Jonathan Toews Will Play Saturday

The conversation the wake of the Hawks’ win in Boston hasn’t been about the play of Scott Darling, but more about how the Blackhawks handled their superstar captain in the wake of a nasty hit into the boards.

Toews was allowed to stay on the ice for a shift immediately following the hit – the beginning of a 5-on-3 power play – but took a penalty. After he left the box, Toews went immediately to the dressing room and did not return to the game. The team said his absence was precautionary, and maintained that position after practice on Saturday.

11 thoughts on “Jonathan Toews Will Play Saturday

  1. Why has the league not looked into this hit. I thought all boarding penalties were reviewed by the DOPS?

  2. Montana- The league did look at the hit and reported that after “thorough review and careful consideration”, the hit did not warrant any more than the penalty called on the ice. They determined that both players were “turning” at the time of impact and that while it was a bad outcome, it was not deemed dirty or worthy of an in person hearing or suspension.

  3. Bottom line : Toews got hit hard into the boards and is okay.

    On the Goaltending. I love a big goalie like darling and obviously Quenneville does also, but I must say, Rantta is getting a raw deal. He has done absolutely nothing to lose his job, the numbers and the eye test bare that out. Clearly Q prefers Darling which is his right as Coach but to send Rantta down is just plain wrong.

  4. Mark lazerus of the sun times reported that he is obviously getting sent torockford and Rantta is really don about it.

  5. Raanta is the backup, CC is the starter and Darling is the right answer for now and maybe even the future. While Raanta’s results are encouraging, I disagree that he passes the “eye test” and can fully understand why Q prefers Darling. While I appreciate Raanta’s success, but his flop style and excessive crease movement gives me an ulcer every time I watch him play.

    Best bet is Darling will return to Rockford when CC is back and Raanta will continue as #2..

  6. Sorry this I pad randomly deletes letters. He says Rantta is really down about the goalie situation and says he does not want to lose his job.

  7. We bank 180k more towards deadline capspace by having 33 on 23man. Trade 11 before roster freeze and we would bank 1.2m prorated.

  8. Maybe its time the Blackhawks start thinking about getting somebody to protect their superstars . John Ferguson Marty Mcsorley Dave Semenko Ti Domi are names out of the past that come to mind. How many cheap shots can Toews take before he is seriously injured and Kane too is targeted . Chara ran Kane at TD Garden Nobody sent a message to the Bruins , not to run our Stars except for Shaw when he put Lucic into the boards . none of the big guys on the team like Bickel or Seabrook responded , you have to give Shaw credit ,the guy plays his heart out , and then its left up to him to do something, what a mighty mite I know people will say goons are a think of the past third man in etc. but what is the alternative what would you rather have a fighting major and being thrown out of the game or Toews and Kane out for a month , Or in Hossas case when brain dead Torres put him out of the series and he didnt come back for a year because of the lockout i still remember that hit, he could have killed Hoss I know nothing will come of the cheap shotting league wide untill someone is seriously hurt like when Bertuzzi attacked the guy from behind just venting i cant help it B

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