Jonathan Toews Suspended For Caring About His Health

On Thursday morning, the NHL announced that Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews will be forced to sit out the first game after the All-Star Break because he has elected to not participate in the charade in Nashville.

From the statement:

Per League rules, a player who is named to the NHL All-Star Game and does not participate shall be suspended for one regular-season game – either the game immediately preceding or following the NHL All-Star Game. Ovechkin will miss the Capitals’ game on Feb. 2 against the Florida Panthers, while Toews will miss the Blackhawks’ game on Feb. 2 at the Colorado Avalanche.

Statement from Blackhawks Head Team Physician Michael Terry:

“Jonathan will not participate in the 2016 NHL All-Star Weekend in Nashville. He was pulled from Tuesday night’s third period because of an illness and remains symptomatic today. At this time, rest over the break is most important for him to properly recover and be fully healthy heading into the rest of the regular season.”

Obviously Toews being healthy is more important than the 3-on-3 skills competition this weekend.

65 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Suspended For Caring About His Health

  1. Wow! Didn’t see this coming. The league cant seem to get out of its own way with this all star nonsense – they are grievously out of touch…Punish one of the best players in the league for taking care of himself…

  2. Absolute rubbish. The Bettman nonsense continues. How many people really care about All Star games in any major sports? Skills competition is the only thing worth watching. Good for Toews to do what is right for himself, and more importantly the team.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  3. Other teams’ players have gotten this before but not when they had legit sickness. Detoilet has angered the league before by holding all their players out and they were suspended. He should have gone dwn there and spit in our rivals’ water bottles and then decided he could only play a few shifts.

  4. Ridiculous. The guy is sick and he needs to take care of himself so he can continue to be one of the best representatives and money makers for the NHL. Gary, pull your head out of your ass and change this stupid rule!

  5. Screw the all star game anyway. It doesn’t mean anything. Make it worthwhile like MLB. Home ice advantage for Stanley Cup finals to the conference that wins. What the screw is this 3 on 3 crap. I’d rather not have our players in it.

  6. I can’t wait to see the boos Bettman gets when he presents the Cup to the Hawks at United Center this year.

  7. Toews should know better. He should know how important the all-star game is. Plus, he has a great opportunity to cover the Pred’s ice in vomit and he refuses???!!! Fuck you Bettman.

  8. Miss a game because of the flu? What a wimp. Way back in 1997, Michael Jordan crawled out of his bed to put up 38 points against Utah in the NBA Finals.

    Just kidding about Jonathan, of course.

    Get well soon, Jonathan Toews!

    And, BTW, I’m pretty sure that the rule was written and approved by the NHL Board of Governors, not Gary Bettman.

  9. My response is, I will never watch an NHL all-star game until this is rectified. Hawks really should do something significant in protest.

  10. I will not watch another nhl all-star game or buy anything specifically marketed for it. I stand behind the captain of my home team…taking care of himself for the team’s push for a Stanley Cup should always trump any marketing event(including pressers, all-star, previous vs current, etc.,…). We may miss him for a game but it will be viewed by his fans as an extra day to rest and prepare for the 2nd half of the season.

  11. is the rule silly-perhaps. is it ridiculous to penalize one of the best advocates for the game-maybe-
    but it’s the rule and breaking a known rule has consequences

  12. First off, Bettman did not do this, the league did. Secondly, Ovi is also suspended. Crosby was last year, and Datsyuk in 2009.

  13. You’re right, the rule is not Bettman’s fault. It was the Board of Guvs. Sorry, Gary, you don’t have to pull your head out of your ass. You can keep it there.

  14. Think about it this way… If all of the really good players decided not to go to the all star game, is it really an all star game or a bunch of replacement players?

    This is the primary reason for this rule and the team (I would imagine) knew this before they elected to have him not participate. This is a smart move IMO BTW.

    It’s one game and the Hawks are in good position in the standings.

  15. In essence what the NHL is saying is that if you’re sick or injured you get a one game suspension for it.

  16. Not a good night to be a linesman last night.

    Wideman cross checked linesman in the head & back…

    Lucic punched a linesman in the mouth during a scrum…

    They don’t pay those guys nearly enough…

  17. Are you serious! Ridiculous! Best of the best for 2016. Really now. Money is the root of all evil. I respect Jonathan!

  18. Stupid rule and really a bit about nothing Toews gets over a week off to rest up thats a good thing. Word was its the flu that Toews has

    In other news, Calgary is looking at moving some players. Jiri Hudler would be a awesome rental.

  19. Its a hockey play. What a joke. Such a wonderful job at suspending players who hit people high/head though.

  20. Ladd and Buff are both on the block. How sweet would it be to bring Andrew Ladd back or Hudler, both would be rentals. The issue would be fitting either under the cap.

  21. @ Morrison

    According to general fanager the Hawks will have 4.5 million available at the deadline. Room to add a moderately priced top 6 forward or a top 4 dman.

  22. I havnt seen that site. I just got back from two days travelling to 12 farms doing feed and nutrition. So I havnt seen it yet. Do you know if that 4.5m includes the extra 1.5m (most of the 1.5m) that will get when/if we ltir Krugs 1.5m, if its current I think we would have that plus most of the 1.5m. Ernie probably knows.

  23. Nobody gives a crap about the All Star game, least of all the players. And those absolutely brutal uniforms. Ovi weaseled out, Cindy last year. Several priors, mostly Wings. No doubt Patrick Kane would love to find a reason, too, but – career year notwithstanding – 88 absolutely must show or everybody starts talking about last summer again. Hope Kaner scores a dozen and wins all the skills

  24. I usually use general Fanager. Hockeyscap is another good one. I asked a question to the people at hockeyscap and they got back to me. They had this to say regarding Kruger’s LTIR and from what I remember, I don’t believe it’s correct.”Marcus Kruger was placed on LTIR when the team had a cap hit of $70,078,045 resulting in a relief of $178,045 and a cap hit of $1,321,955″

    Now, the 4.5 figure is misleading as that is their projected space at the deadline. However, they’re projected end of season hit would have them roughly 950k below. Knowing Panarin and possibly Teravainen have bonus money coming to them I doubt the Hawks do much before deadline day. What is surprising is that Mashinter is on the roster. He’s pretty much a wasted spot, and every game is 7k that they won’t have for next year. Maybe after the illness leaves the room the put him on waivers. Then again, they only have 13 forwards, which is probably why he’s here since he makes just above the NHL minimum. But I digress.

    That 4.5 figure is money that’s prorated. So you could add a player with a start of year salary of 4.5 million, but youd only pay for the last 20 games or so. If Hockeyscap is correct, the Hawks were only minimally able to take advantage of Kruger’s hit. With that 178k figure being so small its tough to tell if general Fanager has used figured it out or not. They don’t differentiate IR from LTIR. It looks as though based on the numbers that the difference between end of season cap and deadline space is about 200k real dollars which would indicate they have used that 178k figure. But again, typically when its announced they say IR Or LTIR. At present time if they recalled Bickell they could put Kruger on LTIR which wouldn’t gain them end of season cap space as that’s not how LTIR works. Can’t bank dollars. But would give them more deadline space as they’d be 28k from the ceiling.

    If anyone understands any of that I’m impressed as I’m fully lost in my own thoughts now. Apologies.

  25. Agree with Tab that a d-man isn’t a necessity. However, some food for thought. Say they acquire Byfuglien. You can put him on wing. He’s gonna hate it but piss on him. You could also put him on defense if someone goes down. Then you don’t have to worry about a Scuderi/Rozsival pairing. As of now a healthy dcorp with Gustafson doesn’t really need more.

    I wonder if they could swing a Versteeg AND Staal at half Retained for a Bickell, Pokka, Hartman type package. With the emergence of Gustafson I feel less apprehensive on trading Pokka. Carolina has a lot of money coming off and needs to get to the floor. So they could use Bickell. I know Staal is a center, but I wouldn’t be concerned at all with him on wing.

  26. After looking at that Hockey’s cap quote….it appears to be unsourced, however it looks like they may have credited something to someone in their comments section. NHL numbers differentiates IR and LTIR better and they show Kruger as being on IR as we thought. Apologies.

    In any event, going off their numbers using the current 978 end of season total. On deadline day if Kruger is placed on LTIRfor the final 18 games, that would bump the deadline space up from 4.5 ish to over 11.161 million. Depending on how crazy they go, Kruger could still come back for the final few games.

  27. So Carolina will take Bickell and his salary and 2 prospects who may or may not make it to the NHL for two of their top three scorers-
    (I know they want to go young and Staal may not be a Hurricane long term)
    That trade would cost Francis his job
    Even as a rental Staal will be in demand and won’t go cheap

    How about Bickell and Eddie O for Justin Faulk and Jeff Skinner
    (sorry for the sarcasm but these pipe dream trades are hilarious)

  28. Both players are expiring. This is what happens when I’m sleep deprived and don’t have any good hockey to watch. Rethinking this abit knowing the numbers now, Versteeg wouldn’t be needed. The Canes have a solid young D so you could probably scratch Pokka. I’m reluctant to trade Dano.

  29. “At the deadline, a healthy Blackhawks team doesn’t need a top 4 defenseman and they can afford to be incredibly selective about adding a forward.” (Tab) — AMEN.

    I’ve said, (like there’s a compulsion or RULE that a team MUST add something, anything at the deadline?) the Hawks are not in the position of having to make any deal. I’m sure Stan will carefully consider if anyone available is ACTUALLY an upgrade, and at what cost. After last season’s Cup run they were definitely going to lose at least one “core player” – this year it’s a different set of circumstances.

  30. “however, say they acquire Byfuglien”

    Stop it.

    If/When Dustin Byfuglien hits the trade market, he’s going to do so as a #2 defenseman w/ significant offensive upside. The Jets are going to ask for – and probably receive – a package of players/prospects/picks that will help their organization over the next 5 years attempt to catch up with Chicago and Dallas. Byfuglien won’t come cheap.

    Which is precisely why there’s a snowball’s chance in hell he wears a Hawks sweater again – especially this season.

    a) Why would Winnipeg trade him inside the division?
    b) Why would the Blackhawks trade the collection of assets needed to get Buff to a team inside their division?
    c) WTF would the Hawks move that bounty of prospects for a guy and then skate him out of position?
    d) Lots of tears were shed over the price paid for renting Timonen & Vermette. This will be those combined ++. Why?

    There is absolutely, positively no logic behind any discussion of the Hawks making a deal for Byfuglien. So, please, when you wanna type that name, stop before you spellcheck it and hit delete. Not happening.

  31. Edzo was talking about the Caps being high on Buff and that the ask is indeed big. Rumors i heard about 48 hrs ago was that Buff isnt really being shopped as communication between both sides are good whereas Ladd has gone a complete 180. Originally Ladd was thought to be likely to resign and now those talks have broken down. The question really is, is Ladd worth a prospect and a pick?

    Top 10 prospects according to futures

    Marko Dano
    Nick Schmaltz
    Ville Pokka
    Mark McNeill
    Phillip Danault
    Ryan Hartman
    Garret Ross
    Vince Hinostroza
    Graham Knott
    Tyler Motte

  32. I don’t put much stock into what Hockey’s future says. When you look at who they are the writers they have are wannabe bloggers that know less than most here. Anthony Lyon, I believe is the guy that writes the Hawks stuff continued to talk about Travis Brown after the Hawks relinquished his rights.

    Tab, if you look at my history in regards to my stance on Byfuglien you’ll see I’m not advocating him coming here. I don’t like him as a d-man because he is in it for him. He goes rogue way too often. Just saying that you don’t have to view him strictly as a d-man.

    Also, if the Jets are selling that means they have conceded the season. Why would they care who they trade him to if they know they’re not in it. I’ll argue the opposite and say it could benefit them by poaching the top prospects from teams in their division thus hindering that team in the future.

  33. We havnt seen a ltir report on Krugs so I think its only ir. Bowman must be waiting for a time that makes sense because Ernie, ER and me did our homework wks ago on this stuff. If Krugs were anywhere close to game 82 it makes more sense to get as much cap space as we can so some if it can be used for Bread Mans player bonus.

    Lets add a good player even if we do not need to. We are going to need everyone. Moar depth.

  34. The hawks are in position to possibly repeat as cup champs for the first time since Detroit did it last in the late 1990s. Any reasonable trade that improves those chances (including acquiring buff) should be a consideration. I disagree with those who want to stifle those discussions on a fan website where fans are excited to talk. I have no problem with fans bringing up reasonably possible trade scenarios even ones that many consider unrealistic. I for one would love to have buff on the hawks. I realize its very unlikely for the reasons stated above. Other teams will almost certainly outbid the hawks even if they could make it work money wise. Also I think the hawks are better off with toews getting the rest even with the one game suspension. B that’s no big deal.

  35. Also I previously suggested a possible trade of Bickel Hartman a 1 pick and a second round pick for buff. It’s a lot but it would be awesome. Do I think it will happen -no. Winnipeg can get more than that. But it’s fun to talk about.

  36. To Pete’s comment-Like many I get excited about trade talk and possibilities discussed on this site–but when it doesn’t make sense from a cap-money perspective as well as resource for resource, not to mention a teams’ brain trust point of view–people have the right to point out the flaw in thinking.
    There is a difference in life from what we want and what we can get.
    (BUT I agree it shouldn’t get too personal or mean-spirited)

  37. Noonan, unfortunately Tab already tried to intimidate everyone from typing Buff’s name. I broke the rule and I didn’t use spell check either. I suspect I will be banned. So maybe for the last time to everyone GO HAWKS!

  38. Ernie, god love you with all the numbers, can you pass the Excedrin. Also what do you charge for doing taxes? Sorry about a dumb question, I assume Toews suspension means without pay, right? Unbelievable!

  39. “Tab already tried to intimidate everyone from typing Buff’s name.”

    I apologize to Pete and others who feel employing common sense to display the levels of failure achieved by asking for Dustin Byfuglien is intimidating. I’ll go back to ignoring the salary cap, divisional alignment and the positions players play when crossing my fingers for Bowman to do something…

  40. Unless someone is speculating about a trade that is so ridiculous that it’s wasting everyone’s time to read and making a mockery of this website, I think the poster should be cut some slack Tab. After all we are not NHL front office people, just fans. I realize this is a subjective standard.

  41. Also to answer some of the specific comments about trading for buff: 1 teams do trade within the division see hawks trade with Dallas involving sharp 2 the hawks have the chance to repeat as champs so they do have a reason to trade future assets for buff. 3. Buff could play defense for the hawks 4 the trade I mentioned involved moving Bickel so I think it might work salary cap wise(I could be wrong). 5 Winnipeg likely needs to reload and IF the hawks were offering the best deal that’s their incentive. The obvious counterpoint is they will very very likely get better offers from other teams where they won’t get stuck with a bad contract. There are a lot of hawks fans that would love to see byfuglien back on the team. That’s what’s driving these comments. Is it pie in the sky-probably but I don’t think it’s impossible

  42. All right, my 2 cents about Buff, I agree with Tab about this not happening for most of his reasons he made. But regarding the trading in division I agree with Pete, he mentioned the Sharp trade and did we not trade with Winnipeg involving Frolik. I think the not trading in the division is a outdated idea for all sports, what with salary cap issues limiting any movement, I think teams need to make moves wherever they can. Also what I have read about Buff is that Winnipeg is allowing teams to negotiate with his agent about a long term extension so that would allow them to get more value in a trade instead of being a rental, which makes sense to me and I think that would take the Hawks out of the mix anyway. So hope nobody is holding their breath waiting for that, I like Buff like many but it’s not going to happen. Frankly Bowman surprises me a lot, so I will just sit back and see what he has going, I do hope we don’t give up a #1 pick again, I think we need those.

  43. 1st pick are nice. Stanley Cup is better.

    We can trade up a 2nd and be 30-45, which depending on draft is not much difference then what 1st pick is.

    Ernie mentioned we have plenty of cap space to add a 4-8m player at deadline. Were not going to need to trade anyone to add players, just have some two way contracts be on Rockford roster. LTIR Krugs 1.5m so we can use that for most of Bread Mans player bonus.

    Trust the Bowmans.

  44. The reality with both Byfuglien & Ladd is that there will be other teams ready & willing to pay a price for their services the Blackhawks shouldn’t. Bryan Bickell + a prospect like McNeill, Ross or Svedberg doesn’t get you either one of those guys.

  45. ……….Blackhawks not completely willing to participate in nhl showcase all-star game unfortunately more flexibility is required and minimum two players from each team……BIG mistake was made…..all star mvp John Scott was traded away by Chicago for lack of talent many years ago…….lol…..forget Ladd or Bufylglen…..lets get back John Scott….

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