Kris Versteeg To Miss 3 Weeks

Coach Joel Quenneville told the media on Wednesday that forward Kris Versteeg will miss around three weeks with a lower body injury. Michal Rozsival will be re-evaluated on Friday.

Also, Capgeek reported on Wednesday morning that the Coyotes retained 27 percent of David Rundblad’s contract at last year’s trade deadline, giving the Blackhawks the needed leverage to get under the cap in time for Tuesday’s cutoff.

36 thoughts on “Kris Versteeg To Miss 3 Weeks

  1. Nah, no TT… just means Morin will slot into the 3rd line… maybe they go smith on the 3rd and morin on the 4th, but i think 13/16/11 would be a weak line. 29/91/11 with 13/16/28 is more balance imo.

  2. 27 percent seems like a rather convenient yet arbitrary number for the Hawks. Either Stan can predict the future or?? I just find that number odd, but that answers the questions on how the Hawks were under.

  3. Ok….In the new CBA……AAV is calculated on a per game basis?? Will Versteeg and Rosival out for some time positively affect the CAP??

  4. I heard about the Steeger injury this morning from Eddie O, it sounds fairly serious. Its ashame that Steeger addition to the team has been so awful so far. I really felt like it was a solid move. He was also saying on the radio that Richards will most likely start the year on the 3rd line. If that’s the case I would rather have Leddy on the team than Richards. Is Richards really done at this stage? Hopefully he isn’t Marty Turco 2.0

  5. Mike, I think the salary of injured players count against the Cap unless the player is placed IR, in which case the player is removed from the active roster while he is on IR. Only players on the active roster (and buried players less the “buried allowance) count against the Cap.

  6. Mike,
    we don’t get the accumulating-capspace when its ltir. When 53 comes off IR and is sent to Rockford, that’s where we’ll have 160k, which turns into around 750k by deadline (if roster stays same through out season).

  7. If they don’t place Steeg on the LTIR I am concerned that Q will pull a couple of 7 dmen games like he has in the past. Except we don’t have any offensive dmen to double as 4th line forwards (like Kostka and Montador). I am hoping they IR Steeg and call up Nordstrom, just in case Q decides that Carbomb is a disaster and he needs a full complement of forwards.

  8. It is ironic that the two players most wanted to salary dump, Rosy & Versteeg, are injured right now. Wow!!!

  9. SSHitman- The way I look at it is that Richards is a solid option as a 2nd or 3rd C and a vast upgrade over Zus. I like that he provides the flexibility of bringing the faster and spunkier Shaw up with 88/20 (even though I prefer Shaw at wing), and also having the option to play Richards at the 2C spot. You can not be too deep in the middle (and we’re still short there imo), as the Kings have Kopitar, Carter, Stoll and Richards 1-4 (+some kids.) The Hawks have 19, 16, Richards and Shaw. Better than last year but still lacking comparatively, yes?

  10. SSHM- can you elaborate on the 23 injury???

    Yes- It Is IRONIC- 23, 32 are both Down and out!!!

    And yes- 91 is an upgrade vs 26… but bottom line- other teams in the West have gotten faster (just because- Hawks are getting older) and no New Prospects are making impact yet this year (most are in AHL)… Hawks will go as far as 1-2 prospects- can ignite/push them- TT, MOOSE, TvR, Mo, Danault, Pokka… 2 of these guys are going to have to contribute in a pretty big way (like 20/65) for Hawks to make Serious run-imo!!!

  11. Hawks Cup window will slam shut after this season… 8 million more next year… “mini hoss” gets a pay increase… thats another 2 million at least… thats 10 million more to hold the current roster… hawks will not be as good next year as they are this year..

  12. I actually called Shaw as the 2nd line Centre before the Richards trade was made. The reason is that Shaw will create more space for Kane…more space for Kane means trouble for the opposition because Kaner, with time, always finds someone for a scoring chance.

    I believe this move speaks more about Shaw than it does Richards, the Hawks knew what they were getting with Brad. With Richards centring Bickell and Morin, that line will get a lot of scoring chances too. That’s three lines that can control the puck and generate scoring chances and be responsible at both ends. That’s outstanding.

    As I have said since we lost to the Kings, this season will come down to team defence. We added half a goal against to our 2013 Cup winning avg. last season. That must come down if we want to win the Cup again. However, by adding Carcillo, electing to trade Leddy and keeping Cumiskey, TVR, Runblad and Rozy, Q has actually increased our chances to give up MORE GOALS from last year…and no matter how good our forwards are (less CBomb), if we give up more goals we will struggle to make the playoffs…because all of you need to remember that we play in Central Division in the Western Conference. That represents the bulk of our games, we had a losing record in our division last year, and now we add Runverybad, CuImissSwedensky, and TVR to an even further regressed Rozy. Plus Oduya is a year older, coming off a foot injury, and will be split up from Hammer, who made him look better than he was. Our 2nd and 3rd D pairings will lineup against a lot of 3rd and 4th lines in the Western Conference…OUCH…and Crawford has always been as good as the Defence in front of him…

  13. Nope richards is no 2 center.. Hes a “filler”. Q wants a gritty, annoying, get under your skin and out work you type of #3 center. That’s Shaw not Richards. Thats Q’s formula. The 3rd line for him is the line the breaks other teams down physicall and mentally.

  14. Haha shaw make room for kane… kane makes his own room.. hes the one that makes room for everyone else on the ice.. case in point shaws goal against the rangers..

  15. 10 million (roughly) between Saad, Kane, and Toews.

    Oduya 3.375
    Rozsival 2.2
    Richards 2

    There’s 5.575 right there going out without trading Versteeg,Bickell, Sharp, or Seabrook. 27,32,91 are all easily replaced by guys making less than a million.

    The cap will go up. Say it goes up 3-4 million. That puts the Hawks relatively close. The Hawks will be in relatively decent shape moving forward, provided that pipeline of prospects produces like we think it will. We haven’t seen any of the kids make it up. They replace the more expensive veterans. The future isn’t nearly as bleak as some make it out to be.

  16. A couple things I think to start the season…

    1. I expect the Hawks to start the season relatively poorly.
    2. Leddy was the right guy to move. He is quite talented and terribly overrated all in the same sentence. He will do well for a non-elite team in the Islanders and the usual suspects will draw their usual skewed assessment. Whatever.
    3. The combo of Runblad, Cumiesky, Rosival and TvR makes me ill. It will REALLY make Crawford ill unfortunately. Hope the peanut gallery keeps that in mind when assessing Crawford’s performance.
    4. I weep at the thought of Versteeg still with this club. I would have dumped him for any measure of salary relief and a broken down Zamboni.
    5. Richards is going to be a disappointment in his one year in Chicago. Expectations should be significantly tempered. And we caught glimpse in his brief preseason time on the ice that he is going to struggle to get up and own the ice within the Q system of play.
    6. Clendening and Johns can’t get up here soon enough. I will hold out faith that they are up for good by January, but that might be my silly wishful thinking.
    7. Teuvo and Danualt wait in the wings as well. I expect both of them to spend time in Chicago.
    8. Morin eventually gets the Jimmy Hayes treatment of a bus out of town. I’m OK with that because I would much prefer Nordstrom in that role (or Danault at Center, thereby pushing Shaw to wing)
    9. I HATE Shaw at Center. H.A.T.E. Hence why I think Teuvo might arrive sooner than people think.
    10. This will be last season in Chicago for a core veteran or two out of necessity. Hence why there should be faith that Clendening, Johns, Teuvo, Danualt, Nordstrom and Dahlbeck are all likely to get a Chicago ice time to start the transition to the next generation of important pieces.

  17. Wow my math is not so good. Not really sure what happened. I wish I could blame that one on a typo…but I can’t.

    *7.575 in money going out

  18. Ernie, you’re forgetting to add a body when you lose one. If Richard goes at $2m, we need to add someone from Rockford at, say, $800k to fill the roster spot. So losing Richard worth $1.2m, losing Rozy worth $1.4m, losing Oduya worth $2.5m. So that’s only $5.1m savings so far. And you forgot a Kruger raise. So the increases are $8m for the big 2, $3m for Saad, $1m for Krug. So $12m to find, and $5.1m so far for Oduya, Rozy, Richard.

  19. Bri, read Kyle post (in last thread) about the salary cap. It shows we can keep the entire core. The cap will go up 5m (maybe more with tv contract/jersey contract). We have a loaded farm (so does ANA), and will be one of the top teams for yrs. Some yrs we will be deeper then others but will have very good team for a long time with Tazer, Kaner, Saader and just wait until Teuvo to gets going.

  20. While I think Shaw would be a better 3rd line winger than 2C or 3C, the fact is that he may be the best 2C option the Hawks have right now until TT is ready to play center in the NHL. And while TT is probably ready to play in the NHL, he may not be ready to play center against the big centers in the Western Conference. What Shaw does that works well with Kane and Saad is go into the corner and battle for the puck and then he goes to the net. He does the nitty gritty stuff that gets the puck to Kane and that’s why that line plays well together. Will it work all season – I don’t know. I’m not convinced Richards can’t be effective as the 2C and I wouldn’t be surprised if Q moves him back into that role at some point.

    As for the d-men. Let’s wait and see. There must be a reason TvR is with the team and Clendening, Dahlbeck and Johns are not. It’s not for Cap reasons as Clendening and Dahlbeck have smaller Cap hits than TvR. It must be because Q and management think TvR is the best option and whether that means Clendening, Dahlbeck and Johns aren’t good enough yet or that TvR is surprisingly good – the bottom line is that TvR is the best option right now. Comiskey and Rundblad are subject to waivers so that may come into play for them – but not TvR. I’m looking forward to watching TvR play and hopefully he will reward their faith in him. Another interesting aspect is that with TvR playing with Hjalmarsson on the right side, it allows Hammer to switch back to his natural left side.

    Less than 24 hours. Yeah baby!!!!

  21. …I thought Q said that Ben Smith will move up to the third line(?)…

    Wall, “…Hawks are getting older” – Fact: We’re all getting older. Handzus 37, — Richards 34…Leddy 23, Brookbank 34, — van Reimsdyk 23, Rundblad 24…Bollig 27 — Carcillo 29 = overall, it looks like the Hawks are younger than last season?

    SSHM – about Richards, what Negzz and Sr. Brad said “really captures the spirit of the thing”.

  22. Sr. Brad, I agree and I’ve also been saying since I got here, “this season will come down to team defense…*in all three zones*”, and the transition = how & why the Hawks win. Rolling four lines certainly factors-in – I think fatigue was a major factor in last post season. PK and PP – lack of lately, also is large.

    I disagree with you on van Riemsdyk because the sample size is so limited. He had good numbers high school thru college, and was fairly highly sought after as a free agent. I said previously that Cumiskey looks like a Rockford depth player to me, and I’d still like to see what Rundblad can do — obviously he hasn’t shown much so far. I think we’re all a little disappointed (and maybe a little surprised) by how much Rozsival has declined.

    “Crawford has always been as good as the Defence in front of him…” – pretty much, but was the deciding factor in a few playoff games last season (<< just a little recognition/credit he earned).

    ER, "There must be a reason TvR is with the team" – could it be that he has the best skillset to "replace" Leddy? The other two (32 and 5 = eight d-men doesn't work, so it probably won't last this time, either…) will rotate with him?

  23. I’m aware you have to add some players when those other players move on. But when you factor in the cap increasing. You may not be talking a Sharp Seabrook type contract that you have to trade. Maybe it is a Versteeg or Bickell. My point was, moving forward the future doesn’t look near as bleak as some here and elsewhere think. A lot of people think this is the last hoorah. Even as pessimistic as I can be, I don’t think that’s the case any longer.

  24. Ernie, I totally agree with you — this is NOT a(ny) Last Hoorah! To Me, It looks like the organ-EYE-zation has been set-up (and it took a few years, and a few moves – some a little “painful”) to be in a pretty good position to compete (legitimately) every year. (- similar to the Red Wings model for the last 20-plus years)

    Some fans feel a “Win NOW” urgency – it’s difficult to argue with that, except “at what cost”? (Refer to the OBSESSION in past years at the trade deadline to OVERpay for Kesler, Iginla, et al…) Perspective and logic gets lost for whatever reason. Maybe this comes with being a Chicago sports fan, for some?

    But, hey, that’s one of the reasons they play the games — GO HAWKS!!!!

  25. DD- when I said- “older”… I mean to say the Hawks are Older vs. other teams in general… and the “core” is older… to elaborate – 2 years ago the core was either trending up, or at/near peak… now -imo- 10,81,7,91 are on the “downside” of their respective Career curves-

    Now as far as “impact” players- 20 (65 – we can argue is an impact guy) are on the up-
    and 88,19 are probably at/near the “peak”-

    My point- is that Studies show that Hockey (all sports) players have their Peak years… and -imo- Hawks need some “Fresh young Meat” to join the “core”- and be Impact players pretty soon… just adding 2 more Kruger types- is great… but w/ a couple of Core guys on the decline… the Hawks are getting older (of course everyone is- DD).

  26. DD -I think you are right – it was Ben Smith Q said was moving up. And I am glad as I think he was one of our most consistent players that is overlooked and under appreciated. That leaves the 4th line kinda scary and it looks like we won’t see them much, so much for playing 4 lines!
    Let’s drop the puck already….

  27. I hope Morin is put in Versteeg’s place( on 3rd line wing) as he is more offensive with great hands. Leave Smith on the 4th with Kruger and Carcillo as that is a great line as they are relentless on the attack.

  28. Wall, Toews is 26 and Kane is 25 — “‘downside’ of their respective Career curves-“? I don’t think so. Barring injury, it’s *Primetime*!! Obviously, 10,81,7 are a little older, but still performing at a very high level. And, Richards had a good year with the Rangers (82GP 20G 31A 51PTS -8 18PM vs Kesler, for example 77GP 25G 18A 43PTS -15 81PM) , although he appeared to be somewhat worn-down during the post season.

    The other teams in general…are a year older, too. Kopitar is 27, Mike Richards is 29, “Conn Smythe” Williams is 33…a couple of other popular favorites – Kesler and Backes are 30.

    In my opinion, Saad and Shaw have just about joined “the core” group. I’m sure the organization will move Johns and whoever into the lineup when they feel they’re ready…and, TT is a given. The Cap is also a large factor in this – it would seem that next season, with Kane/Toews/Saad getting paid, Seabrook or Sharp (age & cap hit)will probably be moved? Hopefully, some of the younger guys will grow into more significant contributors (…that’s the plan?).

    Anyway, Opening Night —– GO HAWKS!!

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