LA Kings Acquire Milan Lucic

The Los Angeles Kings have picked up another big body, and the dismantling of the Boston Bruins continues.

LA has reportedly acquired forward Milan Lucic from Boston for the 13th overall pick in tonight’s draft. The deal means the Bruins own the 13th, 14th and 15th overall selections in the first round – for now.

Goaltender Martin Jones and blue line prospect Colin Miller are also headed to Boston in the deal.

30 thoughts on “LA Kings Acquire Milan Lucic

  1. Hate the Bruins, but love a guy like Sweeney making things happen. The bigger move I am sure yet to come for the B’s.

  2. The truck is backing up in Boston… Beep… beep… beep…

    Funny… Hawks beat Flyers… they go bad… Hawks beat Bruins… they go bad… Hawks beat Lightning… they go (?)

    Any rumblings on where Sharp may land? Montreal seems to be a good fit for him… What we get back… dunno?

  3. Interesting… but if that happens, I feel bad for Sharpie… Going down with a sinking ship…

  4. I was thinking that Tab. They get Sharp for a package with one of those number ones and get the number 3 and take Hannifan.

  5. LA gives up a first rounder but Boston keeps half of Lucic’s Cap hit. I think this is a strong move by LA

  6. I’ll refrain from judgement until after free agency. But wow. Boston fans must have blood in their stool right now.

    Hope Boston isnt doing this to take a run at Saad…

  7. I guess the Kings dont have enough @sshats on a team with Brown, Quick and Carter. Guess they needed one more.

    Still a strong move for LA

  8. Bruins have Malcolm Subban. They acquired Martin Jones. One of the 3 goaltenders will be traded. Right??

  9. ………good move for L.A……definitely puts them back in the playoffs and more…

  10. That’s gonna hurt. I was happy with us only dealing with him and Chara once in awhile. He gets mad and keeps running at the same guy all game like a nutjob.

  11. Not sure that this is such a great deal for LA Lucic is pretty average talent wise and a real cheap shot artist.

  12. well- no Sharp deal… I would say the NHL is in “control” versus SB… SB has back against the wall… and the NHL isn’t going to do POOR Hawks any favors…

    the price is going down…

    Might go down to the point- where SB- trades CC- Cuz CC is Actually the only guy who is wanted (and touchable)… who knows- But I Don’t see any market for 29…
    10 – might land a 1st next year and Prospect/elc guy this year… might even be less.

  13. The Bruins got out of a cap mess, got rid of a couple players that were wanting too much money and got a ton of 1st and 2nd round picks. I think they solidified their future today and got rid of players that were demanding bad contracts.

  14. I was guessing that the lowest bowman would go was sharp and the hawks conditional second round pick(from Hayes not signing) to move up into the tail end of the first round. I thought it might happen when some trades were being announced with Toronto but it didn’t. Anyone else want to speculate

  15. It was my first time watching the NHL draft last night and it was interesting for sure. I definitely got the impression that the teams treat those first round picks like absolute gold.

  16. A first round pick for Sharp would have been a good deal for the Hawks. My guess is Stan never even got offered a first rounder. Maybe Bickell goes today for a 5th rounder. Disappointing evening.

  17. I wonder how much has to do with other gm’s not want to be accused by their fans of helping the hawks. I was on a Dallas star fan base and they were all riled up about Dallas helping the hawks by trading dr sharp.

  18. Pete- I agree with you and Wall that gm’s are not going to do the Hawks any favors but also Sharp’s age, salary hit and declining production numbers are probably making teams gun shy.

  19. ……..some good aquisitions on Draft day…..Blackhawks are too busy selling….Bruins had a big fire sale……Edmonton getting back on track since the great Gretsky…a lot of talent but no grit…..L.A.came out a winner with Lucic!…….

  20. Now the Oilers just need a veteran winger or two to get these years of raw talent into a winning mentality.
    Sharp could help in that, as could Vermette.

  21. Feathers and Stripes…no,no,no,not Vermette..Bickell is what the Oilers need…Mr. Chiarelli….look at the watch, concentrate on the watch …Oilers need Bickell, need Bickell, need Bickell.

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