Jonathan Toews Named Selke Trophy Finalist

On Wednesday evening, the NHL announced that Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews is one of the three finalists for this season’s Frank J. Selke Trophy. Toews is a Selke finalist for the fourth time in five years; he won the award after the 2012-13 season.

Toews, Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins and Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings are the three finalists for the Selke Trophy, which is awarded “to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game.”

From the NHL release:

Toews played a key role in helping the Blackhawks tie for the fewest goals against in the NHL and post the 11th 100-point season in franchise history (fifth since 2008-09). He led all Western Conference players and ranked fifth in the League overall with a career-best +30 rating, ranked fourth in the NHL in face-off wins (947) and sixth in face-off winning percentage (56.5%), and topped Blackhawks forwards in total ice time (1,584:36, 19:33 per game).

9 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Named Selke Trophy Finalist

  1. Hossa never makes the list because the list is almost always exclusively centers. fwiw, there are a lot of writers who have a vote who say he should be a finalist on an annual basis… but he never is one. Makes you wonder who’s putting their columns into practice when the ballots are distributed.

  2. Hossa should absolutely be in the discussion.

    That being said, with the way the Hawks line up is constructed and used, Toews ate basically all of the tough assignments this year and was instrumental (to the detriment of his point total) to neutralizing the other teams best players more often than not.

  3. Tab… good points… I also think the voting is swayed east, therefore Bergeron will probably win although Toews should!

    The players themselves should be the ones voting vs. some clueless writers who have their own agendas (and egos).

  4. All three nominees are worthy and therefore, as is the case every year, it seems like there is a bit more subjectivism in choosing the Selke winner than some other awards. Bergeron (twice) and Toews (once) have both won it whereas Kopitar has not, so I’m going to guess Kopy gets himself a Selke this year. And I’m fine with that – at least it won’t be Back-ass.

  5. Ebony… Hopefully with all the data analytics now in the NHL, they will stop being so subjective and use these numbers in the selection process… It may take a while, and would be more fair, but that would be my preference!

    Also, cannot wait until the home plate umpire in baseball is replaced with a machine! Balls and strikes should not be subjective!

  6. Since we all like arguing around here… How long until 19 forces himself into the discussion as the greatest all-time all-around Blackhawk? I’d say the list right now is Makita, Hull, Savard, Larmer, Martin, Toews probably in that order based on raw stats. Toews will continue to climb the ladder if he keeps up his current production rate. If he wins one more cup he probably jumps Martin, Larmer and Savard. If he gets into the top 5 in points, goals and assists, I think Toews replaces Makita on the Chicago Sports Mount Rushmore in the Blackhawks sweater (along with Jordan, Payton and Banks if we want to start yet another argument).

    31st in games played
    16th in points
    14th in goals
    20th in assists
    3rd in +/- (although they don’t have stats before the late 60’s / early 70’s.

    2 time stanley cup winner
    1 time selke winner (with 2 additional nominations so far)
    1 time conn smythe winner
    2 time olympic gold medal winner
    Calder trophy nominee
    Captain for 8 years so far, 13 total if he makes it to 2021 which I think would be the longest in team history.

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