Kane Accuser’s Attorney Withdraws From The Case

The soap opera that the Patrick Kane case has become took another ridiculous turn on Thursday night.

In the blink of an eye, Patrick Kane is on a 100-point pace again.

All it took was putting up seven points in his last three games, including a four-point performance in Thursday’s 4-1 win over the Jets.

Kane ‘s goal and three assists gave him his 11th four-point game since the start of the 2015-16 season. Over the first eight seasons of his career, he had just one four-point game.

Also, with just a few games remaining in the 2010s, Kane also increased the chances he’ll finish with the most point among all players this decade.

In the first two games, Nylander had an assist and one shot on goal each game. Not terrible but also not an indication he’s taking advantage of who he’s playing with.

Thursday’s game against the Jets was different. Nylander seemed to make sure he benefitted from playing with Kane. He had three shots on net and had a goal and an assist for his second two-point game of the season and third of his career.

Thomas J. Eoannou, the lawyer for the accuser in Patrick Kane’s sexual assault investigation, held a press conference to announce he was stepping away from the case, so they need to get other law resources to help in this case, check it out to learn more about this here.

Eoannou indicated he lacks the confidence in the story that was told to him regarding the alleged evidence bag he presented on Wednesday. He said he has a “moral obligation” to withdraw from the case moving forward.

76 thoughts on “Kane Accuser’s Attorney Withdraws From The Case

  1. More hijinks–and shenanigans.

    Possibly even tomfoolery.

    And (dare I say it?)…BUFFOONERY!

    I can now, at this point, draw but one sound conclusion: only Judge Wapner could sort all this out.

  2. Still not time to jump to conclusions. The evidence bag story could have been perpetrated by a well intentioned family member, albeit not one very bright, but it doesn’t prove the rape accusation is false.

  3. Withholding evidence is a felony. I was shocked that the accuser’s legal team held onto to the alleged tampered with bag for more then 24 hours. I wonder if the lawyer wasn’t allowed to step down to save face.

  4. Where are all the clowns that were calling Kane a rapist. Oh yea probably hiding in their mother’s basement. You clowns should be ashamed of yourselves for attacking Kane in the manner that you did. EbonyRaptor. You surprise me. This puts the last nail in the coffin of the ambulance chasing attorney and his gold digger client. He should be arrested and put in prison. I don’t believe for a moment that he didn’t play a part in this charade. Kane is innocent and anyone who doubts that is an idiot.

  5. When a client is not truthful with their attorney this is what happens.
    My guess is the kit results and what the young lady claims are not reconciled. It will be interesting to see who concocted and acted in this deception.

  6. I hope we will soon be talking only about hockey and that this nightmare is just a bad memory.

    Innocent ( and I believe he is) Kane needs to grow up and act like a pro hockey player, not a teenage boy. I hope he does because he is a heck of a player on ice,

  7. Lets hope we are witnessing the end game here. A favourable outcome to this nightmare is something we all wanted and yet seemed out of reach. Nothing has divided the Committed Indians, Blackhawk fans everywhere and ordinary folk more than this and created such ill will, bad feelings, entrenched positions and irrational thinking. What the DA states at the presser tomorrow morning will be huge. There is reasonable doubt stamped all over the place at this stage. Wow.

  8. What happend to his “expert team or experts” that certified this bag? “This bag is authentic” what an a**hole!

  9. Ryan – a possible scenario is that he wanted to check the evidence bag and see if it’s authentic before making an accusation. He had to be sure because it could have made him look like a clown if it was an obvious forgery. That was unusual stuff, he even said he never heard of such a thing in his career, so it’s not like there’s a play book on what to do. He just took some time to consider all the options and the implications.

    My question is… I heard it on Waddle & Silvy… did he make the name of the accuser public while presenting the evidence bag and now her name and picture is out there ??? Is that true ??? That’s incredibly stupid and that might be the reason he’s out. Maybe he got fired instead of stepping down.

  10. As stated earlier, he got “played” along with the media…

    Impatience with the process has led to these unfortunate situations…

    Quite sad…

  11. What do you expect from the holier than thou, guilty until proven innocent, politically correct, left wing media? The media got played but let’s not forget their agenda.

  12. Bobby, you may want to stop watching all those TV detective shows that come to a definitive conclusion by the end of the hour. This is reality, boy – stand down.

    The absence of PK’s DNA “inside” the accuser doesn’t equate to Kane not being involved. There remains the possibility that he may have simply been too drunk to “complete the act” – but it makes the accuser’s case more difficult to prove (if, indeed, her accusations are truthful).

    And stop calling people names if they don’t draw the same conclusions from your adolescent logic as you do…it just might tend to make you seem stupid.

  13. ^ Hey Bill, just a point of clarification, it was said there was none of Kane’s DNA below the waist, not limited to “inside”. Important distinction. Might want to be careful about telling people to “stand down”.

  14. Hof, I am with you on this………I don’t think this is over but a whole lot of questions, distrust and wrong accusations have been made in this case. I just want the last 2 months to go away and the season to start on a clean slate.

  15. Reg frankly I’m just looking forward to seeing who plays tonight and watching the game. I’m very interested in the battle at forward … my guess is they’d really like to see Paille on the team because he brings speed, dependability, grit, and he’s been there before.

    I also smell a small trade forthcoming, Zawaski (who is a decent guy but his info I can take or leave) has tweeted as much.

    We are early in the exhibition season and things have a way of sorting themselves out (i.e. injuries) but right now they’re deep in NHL ready bodies. Guys like Ross and McNeill have little to prove in the AHL although the brass may feel differently.

    On defense I still see Gustafsson starting the season in Rockford, if for no other reason to help get him reacclimated to North American hockey. Pokka I think for sure they want to get him more experience. I’m anxious to see what the two tryouts Hejda and Visnovsky bring and how they hold up – they’ve both been steady in their careers but it depends how much or little they have left.

    One reality is TVR probably has the most value on the trade market of their lower pairing defensemen. Nice contract and looked pretty good in a small sample last year. Remember too they’ve got two other guys slated for Rockford who could fill in, Schilling and this Roberson guy they got from Carolina.

    Interesting times.

  16. It is clear that the accuser camp is in absolute chaos due to a lack of credibility on their side. That is why their attorney withdrew. In my opinion the DA should be looking at everything and everyone for potential crimes including the accuser. This is why we have the rule of law and not vigilante justice. The morality police in the media with their intimidation tactics will hopefully learn to keep their mouths SHUT and let due process play out. There have been people on this blog that stood up for the rule of law and called out the vigilante moral pontificating. Good job by those people. I also think this website has been the best by far on this issue. Tab just reported the facts and he kept the site open for comments. Other sites ran with the moral pontificating that Kane was a monster and closed their sites to comments. Great job Tab! And those other sites should be ashamed of themselves and shut down. From here all we have to do is trust the criminal justice system and wherever it goes I have confidence it will be fair and based on evidence.

  17. Hof – as stated, theoretically (because we weren’t there) if PK did not “complete the act” in question, there would be no DNA below the waste anyway. This still does not rule out the possibility of rape – just harder (but not impossible) to prove, since DNA evidence is only part of the total picture. So what’s your point?

  18. Hof, after seeing Paille take a slapshot in the chest to stop a goal in a scrimmage game, I am in favor of seeing him on the Hawks. I love that kind of grit and selflessness. In the back of my mind I keep thinking that Shaw may be the guy that gets traded. I love the guy and believe that he has more skill than most people give him credit for, but with Desjardins and Garbutt on this team Shaw could be the odd man out.

  19. Hey Bill, my point has always been wait until the facts become clearer and it’s below the waist not waste. Even if he didn’t “complete the act” as you say there still could be DNA below the waist … there was none.

    You talked about the absence of DNA “inside” doesn’t prove anything and I commented on the distinction between inside and below the waist. Pretty clear.

  20. Reg you might be right, would hate to see it but contracts are obviously an issue too. Shaw is signed for this year and then I’d presume due for a big raise which might give the front office pause.

  21. As I have said from the beginning….No action should be taken against Kane until he is at least CHARGED with a crime. I do not know know what the outcome will eventually be. But as of right now, this minute, Kane is an innocent man. Witholding him from activities until he is charged with a crime is not fair to him.

  22. The mother provided the hoax rape kit, immoral but not illegal per Sedita. If the accuser is found to be complicit , she will be charged. Elvis has left the building!

  23. re: Paille – love him as a potential depth guy, but what does he bring that Desjardins doesn’t? My point – Desjardins is already under contract. Paille is not. With limited/no cap space and too many forwards already on the roster, how do Paille & Desjardins co-exist in Chicago?

  24. Regardless of the outcome of this silly soap opera.

    I am still rather un-impressed with Kane.

    He needs to grow up and find some respect for his 100 million dollar career, find some respect for his team, his fans and most importantly find some respect for himself.

  25. My point is that Bobby’s statement that “Kane is innocent and anyone that doubts that is an idiot” is ridiculous, since, there is a difference between being innocent and being found innocent.

    Just because someone is not found guilty of a crime (due to lack of evidence below the waist or otherwise) doesn’t mean a crime was not committed. I certainly hope PK had nothing to do with this whole thing, however, given the fact that his DNA showed up under her fingernails means he was involved on some level.

    I never said Kane did or did not do something, I am merely pointing out that lack of evidence does not equate to lack of a crime – and without evidence, no one knows what truly happened except for the accuser and those involved…and your buddy Bobby.

  26. Hey Bill, stop jumping to conclusions. I don’t know Bobby, I’m not defending him, I’m not his buddy. So stop with that shit. Or “stand down” as you like to say.

  27. It wasn’t a conclusion, Hof – merely an assumption based on your response to mine. I doubt anyone actually believes you’re Bobby’s buddy.

    It’s been a pleasure – now on to a fresh topic…for everyone’s sake.

  28. ^ You know what they say about assuming things …

    On another topic, @Tab – good thoughts about Paille. I have no dog in this hunt but in answer to your query about what does Paille bring, I guess the answer is “more”. Not necessarily in relation to Desjardins, but in a general way. More speed, more grit, more experience, more tenacity, more penalty killing skill, etc.

    Can they fit a guy like that in? Should they? i guess my answer to that is … it’s early exhibition season. Lots of things will sort themselves out, and this may be one. The one thing about Paille (and Desjardins for that matter) is they’re both dependable and they both bring it every night, which is what the coaching staff likes. Of course, contracts and money play a big role in all this, perhaps even an overriding role.

  29. Bill Scar. You are an absolute idiot. Kane is innocent because only an innocent man does the following:

    (1) Voluntarily submits his DNA for analysis.
    (2) Refuses to surrender to blackmail and tells the gold digger to take a hike.

    Her lawyer was complicit in this and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Kane’s lawyer said that if this was him he would have turned it over to the DA instead of going on TV and making himself look like an idiot. Now that he realizes that he isn’t going to win he leaves the case! DumDum. What an appropriate name! You said the lawyer got fired. You sir are an IDIOT.

  30. “He needs to grow up and find some respect for his 100 million dollar career, find some respect for his team, his fans and most importantly find some respect for himself.” …….

    Thank you, KID.

  31. Gold digger, gold digger, gold digger. The Vegas odds on that being true just increased.

    The apple does not fall from the tree. “The mother is guilty of an ellaborate hoax.” How foolish was that to do? Is the daughter following that lead? The attorney withdrew because his clients were not credible. My question is why did she need a criminal defense attorney in the first place? To navigate the process? That’s sneaky in itself. The DA prosecutes the case. Their former atty was a criminal defense attorney and he was forthright about not having anything to do with any civil settlements in this case or ever. How many rape victims run out and hire a crimal defense attorney? I would guess close to none of them do.

    I am not defending Kane at all. He is a fool for his repeated lapses in judgement. He is not a victim here, whether charged or not, because of his brash foolish arrogance and stupidity. He put the target on his own back.

    That being said, if Kane is exonerated, the young lady may need that criminal defense attorney afterall if there is any indication she was following her mother’s example and proceeding with an ellaborate hoax. In addition, she may need a good civil defense attorney if she slandered Kane. It would be hard to defend that this allegation had no affect on his reputation.

    All this being said, who cares , let’s talk hockey…

  32. The self-righteous keyboard warriors who have but all sent Kane to prison are now taking the tact that we’ll never know what happened. What fucking hypocrisy! Imagine if this was Kane’s mother who did this, Kane would be murdered on social media and by the clowns in the media. But the poor “victim” aka gold digger is given the benefit of the doubt.

  33. I would think credibility in a case like this would mean a lot. In looking at the history of the case there are several question marks;

    1) She LAWYERED up immediately.

    2) That lawyer appeared to start a PR campaign.

    3) Kane voluntarily gave up his DNA.

    4) Kane refused to give into her blackmail attempts.

    5) Very little DNA evidence found.

    6) The owner of the bar indicated she was hanging all over him prior to leaving. Reported by Buff News days after everything became public.

    7) Evidence bag fiasco.

    8) Her lawyer steps down.

    If you can’t see that Kane is innocent then there is no hope for you.

  34. Bobby, to your point: The Burden of Proof resides with the prosecution , the accused does not bear the proof of innocence. This concept seems to be ignored or misunderstood by some of the posters here!

  35. In recent years, the cultural pendulum has swung the other way due to the politically correct movement. Women’s rights are being given a higher plane of truth than a man’s word.

    Now all it takes is an allegation to ruin a reputation or a career. The story of the Duke lacrosse players comes to mind, as does that terrible, debunked atrocity in Rolling Stone magazine about “A Rape on Campus” at the University of Virginia.

    Go ahead keyboard warriors hide under the fact that we’ll never know what happened instead of admitting you were wrong. KANE IS INNOCENT.

  36. Remember that Patrick Kane is the real victim. Kane’s DNA was not found “below” the alleged victim’s “waist”, but others’ DNA was.

    Imagine what would have happened if his DNA was found below the waist. The social media mafia and the clowns in the media would be asking for Kane’s head on a platter.

  37. No doubt this is the tipping point, the thing we’ve all been waiting for short of a complete and open exoneration. Accuser’s side has lost all credibility, game over. Thanks to those who showed restraint, like Tab and also Sean McIndoe who hasn’t written one word about it. As an early and vocal critic of the moron chorus who convicted and hung Patrick Kane in the absence of charges, evidence, or a trial, I await their words of regret. I expect to wait a very long time.

    I have also said since the beginning that although Kane may avoid serious trouble as a result of this saga, he is not unscathed and faces a host of consequences, much of them behind the scenes. Someone (actually RTF, I believe) suggested Kane sell his place in Buffalo and cut ties with the old crew. That’d be a very good start. And we’ll need to see more on Kane’s part before he’s all the way back in good graces, especially with Blackhawk management. He has used up his 9 lives, time for this cat to grow up.

  38. RTP, unless Kane wants to change, nothing will be any different. He may not get into “hot water” for a while, but that next binge will possibly create more chaos. He is young, very talented, and seemingly incredibly arrogant. Not a great mixture. I still say that the Hawks cut bait when it is to their advantage. He may or may not be innocent of a felony, but he certainly is not innocent of bringing down our post-Stanley Cup buzz.

  39. Bill – If indeed no Kane DNA was found under her waist inside or outside that’s a potentially big win for Kane’s legal position.
    It might not matter though… if Kane said they indeed had sex -during interrogation- it doesn’t matter, changes little. If Kane said they didn’t have sex, it only proves his innocence. It takes big balls to negate having sex with someone and then they find DNA either inside or outside the private parts. How the fuck did your DNA end up there ?
    PS: You don’t have to ‘finish the act’ in order to leave DNA.

  40. Critical point just made by Kane’s attorney. The “victim” aka gold digger knew that the bag contained her clothes and not the rape kit. He said the DA knows this for a fact. No effort was made by the “victim” to stop her attorney from going forward with that sham of a press conference. She is guilty and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Another critical point made by Kane’s attorney is that an attempt to obstruct justice is a CRIME. Hopefully after the DA has some time to review all the facts he will press forward with charges against the no good mom and her gold digger daughter.

  41. Guys…please stop the ‘he’s guilty even if innocent’ stupidity.
    If wanting to party and get laid is proof of bad choices everybody’s guilty.
    Just because he’s famous, handsome, rich and successful doesn’t mean he should party and fuck less that the regular poor, average bloke. It’s quite the opposite actually.
    I mean..what’s the point if not that ? Give me what Kane has and I’d party and fuck 10 times more than him. Denying doing that makes you a pompous, pathetic liar.

    The only thing he’s guilty -if he’s indeed innocent- is not going to even more extremes of protecting himself. Having a Police Lt as your bodyguard is ok, a nice step, but he should have had all the rooms in that house under secret video surveillance. That’s the only way to protect yourself from false accusations. That’s what I’d do….always record when fucking. But I’d have hundreds/thousands of videos, no doubt about that.

  42. Dum Dum……..I tend to agree with most of your comments, however, Kaner has a tendancy(and many more priors) to get into bad situations when liquor is involved. At 26, I would hope that his judgment would overcome the thoughts of his “Johnson”. He just has to think more with the big head over the little head!

  43. On a lighter note, thanks for the chuckle Dum Dum. “Always record when fucking”. LOL. Just hope there’s not a case of stage fright …

    Just kidding, everyone.

  44. Bobby – you have no clue on what happened.
    You’re going all in on the accuser/victim bashing at this point. Stop that crap. I don’t want to hear it.
    People make stupid decisions in general, it can get even more strange when you’re a victim of an attack-trauma. So stop the name calling for fuck’s sake.

  45. Reg Dunlop – I get why his agent, PR guy and/or the Blackhawks would insist on him cutting off his party tendencies because he maybe loses focus and acts out when drunk. I get that.
    But me as a fan I’m totally against the idea that an athlete should start acting as a frigid individual or whatever. He has the same merit to party and screw as anybody, he even has that much more merit and status in doing it. I’d do it, so I can’t ask him not to.

  46. If nothing else, this PK Saga has certainly caused some wear and tear on this blog. And methinks there’s more to come…just a hunch.

  47. I have tried to stay on the sidelines during this circus but was struck by one point made by the DA today. He said that the accuser “lawyered up” immediately with both civil and criminal attorneys who have not allowed the DA to speak to her. I’m no expert on criminal matters but this seems very strange to me. The events of the last 48 hours have been so nuts they couldn’t even make it on a Law and Order episode.

  48. Look at what someone threaten Jagr with. That person could have threaten with something else and Jagr would have to prove himself innocent when it was consensual. There is right and wrong all over this world so just try to stay on the right side of things and try not to put yourself in a difficult situation.

  49. Bill Scar – “Just because someone is not found guilty of a crime (due to lack of evidence below the waist or otherwise) doesn’t mean a crime was not committed. I certainly hope PK had nothing to do with this whole thing, however, given the fact that his DNA showed up under her fingernails means he was involved on some level.”

    Involved at some level? Very true Bill. However, let’s have a woman run her fingers through your hair a few times and then have her fingernails checked for your DNA. Let me know how you make out – rapist?

  50. Broker Wayne. Get off your high horse . 88 is not going to be traded. He also does not have to prove his innocence. Your hockey instincts are as illogical as your understanding of the legal system.

  51. I’m tired of people saying Kane exercised bad judgment even if he is innocent If he is innocent then the only thing he did was go drinking with friends and have an after party at his house. What else has he done, Got drunk in Wisconsin(is he the only person in history to do that?) and had a minimal dispute with a cab driver. That is it as far as I can tell. People need to save their morals for themselves. Its his life, not yours. Kane has a job to play Hockey. That’s it. What he does in his personal life is his business, not ours. He has to follow all laws just like everyone else. That is it.

  52. Brokerwayne, actually if Kane is innocent he did not bring down our post Stanley cup buzz. If he is innocent, then the false accuser did that. Its called the rule of law. I think your reasoning is flawed and goes something like this: He shouldn’t have gone drinking and had an after party with people he didn’t know because even if he is innocent he put himself in the situation of letting someone make a false accusation against him and that is bringing us all down. I say IF its a false accusation then the false accuser brought us down and should be held accountable. Let the criminal justice system do its job and then we can all blame the correct party.

  53. The other girl involved is now cooperating with the police! Let’s hope the no good mother and her gold digger daughter get what’s coming to them, ie, prison time.

    Kane’s lawyer said they might initiate a civil lawsuit. I really hope that happens and they bankrupt this corrupt family.

  54. 1. Where’s Rufus?

    2. DA said its not a matter of when it goes to a grand jury but if it goes to one.

    As for a lack of evidence. They could have had sex and he used a rubber. Lots of ways for his skin to get under her nails. The bag wasnt part of the kit. It was for the girls top. Not sure if that was given to the police or not, but the bag was given to the victims mother and was in the mothers possession the whole time. No way this makes it to court regardless of guilt or innocence. None of us know enough to pick sides. Its unclear if the alleged victim knew about this. I’m not really sure why she needed a lawyer to begin with.

  55. MS, from what I take from the story its that the girl hasn’t been interviewed regarding the “hoax” yet. Its not really a hoax. The bag was given to the mother to put the girls shirt into. Police took the shirt before that could happen and the mother kept the bag. Now, from there is where it gets odd. Did she tell the attorney she found it in between the doors? Did the attorney take a story and sensationalize it to stretch truths? After which he found he went too far and resigned. Ultimately I don’t think this tarnishes the DA’s case. The lack of evidence does more than anything.

    If the DA has been unable to speak to this girl from the beginning I can’t imagine this case proceeding. I take what’s being reported with a grain of salt. Lots of bias in both directions.

  56. Nettle Creek, you mix up “high horse” with having some degree of integrity and knowledge of the signs of addiction, in this case a problem with the use of alcohol. In terms of whether or not I think Kane will or should be traded, that’s an opinion, not an instinct. In terms of my understanding of the legal system, kindly point out where I said anything that might give you the impression that I either understand it, or don’t understand it.

  57. Broker – dude, you’re not selling maturity, you’re selling bullshit.
    I think the definition of “high horse” is mixing up your presumed knowledge of “addiction” signs or triggers, projecting it in this case, coming to a conclusion that Kane fits your profile and that he Blackhawks might as well trade him for it.
    You pompous arrogant, if someone has a propensity for addiction you help him because it’s a disease/problem. You don’t cut bait on him because he isn’t the perfect element in your peachy constructed imaginary world.
    Basically…you’re not only riding the high horse, but you’re using it against others.

    Yeah… I’m not buying.

  58. DumDum. The first thing you’ve said that I can agree with. Idiot posters on here have been way to quick to call for Kane’s exit. Kane is an asset to this team and will be here for a long time.

    They have also been quick to insinuate that Kane is a rapist. In this PC world the media clowns like Julie DiCaro give the “victim” the benefit of the doubt but not the real victim which in this case is Kane.

  59. Ernie – There is a direct quote in the article on NHL.com where a reporter states “Sedita says accuser retained two lawyers immediately, has not spoken to her.” This is what is mind-boggling to me. I have tried to stay neutral throughout this circus waiting for facts but this caught my eye in a huge way. I agree that it’s hard to imagine a case proceeding if the DA can’t talk to the accuser.

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