Johnny Oduya Out “A Couple Weeks”

After practice Monday, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville confirmed that defenseman Johnny Oduya will miss “a couple weeks” because of an upper-body injury.

Oduya, 33, skated only one shift before leaving Sunday’s loss to the Bruins. He is averaging 20:06 on the ice this year, and has been credited with two goals and three assists in 60 games.

11 thoughts on “Johnny Oduya Out “A Couple Weeks”

  1. Hopefully the reason they haven’t called someone up from Rockford to replace Oduya yet is because a trade is in the works…

    AND hopefully they don’t plan to have Erixon fill this roster spot…

  2. TVR is close to returning, I would think they’d send him on a conditioning assignment which still leaves 7 defencemen with Cumiskey still here. All three of Runblad, Erixon, and Cumiskey are subject to waivers. Rosters expand after the trade deadline do they not? We’re a week away … I see something happening. “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear …” 2 points to whoever names that song’s author and the band …

  3. Frolik, 1 point. Who wrote the song for the other point? Bonus point, without looking it up who was in the band?

  4. Steven Sills, Nash, Crosby ( not the Penquin Crosby ) and Neil Young. Think Steve Sills wrote it. Thats right in my wheelhouse as thats my generation. Tune has held up well!

  5. “you better stop, what’s that sound everybody look what’s goin’ on.”

    I still find it a bit odd that Stan trades for Erixon on what December 14-th. He plays right away and Q says – he and Rosy will make a nice pair.

    Then after a handful of games he just drops off the map. Is he that brutal in practice that even with injuries, he doesn’t get a sniff ??

  6. Mining Man, ummm, sort of –

    Stephen Stills did indeed write the song, it was about the Sunset Strip riots. The band was Stills and Neil Young, Richie Furay (who later founded Poco) on guitar and vocals, the rhythm section was Bruce Palmer (great bass player) and Dewey Martin on drums.

    Crosby was in the band for one performance (Monterey Pop Festival), taking Young’s place, you can see the clip on YouTube. Graham Nash – no.

  7. I’m just glad 4 is ok after taking that Chara slapshot to the midsection. 4 is a warrior and takes a lot of abuse blocking shots and the Hawks can’t afford to lose him.

  8. Yea, a rough game. It looked to me like it was personal for some reason to Boston. Why were they so pissed off? Marchand crosschecked kaner to the back of the head and had a tough guy look on his face about it while Kaner was smiling like, hey, I really hope someone saw that, especially right in front of the officials. I saw cro take a stick to the chest after the whistle too. It was only a matter of time before someone pissed off Carcillo playing like that.

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