Keith Tkachuk Needs Facial Surgery After Late Goal vs. Blackhawks

In case you missed the end of the Blackhawks game in St. Louis on Saturday night, the final score was 6-3 in favor of the Hawks. While the Blues lost the game, veteran center Keith Tkachuk had to pick up the pieces after the game – literally.

The third goal for the Blues was credited to Tkachuk, but the shot came off the stick of TJ Oshie. The line drive from the point made clean contact with the mouth of Tkachuk and skipped past Cristobal Huet. Huet, though, appeared to be more concerned with the face of his opponent. Reports are that Tkachuk lost several teeth and underwent extensive oral surgery Sunday.

“There’s no real bone damage so that’s good,” Blues President John¬†Davidson said. “It was a really nasty gash and the upper lip area was nasty. The fortunate aspect of it all is from what we understand, we don’t have any fractures, which is good.”

How long Tkachuk will be out of action will be determined in the future, but he’s doubtful for at least the next few games.

Saturday night’s game was physical from start to finish, with a number of fights breaking out. The Blackhawks’ Ben Eager was involved in two fights, the second of which nearly cost him Sunday night’s game. His hands were cut in his first fight, and were taped up by the training staff. NHL rules dictate that, if a player has taped hands and is involved in another altercation, he is automatically up for review by the league and could miss the team’s next game. After review on Sunday, the league decided Eager would be eligible for the game against Anaheim.

3 thoughts on “Keith Tkachuk Needs Facial Surgery After Late Goal vs. Blackhawks

  1. Gosh, I saw that goal last night, and was right there with Huet. It was a dirty game, but that was just plain bad luck, and it sucks to see a player get hurt like that, no matter who they are. Poor guy. Glad he’s going to be relatively ok… and props to Huet. Sure, the puck got past him, but he’s got integrity and good sportsmanlike conduct. I thought I was imagining things when I saw him pointing to Tkachuk and sort of ignoring the puck while trying to get someone’s attention. Good on ya, Huet.

  2. To bad for the injury to him no one likes to see that but th st louis blues are a dirty team and when you play like that your going to pay for it one way or another and what did cheap shots get them ( nothing) they lost the game and some teeth.

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