Kane Streak Continues, Blackhawks Fall To Wild

Patrick Kane scored his 15th goal of the season to extend his point streak to 20 games, but that was the extent of the Hawks offense as Chicago lost their return to the United Center to division rival Minnesota 2-1 on Tuesday night.

Jason Pominville scored his second of the season in a relatively uneventful first period. The second, on the other hand, saw five penalties called and the Blackhawks took advantage of their first power play with Kane’s record-extending tally.

The Hawks were able to successfully kill all four Wild advantages on the night, but the Wild grabbed the lead when Ryan Suter joined the rush and put a loose puck in over an outstretched Corey Crawford for the eventual game-winning goal.

Crawford made 34 saves in the loss.

Marian Hossa and Duncan Keith led the Hawks with three takeaways each, while Brent Seabrook was the only Chicago skater with more than one hit in the game. Keith and Marcus Kruger were each credited with three blocked shots in the loss.

One of the few bright spots in the game was Artem Anisimov, who was credited with two blocked shots, two takeaways and one hit while winning eight of a team-high 18 faceoffs. Tanner Kero struggled at the dot, winning only one of seven faceoffs. Ryan Garbutt (9:32) and Michal Rozsival (9:18) saw limited action; Rozsival took a bad penalty inside the final five minutes of regulation that proved to be costly.

Brandon Mashinter, in all his glory, skated ten shifts and 5:26 in the loss, contributing nothing but doughnuts to the box score. He continues to be an absolute waste of a roster spot.

The Hawks are back on the ice Thursday night in Ottawa.

34 thoughts on “Kane Streak Continues, Blackhawks Fall To Wild

  1. It’s OK..just luring them into a false sense of security so we can spank them in the Classic. First home game after road trip syndrome. Keep it going Mr. Kane…we are all with you…Keith is a genius.

  2. Its not easy to patient, since were not going to 7-6-1 and be 20-8 but it goes with the territory that were going to do a lot better in JAN/FEB then usual.

    Steady as she goes. Stay the course.

  3. I think the Toews-Shaw-Garbutt experiment needs to end now. And the Mashinter -with anyone experiment needs to end also. Play the talented guys with players who compliment them please. TT is wasted playing with Mashinter and needs some talent next to him. Toes and Hossa are so much better together. We need two lines scoring and this is getting a bit ugly. I can’t believe how much they seem to miss Saad’s presence on that first line. Very frustrated with their play and with the wrong line combos. Love Q, but this has to stop soon.

  4. I thought Hawks did not all play with 100% effort. Towes,Hossa,Kane,Keith,Anisimov did. But otherwise they were outshot and out hustled most of game. Not a lot of urgency until late in third. Wild won lot of the races to loose pucks and board battles. Even power play was weak – even tho Kane scored. Something needs to be done to wake Hawks up. I don’t have the answer. Season is almost 1/3 over. Time to step it up !

  5. A troubling game. The elephant in the room remains that we have gaping bold at LW and a collection of forward puzzle pieces fhat don’t all go together. My Lord, if further proof of this dilemma is needed fhen just look at the fact that Shaw AND Garbutt are on a line with Toews right now.
    Fact remains our offense can be neutered on too many nights. We are getting shockingly little offensive generation from 2 1/2 half lines for the majority of games.

    Yes, it is a transition season. And yes the talent that has flown out the door as we try to live in a salary cap world has crippled us in key respects. This all said, I strongly believe Bowman is right now working around the clock on a player trade. He’s going to do what he can to adjust the puzzle pieces he does have in hopes of making this more workable. Of course he is working with handcuffs. But I think we will see departure and new arrival very soon.

  6. A troubling game. The elephant in the room remains that we have gaping hole at LW and a collection of forward puzzle pieces fhat don’t all go together. My Lord, if further proof of this dilemma is needed fhen just look at the fact that Shaw AND Garbutt are on a line with Toews!
    Fact remains our offense can be neutered on too many nights. We are getting shockingly little offensive generation from 2 1/2 half lines for the majority of games.

    Yes, it is a transition season. And yes the talent that has flown out the door as we try to live in a salary cap world has crippled us in key respects. This all said, I strongly believe Bowman is right now working around the clock on a player trade. He’s going to do what he can to adjust the puzzle pieces he does have in hopes of making this more workable. Of course he is working with handcuffs. But I think we will see departure and new arrival very soon.

  7. Snoozer!!!

    Tab- headline should have been Kane streak continues… and so does the inability of
    all Hawks (not on Kane line) to score goals… But – I see that Headline would have been a little “wordy/long”

    Did Garbutt and Shaw even play?? didn’t notice them…

    TT – continues to regress!!! SHOOT the puck… you are playing with guys who can’t!!!

    Mashinter!!! (nothing needs to be said)

    Off topic- But if Hawks traded a Draft Pick (say Schmaltz)… could Schmaltz play out his College years and still chose to NOT sign w new team and sign with Hawks as Free agent??? seems unfair… but is it within the rules???

  8. Mashinter is so slow/and cautious he doesn’t usually show up inside the TV view…

    Mash makes Bickell look like Eric Heiden!!!

    Kero- pretty invisible too…

    The only “young guy” that looked OK- Dano… actually had a couple strong cycle/possession shifts behind the net… almost chipped in a rebound…

    I thought Hammer “coasted” and got caught watching/slowing down to the loose puck on Suter goal

  9. A lot of discussion has been made of CC’s status among other goalies in this league. He is still not considered “elite” but a lot of people, but boy is he close to being that. His game has become a lot more poised and smart. He rarely gives up the bad goal, which ALL goalies do, and makes a lot of unbelievable saves. His rebound control has become strong and his blocker is terrific. Come playoff time, he could have an MVP type run…..

  10. It’s December and what you are becomes a little more evident -from that you have two paths-panic or patience-
    They are a playoff team (barely) that could do well in the playoffs-hope they make it
    Other than Mashinter playing for the Hogs I don’t see them doing much in the near future-come the New Year the brain trust can decide.
    Nobody is going to give away a difference maker to help the Hawks and I think they need to look at the next few years not just this year.

  11. What bothers me about Mashinter most? He is a guy who plays 5-8 minutes a game while Desjardens sits on the bench. Is this the answer to the Hawks offensive issues? Of course not. IMO there are much better choices than Mashinter.

    Having Bickell in the AHL to save $1mm of cap space is not working out. Hawks continue to carry a roster of 23 players. Why not send Runblad and Tik down and recall Bickell?

    Garbutt and TT should switch lines. I agree that TT’s game needs talent around him to succeed. I have no problem with 28 on a grind line. Shaw on the top line is less of a problem I think. He has opened some space for Toews to operate and create chances. Toews buries either one of those point blank chances and the game is altogether different.

  12. These lines are a mess. Garbutt on the first line? The guy has absolutely no skill level. Get him on the fourth line where he belongs. I am really scratching my head on Mashinter still playing. Hartman brings more skill and speed to the table. I agree with Wall, TT is going backwards now because he is not being used correctly. He is a top 6 forward and needs to be with skilled guys that can finish. If Q will not put him on top line how about moving Hossa back to line 1 with Toews and Shaw and put TT on a line with Dano and Kero and leave them together for 10 games.

  13. I blame the Suter goal on Keith. Hammer was behind the play and had to move up to reach the puck, but he should have been there as well. Keith was in the crease and just stopped when it happened. If he would’ve continued through and pushed Suter, that goal doesn’t happen. Failure on both D-Men, but Keith takes blame for me.

    The Hawks played on their heels for most of the game, especially the 3rd aside from a few hot shifts here and there. As mentioned above, it was a bit of a snoozer.
    Daley continues to make momentum-changing errors over and over. It’s hard watching his shifts on the ice.

  14. Big Al… Crow has been great this year

    Yes- Hof- I said it… but in Cap world… Rumors of Crow to Oilers this summer for say – Drasaitl were out there (don’t know how “real”- they were)…

    If they were “real”…. Drasaitl (would have been incredible for LW1)… and Cap controlled… Crow still “might” need to be moved next year – mostly for Cap reasons…

    I think Drasaitl would have been better than 20 was on that top line…

    Next 5 games (4 versus Division)… are very big… If Hawks flounder…
    I hope SB really considers moving Daley (for Cap space/Pick) letting Sved/Gus learn on the job… and banking more $$$ for Rental at TDL

    Hawks are a Bubble team as built right now… nothing more…

    I will wait for the ” you are panicking”… and ” they need more than 25 games to Build chemistry” comments…

  15. The Hawks are reduced down to putting Shaw AND Garbutt on the SAME line with Toews. They are getting consistent offensive production from ONE line and scoring has become a big problem. The team is getting ZERO out of Teuvo. The roster is a collection of 12-14 forward pieces that DON’T make a workable and complete puzzle.

    Yet, the discussion here is DOMINATED by why in the hell Mashinter is playing?!? Seriously?!? It’s akin to complaining about a broken deck chair on the Titanic.

    And the idiot brigade is getting a jump on the holidays with the subtle and growing rips on Quenneville. The coach is a friggin idiot for his refusal to put Teuvo on the top line !! The coach is an idiot for dressing Mashinter !! The coach is an idiot for playing Garbutt on the top line !!

    Unfrackinbelievable. The utter cluelessness that permeates this board at times. And your ring leader Tab Bamford, devotes half of his daily write ups on lamenting Mashinter in the linuep while the other strategic issues with this roster and the play of this team hit the footnote section.

  16. The long road trip home game hangover curse strikes again. Hawks kept it close because Crow was really on his game last night and a joy to watch. Very dialed in presence. Suter tucking that one following a spectacular Crawford save was hard to watch as the other guys quit on the play.

    Atta boy Kane. Keep it going! You know the puck is rolling your way when goals like the one Kane scored last night go in. Looked like he half whiffed on it, but it still snuck through Duby. Dubnyk looks very beatable high imo as he goes down into the fly and leaves lots of room upstairs. Wild had lots of jump last night and a very effective forecheck. Suter is a great d man but the Wild will let that guy skate himself into less effective player come playoff time. Under Q Suter would be a much better player as Joel knows how to give guys the rest they need over the course of the long season.

    Hopefully Bickell will keep getting his game together. Mashinter up in the show and Bicks down on the farm has to be getting old number 29 pretty riled up. Maybe that is the Hawks motivating tool. I say bring Bickell back and let him loose. Nothing to lose with that experiment for a week or so. Either way Mashinter needs to go away asap. Complete waste of a roster spot now for what is it, going on 3 weeks??

    Really good to be back at the UC last night even though not much to cheer except Crow’s play and Kane’s goal to get excited about.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  17. No, it’s not “akin to complaining about a broken deck chair on the Titanic.” Not surprising that you would dig that tired, old line out of whatever empty echo chamber your thoughts occupy. And if your metaphor for the Blackhawks at this early stage of the season is the Titanic, then why don’t you take your CAP LOCK and your !!!!!!! and go post on the NHL site, where trolls like you seem to thrive. Do us all a favor.

  18. Had decent chances to score puck just didn’t want to go in. Thought both Hammer and Keith a little lazy going to the puck(Hammer) or taking the body on Suter(Keith) on that last goal. Keep it going Kaner! I don’t want to say it but how about we bring up you know who and see if 29/44, 19, 81 works? I know some money moving magic needs to happen. Tough December coming with 12 out of 15 western conference games. The Winn Nash Nash Winn stretch should be chippy.

  19. Has anyone ever noticed after every Blackhawks loss, here comes Wall with the “they need to make personnel moves” parade?

    In a cap world Wall, moves are very difficult to make. And because they made so many this summer, they are being patient to a point with these guys. I know that doesn’t fit your after-every-loss narrative, but the fact is guys on expiring contracts will become easier to obtain closer to the trade deadline. And yes, they can trade Schmaltz and he can rebuff his new team and choose to sign with the Blackhawks after his senior year, it is within the rules, but where are you coming up with this stuff, it’s crazy. Put down the Red Bull. You were crowing about Daley being traded, oh wait, he’s still on the Blackhawks.

    On a serious note, if Schmaltz continues to show the type of progress he’s exhibited thus far, they will sign him after this season.

    As far as Rufus is concerned, I will gladly let Tab deal with that festering boil. I would, however, like to know what his (and his other 15 user names) definition of “on the cusp” is. As in two weeks ago the Blackawks are “on the cusp of a meaningful trade”. But Rufus is right … sometime in the future of their existence the Blackhawks will indeed make a meaningful trade. As for “on the cusp”, well …

    On Bickell and the calls to call him up … they sent him down to get his game back together, to play a lot, get a lot of ice time and get his confidence back. He has put up some points but his play has been uneven. Inconsistent, pick your word. The same issues he exhibited while in Chicago. And a preemptive thought for those who will inevitably call for Danault to come up – Dent said it will take Danault 6-7 games to get back up to AHL speed. I suspect they will call him up at some point in time to take a look as his entry level deal expires after this season. But it won’t be for a while.

    The Ice Hogs, who are on a four game Texas road trip this week, are having the same issues the Blackhawks are – putting the puck in the net. Guess what, they are being patient, they have guys coming back from injury this month and they have a fair amount of new guys and it takes time. Sound familiar?

  20. re: Hof’s estimation that Danault will get recalled at some point – and play him where? 5th line center between Desjardins & Tikhonov? This team has too many forwards on the NHL roster already, and I do not see Danault jumping Kero at this point; Kero has done a nice job on PK and has earned his spot. Danault will get as much time as he needs to get his legs back under him… and will probably spend most – if not all – of the rest of the season in Rockford (unless he’s dealt)

  21. Injuries have a way of happening and they’ve shown the proclivity to shuttle guys up and down to Rockford. I think Danault will get a look see at some point in the next few months, and I agree including him in a deal is a distinct possibility.

  22. Hof, thanks for the Bickell update. I know you are closely watching those games. I guess I was hoping for better news in that regard. Truly a most sad story. Maybe the guy will never get it back together, yet I am still rooting for him.

    Meant to add in my initial comments that the PK was also a very bright spot for the Hawks last night, and it has been the play of special teams and the freight train known as the Anisimov line that have kept the Hawks competitive.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  23. Hof- Thanks for the “breaking news” – opinion that Danault will get called up at some time…. ( I broke that story/opinion about a week ago)…

    But -thanks- Hof-stradamus

    Hof- why don’t you stay on JJ’s blog… between you and JJ stealing my material (yes- I posed the Question/point about Daley being paid fat stacks to skate 10-12 minutes as 5th man- prior to him)…

    Yet- Hof- You don’t have the Balls to bitch to him on that blog… but on this one- you have the Balls to call me out for suggesting exactly the same thing… Such a hypocrite!!!!

    Hof- I bet you have callouses on your knees … and JJ is sore…

  24. The lose was expected, long road trip and WILD in waiting!

    BUT . . . Wild are average at best, YEO gets a lot out of a little! A lot!
    BUT Wild surely beatable last night! Average game average night below
    average effort.

    The third line is like fucking invisible.

    I’m happy Dano is up and running, the kid is the right position on offense all night, skilled dude, will grow he’s young and worth the time in the NHL not little league Rockford!

    Marcus with Hossa gives Marcus some scoring opps the last few games, a lot of chances. Hossa is heading back to Toews, experiment over.

    go hawks

  25. Bick could well be TOAST! Something happened an injury something has him in a funk! He is not the HARD HITTING, RELENTLESS, FORE CHECKING BEAST, never was, he can play that way for moments BUT he was and is asked to play a role he is actually not suited. I hope he returns because his stick skills and shot are enough to play in the NHL and on this team with no 3rd line. Sometimes players get Pigeon Holed and expectations exceed reality!

  26. Last night was a classic “trap game” nothing it get worked up about. Minny is a good team with their eyes set on Chicago,…again.

    Here is some juicy nuggets for Hawks fans this season. The Hawks rank 22nd in goals scored 5 on 5, that’s plain unacceptable. The Hawks have a winning record skating 1 solid line and several nice players playing with bums. The Hawks have the 6th best PP in the league right now by basically running Kane’s line out there on the PP.

    Tuevo and Dano should be top 6 forwards. Garbutt and Shaw are not. These two need to flip lines right away. TT and Dano should be rotating LW w Toews and Hoss until 1 of the 2 grabs that spot and runs with it. Neither have taken that job yet. Eventually Q will get there and when he does hopefully the Hawks will go on a bit of a run.

  27. Hawks wasted a great goaltending effort by Crawford. Gwg was representative of effort level with wild getting 3 touches without a hawks back checker in sight.

  28. Rufus-lol!!! Re: Hofmeister- that explains his incredibly Inaccurate description of Johns scoring in OT during last year’s PO game for the Hogs… Yet- so Many people here praise the mighty Hof for his wonderful Icehog reports!!!

    So he was fetching peanuts??? I thought he had his head in JJ’s butt…

  29. It is one thing to hold a contrarian point of view, a difference of opinion, but something far more sinister and disturbing to resort to personal attacks and put downs. Immaturity, juvenile posturing and trolling are so ugly and unwarranted that it is sufficient to destroy a website. Tab’s work is Herculean and the dedication and accuracy is sincerly appreciated and admired. I for one don’t want to lose this fan site and the relationships built with my fellow Commited Indians to this kind of nonsense.

  30. Mining, like my great grandmothers cousin (marion morrison) use to tell her back in the day.

    Don’t make me come over there.

  31. Mining Man- thanks for the input… but where were these comments when – You know who – physically threatened me??? I guess that was ok… or perhaps you are a little biased to certain folks here

  32. To Mining Man’s comment – I greatly appreciate it. The sincere reality is that some people are too stupid & immature to get it. Personal attacks, threats and homophobic comments that lack the maturity of my 5 year old son won’t be tolerated – and sure as hell won’t stay up for long IF they make it thru the filter.

  33. Wall- no worries, we luv ya….it would seem some folks use multiple names, hide behind them in order to discredit others and contribute nothing. Most folks here appreciate Hof’s input on Rockford and other prospects, as we also appreciate others doing the same. One thing is for real…the Blackhawks are the defending Stanley Cup Champions and we are far from chaos and becoming a third rate team…we should stop acting like Leaf fans, who actually have a legitimate reason for being totally batty, lost, attacking each other and wallowing in some kind of insanity.

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