Joel Quenneville Moves Up All-Time Ranks

The Blackhawks’ 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday night was the 684th in the head coaching career of Joel Quenneville. He is now tied with Pat Quinn for fourth in the history of the NHL.

Since taking over as the head coach in Chicago early in the 2008-09 season, Quenneville has an incredible 246-113-49 record. Of the coaches with the ten highest win totals in NHL history, only Scotty Bowman has a higher point percentage (.657) than Quenneville (.615).

Quenneville needs eight more wins to move into a third place tie with Dick Irvin, who coached the Hawks from 1930-32. Al Arbour is second in NHL history, 90 victories ahead of Irvin.


8 thoughts on “Joel Quenneville Moves Up All-Time Ranks

  1. Simple. Hall of Fame coach. Insanely underrated in Chicago by a media group and too many “fans” who simply don’t know enough about the sport they profess to be passionate about. He’s led two very different teams to two Stanley Cups. Exceptional work as coach in conjunction with Bowman’s outstanding efforts. And he was very good in St Louis and Colorado before coming to Chicago.

  2. Should have kept Savy,….just kidding. Congrats to Coach Q, I don’t always agree with his decisions but his record speaks for itself. Very underated future HOF coach!

  3. To win two cups in four years with a different team and coaching staff is amazing. I remember watching the Red Wings series last year and thinking to myself how much better a coach Babcock was then Q…and then the Blackhawks won 4 straight games.

    Let me say this, I feel Q is not the best ever coach, but he is damn good. Additionally, he is definitely a top 3 coach in the game today. I feel we get frustrated with him for sitting young players when they don’t conform to his way. On the flip side, he probably gets frustrated with them for not playing the way he wants them to. He has developed too many players for me to call him out. Congrats Coach Q, the number of wins and being only 55 is also impressive.

  4. Mike Babcock in Detroit is one helluva coach. I don’t like the guy but to be honest he has consistently been the top 1 or 2 coaches in the NHL for quite a while. The guy is smart and the guy knows how to squeeze the turnip of the talent he is given. It should be noted also that Babcock and Q are close personal friends. There are similarities between the two, though I do think Babcock is a bit more cerebral.

  5. If Babcock and Q were friends, Q would probably be one of the 4 olympic coaches instead of watching them from his couch.

    Personally, I think Babcock is a better coach than Q and last year kind of proved it. Detroit had absolutely no business nearly winning that series against Chicago last year. They had half of the talent that the Hawks were rolling out nightly, Q was just out thinking himself and getting burned.

    Babcock also beat a very good Anaheim team with that same pile of garbage.

    Saying that, I still think Q is a top 5 coach in the league. He just thinks too much and holds on to old players that should have much smaller roles.

  6. Q has had a great coaching career, and was the perfect choice in 2009 to come in and solidify a winning identity with this young, talented team…he is defence first, which is great in my books…he simply has a win now at all costs approach to coaching, which is why he has always had a tenuous relationship with his GMs and why he has been fired when he hasn’t won a Cup…because going only with the proven vets, makes a team old and then forces a franchise to completely re tool when the bottom falls out…

    Here in Chicago, Bowman has “out manoeuvred” Q in many respects and has kept the young talent coming, and has ensured that we won’t simply bottom out one day…this is why Q will never become a GM…but as a bench coach, there aren’t many better than Q and his team defence approach!


  7. That is some pretty heady company. I think he deserves alot of credit. You don’t just appear on those lists, and in those places without being great. Coaches are going to do things THEIR way. Q has proven his way can put him amongst the very best ever. You gotta give him his due as he’s had a career few have ever seen. And along his way he’s left an incredible mark on Chicago hockey history that frankly I wasnt sure I would ever see. So, I cant complain. I’m glad to have him

    Now, in tonights game he will no doubt have me asking why he just did….this or that. And I can def live with that. Im sure he’s thrilled to have my approval btw :-)

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