Landeskog Delivers Dirty Hit On Schmaltz At World Championship

Early in Monday’s game between Sweden and the United States at the World Championship, Colorado forward Gabriel Landeskog lit up Hawks forward Nick Schmaltz with a dirty, late hit.

Schmaltz had two assists in the first two games for the US. He went straight to the room after the cheap shot.

11 thoughts on “Landeskog Delivers Dirty Hit On Schmaltz At World Championship

  1. Didnt look like head first contact, maybe second contact. Good that it wasnt that. Could develop 8 better for awareness. Also every league needs to call late hits and other penaltys or its basically a shit show not hockey. Will hockey be hockey in 5 yrs from now or these kind of shit shows were seeing officiated. or Will hockey be good entertaining hockey like we saw from 2008-2015.

  2. Need the enforcer days back and these cheap shot artists wouldn’t be so brave if they had to look over they’re shoulders after delivering them.

  3. Landeskog should know better as he’s had a couple of those-there is little respect for the well being of the opponent. I like a good hit-it’s the drilling a guy when he isn’t aware, and reasonably shouldn’t be, but it’s a hockey play?
    Hockey in general needs to protect it’s product better.

  4. Some players are taking it too far as in the Swiss vs Slovenia game where a player kicked another in the neck with his skate and only gets a two game suspension what???? that player needs to be banned for like a year.

  5. I wonder what Wall’s comment has to do with the subject matter?

    And finishing his check? Seriously?

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