Jonathan Toews Out Against Detroit

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews will miss Tuesday night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings with an upper-body injury. The team indicated that he is day-to-day, and that this has nothing to do with any previous injuries (wrist).

Brendan Morrison will be back in the lineup.

Also, Niklas Hjalmarsson returned to practice on Tuesday morning but still isn’t ready for game action. He is still out for Tuesday night.

15 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Out Against Detroit

  1. btw…everytime I read ‘upper body’ first thing I think of is ‘head/concussion’. Not to mention this news came out of nowhere.

  2. Didnt JT have some kind of collision last game involving the head area? I seem to remember having a nervous bout at one point last game, wondering if he was concussed… Hope I’m wrong.

  3. WTF! I seem to want to wish for a little bit of luck this season. How ever injury is a part of the game and plenty teams have ity worse then us… But come on! not JT.

  4. Datysuk out really hurts Detroit. I’m optimistic about tonight as I think our guys will dig deep to make up for JT being out.

  5. This sucks :( Tazer sparked the team into life against the Rangers and Jackets. Just when he got over his injury and mini-slump.
    I’m hoping Pete’s right and the team digs deep. Any idea what kind of injury it is? Not a concussion I hope.

  6. Boys…….get used to this for the rest of the year. At this stage of the season, fractures, sprains, muscle pulls and nagging injuries never go away. He may feel good for a game, or two, but he may take a slash and have to sit out a game just to recover. Most of the top 6 forwards and top 3 “D” are hurtin’ this time of year. They’ll all get through it. I mean, it’s not like they bounce a ball on a hardwood floor and stub their toe and have to sit out for 4 games. These guys are warriers!!

  7. A good win today. What a difference a confident Crawford makes! He’s starting to look like the goalie who helped the Hawks get into the playoffs last year. Big Hayes with 2 pts… keep it up Hawks!

  8. HUGE WIN!!!! We now know that we can win without them. Great sticks and defense. The speed the team was showing was incredible and Crow matched Howard save for save. Kane really elevated his game tonight and while it was a slim margin we did win more faceoffs than detroit. Great signs

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