Leafs Fall In Chicago

It turns out five was a good number for Chicagoans on Saturday night.

The Blackhawks showed some early season mettle in overcoming the young Toronto Maple Leafs at the United Center.

With Scott Darling in net after a less-than-stellar effort in Columbus, the Hawks scored the first goal against the Leafs. Artem Anisimov put in his third of the year at 3:36 to give the Hawks an early lead.

But a sore spot from last year showed up late in the first when Toronto tied the game – with 14 seconds left in the first period. A shot found its way through traffic and Tyler Bozak was credited with his first of the season.

The next 25 minutes weren’t great for the Hawks. William Nylander scored… wait for it… a power play goal at 9:28 to give Toronto a 2-1 lead. Less than two minutes later, Tyler Motte tied the game with his second of the year. But James van Riemsdyk scored with 1:44 left in the second to give Toronto a 3-2 lead.

Toronto extended their lead to 4-2 when Nylander scored his second of the night 4:46 into the third. Chicago scrapped for the next 13 minutes and were finally able to break through when Anisimov scored his second of the night – fourth of the season – at 17:32.

Chicago kept the pressure on Fredrik Andersen and Richard Panik scored a stunning, game-tying goal in traffic with 1:28 left in regulation. The goal is the sixth of the season for Panik – equaling his total from last season (when the Hawks acquired him from Toronto for… wait for it… Jeremy Morin).

Overtime came and went without a goal, despite the Blackhawks getting two (2!) power plays in the extra session. JvR went to the box only 32 seconds into overtime, but the Hawks couldn’t convert. Mitch Marner only spent 40 seconds in the box, but Chicago couldn’t capitalize.

In the shootout, Jonathan Toews handled his business and Artemi Panarin scored the game-winner.

Darling allowed a shootout goal Auston Matthews but stopped 30 of 34 in the win.

With the Hawks struggling at the dot, coach Joel Quenneville relied heavily on Toews on Saturday night. Chicago’s captain took 33 faceoffs – winning 22 of them – to lead an improved effort. Anisimov won 10 of 19 to compliment his two goals and Marcus Kruger won seven of 12. Nick Schmaltz won only one of nine at the dot in 9:05 of action.

Marian Hossa returned after missing one game and finished tied with Brian Campbell for the team lead with four shots on net in 17:53. Ryan Hartman, skating better after missing time with an injury as well, led the way with four hits in 12:48.

Gustav Forsling finished minus-two, but was second among Hawks defensemen in ice time at 23:18 and blocked two shots.

The Hawks were 0 for 6 on the power play and killed one of two Toronto advantages.


30 thoughts on “Leafs Fall In Chicago

  1. Never count out the Hawks with their core. Campbell solid as a rock; any inkling by Q sit him as healthy scratch not good karma and bad precedent to set w/ durable cagey veteran like Campbell.

    PK & faceoffs still problematic, but the 2 pts will be gladly accepted and we move on.

  2. After giving us fans fits and frustrations the Blackhawks pull off yet another patented come from behind stellar effort to tie it up. I was in the dumpers, heartbroken, bracing myself for an unnecessary loss against a team I truly love to see us beat and the magic once again appeared. I’m thinking Panik is the real deal, a late bloomer and has gleamed a lot from being with his teammates. It sure was exciting to say the least.

    Seems to me that we are getting our shots from good positions but they are not very accurate and whiz past. The OT was exciting in that we dominated but yet we could not score. Once we get a bit better calibrated and the timing is back I think we will start to put together some impressive winning streaks.

    Toews tip in attempt backfired and ended up deflecting what would have been a goal into a goalie save! His shootout goal was perfectly place. I think they were all a bit pissed and were determined to put these clowns away. It was fun to watch.

  3. Oh….Congrats to the Cubs and their fans. It is a certainty that many Committed Indians must be Cubs fans so you all have two celebrations going on. Its been a loooonnng time for you.

    Noonan – checked back and found your post that got released from jail. We all seem to get thrown in the slammer here and there. Keep the faith.

  4. You ain’t kidding mining man, I’m having fun watching people lose their minds at Wrigley from here in San Diego. I was at the game in LA ’08 when they got swept out of the playoffs by the Dodgers. I refused an opportunity to go to game 4 at Dodger Stadium this year, so I’ll take a small amount of credit for not jinxing them :)

  5. Tab, I saw your petition and signed it, I know Uecker works alone but in my fantasy world Pete Rose would be doing color with him. Sure Rose is crazy, cranky, and perhaps slightly senile, but he actually knows a lot of baseball and isn’t afraid to share it. It would be the most entertaining broadcast in MLB history. Dare to dream…

  6. Great comeback… but I think Nick Schmaltz isn’t NHL ready for now, he look lost on the ice. He have some Nice skill but he need to ajust to Pro Level! Send him to Rockford for at least 35 to 40 games for his development.

  7. Leafs have figured out how to lose several games this year when they have had what should have been a comfortable lead. Hawks have got to figure out this PK/PP trouble. This game should not have required OT. Not terribly concerned about it yet, but they’ve given up, what 12 ppg to the other guys this year already!? Let’s get it fixed boys?

  8. The PP doesn’t look much better than the PK… same old “ring around the rosey” pass and hold the puck around the perimeter…

    4 on 3 OT/PP… looked like an NBA game playing for last shot!

    The Hawks still have no one who looks comfortable in Middle of that 1-3-1 formation

  9. I dont give a shit about Vesey…good for him…
    Hawks had a great attitude in the third period and glad AA continue the hard work and Panik ( future Patrik Sharp maybe ) continue to get time with good players and 6 goals later he looks relax and play the game IQ ask him to play
    I Love Motte …good young player always making extra effort to help the Team .
    Panik will get 20-25 goals this year (minimum )
    Motte will improve and will be a solid player for many years ….
    Schmaltz and Hartman ?? Still playing but not sure they are ready for the big team ..need more time for them, another 10-15 games will be good to have a better look …
    Playing 500 after 6 games is exactly was i was expecting …nice to see IQ continue to play the kids ….they will improve with some of the best players in the world ..patience and hard work and the Hawks team will be a really nice team to watch in 50-60 games …
    Kane and Panarin wants to do everything and look a bit nervous on the ice sometime ..yesterday they where looking for the perfect play and lost the puck to often and didnt really had shot on goal in the PP …
    Love my Hawks ….

  10. The Leafs are fast and have taken a few teams by surprise-but they have holes as we saw last night-
    the West will be fun this year-continue to like the progression of Mr. Kempny-we may have found our 4th, and Forsling and Soupy are a competent 5/6. (I still think Forsling will be a top 3 down the line.)
    Motte is legit-I like his grit and game.
    But some of the turnovers from many are worrisome. It won’t by long before that drop pass on the PP will result in a shorthanded break away. I know other teams
    do it but not so religiously.
    Polak got away with one.

  11. Fireworks (which are illegal here) were going off. I’m not a cubs fan so it took me a bit to figure out what people were celebrating.

  12. We all know Q like his players to be predictable – he wants to know what he will get every game. Unfortunately the only thing that is predictable through the first 6 games is the PK will give up goals more than 50% of the time. I haven’t bothered to google worst PK percentage in NHL history, and it is only 6 games, but I’ll wager the Hawk’s PK percentage of 40% is in the running for worst ever. What used to be a strength is now the most glaring weakness.

    So the Hawks are 3-3. If they had even a semblance of an NHL caliber PK they would probably be 5-1. Course, if Panik didn’t come out of nowhere to score 6 goals in as many games they would probably be 1-5. So being 3-3 is probably what they should be – they’ve just taken a whacky road to get there.

    It would be nice if Toews scored a goal every now and then.

  13. Soupys shot off far pad on Artys goal reminded me of Odulas shot off far pad that Sharpys goal in that game against LA that tied it 1-1 and we went on to win.

    The good thing about shitty PK% is when we get out of this stretch its going to make us that much better. 5 on 5 we must be at top of league, that is important stats.

    When Arty scored I knew that it was going to kick start us/team. Not to come back and get 2 points in that game, to start the 82 game season for the team. Now after the first 5 or so games the team is getting up to speed to play.

    Now its time to play Blackhawks hockey.

  14. Really need to get a handle on our special teams 5 on 5 I don’t have a problem. Hope Toews line can hang together the captain is playing hard as usual. Hopefully Desi is healing fast could really help the PK.

  15. Good Evening to All:

    I see Ben Smith is on waivers… granted he is no great shakes since he left the Hawks, but Kruger & him did kill penalties well in tandem in their “heyday”.

    A pleasant remainder of the evening to all.

  16. Was at the game on Saturday with drunk and obnoxious Leafs fans right behind us going on and on about the Leafs Globe-trottering the Blackhawks. It was fun to watch them revert to their default mode (staring blankly at the flaming wreckage) in the last 2 minutes of the game.

    This Hawks team has been frustrating to watch so far this year. They have a lot of new parts figuring out how to fit together but it’s clear that they are frequently being outplayed for long stretches at a time. Individually the parts tend to look pretty good (Motte, Kempny, Forsling) but disjointed as a team. I was curious what the stats said so had a look at hockeyanalysis.com:

    Per Hockey Analysis (rank out of the 30 teams):
    Shots for %: 29 out of 30
    Fenwick for %: 24 out of 30
    Corsi for %: 12 out of 30
    Save %: 5 of out 30
    Shooting %: 4 out of 30
    PDO: 2 out of 30

    So I think we all knew from what we’ve been seeing that the Hawks are consistently getting out-shot. But they are also getting great goaltending and are hitting the shots they do take. It was mentioned earlier that we could easily be undefeated but with slightly worse goaltending we could also be winless. It also seems like this team has the tools to build throughout the year. They need to get back to their possession game though and stop getting out-shot and relying on Crawford and Darling though.

  17. @ CHEVRIER

    Thanks for posting those stats. You don’t have to be a hockey genius to see the Hawks being out skilled on the offensive end. In tonight’s game for example just watch how often the Hawks fail to advance the puck into the attacking zone. They are having a hard time attacking. Against weaker times they will likely win but against tougher opponents with a stout blueline they are going to run into issues. The hope is the kids continue to get better as the season continues. No way Panik continues his torrid pace but it sure is nice!

  18. Nice stats Chevrier. I didnt realize the save % was as good as it is. When the team goes 1 for 2 on the pk and that raises the kill % that’s saying something.

  19. Meant to ask in regards to the columbus game, did they play soupy as a forward just to keep his game streak alive?

  20. Great information Chevrier. Seems like a lot of the Western teams are struggling out of the gate, San Jose, Anahiem, Dallas, Nashville and teams like Edm0nton and Vancouver are doing great. Thankfully it’s a long season to work out some of the issues.

  21. Quick, we better re-sign Panik before his performance this year prices him out of his next deal!!!

    On the plus side, I would think it would be possible to project Motte and Panik to be around a few years, with their salaries where they are. Mean Toews could have some consistency for a change?

  22. Regarding Hawk’s missing Possession/cycle game… BIG issue on 1st line- I love what Panik brings to the Hawks… but his glaring weakness ( i pointed it out last year)… He has been terrible in cycle game… and maintaining puck on boards…
    great in front of net… great at blowing people up on forecheck… But terrible- non existent cycle game… which works against Toews- strength.

    Desi- will help cycle game/possession when he returns- for sure.

    I pointed this out after last Monday practice… Q/Hawks working hard on getting bodies/deflections in front of goal… Perhaps- Q is trying to coach to the strengths of the team… knowing the kids are too soft/small/unskilled at the moment for the “Cycle/board” game… just a thought

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