Jonathan Toews Steals 2 Points In 47 Seconds

There was no way a half-ass performance by the Blackhawks was going to cost them two points on Friday night.

Not if Jonathan Toews had anything to say about it.

The Blackhawks scored twice in the game’s first nine minutes to take a commanding lead. Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp scored their tenth and 15th goals, respectively, in the game’s opening 20 minutes as the Hawks out-shot the cellar dwelling Sabres 12-11.

With that would-be commanding lead and a playoff spot secure, the Blackhawks appeared to stop caring for 38 minutes.

Marcus Foligno, who was riding a 23-game goal drought coming in, cut the lead in half in the second period and, after a power play goal from Johan Larsson in the early third, Foligno added a go-ahead goal with a little more than seven minutes remaining in regulation. Chicago allowed 16 shots on net in the second period and 11 more in the third as the Sabres jumped all over the Blackhawks – to the dismay of their home fans.

Scott Darling got the start and made 35 saves, keeping an uninspired team in front of him in the game long enough for Toews to steal the win late in regulation.

Toews scored twice in 47 seconds inside the final two minutes of the game to give Chicago’s captain 28 goals on the season. He also won 13 of 19 faceoffs in 19 minutes of ice time.

Brandon Saad and Andrew Shaw each picked up two assists in the win, while Marian Hossa, Brad Richards and David Rundblad each picked up one helper on the night. Shaw finished tied with Andrew Desjardins for the team lead with two hits; Desjardins added five penalty minutes to the ledger after dropping the gloves for the first time in his Blackhawks career.

Keith led the Blackhawks with four blocked shots with his first period goal. His goal put him into double digits in goal scoring for the first time since he set a career-high with 14 in the 2009-10 season.

17 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Steals 2 Points In 47 Seconds

  1. No team in the history of hockey has won the Stanley Cup without being 6 games or more over .500 on the road. Fools gold lockouts included.

  2. Tab, you used the word “uninspired” – yep, exactly. Once they got the two goal lead and had thing going their way they took their foot off the gas and looked like they had it in the bag, and much uninspired play ensued.

    But then they caught a couple breaks and Toews capitalized and they stole victory from the jaws of lackadaisical defeat.

    With the victory and the later start time of the StL/Dal game, the Hawks spent a couple hours in 2nd place. But now that StL won their game the Hawks are back in 3rd, one point behind the Preds and Blues but both those teams have the ROW tie breaker so essentially they are 2 points out of 1st place.

    Exciting times. Exciting finish.

  3. Easy game to criticize and praise at the same time. Toews is just magical, best player overall in the NHL. Trade for OV or Sid, no thanks!…you can keep them!…this guy does it all. Look at that last goal in super slow motion last game vs. Vancouver, just magnificent. Heart of the team. If we win the cup you can be assured it will be Toews that leads the charge, keeps it all together and does it all. Big thanks to Scott Darling for holding the fort so well when everyone else just quit. No Tarasenko or Steen for the Blues. Geez thats too bad. TVR loss is not good going into the playoffs. Be interesting to see who will be our Black Aces. Lets beat the Blues and Minny.

  4. Morrison: thats a great stat….new one on me, where the heck did you find that or did you do the research yourself…in all of hockey history?

  5. The hockey world is running out of adjectives to describe 19s overall impact on his team. What a gem he is.


    Versteeg plays on his knees more than his skates these days. I just don’t think he’s that good…or deserving of top-6 line time.

    People said TT was just an offensive whiz and would need to learn to play defense, but he either learned very quickly or the scouts missed his abilities, because he’s a darned good back checker and fore checker. He’s got a quick, active stick and doesn’t seem to be a glaring defensive liability.

    Vermette should be on the power play and the PK. At the risk of raising the hackles of those who believe Q is infallible and never makes mistakes, I’ll say that I think he’s not utilizing Vermette like he could or should. I don’t think this is just Vermette having a long “adjustment period.”

  6. Desjardins finally gave Marcus some much needed “Wingman” back up, finally! Great to see it from an otherwise shy hawks team.
    Sasquatch looked good, again when he stays square and doesn’t over react or reach he is a lot of HUMAN WALL to get around. No flash.
    Hawks allow traffic to “camp out” and lease out the space in front of our own net, horrible, if CROW and Sasquatch got some clear outs they both might actually show ya how good they might be. Hawks need to clear that space out once in awhile with authority and send a message, otherwise the playoffs will get ugly fast.
    Buffalo let down in the final 5 minutes and forgot it was a nhl game, oooooops.
    Hawks as good as anyone in west, defense playing better but Vermette needs to find his FLOW, i wonder if they asked him HOW and WHO he’d want to play on a lien with or are they jsut guessing, i love the guy and wonder how well he’d do with Marcus and Desjardins to add a real top scorer to that checking line? not a demotion but a way to let him float near the net and get his shot? We do need him, all these playoffs with be OT and one goal games. long long long playoff

  7. Hawks need 4 balanced lines, they have that now, SAAD needs to score not drop passes to Toews and Hoss! Saad needs to lead, not be lookinf for “who to pass to” and become his own player and he can be GREAT but not when he is playing little brother on the top line BIGGEST MISTAKE HAWKS CAN MAKE and proves how weak the development really is. Saad should be the Hawks leading scorer period!
    Hawks have be great Road Team for a long time thats why home ice advantage in reality is about ZERO, and they play much much better on the road.
    Versteeg is okay, he’ll pick it up in playoffs as will Bick again long long long season almost at an end.

  8. wow… great win and what a performance by Captain! Let’s take that 1st place in central now!

  9. Taser is the best overall player in hockey when you factor in his two way play and leadership. As far as a first round matchup for the Hawks, sure hope it is NOT THE WILD.

  10. Good point Mook about Saad and 1st. line, you changed my mine about that, I also think Versteeg just does not fit there either. Our black aces will be busy with their own playoffs. Hate the TVR news, really like his game and think his offense will really come out in the future. Maybe Runblad should think about playing forward in his future, just a thought. And thanks to Tab for giving us this forum.

  11. Bill . Yes Runblad as forward it’s possible, but he is very young and the Hawks D experience should be the best development for him in the nhl. With cap limits your just going to have weakness or a thin line or two even. Hawks well balanced could just use some size on the D-line or have Seabrook and Hammer play to their size?

    Will TEVO play vs. Blues, he better!

  12. I did a little digging into the stats of Bicks and Buff. And I think Bicks is the better player. Factor in +/-, G, A, Shot%, PIM, character and playoff stats. Everybody dogs on Bicks and a lot of people wish we kept Buff. I am not the biggest Bickel Or Buff supporter by any means but thought it was an interesting 5 mins of research. Or maybe I’m just stirring the bucket.

  13. Happy Easter to all. Hope and pray that St.Louis does not cheap shot our 19 as a game plan. GO HAWKS.

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