Lehner Picks Up 100th NHL Win, Blackhawks Beat Anaheim In OT

The last two Blackhawks losses have been among the worst in the last decade. Chicago allowed 100 shots on net in 125 minutes of hockey and looked lifeless. The only positives were the play on special teams and the addition of Adam Boqvist to the NHL lineup.

So the Hawks heading into Anaheim on Sunday night after an ugly overtime loss against the Kings stacked up as a potential problem. The Ducks were celebrating the 1,000th career regular season game in the great career of Ryan Getzlaf (which came Sunday night) and Chicago was playing badly. Coach Jeremy Colliton made two lineup changes for the game, bringing Erik Gustafsson and Drake Cagguila back into the game with Zack Smith and Dennis Gilbert taking a seat.

And, for the first time this year, Colliton started a game with Patrick Kane, Dylan Strome and Alex DeBrincat together.

Gustafsson made his presence felt early with a penalty 5:16 into the game. Chicago killed that penalty off and immediately went to the power play when Josh Mahura tripped Ryan Carpenter.

Chicago’s power play did not score but just as it expired Adam Boqvist found the back of the net for the first time in his NHL career.

Alex Nylander, 21, set up Boqvist, 19, for the goal.

Six minutes later a couple names we’re more accustomed to gave the Hawks a two-goal lead. While Chicago was on a two-man advantage, Kane threaded the needle to set up Debrincat.

DeBrincat, 21, scored his fourth of the season.

So, in review, goals were scored by skaters who are 19 and 21 and one of the primary assists went to a 21-year-old.

Chicago out-shot Anaheim 15-11 in the first period, a nice change of pace. The Hawks were seconds away from scoring two power play goals and successfully killed the Ducks’ only power play.

At 12:39 into the second Sam Steel got tangled up with Olli Maatta in front of Robin Lehner and an Erik Gudbranson shot appeared to bounce off Maatta. Steel was credited with the goal, however, and Anaheim saw some offensive momentum off the goal.

When the second period ended Chicago had a 27-25 shot advantage and a 2-1 lead on the scoreboard.

Chicago got another advantage 85 seconds into the third period. The back half of the penalty was erased when Jonathan Toews was sent to the box for slashing. Chicago killed the Ducks penalty, giving the Blackhawks 15 consecutive successful penalties killed – something we couldn’t have imagined being possible last year.

Less than 60 seconds after he left the box Toews was whistled for slashing a second time in the period.

This time Steel was in the right spot again – but to be the assist man. He found Nick Ritchie on the back side wide open and the game was tied. Chicago’s penalty kill streak ended as well.

After a couple rough calls in a row on Toews that resulted in a tying goal, Chicago got the next power play when Carter Rowney tripped Andrew Shaw. Chicago failed to convert on their power play, however. Andrew Miller made a tremendous save to keep the game tied.

For the second consecutive night 60 minutes wasn’t enough and we got overtime. Chicago was out-shot 13-9 in the third period.

After he led Chicago with more than 29 minutes of ice time on Saturday night, Duncan Keith was over 23 minutes and led the Hawks again at the end of regulation.

It took only 24 seconds into overtime for the Blackhawks to earn Robin Lehner his 100th career regular season victory. Toews got the puck and patiently circled to Ryan Miller’s left, eventually hitting Kane with a perfect pass that was deposited cleanly for the game-winner.

Lehner was outstanding, stopping 36 of 38 in the win.

Toews skated 20:28 with two assists and won 13 of 24 faceoffs in the game.

Nylander led the Blackhawks with seven shots on net in 16:33.

Kane had one goal and one assist with three shots on net in 19:44.

Boqvist skated 15:44 in regulation and had three shots on net. His 3:40 on the power play in regulation was second behind only Keith (4:20) on the blue line.

Kirby Dach, who was limited against the Kings, skated 12:37 in regulation against the Ducks. Was was credited with one shot on net and spent 3:47 on the power play.

78 thoughts on “Lehner Picks Up 100th NHL Win, Blackhawks Beat Anaheim In OT

  1. Good for Lehner on 100th win, took a couple of cracks but finally got it. Toews bad 3rd good ot. 3 out 4 pts against backup goalies, now onto struggling Sharks. Shots and chances against still way crazy high. Good to see Nylander come out shooting tonight after his brain fart last night in ot and played well too boot.

  2. The goaltending the last two games outstanding. Thank goodness.

    Maata was atrocious the entire evening. He’s making Seabrook look like Norris Trophy candidate lately, particularly tonight. He should sit when Murphy comes back, but he won’t.

    The astute Hawks’ coach is getting closer to structuring the lines properly. Kane Debrincat & Strome can stay as is. Toews & Saad w/ Nylander not bad. Carpenter can pretty much play w anyone. No more scratching Caggiulia for Smith. It shouldn’t take 13 games w someone as intelligent as the Hawks’ coach (just as Bowman) to figure out the lines.

    Anyway, the Hawks won, this is a rare occurrence, so let’s be happy and raise a toast to them. Good evening.

  3. Congrats to Lehner, he’s been great so far. I thought the Hawks actually played a pretty good game tonight. Still problems getting the puck out of their own end. Boqvist doesn’t look out of place at all.

  4. Theres always that goal by Kaner in the first few goals of the season for him. Thats when you know the season has just started.

    6 in 9 days after 5 dyas off, more bull shit. Lets see if we can ‘play’ like this game during this segment.

  5. When Murphy comes back top 4 D of 5, 2, 27 and 44

    Seabs and Gus and Maatta can take turns being on the 3rd pair and I guess if KK isn’t traded he’ll be put on waivers or I suppose they could keep 8 D after sending Gilbert back – of course injuries can change all that

    Regardless I don’t think Boquist is going back to RKF – the Hawks need his skills

    Like I said on other blog first sensible lines 1 through 4 that JC has put together all
    year – now he can take Keith off PP1 and put Gus back there and hopefully he remembers that he’s pretty good as a PP QB

    Also agree on no scratching 91 for 15

    Nice to see Toews set up Kane – he owed us for those dumb slashing penalties
    I wonder if his bitching and moaning after the first one resulted in the ref calling to 2nd one as if to say ‘don’t call me out like that’

  6. Much better effort, we actually had an effective forecheck. Lehner has been amazing every game. Dcat’s best game of the year.

  7. Boqvist good night, on the ice for 16 shots for and 7 against 5 on 5, Keith 22 for and 13 agsinst 5 on 5. Dehaan 14 for and 21 against worst for dmen, seabrook and Maatta just a coupke more against than for. Gus on few a more for.
    Cagguila 3 for and 11 against 5 on5 , Shaw 4 for 9 against. Carpenter 4 for 0 against when playing with Kampf and Kubalik 5 on 5. 7 for and 12 against rest of night. Every other forward on other 3 lines on for more shots for than against 5 on 5.

  8. Love Lehner. He is one the best goalies in the league. A true “lead by example “ guy.
    I’m a big fan of Nylander than most but he’s got tons of skill, poise etc.

    Shaw is a waste of $4Million. Thankfully Colliton has realized that and now he’s playing 4th line Grinder minutes.

    The first penalty against Toews was legitimate. The second was ticky/tacky and brutal. Anaheim scored and therefore the refs determined the outcome. Ridiculous.

    Surprising win.

  9. I do not want to get into the refs last 2 games were not right somewhat.

    The iceing WIN got away with, would have been a 2-1 win for us. Blow whistle on Haan icing and he was closer to center line then WIN guy.

    Anyways that made the 2-1 win, I mean 3-2 win more good for the team by having to win after that stuff. SHouldnt had to but getting a goal with a play like Tazer made in OT to Kaner made the win more meaningfull, having to go through weak slashing.

  10. A solid fore checking effort was evident tonight all be it against a dumpster fire of a Duck Defense that played the role of Pez Dispensers most of the game.Its amazing on how well players respond when the Line Blender by the Coach is put away for the game.Defensive Zone coverage was a little better at times but still is bad and inconsistent.Not complaining about the 2 calls against the Captain but when you have the same referee from the night before i think they get tired of the chirping from the same players.Maybe MAATA needs a break for a couple of games.Would not mind a more physical GILBERT in the lineup against a bigger Shark Team on the road.

  11. WRAP, if one or both could be considered slashing, then the NHL should no longer allow any contact. I don’t recall this penalty being called for touching a player with your stick with the gentleness of a pussy cat. Toews was rightfully pissed. Hey Edzo and Foley, were you scared to call out these flagrantly bad calls?

  12. Those were both slashing penalties on Toews. The rule book does not say how hard you have to slash. But whether you agree or not, we probably all agree he is diminishing himself with the whining. If Toews is on Twitter and anybody here is, send him a Tweet and tell him to please stop it. #stopwiththepalmsupJohnny. He is playing better.

    This was a good game. Of course, there were situations where they lose board battles. You don’t win all of them. It’s why they are called “50-50” pucks. But there were very few egregious turnovers. Those that occurred happened along the boards rather than the center of the ice. Even DeBrincat wasn’t blindly throwing pucks in to the center of the ice for a change. It was good to see him snapping off some shots, although he stubbed his goal. Had a wide open cage and his shot would have missed if it hadn’t gone in off Miller.

    We might experience heartbreak on Tuesday, but watching these kids is starting to get exciting. Nylander made some nice passes in addition to all those shots, some of which were high danger.

    Lehner is tremendous. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. Delia is getting lit up in Rockford. I don’t know the dynamics but did check the Hogs website for his stats and they are not good.

    The lines make more sense and the ice time seemed reasonable, except you don’t need to be playing Keith for a total of 52 minutes on back to backs.

    It was encouraging to see a good effort against a decent team, although the ice was slanted in Anaheim’s direction a few times in the third. Let’s call this game a baby step.

  13. The 2nd slash was not a penalty.

    Only Cindy gets away with calls. ‘Want to make sure they get it right’ What a P.

  14. Didnt have to do line blender because the lines were right from the start for the first time.

    We have a good group of young wave players that are going to get really good. They are going to being us back to a top team once they get established.

  15. Didn’t get the game in Ontario- had to have been an ugly win when 2 of the 3 stars of the game are from the losing team?!

  16. It’s also good to know that JC can put out about 1/3 of the teams salary cap in OT and they can win! As Billicheck says by “doing their jobs!”

  17. We played good in first and outplayed them in 2nd. It wasnt ugly just way better then we been playing for awhile. Fresh air.

    Whats nice is seeing how good these young wave players are going to be. They are just in their first few games here.

  18. H4L not an ugly game. Home team usually gets 2 stars when it’s a 1 goal or OT loss. Don’t have the numbers but I believe we were good at the dot and shots. Could be the first game where the Chemistry starts.
    Maatta with a tough game but someone always has trouble so others can pick him up. DCat, Highlander and Boq with good games. Lehner is the good goalie I wanted after his Buffalo years. Next years goalies are Lehner at 4yrs 4mil and Crow 2yrs 2mil. Would use that extra 5mil on either a #1 D or true power forward. Leaning to a power forward. One of our young Ds could emerge as a #1 D.
    Mo agree that that one goal could trigger Kane and for that matter Toews to become the Kane and Toews that we know.

  19. Thanks JR…
    from Wiki…”Les trois étoiles in ice hockey are the three best players in a game as chosen by a third party, with the first star considered the best of the three players, akin to the Player of the match in other sports. Usually, the top point scorers or outstanding goaltenders are designated as the three best players (or stars) of the game, but other players may be considered by affecting the game by other means (e.g. consistent physical play, many steals, blocked shots, etc”
    I guess Lehner didn’t qualify??

  20. I think Lehner gets more than the $5 mil for this year if he stays. I suspect more in the $7 range for 3-4 years. Corey would need the big pay cut. We have Delia for backup next year, but apparently is having his problems in Rockford.

  21. The way Lehner is playing right now, likely be at least 6 or 7m/ yr. to resign him.
    If the top 2 lines are ready to stay as is and Colliton is ready to leave hem be, maybe it’s time with Dach and Kubalik good battlers and defensively, to try and find someone more offensive with them and Kampf and Carpenter can anchor a matchup/checking line that can really play a shot suppressing possession game for d zone starts that can create scoring opportunities. Either find which one works with each pair from Shaw and Cagguila, or try a callup. Don’t look now but D. Sikura got a hat trick yesterday and has 6 goals. Could you see a situation where a Carpenter or Kampf depending on side fo is on, taking draw for 8 and 77, then when they gain possession head for bench and 95 comes on to try and create offensively with them.

  22. Yeah Silent, don’t think Delia was pulled from a start yet, but 20 goals allow3d in 5 games and a .871 sv % doesn’t cut it if you want a dependable backup.

  23. OMG was Lehner spectacular last night or what? Terrific pickup by Hawks. He and Crow are a great pair. They need to be given how Hawks d zone defense continues to stink the joint up. Hawks continue to give up waaaay to many quality chances. A win is a win, and yes, maybe the game winner by Kane wakes him up from the slumber he has been in. Toews too. First slash call on 19 legit, 2nd one was really harsh and can probably be attributed to Toews incessant bitching to refs. Pick your spots Captain! Just shut up and play.

    While Dach is getting a welcome basket to NHL in the form of taking some hits, he is not backing off and does not look at all intimidated. As each game goes by he looks more confident and I like what I see from him offensively, but on the back check too. I like this kid. Boqvist too is showing some heady play and his skills with the puck moving forward are in demand. Let the kid play at least until Murphy comes back. Boqvist has a laser beam accurate shot as well. Duncan Keith pay attention.

    Last night it seemed as though there was finally some cohesiveness with the forward line combos. I hope JC skates the same combos tomorrow night.

    Thank you again Robin Lehner!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  24. Good win for the Hawks….
    Cut Keith & Seabrooks minutes to 12 minutes a game….
    Players Win games… not coaches…

  25. On his goal Boqvist had some room there and he still rang it in off the post. Snipe or what.

    Whenever he sticks (now or later) defenders are going to have to play high enough on him to not let him shoot. Of course that will create openings for him to slip behind them for backdoor plays and as anyone who has watched him a bit knows, he loves to come forward.

    Nice start for the kid.

  26. Agree with SILENT on Lehner and have been posting for a while that I hope we can get him for $6M, 3-4 years. Problem: Bobrovsky signed an insane $10M, 7 years. Lehner is the (much) better goalie. Crawford becomes a UFA after this season. Not trying to be disloyal but Lehner is the future, Crawford is the past.

  27. Better effort in this game, Benching Gus worked, now bench Matt’s and put in Gilbert and see what happens. Lehner is out playing Crawford big time, interesting to see what happens at the trade deadline, Hawks should let Crow go into retirement or sign elsewhere.
    Watched Rockford highlights, their D is as bad as ours, so high scores is not all on Delia, so take it for what it’s worth…..D Sikura with a hat trick and PP goals, but doubt he gets a call unless there is a LTIR to one of our fwds, but he is not a bottom six guy. Nylander looks pretty good, Dach still needs more confidence and more playing time, PP is looking better, better puck movement and lines….so maybe the coaching staff is reading all these posts and taking suggestions…hmmmmm

  28. Mo, you were mentioning getting a top pair dman for next year, wonder if any be available from teams who can’t protect them all in expansion draft and want to move one before summer of 21. Then next year look sometthing like.
    ?? 27 top pair offense
    44 5 e2nd pair dzone
    2 7 transition pr until system guys ready Mitchell, Beaudin, Krys or even bew guy in London.

    Days your likely right on Sikura, if Kane line with 12 and 17 survives time test as a positive line and 92 shows he’s a good compliment for 20 and 19 transition to 77 in another year or 2. Then keep 8 to play with 77/19, likely the future there is Kurashev, Barrett , Tepley or even a system guy in Europe if none acquired.

    Time will tell on that though. Can see a solid matchup/checking line, maybe not until next seaon of Carpenter, Kampf and Entwistle though being a impact there.

    Resigning Lehner should be a priority if it isn’t already as i posted earlier, Maatta, Smith, Shaw can provide some caproom. Crawford or Delia behind Lehner give another 3m? in space. Cagguila if he wants a raise may move on too.

  29. The 4th line last night didn’t do very well in possession as Tab laid out

    I agree that sooner or later you want Kampf one 4th line (like I’ve been saying all year)
    64 along with 22 is the start of a good 4th line – hopefully Shaw picks his game up and that could be a really good 4th line 64-22-65

    3rd line then 8-77-Perlini …oops Perlini’s been traded (maybe too soon?)

    Actually I could see Sikura fitting in there nicely

  30. Ian, thats the ideal we want when others said we had to have a #1 and we do not now. Any of the Horseman could be and I just want to go ahead and get a #1 on our won anyways and if we end up with more, so be it. Do it.

    Thats a fine dang good looking broad group of Defensemen right there.

  31. I love Crow and know family friends here. I want him to stay for a hometown and keeping Lehner. Lets do a 2013 duo again. 6m and 2m.

  32. Wrap never disagreed on Kampfs role, was the fact Colliton started year out trying to make 2 offensive lines with 88 19 on one and 12 17 on other then tried switching lines with 12 and 88, then for a couple of games, then wanted 4 lines that could do it all, that kinda blew up in his face. So he wanted 2 matchup centers is why he was pushing 64 on a skilled winger line. Now with 19 and 20 reunited and rolling the dice with 12 17 88, love the offense possibilities of them but if trapped in own end without the puck it could get cringe worthy too, especially if 27 or 56 are out on D. Now 20 and 19 will be opposing top offensive lines again now just thinking a secondary offensive line and with 8, 77 as puck retievers a scorer could fit now. Plus make better 2nd matchup line that doesn’t get so overwhelmed.

    Don’t understand the 4th line thing, that’s only the way they come out first 4 shifts and after that matchups and tempo of the game dictate who plays. I guarantee you if leading by a goal or tied and tryingto protect points in the standings, 5 on 5 64 and 11 will be playing top 6 mins in those games. That’s why i don’t like the misleading 4th line rhetoric.

  33. Mo if Crawford wants to resign, it’ll be for alot lower caphit and performance bonus 35+ contract. Not saying to dump him.

  34. Yea man, want Crow to stay and based on things caphit be hometown way. Do not believe he wants to play for Hayes then be the man hes always been. The Crow be like Darls for the 4th.

  35. Ian – I agree on Kampf’s role – he’ll play and did vs ANA late in the game when trying to preserve points and overall he’s good at that – I just don’t want him on a scoring line if at all possible – he has very little puck skills

  36. Totally weird that the players for what they are good at settle in line wise for tha. Cant want to think out side the box and do what coach did. It is genius except when it backfires. Not sure it did that just sch and 20 games thing. Preseason suck monkey so couldnt go by that like normal, when you, can normally. Taht didnt help coach.

    Then you have this dynasty franchise guys like us in demand. Son of a B. Rightfully so. I did go for a myself because I am not sure. You believe in something thats all it takes and then the players are the thing.

  37. Buyer’s remorse. Just watched Schmaltz in OT take the puck from deep in his zone and fly up the ice and then slide a laser perfect pass to his teammate, who scored the game winner. AZ easily won this trade.

  38. I am not sure Stals looked good in season and then Bicks was, the player, in the playoffs not 25. Can Schamltz do that in the playoffs.

    Schmaltz or Strome or Nylander in playoffs

  39. Schmaltz much like Teravainen will be really good players for a very long time.
    Not to worry we have Shawsy.

    When you are not in the playoffs does it really matter who would be a better playoff scorer?

    I believe Schmaltz will be playing playoff hockey this year.
    Strome and Nylander will combine for zero playoff points.

  40. Looks like Lehner is the real deal. I like him, he looks big and confident in the net. I do really hope he signs with us after the season or better yet he’s locked up to a decent contract before seasons end. I hope Blowman doesn’t do anything stupid and try to move Crawford though, I believe Crow had a NMC anyway. I do hope he resigns Crow for maybe a lower dollar 1-2 year deal in the offseason. You cannot dismiss all that Crow has done for us over his career. He solidified a position that was lacking a bit after the first cup (yes Niemi was pretty good but wanted too much money) and Huet was a mess. At this point I think Lehner should be the starter until proven otherwise and sprinkle in a fair amount of starts for Crow to keep him fresh.

  41. I’m going to state my case for why Dylan Sikura not only should be – but will be playing in the Hawks lineup sometime this season, probably sooner than later.

    I thought highly of him last season so this isn’t an epiphany for me. He played a very aggressive yet responsible game last season – it was just that the puck wouldn’t go in for him. Had he been able to get off the goal scoring schneid he would have stuck with the Hawks because he was doing everything else pretty well.

    This season he has 6 goals in 9 games with Rockford and is even more engaged in one-on-one board battles than he was last season. His 200′ game and compete level is very good. I watched the 3 goals he scored last game and all 3 were laser beam snapshots worthy of NHL caliber talent.

    If he can score when he gets his next chance – he will be fine and he will be one of the 12 best forwards on the roster.

    I like the Saad-Toews-Nylander and Cat-Strome-Kane lines and hope Colliton keeps them together. For the 3rd line I would like to see Sikura-Dach-Kubalik. All three of those guys are good puck hunters and good at forechecking and disrupting the opponents breakout passes. They would be a pretty good defensive line that can also score.

  42. Rusty, Yep – Smith out and those 4 guys in some kind of rotation. Of those 4, I think Carpenter has been the best and he’s not bad at the dot so I would have him in every game and the other 3 can rotate in and out.


  43. ER, thanks for the update on Sikura. Just read that he scored a hat trick in about six minutes. Maybe a little more development will get him to the next level. We badly need bottom 6 help.

  44. I really hope it will be the last game for Kirby Dach in NHL this season today – but it would probably make too much sense…
    He got enough taste of big league, no sense to let him play only 8-10 minutes the rest of the year.
    Now he can tear up juniors, build a confidence during WJC and hopefully help in Rockford’s long playoff run.
    Next year he could be ready to be a real difference maker and make most of all 3 years of his ELC contract.

  45. I doubt that Hawks management change their minds a send Dach back to jr.
    I totally agree that Dach should be sent back to jr for all of the reasons stated by MOONSHINER.

  46. Really tired of all the Shaw bashing. Guy just had a career year in Montreal. Guy can play any forward position. Only complaint us hes over aggresive sometimes the whole team has been bad this year not just him.

  47. Same lines and dpairs at morning skate as last game. Crawford starter tonight.

    Mo love it. Dach not going anywhere for awhile anyways. EB, yeah alot of people thinking Sikura deserves a chance, good to hear his whole game seems ready. Thought he woukd get a look to start year, but an umimpressive camp cost him that opportunity. Did what he had to do in Rfd though.

  48. Moonshiner, I’m pretty sure Dach can’t play for Rockford this season (to help their playoff run) or next season. For players drafted out of the CHL (like Dach) – they have to turn 20 before the end of the year the season starts. So for Dach to play in Rockford next season (2020/21) – he would need to turn 20 by 12/31/2020 – but he doesn’t turn 20 until 1/21/2021. Someone check me on that.

    I disagree it would be better for Dach to go back to the WHL. I think as long as he can handle it mentally, he will get more out of scoring 20-30 points in the NHL than he would scoring 100 points in the WHL. There is a learning curve that can only be experienced at the NHL level so he will either go through the rookie learning curve this year of next year and by staying up with the Hawks this year it gets him farther along the path to hitting his stride sooner than later.

  49. Have been posting that Dach should be sent back to the WHL, agreeing with MOONSHINER and STAPE. He will get major minutes and gain additional muscle weight. WHL is an excellent developmental league. Will go a long way towards his development. He is still 18. In my view, if they keep him with the Hawks, it is at least partly because Bowman and JC are trying to save their jobs.

  50. I agree with ER

    Dach IMO will be further along by Sept 2020 by playing in the NHL this season as opposed to the WHL

    Wait until he’s played 40-50 games in the NHL and I think we’ll see significant improvement

  51. Wrap agree, Dach situaion likely assessed again before 40 game mark whenearns year towards ufa, but said he is staying all year so not sure if they even would s3nd him back then. Don’t see a 4th year in juniors being as beneficial to him, he looks like he belongs, he’s a big boy not fine china.

  52. ER, I am not 100% sure, but I think Dach can play for Rockford once his WHL season is finished this year…

    I don’t argue it would be bad for Dach to stay in NHL, just think it would be much better for Hawks to not lose 1 year of his ELC just because it will help him if he will hang around. So talented player has to make difference. To me it is just marketing camouflage to hide the reality – Hawks are not working well so far…

  53. Needs to not get slammed into boards like first couple games times. Then I think hes further along. Staying in, he goes to juniors that is better for weight strength stuff and devlopement. That might be why he is playing that amount of time, said he would even sit some so he can gain strength in 82 games. What wouldnt be if hurt development. Just stay away from the balance along boards stuff.

  54. Not to shy away or not battle, just tha balance stuff that he needs to get better at so he doesnt get boards like at first.

  55. What true power forward can we get? Can we help Winny and give them Gus and Cags for Lowry. Maybe get Kassian from Edmonton. Always would want Lemieux from NYR.

  56. Like LA had been playing bad for awhile, LA SAN play good against us. ANA had been doing good and we outplay them. Timing.

  57. Besides a powerless pp, story of this game 20 19 92 and 12 17 88 lines have a total of 4 shots and allowed 18 thru 2. 20 19 88 with just 1 shift had 2 shots none against.

  58. Ian – I think the story of the game and the year is how pathetic we are in the d-zone. This is another game of being embarrassingly dominated. I don’t believe our talent is this bad. I will be surprised if we have the same head coach at the end of the week.

  59. Yeah agree MS just another y to say it. If Colliton going would think its now.
    A hot Canucks team Thursday, then Pens and Leafs back to back on Wknd might not be pretty.

  60. One of the big advantages of this system was to make it easier and be more dangerous breaking out of their own end. So much for that.

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