Lightning Crashes, Blackhawks Fall Flat

Tuesday night’s game wasn’t a disaster until the third period. In the first, Chicago got off to a nice start. Three of the Blackhawks’ lines were rolling pretty well, and Jonathan Toews stayed hot with his ninth goal of the season at 10:23.

Toews’ goal marked the first time Chicago’s captain has scored in back-to-back games since he scored in three consecutive contests in early November (Nov. 3, 5, 6).

Unfortunately, Brian Boyle tied the game off a feed from Valtteri Filppula at 18:35 into the first, and the game was tied after 20 minutes.

Only one goal was scored in the second period, and it came off the stick of Duncan Keith.

That missile of a shot saw Toews pick up the secondary assist, giving the Captain a second straight multi-point night. Toews now has seven points (two goals, five assists) in his last four games.

After two periods, the scored was 2-1 in favor of the Hawks. Both teams had put 22 shots on net. Andrei Vasilevskiy was having a marvelous night, and Corey Crawford was matching him on the other end of the ice. The only negative of note through 40 minutes was the Blackhawks’ power play, which was 0-4 after two periods.

How bad was the third period on Tuesday night?

Vasilevskiy stopped all 14 shots he faced – and had an assist.

Crawford stopped 10 of 13 – and got pulled for an extra attacker with 3:21 left in regulation.

And what was a tight, 2-1 game after 40 minutes ended in a 5-2 blowout win for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Nikita Nesterov started the scoring with a bomb right off a Brian Boyle faceoff win at 2:47. Then Tyler Johnson scored twice in 30 seconds – at 6:14 and 6:44 – to blow the game open. Nikita Kucherov finished the night with an empty net goal, his 18th of the year. Alex Killorn and Filppula had two assists each for Tampa.

It was ugly.

But then you look at the box score and there are some lines that make you scratch your head.

Patrick Kane was limited to two shots on net but his line was dynamite all night. Artem Anisimov won 13 of 16 faceoffs, his best night at the dot this season. He also had two hits and one takeaway, but was minus-two. And Artemi Panarin was credited with a game-high seven shots on goal and had the primary assist on Keith’s goal. He was also credited with one takeaway.

Toews started on a line with Ryan Hartman and Richard Panik, both of whom had an assist on his first period goal. Hartman was credited with a game-high five hits in the game, but was minus-three. Panik was also minus-three with one hit in the game. That line had six shots on goal as a group, with Toews’ four leading the way.

Tanner Kero was seven of 12 faceoffs. Marcus Kruger was activated off IR earlier on Tuesday, but didn’t dress.

Chicago’s fourth line was a ghost, though. Nick Schmaltz and Dennis Rasmussen lost five faceoffs each, combining for zero wins at the dot. Rasmussen, who missed the morning skate because of an illness, put three shots on net in just over 11 minutes. Schmaltz had two takeaways and one shot on net in 8:55. Desjardins was credited with zero shots on net in 7:22.

Duncan Keith led the Hawks with three blocked shots and put six on net himself in the loss. He was also credited with two takeaways, but was minus-two.

The Blackhawks final game before the All-Star Game is Thursday against Winnipeg at the United Center.

45 thoughts on “Lightning Crashes, Blackhawks Fall Flat

  1. Let’s see if Q plays Darling in two nights v. Winnipeg. If memory serves correct Crawford is no great shakes overall record and stats v. Winn. Playing Darling last week worked out quite well.

    I am not sold on TVR whatsoever. He had another below average game tonight.

  2. I thought Crawford looked bad in 3rd period. He does not seem to be seeing the puck nor is he moving well — although he had a good first period.

    Tonite was worst 3rd period for Hawks that I can recall ( except vs Caps). Hawks looked a step slower in 3rd tonite.

  3. Nice faceoff drop, that gave them the tie (and the win even though were ok at 2-2/should have had a chance to play up 1 during the 3rd, then a different game).

    Do they not blow whistle anymore and redrop puck for improper faceoff drops or is that new with the goalie pads thing. #waystoscoremorebynotcallingpenaltys

  4. I hate to be that guy but it’s really hard to see this team making a deep run in the playoffs.

    They’re just not the superpower they once were. Let’s face it, they get outplayed and outworked on a regular basis by just about anyone in the league. If it wasn’t for that early winning streak we’d be in a really bad spot in the standings in a division and conference that’s at its weakest in recent memory.

    The puzzling aspect is I’m not sure what’s missing from the equation. I think some of our young kids (Hartman, Hinostroza, Kero) are all competitive players that are making progress on a nightly basis.

    Our Veterans are definitely underperforming. But why? Injuries? Father Time? I have a sneaking suspicion that the supporting cast played a larger role in the teams success than we all may be willing to admit. Patrick Kane is worth his contract, Johnathan Toews? Not looking like 10.5 million. Seabrook is grossly overpaid and was overvalued for a guy his age. What happened to the hits that guy used to throw? He can barely keep up with the pace of play. His shot is still remarkable though.

    When I look at this team on paper they seem to have what it takes to be a great team. I’m left scratching my head as to why they get so badly outplayed so often.

  5. It’s definitely hard to see it now but I’ll give it a bit more time. Toews had a pretty good game again comparatively. While I understand the grind of all the playoff runs they’ve had and he taking a lot of physical abuse through them, is he now ready to play more consistently? hope so. If he gets it going I’m almost certain the others will fall in line.
    Try Kane with Toews again? Move Hossa with Panarin and Anisimov where they once excelled together? Give Panarin more of the play-making role- that part of his game has seemed to disappear at the moment. Don’t know if it’s a slump or what?
    Defensive lapses are troubling though- will Kruger’s return help that out much?

  6. Its better for Bread Man to not get as many goals or points now for player bonuses and turn it on when it matters games 60-80/playoffs. With Bread Man and Kaner doing this now, that means one thing. Frog soup.

    John Wayne is coming on and the 4 lines are starting to get better, still without us playing are best yet. Looks like things are going to come together at right time (we usually play like shit in parts of JAN/FEB).

  7. In addition to a few individuals having a rough moment or two, team defense was not very good tonight. There was a lot of missed coverage that seemed to be more a case of collective confusion than anything else. Crawford having a mediocre 3rd period didn’t help.

    Oh well … sometimes you’re the windshield and other times the bug.

  8. Darkbird- thanks for keeping it real… pretty spot on post.
    Veterans underperforming… could also be a group of “satisfied” guys or just lost that extra little bit of hunger…

    Q- Goalies… Hawks have been terrible so far this year Vs. Jets… does he throw Crow out (and risk further psychological defeat)? Or does he send Darling to the “wolves”… which might actually make Crow feel better about himself – when/if Jets pummel Darling… (Crow – might think it’s the team being average and not him)

    And each game Crow looks average… just makes it harder to move him this summer- and Seabs deal worse!!!

  9. With some savvy play and good goaltending the team cheated the numbers in the first 2 or 3 months of the season, but they aren’t anymore. They’re getting average results with average play. Hopefully they can do some damage in the playoffs, but there are so many good teams.
    Are they under-performing or is this what they are?
    Although the temptation will be to get Crawford a win before the break, Darling has earned the next start.
    Winnipeg is in the thick of a wild card race and will be hungry.

  10. Hawks could have put Bolts away in the first 2 periods, but quality scoring chances were not going in the net. There is just no excuse to let a game like that get away. I don’t remember a home game meltdown of that proportion in recent years. No doubt that the Bolts brought a withering forecheck into the late 2nd and into the third period that caused lots of problems for the Hawks d men, and let’s not forget there are some players on Tampa that can really fly. Still, to let in 4 unanswered goals is not acceptable. Last night it wasn’t that the offense didn’t generate quality chances. If anything that was a real assault the Hawks put on the Tampa net last night.

    The nagging problem with the Hawks this year is lack of defensive structure in their own end. Opposing teams are getting way to many good looks, and it has been the strong play of the keepers that has masked this issue. Crow was not there to bail his team out as he has done some many times already this season.

    Toews line last night was flying and actually had some teeth with Panik and Hartman. Toews looks well engaged again, and is climbing out of whatever funk he was in. Of course a few game samples does not indicate a solid trend, but I like what I have seen from the Cpt the past 2 games.

    Duncan Keith continues to get beat wide to his left. I don’t know if this is a knee issue, but his first step this season seems to be less explosive than it once was.

    The Jets will come to the UC tomorrow as a hungry team that has pretty much shut the Hawks down this season. The game will likely be highly competitive and interesting to watch to see if the Hawks can refocus on playing a strong 2 way game.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  11. Wall, I will give you credit for sticking with your tired argument re: Crawford, although I continue to strongly disagree with your assertions about Corey not being a top quality goalie, and being over paid. He is not average by any stretch imo.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  12. to everyone saying it’s hard to see this Blackhawks team make a deep run in the playoffs, I invite you to watch other teams in the Western Conference.

    This Hawks team is inconsistent and frustrating at times, but I challenge you to find another team in the West that you would bet your next paycheck on beating Chicago in a 7-game series. San Jose? Maybe. Minnesota? If you’re all-in on December winning championships. LA might not make the playoffs and St. Louis is a tire fire.

  13. Pretty much every game against WIN has been close score wise/and play wise (except for first game on long road trip, after going 9-0-2) and they have won most of those ones before. Now its our turn to get more of the wins against that team. We have responded with good play after having an off game, we do this again.

  14. Phil- Crow’s play has been average since his surgery- was my point… prior to his surgery- Crow and Darling were playing way above average.

    My whole Rant has always been- the “Team” is greater than the parts (any one goalie)- so spend money on Team/parts in front of the goalie.

    Tab- I will give you that West is weaker than year’s past… but I wouldn’t bank on Hawks beating Wild/Jets (if they can even get in)/SJ/Blues… Then again- head to head- wouldn’t bet against Hawks in one series… but would bet against Hawks getting thru 3 rounds of WC foes… but your point is taken… no one in West been consistent (except Wild) and they haven’t proven Crap yet- and like most -are one key injury away from dropping a big notch.

    It probably sounds like I am back peddling on “Hawks can’t win this year”… I am not- they have been consistently… In-consistent!!! so I don’t see them winning a few series in row…

  15. Toews seems to be back in the groove and who’d thought a week ago you could say he’s has 14 pts. in his last 15 games 5goals and 9 helpers, definitely trending up. Here it is end of january playoffs almost a given and one bad period and we are all deserting the the ship again. With 4 solid lines rolling come playoff time and crawford will be there as be has before and so will darling coupled with hotter power play, which is gonna get better and the skys the limit

  16. Not been consistant for entire 50 games. Though we had a good long stretch of win or tie 24 of 29. Since that 1-4-1 bad stretch, then 7-2.

    MIN has a win or tie 22 of 25 basically same as us. They had a good first 10, then not that good between games 10-25. There due for a rough stretch full strength or not. These next 10 games would be a good time.

    As good as the east teams have been there more streaky and not a good stretch/long consistency or good longtime of 25 or 29 games like that. (I think havnt that looked it up)

    These are the top 5-7 teams we’re talking about. We can play better, not sure these other teams can from how good they looked. When people think we cant win or arnt as good because we haven’t seen enough yet/or dominant play/stats. Yet every time we take it to another level in playoffs/theres a difference when we play we play. It’s too hard to tell now. No wonder why Mining doesnt post anymore he needs a break.

    We have one of the top teams (roster wise) and we’re going to be good/maybe deeper in the coming yrs. This yr and lots of good yrs coming to win another cup.

  17. Well , a few observations on some of our defensive lapses , T.V.R when pressured in our end ,and for that matter ,when the opposition is on a rush ,seems to get out maneuvered ,out of position ,out muscled , 4 or 5 times a game .Other teams are Very aware of this deficiency that he has ,they put the pressure on and in the mass confusion that ensues within the next 15 seconds put the puck in the net . T.V.R. is logging top 3 mins , TO much for his undeveloped mind . Our d-men are all guilty of losing the puck at inopportune times of late , fast teams putting our d-men on the wrong side of the puck ,then cashing in on the confusion which ensues . We gotta simplify . I don’t care who the 2 d- men are on the ice ,take any 2 in the league , play out of position and you will look silly , get burned, and lose a lot of games . Soupy has been doing to much scrambling as well ,,,,,he should not be paired up with T.V.R . Go Hawks Go .

  18. In this salary cap era, the key to the regular season is to enjoy the journey. It is not possible to structure a roster for greatness every night.

    This season we finally have the opportunity to watch & track the six rookies that made the opening day roster. This should make for compelling hockey talk … not an endless discussion of which 3-time Stanley Cup champion is overpaid / underperforming because of each and every regular season loss in January.

    How is Forsling doing? Who should Kempney be paried with on D? Is Schmaltz back for good or does he ride the bus back to Rockford? When does Motte come back? Which is the right line for Hartman? For Hinostroza?

    Bonus question, what to do with the bottom of the roster given how well Kero is playing?

  19. Hawks fans are too smart to buy into the standings/point totals. This team is not a serious contender for the Cup. Whether the trade was justified, necessary or not, losing Teravainen watered down the talent upside the Hawks have won with in previous years. I am still upset the Hawks lost to St Louis last year. Last years team was much better than this years.

  20. Chicago Joe – Q has said Kero will stick based on his performance. The question is how they justify paying Desjardins or Tootoo being on the roster w/ Kruger back and Rasmussen being a primary penalty killer now…

  21. As usual, great comments and observations on this blog. Let me point out a few things that are happening in our own end that can be corrected with a few practices and some in game “teaching moments” by the coaching staff.
    #1. Seabs and Keith have lost a 1/2 step over the last year or two. A 1/2 step in the NHL is HUGE, but great teams make up for their deficiencies in other ways.
    #2. The kids on the D line are still learning. TVR went to the wrong guy on the cross play and Kempny tries to make a perfect pass when he should just get the puck out of the zone, off the boards.
    #3. We turn the puck over too many times in the neutral zone because we are trying to make the PERFECT play. Great players make high risk plays and sometimes things go bad and it ends up in our net.

    A lot of people are calling for TVR and Kempny’s heads, but the truth is that they are still learning the NHL game. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. They are going to school every time they put on the sweater and hit the ice.

    I think that the Hawks underestimated the front line speed of the Bolts, last night. They are fast, skilled and quick. Our back checkers could not close the gap fast enough coming back into our zone. That gets fixed before the playoffs.

    My belief is that we need a forward and some experienced D line depth before the playoffs (like nobody knows that!!). But my heart is telling me that Q is trying to get Kempny and TVR as much ice time / teaching time as possible so when the playoffs come they will be ready and not making the little mistakes that are killing us in our own zone.

    Confidence breeds good players and we need to get our young players to be confident and prepared as we go into the home stretch after the break. When Tazer, Seabs and Keith get healthy and the playoffs start I still think we can beat anyone in the west.

  22. Last night marked the 1st time in 78 games that the Hawks lost a game going into the 3rd period leading. Prior to that last run the Hawks had an equally amazing streak of wins after winning the 1st 40 mins. Under Q the Hawks have been almost unbeatable holding leads. Tampa is a good team and a team that will be a tough out in the playoffs despite their records. Don’t sleep on them they are still a talented bunch. The Jets give the Hawks fits lets see how the next game plays outs.

  23. Good forum again. SSHM and Reg well said. Q is a defense first guy philosophically. Hopefully those d zone/clearing issues get cleared up. Hawks d corp depth is still better this year than last season imo. Good defense involves 5 skaters and goalie working together. They can do this.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  24. Am I the only one concerned with Crawford giving up multiple goals in less than a minute. This seems to happen a lot this year in the 3rd period. He was great for 2 periods then lets in an unobstructed goal from 45 feet and all hell breaks loose. I would like to see Darling play 4 or 5 games and then judge both to see who should start. I’m with you Wall, Crawford with his money needs to be trade bait and keep Darling.

  25. Every time the Hawks lose a game we have the same speech about how Hawks aren’t good enough. You know teams don’t go 82-0 right? Was there some defensive lapses? sure!! But as someone else already pointed out Q will get the young D time to work out those lapses and maybe 2and7 get some needed rest.
    Tampa is a good team and people were bragging about them being the future of the NHL the last 2 years, well how has that gone for them since losing to the Hawks? They may not even make the playoffs.

    Other cup winners like Boston, LA are all falling by the wayside yet the Hawks are still in contention. It’s a loss people. The Rangers and Canadiens have had some real bad outings and the almighty ( regular season) Capitals were spanked last night by Ottawa….it happens!!!!

  26. Boston has made some really dumb trades since their cup final and LA lost their best player for most of this year. And this years Hawks team is not good enough to win the title this year, and we knew that in preseason. Hawks need to be ready to make a serious charge next year and that means making the right roster moves now so they don’t rely on the likes of Desi or tootoo or Rasmousen for that matter.

  27. Chicagojeoe, well said everybody needs to be reminded of what it is about. Theres no way tell yes or no until we have our full roster (deadline adds and young guys at that point) and in the down the stretch/playoffs. Anything else is just guessing.

  28. While I can agree that the rest of the western conference isn’t all that strong. And they’ve always had Minnesota’s number in the playoffs but look at how the Hawks performed last year against the Blues. We were competitive but simply lacked the killer instinct Chicago is known for. It’s not like they’ll get steamrolled but even if they manage to fumble their way into the Stanley cup final (which I can’t see) can we honestly see them beating the best the much stronger eastern conference has to offer?

    In response to Goldenbladz: yes, every team gets spanked every once in a while. The fact is this Tampa team is not a great one, and they dismantled the Hawks in a game they had no business winning.
    Am I saying the Hawks are horrible? Of course not. But the Corsi numbers don’t lie. Don’t believe me? Despite a semi recent trend of Chicago having a bit of improvement as of late. It’s fairly common to see the opposing team with a better corsi rating, sometimes shockingly so. I’m sure even you, Tab, can attest to that.

    Look, the Hawks are my favourite team! But it’s time to take the blinders off about them contending for a Cup. I can count the amount of doiminant wins this year on one hand with fingers to spare.

  29. I appreciate that we’re assessing the Blackhawks’ contender status based on individual games – in January – against Tampa and Washington. While I’m absolutely not saying the Blackhawks are a lock for the Cup Final, I will point out that the same people who come out of the woods to say the Blackhawks are a dysfunctional team after an ugly loss are nowhere to be found when they rattle off four-game win streaks including wins @ NYR, @StL and vs San Jose (which they did in December).

    The hyperbole of the moment can be ridiculous in sports. We’re one game away from the All-Star Break and some of y’all have written this team off already. Forget the trade deadline or the other 30 games that are left….

  30. First things first-they need to play better in the next 32 , then the last 16. (8 and 8) All teams have flat stretches, so this may be the Hawks.
    Things may be weaker in the West this year but 87 got a team in the playoffs last year and the Hawks had 103.
    To reach 100 they need 35 points in the last 32 games. Doable.
    The early points really helped as about 22 points probably gets them in the playoffs.

    The next 6 will be tough and on the road-including San Jose and the Wild. and ending with back to back against Winnipeg and Edmonton–ouch!

  31. D-Bird- is the word…

    Tab- remind me who was in net when Hawks went that little roll???

    Telling sign– Hawks haven’t lost in Regulation when leading after 2 periods… now they have… Core is still mighty skilled and smart… skill will slowly fade away… smarts will only carry older legs so far…

    depth guys- not as smart or skilled/experienced as 20/65/TT or other Past cup teams. Of course the Cap is same problem for all teams… But magnified with giant contracts to a few players… That’s what makes that Seabrook contract- a problem going forward.

  32. I’ll take Hartman over 15/16 Teravainen and any year from Shaw any day. Smarter and more skilled than Shaw. Saad at 6 million has topped out at 53 points. Are we still crying over him? The haul in that trade plays a more critical position, puts up close to the same numbers, and is cheaper. If Saad was here at his current contract you’d be bitching about not having a 2c and how you had to give up someone else to keep Saad.

    It seems like everyone here loses their damn mind one way or another on a game to game basis depending on the outcome. Everyone thought Toews was done. 6 points the last 2 games. Maybe he isn’t really washed up. This team always has a valley midway through. But then they’ll win 10 of 12 and all is right in the world.

    Some good comments by some new names. Welcome!

  33. WALL – Darling had a good stretch, nobody every questioned that. But some like to ignore that Crawford was 5-2-0 in his previous 7 starts before the fugly 3rd on Tuesday.

  34. I’m also more than happy to call bullsh** on the laughable statement that “depth guys- not as smart or skilled/experienced as 20/65/TT or other Past cup teams.” Your revisionist history is hilarious, Wall. Really…

    I’ll take Nick Schmaltz over Ben Eager any day of the week. I’ll take this year’s Richard Panik over the 2009-10 Tomas Kopecky. I’ll even go as far as to say I’ll take 27-year-old Kruger over John Madden in 09-10 as well.

    I appreciate the “analysis” but let’s not roll back and talk about how the Hawks had 12 future Hall of Famers in 2010. Reality is what is is: that team made some guys (Versteeg) MUCH better than they have been since. The chemistry on that young team is what made is special. But Jake Dowell, Adam Burish, Colin Fraser, Eager, Madden & Jack Skille are names everyone likes to forget.

    The 2016-17 version of the Blackhawks is still very much a work in progress. And I’d be willing to bet that the same people who are saying “Hartman is nice but he ain’t Saad” will be back to say “TBD is nice but he ain’t no Hartman” in 5 years….. because the same people said “Saad is nice but he isn’t Andrew Ladd” in 2012.

  35. When talking about how deep are forwards were last year does anybody remember garbutt and desjardins playing on toews line or how we all talked about needing more than one line. I like this years options better than last years at this time. The trade deadline shopping spree showed management didn’t believe we were all that deep either. One forward will quite possibly be brought in but there is quality forwards to round out top 10. Also we have elite with crawford and darling as his backup, if your going to go with darling his resigning price goes up your going to need a plan b for insurance gonna cost 1-2 mil and unless you can make enough space for a mid range contract 4-5 mil for a skater on your roster why do it. There’s no way your make enough space available to do it.

  36. Tab, thanks for posting the rookie scoring numbers. I saw that on the NHL network and was pleasantly surprised. It shows that our kids are contributing in a big way. The Toronto number is off the charts good. Those guys are having quite a year, but it does not diminish what our kids have done. Love the youth, love to see them grow and contribute, and really love what I’m seeing from Hartman. This team is going to be fine. Let’s see if the kids can continue their growth in the 2nd half. I think they’ll be even better.

  37. The stat box looks weird. I thought we played alright.

    Toews finally started beating some checks and winning some pucks. Looked like our captain again. First time in awhile… including his 4 point night. Keep him going!

    Schmaltz is winning some pucks as well. Very encouraging.

    I know the Hawks are on the bell curve in corsi. Not good enough right now. If this team were made of 30 somethings I would be tempted to write them off. But we have like 10 guys on the roster in their 1st or 2nd seasons. They are getting better… some significantly so. If they keep growing we can make a serious push…

  38. Ernie- I am taking Shaw over Hartman- all day!!! Only thing Hartman has that is better than 65– way better shot… Shaw was scrappy- Good IQ (yes – he took some bad Penalties) but in Crunch time- He was a player/gamer… And 65 way better on PP and greasy in front of net goals… 65 had great balance and fight in front of goal.

    TT- has great IQ- (just sucks in board/physical cycle game)… but the Kid has won at many levels…

    Tab- thanks for the Bullshit call– easy to pick name/to name… so my turn- Schmaltz to Bolland??? Panik to Frolik??? common … I was really going from this year– to 2015 Cup team

  39. Tab don’t get your panties in a knot we aren’t condemning the young players just saying this team is not ready to win it all this year without dealing some major money contracts. This group has promise just not this year as they stand right now. And as far as Burish and Eager they had heart and gave that team energy with their physical play, something this group is lacking.

  40. re: Wall’s “65 way better on PP [than Hartman]” – glad we can make that conclusion based on Hartman’s 14:03 on PP this season. Great sample size.

    to your lovely player assessments (again)

    Michael Frolik watched the 2015 Stanley Cup Final from home, just like you. He was in Winnipeg. But if we want to carry thru the bullshit game, I’ll play along. Frolik scored 11 goals in 136 games with the Blackhawks. Panik has the same total – 11 – in 50 games this season. Their roles are different; Frolik was a penalty killer; Panik is not. But yeah, let’s cherry pick random names because it’s easier to (attempt to) create a false narrative.

    Schmaltz to Bolland? Sure. I’ll do that dance, too. If we’re making an appropriate comparison, Dave Bolland scored 4 goals with 13 assists in 39 games his rookie NHL season. Schmaltz has 2-4-6 in 30 games. If you want to compare 2013 Dave Bolland to Schmaltz, call me back when the kid is in his 6th NHL season – because that’s where Bolland was.

    If you want to compare the 2015 Cup team – of which NEITHER Bolland or Frolik was a member – to this year’s team, we can do that. I’m all for it. For the sake of actually remembering the roster from that season (which you don’t apparently), here’s a brief recap:

    Ben Smith had 9 points in 61 games before getting traded.
    Andrew Shaw – who is SO much better than Hartman – had 15 goals and 11 assists in 79 games.
    Bryan Bickell had 28 points in 80 games.
    Brad Richards – supposedly the 2C (now Anisimov) – had 37 points in 76 games.
    Kris Versteeg had 34 points in 61 games.
    Wonderboy Teuvo Teravainen had 9 points in 34 games in a buried role similar to how Schmaltz is being used this season.

    That team was just as top heavy as this one. And you personally spent 2/3 of that season making the exact same complaints about the roster.

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