London Knights Retiring Patrick Kane’s #88

Tonight the London Knights will retire Patick Kane’s number 88.

Kane becomes the ninth player to have his number retired by London. The last? Fomer Blackhawks teammate David Bolland’s number 91 was retired in 2014.

London, ironically, selected Kane with the 88th overall selection in the 2006 draft. Kane joined the Knights for the 2006-2007 OHL season and spent just the one season with the team. He was named the CHL Rookie of the Year and CHL Top Scorer after scoring 62 goals with 83 assists for 145 points in only 58 games.

The Blackhawks made Kane the number one overall pick in the NHL Draft based on his performance with the Knights.

Here are the other numbers retired by the London Knights:

  • Rob Ramage: 5
  • Dino Ciccarelli: 8
  • Darryl Sittler: 9
  • Brendan Shanahan: 19
  • Brad Marsh: 22
  • Rick Nash: 61
  • Dave Bolland: 91
  • Corey Perry: 94

24 thoughts on “London Knights Retiring Patrick Kane’s #88

  1. Good for Kaner and the Knights. Great player, great franchise.

    Maybe JC should show Nylander a few clips of Dino so he can learn what paying the price means. He was dirty at times, but he never backed down.

  2. Congratulations Patrick Kane.You are definitely the top and class of that list.Hopefully Rocky gets you some help so more of your prime is not wasted.

  3. Legend

    It’s a great point, I wonder what numbers he would have put up if he was still playing with Panarin????

  4. I wonder who were the 87 guys selected in the 2006 CHL draft before London took Kane at #88? Probably was a case of Kane’s smaller stature that dropped him that low or possibly teams thought he was not going to play JRs – I don’t know because it’s not like Kane didn’t put up gaudy stats in the years leading up to his 17 year old season, including scoring 52 goals and 50 assists in 58 games for the US National Development U18 team his 16/17 year old season before joining London.

    Same “size” concern was there for the NHL draft where many scouts had either Kyle Turris or James Van Riemsdyk as the #1 pick. Kane (998) has more points than both Turris (403) and JVR (460) put together – 998 versus 869.

  5. ER I do know he was drafted but didn’t go to the Knights right away, I think they were worried they might not get him at all so he went much later than he should have.

  6. Ahhhh! Dino!
    Congrats Kaner. Such a special talent.

    And screw Corey Perry (sorry had to get that one in there. Will forever loathe him).

  7. Q used to play 20 at Center.After the break, and he gets his wind back and is healthy,would not mind seeing an experiment of 20 at Center with 12 and 88 on the wings.Get 88 away from 22 and 92.They are killing him.

  8. This is my preference


    My expectation from JC


    I’d actually be OK with the above as long as 88’s line doesn’t get hemmed in their own zone every other shift – it maybe asking too much for that not to happen but I think JC will try it anyway

  9. A season high of 1.6 faceoffs per game does not mean Q played Saad at center. That’s taking a draw when your center gets tossed.

  10. 20 played many shifts at center his first few years.I never said it was a lot.The point is with his skill set and speed he can play the 200 foot game and keep up with fast players on both sides of the ice. Against guys like McKinnon and McDavid thst could come in handy.Reading comprehension is a skill.Of course some enjoy watching 22 pass bricks at 88s feet and get horsed by the opposing centers.

  11. Anybody come up with that weight difference between the Hawks and Blues????Was it 1.4 or 1.8 pounds per player?

  12. If you’re too dense to understand that Ryan Carpenter is only playing where he is because of injuries, I can do nothing for you. Nobody likes it. Including the coaches. The top line tonight is doing pretty good as constructed. What healthy player would you like between 20 and 88. 20 isn’t a center. He’s never played in for any length of time during any game. The line Q constructed was 20 and 88 with 65 centering.

    To answer your other question regarding weight. The rosters from current games has St Louis 6 lbs per player heavier. A gallon of water is 8.3, maybe St Louis was more hydrated on weigh in day. Regardless, size has little to do with wins when compared to talent and skill set.

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