Joel Quenneville Mixing Forward Lines?

Alex DeBrincat has one point in his last six games and skated a season-low 11:30 in Vegas. Skating with veterans Jonathan Toews and Brandon Saad would give him more offensive opportunities.

John Hayden has been headed in the opposite direction of DeBrincat. His ice time has increased in each of the last three games and his short-handed goal was the only spark the Blackhawks had offensively for 55 minutes in Vegas. He’s been consistently physical and has certainly earned a role with more offensive potential.

Richard Panik getting bumped up/down (depending on how you view the Hawks’ lines) to skate with Patrick Kane and Nick Schmaltz doesn’t take much away from his offensive opportunities but bumps down Ryan Hartman, who has struggled lately and has been the target of opponents’ cheap shots recently as well.

It appears Q is mixing his defensive pairs as well:

26 thoughts on “Joel Quenneville Mixing Forward Lines?

  1. Q- is headed in right direction… hope he gives it 3-4 games

    I suggested DCat and Hayden Up… Hartman down

    as well as Seabs – headed to 5th/6th D man all year

    but – I am just a Big ASSHAT!!!

  2. Nice to see Joel making changes.
    Hayden on 3rd line is well deserved.
    20 19 10
    14 8 88
    38 15 40
    17 57 12

    Not sure about Debrincat playing ahead of 10, 40, or 38? More and more, #12 seems overwhelmed by the size and speed of the NHL.

  3. It about making our way to 4 good lines, nothing else. You find things sometimes, that you wernt looking for, when you do things needed for compete/when we play we play. Watch us find something out of these lines that could spark a line/pair that we go with for the bulk of 82.

  4. I think ADC deserves a few looks up top. If he falters there I won’t be surprised to see him in RFD shortly.

    Hayden has arguably been one of the Hawks best all-around forwards, he deserves increased ice time.

    Hartman like Shaw has the ability to “float” up and down the lineup.

    Nice to see more Kempny I like his game, on the other side not sure I need more Forsling. I’ll have my eyes on the Seabs/Forsling pair specifically

  5. @ WALL

    Hey you big ASSHAT! Just because you are more critical then some don’t let others rosy (no pun intended) colored glasses skew your view on what you are seeing. Some Hawks fan on here would prefer to see only sunshine and balloons.

  6. SSHM – it isn’t about only seeing sunshine and balloons. It is about doing more than bitching & moaning about Toews & Seabrook daily – which appears to be 95% of Wall’s capabilities.

  7. Again- “In Q we trust”!! Let’s see what juggled lines will do… but let’s not grant ice time proportional to salary! If you make $8-10M and you’re playing like a 5-6 D, or 4th liner with 8 mins- so be it! Q will reward those who perform under his system! SB needs to do his job- talent, speed, size and salary cap room?

  8. Tab- common man… I admit I am repetitive on the Seabrook/contract whining…

    But 95% of my Content… that is not close to accurate…

    I posted a few days ago- about moving 12 and 40 up with better players- as well as moving Seabrook down…

    Original thoughts- that also – appear to be right ( for now) in Q’s Eyes

  9. Wall, I’d enjoy you so much more if you left out any mention of 19 or 7 in your post. Everyone here is acutely aware you think they’re overpaid has beens.

    I actually like hearing your feedback when it comes to prospects as your one of the only ones that go out to see Rockford.

  10. Ya can’t tell how guys will do with each other until they play together but the more I think of the lineup changes, the more I like them.

    Moving Cat up to line 1 puts him position to play with top-6 players. At this point in Sharp’s career he is not a top-6 player and Anisimov was always more of a 3C who was adequate at 2C because he had Kane and Panarin on his wings. Cat’s play making and shooting ability should mesh well with Toews and Saad who both go to the net, play along the wall and play at a high level.

    The 4th line shouldn’t miss a beat with Hartman joining Bouma and Wingels.

    Hayden will hopefully bring some energy to Sharp and Anisimov who seem old and slow lately. I probably would have put Hayden at LW on the 2nd line and Panik at RW on the 3rd line.

    Can’t wait to see how it works.

  11. I like Hayden on 3rd line because he makes that line big like the 29/26/81 line. This could be the line that goes off.

  12. I did get to look at the sch. Not a good sch. for us. This pisses me off.

    There are 11 sections where we have off more then normal (1 or 2 days) between games.
    6 days between games- once
    5 days between games- 4 times
    4 days between games- 6 times

    There are 3 sections where we have a normal stretch of good spacing between games.
    6 games in a row
    7 games in a row
    14 games in a row

    Which means the sch. makers smushed games together (3in4/4in6/6in10) and 11 times have way to many days between games which can get us out of sinc.

    We should be up to speed after 15/20 games, so hopefully we can not let this screw us. Maybe by having so many, 11, mini vacations we will get used to it and use it somehow to our advantage.

  13. Was away for two weeks in the States so away from the daily grind of reading all the posts (it was a nice break, and good to see that the same battle lines have been drawn-mostly repetitive ones, from doom and gloom to rose coloured glasses to excuses and everything in between)

    Like that the lines have been changed-it might produce some much needed energy.
    I’ve seen some of the other teams play on TV and how the d-men move the puck out quickly (Anaheim, Tampa, Columbus etc.) and the Hawks try but don’t get it done as well. The new NHL is pace-pace-pace.
    Agree with others that the NHL is passing 7 by-it’s too bad as he is a warrior and a great Hawk.
    Great to experience some ‘Middle America’

  14. Hayden is solid, he plays with an edge as well which you can’t teach. Aside from the fact he has an offensive skillset, immediately prior to his shorthanded goal he ran into Vegas D-man Engelland and challenged him “c’mon let’s go, c’mon let’s go.” The guy is on a mission.

  15. Noonan, your right I ll try not to sound so rosy. I ll try to make it look mean.

    Its tuff I do have rosy colored glasses plugging my ears.

    Speaking of mean, Hayden isnt just hits and grit. He is the big and fast player everyone talked about getting for yrs. We need more size to small and only fast. Coming to a theater near you, get your tickets before theres any left.

  16. Wall,

    If you talk enough, you’re right occasionally. You’ve also wanted 50, 19, 88, and 7 dealt, to name a few. You’ve gushed over prospects that have never developed into anything time after time. Congrats on saying DeBrincat needed to move to a line that better suited his skills, and that Hayden should move up as well. Really looked into the crystal ball with that forecast.

    Actually think DeBrincat is better slotted the left of 8 with 88 in the right. I think 38 or 40 would be an interesting look with 20 & 19.

  17. Ian, Garrison on waivers. were those the two best 2nd pair defenseman that they had as possible Hoss ltir. Could another team claim him then trade 50% retained.

  18. the ONLY reason you buy on Garrison is if you think he helps the PP and you can dump salary in a deal (looking more at Anisimov than Hossa – taking money off LTIR doesn’t help the Hawks’ cap situation). I’m not buying there. Would prefer they continue investing in Murphy’s future than Garrison.

  19. Sure, there were two 2nd pair guys from that team that might be available, if we were to add a 2nd pair defenseman. Are we not going to add a 2nd pair defenseman for short term. I do agree on developing our younger defenseman and they will get better with time, for going forward.

    Thought we would add a defenseman, then we can be sellers at deadline with the extra defenseman. Since were not a contender or top 5 team according to people here.

    What about adding a faceoff guy then.

  20. Interesting lines. I would rather see D-Cat with 88 & 8. At least he will finally be playing with guys that can finish his passes. Agree with other posters that Hayden deserved the promotion.

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