Jonathan Toews Scores Another OT Game-Winner

For the second time in as many games, a game with no offense was decided by the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Jonathan Toews took the game into his own hands once again and refused to let the 3-on-3 go to a second Chicago shift. It took 51 seconds on Monday night for Toews to score his second game-winning goal of the season and send the Ducks home with their fifth shutout of the new season.

It appeared late in the third period that the Hawks had a goal when Artemi Panarin put a shot into the net but Fredrik Andersen had conveniently kicked the net off without a Chicago player in the vicinity.

Why was the goal waived off?

This post from the NHL sheds some light on the correct call being made – and it remains a terrible rule.

At 14:25 of the third period in the Anaheim Ducks/Chicago Blackhawks game, the Situation Room initiated a video review to further examine a play at the Anaheim net. Video review confirmed the referee’s call on the ice that the Anaheim net was displaced before the puck crossed the goal line. According to Rule 78.5 (x) “Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the referee when the net becomes displaced accidentally. The goal frame is considered to be displaced if either or both goal pegs are no longer in their respective holes in the ice, or the net has come completely off one or both pegs, prior to or as the puck enters the net.” Therefore the call on the ice stands – no goal Chicago.

Anaheim out-shot the Hawks 19-6 in the third period but neither team scored, and for the second consecutive game the Hawks went to overtime with zeroes on the scoreboard. Corey Crawford stopped 37 shots in regulation while Andersen made 23 saves through 60 minutes.

Crawford made a few enormous saves early in the extra session, and Brent Seabrook was able to get the puck up the ice to Patrick Kane and get the offense moving after a few tense seconds. Kane found a trailing Toews who finished the job.

Toews won 10 of 20 faceoffs in the game and was credited with a team-high four shots on net. Niklas Hjalmarsson blocked four shots to lead the Hawks, while Andrew Shaw’s four hits were a team high.

Trevor van Riemsdyk (21:29) and Viktor Svedberg (19:16) continued to show an impressive rate of improvement with increased responsibility. Importantly, Chicago improved to 3-0 without Duncan Keith.

36 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Scores Another OT Game-Winner

  1. Toews just proved to the world that he is far more valuable considering skills, leadership, drive and desire than Crosby. Can you believe that finish….and the Ducks getting shutout for the 5th time ..unbelievable. Crawford out-frigging-standing. A person could have cleaned up in Vegas playing those angles ….51 seconds 17 seconds, the Ducks in OT, the Blues in OT, Anderson, Miller, whats the difference…the only constant is J. Toews.

  2. Wasn’t it just the other day when all the know-it-alls were saying “Jonathan Toews, who is still scoreless this season…”? And now he’s got two GWG’s in 48 hours, both in OT. 19 is The Man. The league and it’s media seem to always hype up Crosby, Ovechkin, Lundqvist, a few others. None of them can touch The Man. For their flash and style, none of them is a Champion on the order of Jonathan Toews. He is the one you’d build a franchise around.
    Nine games in and I’m saying that this year’s club is better than last year’s. Of all the departures, the only guy I miss is Johnny OhDoYa. Even with the current holes on the blueline, you can’t argue with back to back shutouts against the SCF runner up and the conference finalist. That wasn’t Buffalo and Edmonton out there. TvR is making a strong bid for solid #4 Dman. Q seems to think so. But there’s no way 43 can stay here, and 6 has some more proving to do. And on the whole 14, 15, 28, 48, and 72 is a net upgrade from 10, 20, 23, 80, and 91. Faster. A little tougher, too. We’ll see about 32 and 29 who are kinda-sorta-not really on the team. Crow has been damn good. Don’t think even Rufus could find something to gripe about right now. And when Keith returns…

  3. Observations:

    1. How Crow kept Perry and Kesler off the scoreboard was remarkable. They came to play. Getzlaff, however, is in the same funk that he was in last year’s Conference Finals.

    2. Tichonov really puts out an effort but, IMO, is not the answer at LW on the “lottery line.”

    3. I really get annoyed at Teuvo’s inability to pull the trigger. Even so, I thought the third line did well tonight.

    4. Svedberg is improved but he had some shaky moments in the third period.

    5. I would expect Darling to be in the net against Winnipeg. The upcoming games against Minnesota and St. Louis are going to be huge. I expect the Hawk’s Division to be the most competitive in the NHL. Hawks cannot afford to coast at any time this season.

    6. I expect Q to shake up the lines soon. Hawks can’t expect Toews and Crawford to bail them out. They need to get early leads like they did last year.

  4. Another 2 points is great. But I’m not going to get too giddy. Home wins against a very pedestrian Florida team, against a team playing the second of B2B games and against a team that had already been shutout 4 times in 7 games before they brought their snake bit act to the UC. The Hawks scored only one 5 on 5 goal over those three games and even though they scored 2 power play goals, the power play has been as much of a clown act as we’ve become accustomed to over the past couple seasons.

    I’m happy with the commitment to team defense and understand that will necessarily reduce 5 on 5 scoring chances, but the familiar lament is heard again that the PP must get better to compensate for the lack of 5 on 5 scoring. The Hawks can’t keep pitching shutouts and winning the 3 on 3 contests. The law of averages catches up and the Hawks will need to find their scoring or the wins will not keep coming.

  5. A very strange game. There was a playoff like intensity, but with 50% of the structure and skill required.
    Hard to point at anything if not that Hinostroza didn’t look out of place at all against that big, north-south team.
    I guess you could point to the fact Coach Q went with 2 D pairings in the last 4+ minutes, but that’s not really surprising seeing how Rundbland-Daley play, even though last night they were much better than in the bast, I feel.

  6. Great win for the hawks!!!!! The question on that goal for me was did the goalie knock the post off the net intentionally. The reason the Hawks have been winning 3 vs 3 overtime is because the Hawks have the best skill players in the league. Other teams can’t match up. GO HAWKS

  7. I have to eat my words a little over Svedberg-he’ll never be a brute but he’s hard to push around and he isn’t fleet of foot but his positioning is improving as well as confidence-
    it’s always been tough on big guys optically as they are front and center and can’t hide and they appear slower than they really are–Beliveau, Bobby Smith etc.

  8. Defense overall playing well in our end. Svedberg continues to play well, conservative and using his length and reach and wrapping players up and TVR actually might be playing the best of all of them consider he is making a commitment to joining the “rush” up ice on offense. Run-bad still looks lost at times looking like a “winger” playing defense.

    The Power Play in ability to enter the zone (not score) just enter the zone is odd and worrisome. Not sure what Coaching strategy is used in practice that leads to one of the deepest teams unable to enter the zone. We are not built on strong fore check so dump in corner and run in is not an option but this is an issue and a sign of something bigger BUT they seem to play thru it?

    Viktor Tiki can lat out play, great forechecker, great stick, if he can get to the net goals will come. Right ow all the pressure believe it or not is on Tikhonov who has to forecheck, skate hard with to good skaters and make the right pass, get stick in lane on defense and get back but also and get to the front of the net.

    Hawks don’t have anyone in front of the net “basic stuff” we need that presence or you have to lean on “pretty goals” like Toews in OT.

    Go Hawks
    No team nay better so far and Hawks will get better

  9. It should at least be a delay of game penalty for the goalie to kick the net off by himself, intentional or not. Basically the same as shooting the puck out of play from your own zone.

    If the net is kicked off while the other team is shooting – penalty shot.

  10. Great to get 2 points of course, but another strange game. Hawks obviously are struggling to find chemistry and an identity on offense. It’s going to take some time, and many were/are guilty that thinking so much offseason change could be seamlessly addressed in rapid order on the ice. One thing remains PAINFULLY clear, and it’s the ginormous hole at LW. That, and the 12 forward pieces we have at present don’t all go together neatly. I have said it before…I’ll say it again…and it is NOT a knock on his skill set or his potential…Teuvo isn’t fitting on any of the lines. It’s not his fault. Again, it’s the issue of the other 11 forward pieces we have to work with and that big old hole at LW.

    One other thing that becomes clear watching the game in person. Not surprisingly, Quenneville has the Hawks forwards extra conscious of getting back on defense right now. Call it the Losing Number 2 affect. The result is that something is given up on offense…I think. Need to see more sample size, but I get what Q is doing.

    van Riemsdyk? Playing well and a masterful student of the Q style of defense. He gets his role, embraces his role and get is getting the job done. I still think he is just a guy….the up/down skating ability, size and stick handling just aren’t existent. BUT, he is doing the homework and performing very well on the tests on ice. He clearly is an intelligent, motivated hockey player. Had a solid game last night.

  11. It was a workmanlike effort again against a team that was pretty desperate to get into the win column. When the offensive input has been in doubt the past few games, I find it impressive to see a new group that is the 2015-2016 Hawks play strong team defense in front of a keeper that is looking confident here in the early going. The improvement in the young D corp is also encouraging especially in Svedberg, whom I felt 2 weeks ago was really struggling. He is playing so much better and that probably comes with gaining some confidence. TVR continues to shine and the extra ice time Q is giving him speaks volumes about the coach’s confidence by playing the kid in key spots of the game.

    What other superlatives can we throw at Johnny Toews that haven’t been said multiple times? The guy just delivers when it counts. He is the ultimate Captain. The disallowed goal I could deal with, but I really felt the cage was knocked off intentionally and it should have resulted in a delay of game call against the Ducks. Otherwise, keepers would do this multiple times each game to prevent scoring chances. Andersen had no chance on the Panarin shot. It was going in.

    I love the three on three OT. Great scoring chances, up and down action. Hawks have wrecking crew potential out there. Throw 19 and 88 together with open ice and its money in the bank. Q should have some fun with this.

    Ducks are still a team that carries the swagger, big hits and dumb ass players. Addition of Bieksa doubles down on the Canucklehead factor with Kesler. Bieksa remains of the more loathsome pick your spots, cheap shot players in the league. Guy has some talent of course, but once a Canucklehead, always a Canucklehead. Never mind rat face Perry. Breaks my heart to see these guys struggle out of the gate….

    Lets Go Hawks!

  12. Had to listen to the game on the radio. Murray was making fun of and laughing at everyone for not being able to handle or pass the puck. Seemed like it was a mess for both teams.

    If they had no push from the back again that is a problem. Of course Toews and Kane are going to donkey punch 3v3. It would be cooler if they scored at evens and not during the latest gimmick. One of those games it seemed like both teams deserved (dare I say it) a draw.

    Good thing Crawford is an average goalie. Hate to see what the bottom half of the leagues goaltenders would look like in this situation.

  13. AJ, the comments by Troy were legit about the puck bouncing around. The ice at the UC remains a problem that sadly is not going to change, especially with the Bulls starting up. We need winter cold I guess.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. Judging from the smirk on Andersen’s face right afterwards, he stole one and didn’t get caught. It was a great passing play.

    We played much better against the Bolts. Last night’s game was an odd one. Happy to have the 2 points but our 5 on 5 play and the PP has to improve or things will turn south pretty fast when we face the Wild and Jets.

  15. One take-away I had from last night – TVR had more mistakes than in previous games but he is making those mistakes while trying to jump into the rushes more and trying to impose himself on the game rather than just waiting for everything to come to him. That seems like a great sign that the game is slowing down for him. Good for the kid, hope he continues to develop at this rate and avoids the injury bug.

    Svedberg may not be mobile but with the tree he is swinging around he looks like he can cover almost half the defensive zone just standing on the dot. It is pretty amazing to watch when he gets himself positioned correctly. There was one play where Silfverberg got the puck in a dangerous spot but Svedberg was so big and had such a reach that he had to go waaaaay around to the outside and got pushed below the goal. If he can get himself positioned correctly and can develop a Chara/Weber rocket of a shot, he could become a valuable asset. Will be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.

  16. @ CHEVRIER

    Absolutely correct if the Hawks can develop both of these kids into viable defensive players that Hawks can do wonders for themselves moving forward. You are talking about two undrafted players. When you can turn these types of players into assets as an organization you are Waaaaayyyy ahead of the game.

    This article is a good read if you are a draft nerd like me,…

  17. A significant test for Svedberg and TvR (and the Hawks) will be Minnesota given their exceptional skating ability and fast break style of hockey. We have played some teams to date that really haven’t test us in this regard. It will be interesting to see.

  18. Re: Ducks… It will be interesting to watch… seems like they are adapting a more Defensive style versus fore check/leads to offense style…

    If they get a couple of goals to go in soon… I can see a big streak for them….
    Their PK was really swarming… and Normally I would fault the Hawks lack of PP…
    but really the Ducks PK was attacking… Ducks limited to Hawks to almost nothing (besides the goal/that didn’t count… and one nice stop on Kane/PP)…

  19. Hino- shipped back to Rock…

    imo- Hino has played well… but skating 8-9 minutes… probably not best for his development…

    will they move TT back to center?
    or Tiko to Center… and 29 or TT to 1st LW???

    better yet… Dano coming back up??? Dano looked much better skating wise last Friday versus Wolves….

  20. Wall: re comments about the Ducks. I think they played last night as a classic road game formula to keep it simple and play it tight defensively. Their aggressiveness via the physical in your face forecheck was somewhat muted compared with what I would consider normal for them. They always had plenty of guys back to stymie Hawks counters last night.

    Yes Hino played pretty well. Kid has quick hands.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  21. I’m still waiting for Stan to trade Shaw for Seth Jones or Teravainen for Ekman Larsson. Stan needs to step up because the Blues & Wild are coming and you can’t escape those teams like they did with the ‘easy work’ Lightning and Ducks.

  22. If Hino is going down then it has to be either Kero or Dano coming up. Got to believe Kero will get a look at some point as a 3rd line center.

    I said last week that our forwards would likely play much more defensively without Keith and we would see a lot of tight low scoring games. I think this is great for a team with a lot of new faces as it builds confidence in the ability to stay in every game. Lastly, instead of focusing on players can we acknowledge that we have the best coach (and staff) in the league. Q is setting up TVR and Svedberg to succeed in a tough situation while continuing to play winning hockey without the Conn Smythe winner. We don’t give him nearly the props he deserves.

  23. The Ducks are ok. They’re 6 points behind the Kings, Sharks and Canucks. That division is a mess. They’ll top the standings in a week after they start rolling, which doesn’t seem far as they seemed pissed last night and not at all rolling against the coach or whatever.

  24. Rockford plays tonight so they may hold off the call-up until after the game. Q also said last week there was a chance they would bring up a 7th D for the trip.

  25. MS- kind of thought the same thing…

    based on only last Friday…. Hogs/Wolves…. imo- Schilling looked the best/ Pokka 2nd best…

    Dano looked good,,, – Hartman was ok… Kero did nothing for me- in that 1 game

    Ross was pretty invisible… last year I noticed Ross in every game…
    Hogs were completely in control (possession wise last year)… Vs. Wolves this year- complete opposite (minus Danault/Johns/Svedberg and TT + others of course)

  26. pretty short trip, sending local hero hino home at a minimum probably banks some cap space even if he isn’t going down to stay

  27. AJ calls Crawford an average goalie. He only stopped all 39 shots. Has two Cups, nearly a third one two seasons ago. If that’s average, give me average.

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