Marc Crawford Returning In January

On Monday afternoon the Blackhawks released a statement announcing assistant coach Marc Crawford will remain suspended from team activities until January 2, 2020, at which time he will resume his assistant coaching duties.

The statement includes comment from Crawford, in which he acknowledges his conduct was inappropriate in the past but also notes that he has worked hard to fix his issues.

There have been no public statements from team president and CEO John McDonough or general manager Stan Bowman.

9 thoughts on “Marc Crawford Returning In January

  1. Good just in time to take over the head coaching duties and go on that run that Kane talked about last night.

  2. Mr Hull65 The NHL wants the Hawks to be successful because of the Midwest market. His father’s reputation and it’s an old boys network. Stain Blowman didn’t want David Perron; he wants soft Europeans and small players with good puck possession.

  3. Nevermind Crawford, where is Bowman (& McDonough for that matter)? Are they ok health wise? If so, let’s hear what they think about the season so far. They were all over the media when the Hawks made their run at the end of last season. When the team sucks (thanks to Bowman and primarily his coaching selection), those two guys go dark.

    Is it a hiding competition bw Pace, Forman & Bowman? If so, we ll have to give Bowman first place. Pace sucks but at least he speaks once a week on the Bears’ pre game, and he hides even when the Bears are winning. Everyone knows the Bulls suck and are hopeless.

    That leaves Bowman, who is the Grand Master orchestrator of the Hawks. Why did it come to this? Very sad. No accountability. Is Scotty Bowman in the Canadian Mafia?

  4. Iceman Agree. Keep in mind the people above blowman are not hockey people they are businessmen and poor ones at that except maybe Rocky.

  5. And marketing people (McDonough). They felt they had to market one last shift for Versteeg 2 weeks after he retired…yet before he played his last games for Canada at the Spengler cup.

    Being the Cubs marketing guy isn’t a hard job. Rabid fans… win or lose. Hockey, little different

  6. Michal Teply also going to wjcs with Czechs, big 6’3″ 200lb+ forward. 13 goals 17a in 29 fames with Winnipeg in Whl. Watch his skating, working in thay area if can skate with those guys might be some potential. Can score and puckhandle.

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