Jonathan Toews at 500 Games

On Tuesday night, Jonathan Toews will play in his 500th regular season for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Over the course of 499 games, Toews has led the resurrection of a franchise the likes of which professional sports in North America has not seen before. From being named one of the worst franchises in sports by both Sports Illustrated and Forbes to winning a Stanley Cup championship in less than five years, the rebirth of the organization – and continued commitment to excellence – is personified by the team’s young captain.

It took 64 games in the NHL – a rookie season that was cut short but still earned him the runner-up to Patrick Kane for the Calder Trophy – for Toews to establish himself as a franchise-altering leader. On July 18, 2008, Toews was named the 34th captain in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks.

His first 499 regular season games have come over the span of six full NHL seasons, one lockout-shortened season and the beginning of the 2014-15 campaign. In those games, Toews has scored 201 goals and added 252 assists. His 201 goals appropriately rank 19th in the history of the franchise.

Toews is tied with Jeremy Roenick for fifth in the history of the franchise with 38 game-winning goals, and his nine short-handed goals are tied with Doug Wilson for 11th in team history.

Toews has also won the Selke Trophy as the best defensive forward in the league once, and was named the winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy as the postseason’s most valuable player in 2010.

His resume, at the age of 26, is that of a Hall of Famer. Thankfully the story isn’t done being written. Tonight, he reaches another benchmark in his career.

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13 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews at 500 Games

  1. Jonathan Toews, congratulations on an unbelievable start to your hockey career! You make your teammates better, and I simply love to watch you play. As a hockey fan and a Blawkhawks fan, I can’t wait to read about and remember your second 500 games in the indianhead sweater. You are The Mr Hockey Ambassador to the world!

  2. If I was starting an NHL team and could choose any player in the world it would be Jonathan Toews. The guy is a great two way player and leader. You never hear any excuses from MR Serious. Class act.

  3. If I was starting a team and could choose any player it would go something like Crosby by a very wide margin.

  4. But Toews is still a very very good player. Though I’d probably prefer as many centers before him as I would goalies over Crawford.

  5. A.J. Troll: You go ahead and take “as many centers before him (Toews) as I would goalies over Crawford”. I’ll take Jonathan Toews, a player with more character in his off-shooting hand than Cyndy Crosby has in her lithe little body. And then my team will thump the crap out of yours just as the Blackhawks have been doing to your more preferred centers&goalies teams these past several years.

  6. I don’t post as much as I used to…and I am not here to spread website warfare, but I respectfully disagree on taking Crosby over Toews. Crosby, who asked Toews if it was okay that he (Crosby) was Captain of the 2014 Men’s Canadian Olympic Hockey team, is an amazingly skilled offensive player…probably the best in the world. However, he cannot will his team to victory like Toews can. He can’t effectively kill penalties and he doesn’t do the little things to win like Toews can and does. Babcock’s secret weapon in Sochi was the Toews line because Toews shutdown the opposing team’s best line. Toews didn’t care and was happy to do it because he is about winning above all else. Toews will get you a shorty to spark your team. Toews will crash the net. Toews will win you Cups (plural). I take Toews over every other player in the NHL today. Toews is already an all-time great NHL Captain.

  7. That’s fine if you would pass on other players. Its just like my opinion man. I don’t buy the will to win argument. I think it is arbitrary. Especially on what have been very very deep hockey teams. Others do more with less in my opinion.

    Pretty cool how you changed Crosby’s name to a female iteration thinking that is somehow a clever form of derogation btw. Congratulations on being an awesome human being.

  8. What’s adorable is that most players and executives have Crosby & Toews as 1a and 1b if they were starting a franchise, but AJ would take a number of centers ahead of 19.

    I’m sure there’s a Kings site out there waiting for your Kopitar analysis, AJ.

  9. Peter, I agree, Crosby is the best offensive player in the NHL, probably followed by Stamkos. Who would I chose? It would depend on what the team needed. Goals and assists……Crosby or maybe Stamkos. All around game and needing a leader….The Captain. The Hawks need JT more than they need Crosby

  10. I would rate Crosby the number 2 pure scorer behind stamkos. Stamkos has a more lethal shot. Oh and by the way, how many goals did Crosby score in last years playoffs? ONE. Toews has been a far more productive playoff contributor than Crosby

  11. Jonathon Toews is without question the definition of leadership and class. From such a young age Toews was leading the way by example. Whether it was in College, World Juniors, Olympics or Professional hockey, Toews has been a top performer on all stages. When the stakes are the highest he rises to the occassion, that is the mark of a true champion. And when it is all said and done he will be one of the best to grace the Hall of Fame. Period.

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