Jonathan Toews Named All-Star Game Captain

Jonathan Toews and Nick Foligno were named captains of the 2015 NHL All-Star Game on Wednesday morning. Toews will not have Patrick Kane on his team this time, however.

Kane and LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty were named assistant captains of Team Foligno. Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf and New York Rangers forward Rick Nash as assistant captains of Team Toews.

Toews COL


6 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Named All-Star Game Captain

  1. Having the 2 best players in the NHL(Toews and Kane) play against each other is cool. I am tired of Crosby and Ovey getting all the attention by the press. I wish more people would understand that the 2 most exciting and skilled players in the NHL play on the Blackhawks. Outside of Chicago all you hear about is #87 and #8.

  2. Like to see Cinderella and Ovech play a Cambell conf. sch and see how many points they get. That would shut the press up.

  3. I hate Ovechkin. He is a thug punk bitch.
    Love to see Kane and Datsyuk on the same line and do some tic, tac , toe.
    Reg, I agree that 8 and 87 get a lot of press. But I am not sure I would describe 19 and 88 the same way. 88 is the or close to the most exciting player in the NHL. 19 is the best or close to the best all around player in the NHL. Just not sure I would call 19 the most exciting player.

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