52 thoughts on “Jimmy Vesey Signs With New York Rangers

  1. Best of luck in NY… Going to be hard to live up to the hype. Hope he doesn’t plan on going to Boston any time soon.

    Bring in Hudler.

  2. Relief. To hell with this little entitled d bag. Now we an hate him and Hayes together. New York is a non threat and easy to dislike. Perfect landing spot.

  3. How is he a douche? Because he didn’t sign here? Because the media hyped the hell out of him? He did exactly what he said he was going to all along. Is Thomas Dipauli a db? How about John Gilmour? Zach Hyman?

    All drafted players that “spurned” the team that drafted them to sign elsewhere. These kids put the time in to go to school for 4 years and get an education. Put in that position you may or may not do the same damn thing depending on who drafted you. Not when every contract you could potentially see is the same dollar wise.

  4. Let the entitled little prick play in NY. I was never comfortable signing him. Hope the first time he goes against Nashville one of their blueliners run the prick into the boards and drop the gloves with him. Rearange his entitled little prick face.

  5. Vermette went and signed with Anaheim (geez) so I’m in the “take a look at Hudler” camp. Good luck to Vesey. NY spotlight on him! If he is the real deal I’m glad he’s in the East.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

    p.s. Looked up Hudler’s faceoff stats. Not too glowing. Think the Hawks would play him strictly at wing or would they try him at center some ……

  6. I get the impression Panarin is going to want to be paid every nickel in which case it might have been hard to retain Vesey if he had had 2 good years with us. If Kempny plays well he will want a significant bump next year as well. Vesey was worth pursuing but we can make do.

  7. Glad its over …now we can Focus on keeping our kids and PLAY them …..Hawks have a few Kids who are willing to play so Please let them Play …..

  8. First Rufus, you’re not comfortable with pretty much anything the Hawks do, so let’s get that out of the way. But calling the guy names and calling him entitled for something clearly spelled out in the CBA is absolutely uncalled for. You seem like one of those people where jealousy plays a huge factor. That people are worth what they’re getting paid when it comes to sports. Get over yourself. It is a unique situation no doubt. But you have no leg to stand on calling someone names you don’t know much less met.

    This pseudo outrage is absolutely ridiculous and I feel sorry for the kid. He didn’t create these expectations. He did exactly what he said he wanted to do last april. He wanted to make an informed decision that would make the most sense for him on a personal and professional level. He’s been fortunate enough to do that…and get an education at fucking Harvard. If it was all about hockey game, why did he go to Harvard in the first place. Congrats to Vesey and the Rangers.

  9. Everyone’s salty reaction is completely conditional.
    You can say you thought he was overrated and fuck him and good riddance, but had he signed in Chicago you’d be cheering with excitement (as I would have).
    I think he made a poor choice in NYR but then again who knows. No one knows how these teams pitched to him but him and his agent. Maybe he was guaranteed top line.
    At the surface though, why pick a down-trending team and a rival of your hometown?

  10. Damn, rather than having three guys chasing a Calder, now we only have Motte and Schmaltz. Hey, we got spurned by Hayes and we won a cup. Now we get spurned by Vesey, and we’ll go on to win a cup. Ho Hum!!! Go Hawks!!!

  11. Prima donnas go hand in hand in NYR.

    I am driving to Boston in the morning for the wknd to hang with my dad and will be a interesting true hometown banter.

  12. This hurts and it’s disappointing. But let’s face it, The Hawks gave it their “all”.

    Kane, the preeminent offensive talent in the NHL, paid the kid a personal visit. Supposedly Scotty Bowman, the most successful coach and hockey mind EVER, called to push for the Hawks, and he still went elsewhere.

    Oh well. We tried.

    I will say this, at least he wasn’t a Hawks asset/draft pick. The Hawks were not “spurned” in this case. The team that got screwed as Nashville. He was their guy. They offered him an NHL roster spot. Yes they got a 3rd rounder from Buffalo for his rights, but that 3rd rounder, likely won’t see the NHL ice until 2021 or beyond. The Preds lost out on Vesey.

    Stan will move on. He always does.

  13. Apparently he was talking to Hayes brothers about this? The kid who “spurned” the Hawks and the brother who got traded away after spending time in Q’s doghouse? I’m sure they had lots of great things to say about Chicago. Disappointed that he won’t be here, it would have been nice to get a little size in the top 6. Not surprised he didn’t come though…

  14. The Rangers? Seriously? A bit perplexing.
    Pens had Crosby meet him and Islanders had Tavares and could have played with Bergeron and Marchand in Boston at least… and the Rangers have… Kevin Hayes?
    If he went to NY because of Kevin Hayes all teams are better off without him.
    I’m sure Boston finds this more perplexing though.

  15. Bright lights, big city I guess. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere! And all that stuff.

    The Rangers are a team seriously on the downside…the window isn’t closing… , it’s closed. The choice is rather surprising. This is actually better for us as we have talent that needs some ice time. Let them loose with the best and see it happen.

    Morrison- drive carefully.

  16. I have a question foot those who say “he’s just playing the system”. What’s the point of entering the draft if you’re going to play out your 4 years and sign elsewhere? That’s my problem with these guys. By entering the draft (rules or no rules) you’re giving the drafting team the impression that you’ll play for whichever team drafts you. I understand the system, but it sucks and needs to be addressed in the next CBA.

  17. Jim, any player that will be 18 by September 15th must declare for the draft. We’ve taken that for granted. Vesey, however was passed over his age 18 draft. He never had to declare for his age 19 draft in which the Predators chose him.

    Kind of a special case. Now beyond that. Tab linked an article Vesey himself wrote in the players tribune. He noted one specific case where he was asked if he wanted to go to school or be a hockey player because he was going to Harvard. He was deeply offended by that. So, let’s say Nashville was the team that asked that question. If Vesey feels he was disrespected then and that’s how he’d be seen why sign there. If he sucked what does Nashville do? They kick him to the curb. Oh well a 3rd rounder lost. The draft is a crap shoot and Nashville lost. Look at Connor Bleakely. First round pick. Avalanche hated him almost immediately and never even made him an offer. They traded his rights. And he re-entered the draft. So I could see perhaps a rule change next CBA where NCAA prospects that don’t want to sign with the original drafting team by june 10th must re enter the draft 2 weeks later.

  18. For everyone writing that Kevin Hayes strikes again. Come On !!!!

    Yes Kevin Hayes and Vesey are friends, but there is no way a Harvard educated kid decided to play hockey for the Rangers instead of the 3x Cup champs Blackhawks because he was taking advice from a mental midget like Hayes.

    Now he might like Hayes but Vesey also heard from Patrick Kane, John Taveras, Scotty Bowman, among others.

    Vesey wanted to play on the East Coast. He gathered all the possible intel and made the decision. Sure he gets to play with his friend Hayes. But if people think that the Hayes factor soured Vesey on the Hawks, then I guess a Harvard degree ain’t what it used to be.

  19. Ernie, thanks for the insight regarding the draft. I honestly never knew they were required to declare for the draft. I figured that if they wanted the freedom to choose their own destination, why waste some other team’s time or picks.

  20. I’m with Rufus on this. It’s an emotional reaction. Sports bring that on. Fuck him–I hope he sucks.

  21. To play for the hawks for next 2 years he would be second fiddle and only a piece of the puzzle but in the nyc he gets a chance to be the main guy with alot of exposure to help land a major payday and close to home

  22. The Blackhawks will neither win or lose the Stanley Cup in 2017 because they do not have Jimmy Vesey. He would have been a really nice blue chip, young winger to add to our stable.

    It would have been nice to nab what would have amounted to a free 1st round pick.

    It did not happen. Thankfully St. Louis did not get Dallas did not get him, Anaheim, the Kings, Sharks, Preds, Wild, all did not get him either.

    Should be an interesting next few days to see if Stan tries to upgrade the left wing depth or if Motte and Panik will battle to play on the Toews line.

  23. Clearly he wanted to stay near home and the Bruins led by Sweeney are clearly a shit show. Ill be curious to watch him play.

  24. Some of the posters here need to get a life. Get out of the house away from the computer and you might find there is a world out there with wonderous sights and sounds in it. I too am a Blackhawks Hockey fan but its for entertainment not life and death. Lighten up a little people.

  25. The drama finally ends ,Whew,.,.the suspense was eating away at me like a ticking time bomb ,pulling my hair out ,chewing on my nonexistent finger nails, hovering over the computer ,.,.filing through my files,.,.cross examining all the facts, fill the bong ,take a hit,.,.,woooooh !!!!! With King Henric in net , To paraphrase Bob Dylan ,They ain,t going no where.

  26. The dynasty is far far far from over,,,every team has cap issues, thiose that don’t really suck, market forces prevail. Kruger at 3 million is a mystery but it is what it is. We stole Panarin, best deal on the planet with Keith. It all balances out.

    Can you imagine the outcry and howls, the lost attendance, the lack of marketing force, the disgust, the seriously impacted bottom line had we lost Kane or Toews or both of them. Come on!

  27. Lots left in the dynasty to all the naysayers looking for half empty glass i say its way more than half full and a little top up and away again this year

  28. Big Al – Well said.

    Sit back & enjoy the ride while it’s still fun. The clock is ticking on “everyone”. Appreciate what we have, it won’t be here forever…

  29. Hiya there Dickie Dunn. I certainly see your point about giving Motte a chance. I still like looking at Hudler, but only if the money is right for the Blackhawks with what they’ve got left to deal with. I was a little surprised that Vermette got as much from Anaheim as he did. Good for him.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  30. Big Indian — with draws a problem last season, I think Vermette would’ve been welcome in Chicago, but not at that price. Hudler had a big year in 2015, but he isn’t coming off of a large buy-out like Brad Richards, so he probably would rather not sign at a bargain rate. And, the prospects aren’t worth much if they aren’t developed into players – Pittsburgh did well last year giving Rust, Kuhnhackl, and Sheary a chance – they delivered in the playoffs.

  31. Pittsburgh’s guys why they came up adequately in the playoffs (when it matters) they didn’t have a history of showing they could do it at the next level. Sheary equaled his production in the playoffs with half the games, Ditto for Rust. Attribute that to whatever you like, but in general contracts that are handed put because of one playoff performance are usually bad investments almost immediately.

  32. Hey, the kid turned down a legit chance to start on a contender, possibly winging a guy who wins 60% of his faceoffs. He wasn’t going to get paid any more to enter the Quenneville meat grinder than to Enter a no pressure situation in the biggest market in the league. Do you need to go to Harvard to make that decision?

  33. Read- Mathias From- scored goal in 1st Pre-Season game for SHL last week!!!

    Really like this kid- Noticeably faster skater than Most at Camp this summer… I think he rises in Hawk’s prospect pool pretty quickly…

  34. Panik – Toews – Kane
    Panarin – Anisimov – Schmaltz
    DesJardins – Hinostraza – Hossa
    Motte – Kruger – Tootoo/Mashinter

    Panik has no business on a top line, but what are the options? Hate to split up Panarin-Anismov-Kane, but Toews will desperately need help on his line. Hossa is no longer top two line material. I’m not much of a Hinostraza fan because he is “just a guy,” and too limited skill to be a serious Center in this league. I hope Motte and Schmaltz are ready to break camp with the Hawks, but one or both may need time in Rockford.

  35. lets see which combinations look best in camp and preseason games, eventually it should be the two of the kids besides Toews. but most likely Hossa and Panik, until the blender starts rotating

  36. Dineen reportedly in running for Avs job. As much I like him and wish him the best that would suck for us.

  37. It would’ve been nice to sign Vesey, but there is the sales component that needs to work too. As “recon” input, I asked a friend in Boston about Vesey and as a player he looks as if he’s developing late, his size is there, but his skating skills need a up-grade. As he takes the next step up he’ll have to ramp up his conditioning big time to gain the extra speed needed to compete. Great hands for a big man, but he’s no Malkin even when Malkin was in his prime. Eh, he’s young, and nothing is forever. On paper he looked like a great fit on the left side, … Marion Hossa can’t take on as many minutes this year and be effective, but on the other hand you have to start looking for the heir apparent, … It’s not going to be easy. Every team has cap issues, and next year after Las Vegas comes on line everyone will be sining the blues about the expansion draft.

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