Jonathan Toews At 600 Games

On Sunday evening, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews played his 600th regular season game in the NHL.

And, in typical Toews style, he won the game.

Because all he does is win.

Toews’ overtime game-winner was his third of the year, which not only ties Calgary forward Johnny Gaudreau and Philadelphia defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere for the NHL lead, but also ties the Blackhawks franchise record for a season. The franchise mark was set by Kyle Calder in 2005-06 and equaled by Marian Hossa in 2013.

The third overall pick in the 2006 NHL Draft, Toews ranks second in that draft class in goals Pittsburgh’s Phil Kessel. Kessel has 22 more goals and has 11 more points than Toews, but has played exactly 100 regular season games more than Toews. Kessel has been traded twice in his career and has yet to win a Stanley Cup championship. Washington’s Nicklas Backstrom leads the 2006 draft class with 603 points – 76 more than Toews.

Toews, 27, has scored 234 goals with 293 assists for 527 points in his 600 games. Despite being the runner-up for the Calder Trophy (to Patrick Kane) in 2008, Toews has added a Conn Smythe Trophy (2010), Selke Trophy (2013) and Mark Messier Leadership Award (2015) to his incredible NHL resume over the course of his career.

He has also led the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup championships in the last six seasons.

18 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews At 600 Games

  1. If I were to build a hockey team from scratch he would be my first pick. His leadership qualities and will to win are at least as important as his goals and assists.

  2. We chose wisely.

    Concussion issues, all those repeated poor-sportsmanship slashes across the wrists, cross checks to the back of the neck and all the extra games he has played, likely more than any other centre since 2007 and still going strong, with 3 OT winning games and the season is far from over so yet another record coming up. Would you rather have OV and Backstrom in place of Toews and Kane? Those guys can’t win a game 7 or any conference final let alone 3 Cups. ( maybe this year, maybe but don’t hold your breath ).

    Consider how many times Toews was a deliberate target and how many times the opposing coach muttered his name in the dressing room..probably 2 more records that we will never know about.

  3. I’ll tell you what…if you’re going to miss on drafting Teows at least do it by selecting 4th Backstrom who’s arguably just as awesome a player as he is.

  4. Mining Man brings up a valid point. Look at how hard and cheap that Babcock and the Red Wings went after 19 that playoff series. (The Seabrook chat) How hard and cheap Backass, Jackass,Snott, and the “Stay-puff” Man went after him for two years in a row, to no avail. Kessler, Thorton,Getzlaff, the list goes on and on with one thing in common, failure. We are blessed to be able to witness a top Hall of Fame career from start to finish. Thank you Jonathan.

  5. Never said Getzlaf was a failure, said that going after 19 as a plan of attack was a failure, at least up to this point.

  6. Toews one of the greatest all time to wear the Indianhead sweater and burnishing a path to the Hockey Hall of Fame someday. Not having a sterling season though. Can’t help but think that he’s distracted by that super model girlfriend of his who looks like she could suck the chrome off a Buick. Celibacy Johnny. We need you pal !

  7. Add to his impressive resume – Gold medals at:

    2005 World U-17. Hockey Challenge (MVP)
    2006 World Juniors
    2007 World Juniors – (WJ All Star Team)
    2007 World Championships
    2010 Olympics (best forward)
    2014 Olympics
    Maybe he’s a bit tired…..

  8. Hubba hubba, whaaaaaa?! AJ – Toews overrated? Shirley you can’t be serious. You can’t make a statement like that with no explanation. Please, enlighten us…

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