Jordin Tootoo On Waivers

On Wednesday the Chicago Blackhawks placed forward Jordin Tootoo on waivers. The 34-year-old is on a one-year, $700k NHL contract.

Earlier this week coach Joel Quenneville indicated that Tootoo was getting close to being ready to return from injury. Chicago currently has 13 forwards and eight defensemen on the NHL roster.

13 thoughts on “Jordin Tootoo On Waivers

  1. Please let someone pick him up. I don’t want him taking minutes away from younger players on Chicago or Rockford.

  2. If you haven’t waived Kero or oesterle for Hinostroza or another young Rockford player hopefully they don’t waive them for tootoo.
    No problem if they send him to Rockford he can be your 13/14th forward.

  3. Minimum salary plus $375,000 Mo. Minimum salary went from $575.000 up to $650.000 this season. In 2 years goes up to $700.000 so amount you bury in minors goes to 1.075 m in 2019/20 season.

  4. According to cap friendly still just over 2.4m in ltir space same as it has been all season. Tootoos and Rozivals space was used prior to start of season so they would compliant for opening day. Hossa and his salary was after start of season and that is space they have now minus Franson and what they were over the 75m regular limit on opening day. Clear as mud

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