Marcus Kruger Update

For the first time since Marcus Kruger got hurt, coach Joel Quenneville offered a timeline for the veteran center returning that wasn’t after the regular season.

On Wednesday, Quenneville said there is a chance we see Kruger before the postseason. This would be a huge help to a Hawks team that, beyond Jonathan Toews, is not great at the dot.

When he returns, Kruger will wear number 22; he gave 16 back to Andrew Ladd.

9 thoughts on “Marcus Kruger Update

  1. John and Troy mentioned this on the radio before yesterday’s game.

    Should make a note that Rasmussen and Mashinter are ineligible for the AHL playoffs.

  2. Actually Rasmussen will be available for the AHL playoffs. The Hawks “sent” him down right before the deadline and recalled him just after which will allow him to be available for the AHL playoffs if it comes to that.

  3. I see on the icehogs site it shows it but not seeing it listed anywhere else. This is eating at me way more than it should. Rasmussen has played 38 NHL games. 22 more and he needs waivers.

  4. The Hawks have 16 games remaining – 11 in March and 5 in April. It would be nice to get Kruger back by April 1st so he can get 5 games under his belt before the playoffs start. Here’s hoping.

  5. Theres a wk in APR we have 4 games. Every other wk has 3. He could get 4 games by playing that wk.

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