John Tavares Signs Signs With Toronto

John Tavares, the best free agent forward to hit the open market since Marian Hossa, has made his decision. And it’s Toronto.

Tavares had talked to San Jose, Dallas and Vegas in the Western Conference but has accepted a seven-year deal with the Maple Leafs.

With the Blackhawks signing defensemen Brandon Manning and Adam Boqvist on Sunday, Chicago is in a strong position to take advantage of what figures to be an active trade market when the dust settles from free agency. Artem Anisimov would figure to be a candidate to be moved to a team looking to add center depth; St. Louis reportedly signed Tyler Bozak to a three-year deal with a $5M cap hit.

21 thoughts on “John Tavares Signs Signs With Toronto

  1. 91 for Riemsdysk.
    Salary cap goes up 5m covers the difference between the two players.

    Now they have to pay their younger players raises. Their going to lose players over these coming yrs.

  2. Next year for Leafs cap is going to interesting – they have Nylander to sign this year and Matthews and Marner next year – someone will go you think – if they hang on to all 3 young guys they’ll have a roster of $1 mil fill-ins

  3. Maybe James Neal will sign now that those who lost out on JT will be looking elsewhere

    Wouldn’t mind him on the Hawks

  4. Babcock wholly overrated. Moreover, Toronto goalies not championship caliber, not even close. Their D-men overall no great shakes either.

    Good luck.

  5. Iceman is exactly correct. Toronto still not ready for prime time until they get a top-tier goalie and improved D. Tavares signing too risky and not enough to get the Leafs to the next level.

  6. At least the Leafs are finally relevant. Only took them a generation. They should be fun to watch next year.

    The Hawks seem so dang slow, weak and old right now. 5 years of mediocrity is their destiny. I know no one here wants to hear this but I’d be asking Toews and Kane where they would like to move to have another shot at another cup. Gather some prospects and draft picks ASAP and then sign a few key UFA’s when the time is right (5 years from now).

  7. My son is ecstatic right now as he loves the Leafs ( so they have become my second team). Andersen is good enough as a championship goalie and they have Garret Sparks who is stellar and just won the Calder cup with the Marlies

  8. Wonder if divide between Matthews and Babcock is real, how this will affect his extension.

  9. DAL new name was the Philadelphia Roussels
    to The DAL ufas.

    MIN trying to sign a record 10 depth ufa players or something.

  10. BLS2, what your saying sounds like the Rangers and they have no one coming.

    Were looking Good for coming yrs with future young guys.

  11. Very easy to say now the Islanders were dumb not to trade Tavares last year.
    Loyalty (or stupidity) got the islanders zero.
    Will the Senators do the same with Karlsson? I doubt it.

  12. Matthews is a spoiled brat ,now his ego is gonna get bruised . Tavares gonna wear the C sooner than later .

    bls2 if O`reilly is worth what he got , Toews is worth twice that .

  13. I like this move a lot for both parties. This is why you don’t let franchise players hit the FA if you want to keep them.

  14. I think the Leafs will move one of Matthews, Nylander, Marner within a year or two and cash that trade chip in for a d core upgrade. They are stacked offensively but I don’t see them winning the Cup with those defensemen.

    Top UFAs have no interest coming to the Hawks, they are a non playoff team on a serious decline. Who wants to come here to get your arse kicked for a couple years? Only guys whose wives have family here I guess, Sharp and Kunitz, or guys with very little other options, like Ward.

    Rebuilding with youth is the only way to go. It will go slower the longer we hold on to our high priced vets. If we could somehow get the first overall pick Hughes next year would be a foundation piece.

    Colorado looking smart as hell moving Duchesne for a prospect haul and Ottawa’s first rounder next year. They are no way making the playoffs next season and could very well have the worst record in the league. If Colorado lands Hughes with Ottawa’s pick, they should drive Ottawa’s GM into a river with pitchforks.

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