5 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Cleared For Contact

  1. I know I am on my new computer and all but “awaiting moderation”I guess we are ready for the playoffs!I blame the Canucks,lol.

  2. Can’t wait to have him back, but lets start slowly. Maybe just some power play time and modest minutes the first game back and see how he does. Unless, of course, they let him rest till the playoffs.

  3. I agree… start Toews slow… put him on 4th line w/ Hayes or Frolik and Mayers or Bolig…

    Hawks should not break up balance and current depth w/ all 3- 1st lines clicking!

    w/ this approach the Hawks w/ Pens will have the best line balance in the league.

    Furthermore- Toews can work his way into picking up extra minutes w/ PP time and replacing Bruno every 3rd or 4th shift on 1st line…

    I know it sounds crazy… but I think it would make the Hawks incredibly hard to match up with.

  4. Towes comes back at a tough time. Playoff hockey is far more physical than the regular season. I would hate to see Towes go backward in his recovery. I agree….put Mayers at a wing and let Towes play between him and Bolig for protection.

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