not sure it could have been avoided.

    That said, one of the golden rules when considering any trade is that the team receiving the best player in the deal usually benefits most from the deal. Toews is a HOF’er. The others aren’t. Remember Savard for Chelios?

    SB wouldn’t think twice about it, and the marketing aspect would have ZERO bearing on the decision.

  32. Why the perennial comments re trading Towes? How about a realistic topic. It was a matter of time before Carcillo fell off the wagon. Q will not trust him in the playoffs; same can be said for Nordstrom. His play fell off, and he’s been a healthy scratch for Carcillo. Once Versteeg gets back, the lines will stabilize. Teavo is a nice player, I don’t see him as a “life changing” player like Kane or Toews; the playoffs is a different animal. Burish can be had for minimum salary, any money San Jose can save is a bonus. He can still skate, good at face offs, and far smarter gritty player than Carcillo. He has an economics degree from Wisc. He fits in perfectly as the 12 or 13 forward. Great locker room/road companion as well. Thank you

  33. I lament the Ladd and Frolik trades the most as well. They were great role players who did whatever it took to win.

    That being said, those two combined do not bring everything Toews brings to the table. A captain in every sense of the word, he is untouchable.

    The more intriguing scenario would involve Kane’s hometown team, not Toews’.

    Imagine this…

    Buffalo continues to struggle and finishes 29th in the league, but overtakes Edmonton in the draft lottery. Tim Murray calls Stan Bowman with a trade proposal…

    The 1st overall pick straight up for RW Patrick Kane.

    Does Stan even consider this? A face of the franchise for an 18 year old kid?

    While I wouldn’t do it (neither would Bowman), imagine McDavid (and his entry level contract ~ 9.7 million dollars less than Kane’s hit next year) in the line up as 2C.

    No more worries about keeping Saad and Kruger and Seabrook. More cap space to make moves.

    What would you do?

  34. Frolik Navidad…interesting scenario…so the Commited Indians have now traded Toews to the “Peg” for Buff, Ladd and Frolik and Kane to Buffalo for Connor McDavid. Well first of all I’ll have another heart attack (as will just about all the rest of us) and secondly Tab would boot our sorry asses off the site in perputuity! Well…they did trade Gretzky at one time.

  35. It’s time to dump Carcillo. He’s an enforcer? He’s an embarrassment. He’s not the only rat in the league but he has no place on this Blackhawks team. I’m all for toughness but I mean real toughness – not taking z cheap shot like last night. Think about this: Perreault has been the league’s hottest player over the past month and this piece of crap took him out like a character from Slapshot. If you think he adds something, check out his “enforcing” abilities:

  36. Who wouldn’t like Buff or Ladd but never, never at the the expense of 19. Wow!

    My biggest worry is that Toews is one significant head shot away from at the very least being lost for the season-and there are some nut-bars out there who could do it.
    I agree with Tab that it would be nice to have some size with TT and Kane-and even Bickel would get some goals with those hands feeding him.

  37. Honestly, I detect some OVERreaction to the Carcillo cross check. Maybe Carcillo’s reputation magnifies the play? It was no worse than players positioned in front of the goal crosschecked down from behind, which usually results in a minor penalty, but sometimes no call. Unfortunately a small, skilled player was injured…however, it was not “a vicious crosscheck” as Jets coach Paul Maurice claimed (of course he will try to manipulate it in Winnipeg’s favor if possible). Perhaps the Jets’ quarrel should be with the manufacturer of Perrault’s elbow and/or shoulder pads? Or, maybe it was just unfortunate that Carcillo missed his protective equipment?

    If the NHL department of player safety levies a significant suspension (an in-person hearing would indicate), it’s the same make-it-up-as-they-go-along horseshit we’ve (OK, I’ve) come to expect.

  38. @Dickie Dunn. Fair points. Can’t argue with your take on discipline in NHL. Very arbitrary. I guess my point regarding Carcillo is that I think he takes more from team than he adds. He really comes off like an idiot. I don’t think he adds any kind of intimidation factor. I get that a team is a combination of mixers and painters but Carcillo is neither. It is a bit embarrassing that he yaps but really can’t back it up. Last night seemed the height of it. Yapping at Wpg Kane but then all he is able to put up is his hit on Perreault- which looked pretty cheap. He comes off as a rat – and we’re above that.

  39. Brad, I can’t dispute your point about Carcillo. He was able to maintain control until last night, and he actually contributed some energy, adequate defensive play, and a few goals at times, as well as absolutely sucking (- a healthy scratch) at other times.

    Against the Jets, in a physical game (including a few “borderline” hits on both sides), he tried to step-up…which must be a large part of his role. He is not an “enforcer” (or, he’s been saving it for the appropriate moment – HA, HA…), but Q and his team mates seem to appreciate him(?). Bickell (lately, anyway), Seabrook, and Shaw (lighter weight) and Rozsival (less often) are pretty much the only “hitters”, so that might play into Carcillo’s job security in Chicago?

    When Versteeg returns, Carcillo and Shaw may rotate/share the odd-man-out? At least if Nordstrom heads to Rockford?

  40. …don’t get mad, but Burish was “an interchangeable part”.

    “Burish is playing for the Wolves. What does that say about him?” — Next.

  41. In my opinion the Hawks are using Carcillo to replace Bollig with the subtle(or not so subtle)message of if you get overly aggressive against our star players (i.e Kane, Toews, Hossa)Carcillo will go after you and who knows what he will do out there. There not condoning it, but the fact is he’s a deterrent. We all saw the Jets hit Patrick Kane hard etc. and the Jets strategy looks like it worked because Kane had an off night. So on one hand Winnipeg wants to play physical against star players so they have to expect push back, but on the other hand as a Hawks fan I don’t want to see Carcillo do what he did. We want the Hawks to win the right way. This is why I don’t see the Jets going far in the playoffs. They will be in a “war” every game and get worn down/injured. Just my opinion.

  42. Frolik- I love your “what if- Buffalo scenario”… makes for great sit around /and play GM talk… like my 19 trade…

    Let’s see… the Hawks get McDavid or Eichel (I would keep 19 in this scenario) and About 7/8 Million + in Cap relief (don’t know min. pay for 1st picks)… Call me crazy/gambler … but I like that deal… you are giving up proven rare talent/finisher…
    But Odds are McDavid/Eichel will be at worst All-stars and Hawks have another $8 M
    to throw at other respectable players…

    Plus seven years younger… prime time of careers and ELC cap control…
    Once again the crowd/fan base will say no… I say if McD or Eichel come close to hype… it would be a winning trade for Hawks…. (I know it isn’t going to happen)-
    without a major trade like that… Hawks will need to get “lucky” with 2 Saad type of prospects to be serious contenders (imo)… or they will be Penguins 2.0…

    I am not seeing that “guy” yet… Hope TT can be one…

    The biggest real negative of my 19/Ladd trade is Ladd is on the downside of Prime…
    so makes trade much less attractive longer term
    But- most everyone here is Undervaluing Ladd… there isn’t that much Difference between Ladd and 19… (not $5M- which can buy you a Quality other player)-but that kicks in next year

    NHL- isn’t NBA – where 1 super star- 23/LeBron/ Duncan can really effect several Championships… Just isn’t…

  43. I hope everybody here is right about Carcillo being the odd man out when 23 comes back. We are talking about Q. I wish I was positive 86 stays up. That hit on Perrault was pathetic. Carcillo brings very little to the table. He can’t finish and is not defensively responsible. He blows up at the worst times. They don’t call him Carbomb for nothing.

  44. Hawks1961, besides Friday, when this season has Carcillo blown-up? And, what defines “at the worst times”? Friday, the crosscheck came at 19:50 of the 2nd period in a 2-1 game. It might be fair to believe Carcillo was not aware a slashing penalty to Scheifele was called because the official was 100-plus ft. behind him, but he probably was Keith’s stick slashed out of his hands – the play was in front of him.

    I think Pete’s comments might cover it – “if you get overly aggressive against our star players (i.e Kane, Toews, Hossa)Carcillo will go after you and who knows what he will do out there…he’s a deterrent.”

  45. I think Kane had an off night because the Jets took away the halfboards and forced him to the middle where they hoped 2or 3 large bodies could take away enough space to stop him which was pretty good plan. He pointed and made space for T2 to shoot in front of the goal where people go to get whacked so im not sure how “intimidated” he was by the physical play. Also, Bickell was a nightmare on the boards and couldn’t keep a puck to save his life. Injecting some more mobility with T2 helped alleviate some of that later in the game. On the other hand Toews Saad and Hossa did whatever they wanted.

    Big cause for concern is the 4th line getting pinned in for what seems like an eternity. I don’t know how they fix that group but they look bad.

    Carcillo is an idiot and the NHL suspending stupidity does not bother me. Also, Keith tried to send a flying elbow at one point but wasn’t able to connect. Still trying to figure out who made him go insane.

  46. Dickie- Carcillo negated a power play at a critical point of the game when we were down by a goal. I am having a hard time believing Carcillo did not know a slashing penalty was called. If he didn’t he needs to be more aware of what is going on around him. I am all for good hard checks but there is no place in the NHL for cheap shots like the one Carcillo inflicted on Perrault. I will admit that Carcillo has been more under control this year than last but he is a ticking time bomb. My main point is that he brings nothing to the table. I would much rather see 42 because he is faster and much more defensively responsible. Good observation AJ on the 4rth line. They also made me nervous with their inability to exit the zone.

  47. Hawks1961, Nordstrom has more skill and speed – I would rather see him play as well, but somebody (Q, SB, team mates) whose opinion matters likes Carcillo.

    Scoring on the powerplay is a GREAT course of action whether it negates cheap shots or not.

  48. The jets started the crap when Kane was nailed on the boards, they went after our star so they should expect payback unfortunately car bomb really is not a fighter ala Harrison who is 6ft 4 So Bomb cheap shots Perreault disgusting if you watch it also Bickel was handed his smack down . I dont know the Hawks dont really have anybody that is adequate as an enforcer, Carcillo is a lot like Magnuson undersized not really a fighter but was willing . Anyway the days of goons are over you have to enforce by comittee and on the Hawks where it seems two thirds of the team are 6 foot or under it becomes disheartening when our guys get pummeled B

  49. This game is just another ongoing example of how Stan has not kept up with the rest of the division. For the 2nd year in a row, the Hawks have regressed and the rest of the division has moved forward. NO amount of sugarcoating can cover that fact.

    Losing Leddy, keeping Oduya, giving away Jimmy Hayes, keeping Dan Carcillo. Just what exactly has Stan done in last 2 years to actually make the Hawks better. But don’t worry, after the salary cap forced cuts, next year may be worse.

    This team needs to make a big move / trade fast (and no, not a stay at home defenseman like Johns) or it’ll certainly be one and done.

  50. I really don’t think the Hawks have regressed all that much.

    Their third pairing this year has been a challenge since TVR got injured. Dahlbeck isn’t as ready as some would have liked and the latest fill ins have been meh. The fourth line has been somewhat of a nightmare as well.

    Otherwise, third in the division (game in hand to STL) is right where they want to be at this point. Not dissimilar to Colorado, the Jets are going to live and die by their goaltending and aside from being massive, I don’t buy what they’re selling. The Blues are going to crap the bed so who cares about them. Nashville may drop some games as well with Rinne out.

    If you look at the January \ February results from the last 4 years (absent the lock out) the Hawks have been garbage. For whatever reason this is when they hit their lull and I expect them to drag through the next month or so with a slightly better than .500 record. Just the nature of the beast at this point.

    This is the perfect time for them to hit a eh point. They can regroup in March and wreak all manner of destruction in April and May when it really counts.

    Basically, veteran to add some stability to the 4th line and hoping they can find a serviceable 5th defender to eat 12-15 minutes internally or externally puts them as absolute favorites. Even at this point, the Hawks have a terrifying line up. The strongest 1st line in the game followed by whom ever Patrick Kane’s brilliance is resurrecting. And all of those 5.9 millions of Patrick Sharps salary sitting on the third with a very good north\south change of pace line. Keith is the best defender in the league (homer bias dgaf) and Hammer and Seabrook are killing for fun.

    Better off than a lot of the league and I’m going to chalk this up to a valley after a very successful peak.

  51. Hawkfacts… I smell what you are cookin…

    Hawks will be Penguins… very good … but not enough to overcome deeper/more well rounded teams with some young energy/talent!!!

    Erixon is worse than 5… and 5 is just ok…

    91 is looking more like Bruno every day…

    Hawks D is losing a step across the board…

    Sharp and Hoss are not getting shots thru as in past…

    When was the last time the Captain scored…

    the 4th line looks tired…

    Why does Q still use 2 and 91 on point on PP??????????????????
    didn’t he see the 1st 4 Short handed goals the Hawks let up in first few weeks???

  52. Wall: thanks, See tonite’s game with Stars as yet another indication. Getting run out of the building, at home with a team traveling to your place after a tough game the night before.

    Pay attention boys, the playoffs are no slam dunk.

  53. Goals against are obviously killing the Hawks. The vaunted big 4 have not been very good.

    Can’t blame Rundblad tonight. But neither he or Erixon have much to do with this funk. This past weekend the Hawks were simply outplayed by the opposition and I might add that both Winnipeg and Dallas looked a lot hungrier.

  54. Craig… not only hungrier,,, FASTER – which Mike the Mook has pointed out several times…

    NHL is not an old man’s league… The Hawks don’t have “snipers” in the Prospect pool… And the Hawks 2 Best Snipers/shooters (imo) 81/10 are on the wrong side of 30+

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